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Demystifying Genetics with Martin Delatycki

Prof Martin Delatycki joins me for this podcast. Martin is a clinical geneticist in Melbourne, Australia. He works clinically, but also has a strong research interest. We speak about the following genetic conditions: • Friedreich’s ataxia • Hereditary Haemochromatosis • Tay Sachs disease • Spinal Muscular atrophy • Spinocerebellar ataxia type 3 More information about these conditions can be found at We also talk about the genetic research and clinical trials that Martin is...


Demystifying Genetics with Kristine Barlow - Stewart

In this podcast I was lucky enough to speak to Kristine Barlow – Stewart. Kris has been a genetic counsellor in Australia for many years. Kris is highly involved with genetics education and this is what we have a good chat about. We explore issues such as genetics education, evidence based genetic counselling research and the diagnostic odyssey. We also discuss the management of uncertainty in genetic counselling and the future of this profession.


Demystifying Genetics with Lucinda Freeman

Lucinda is a fabulous genetic counsellor who I was lucky enough to study with back in 2004. We attended a conference last year in Cambridge, UK and before the start of the conference we spent a few days in Paris together where this photo was taken. Lucinda was granted a Churchill Fellowship in 2016. She spent a number of weeks visiting clinical genetics services in the USA and UK in 2017 and the report, which Lucinda authored is entitled “To gain a strong evidence base for counselling...