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Learn how to design your life on your own terms with personal development, money, and business tips from Natalie Bacon.

Learn how to design your life on your own terms with personal development, money, and business tips from Natalie Bacon.
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Learn how to design your life on your own terms with personal development, money, and business tips from Natalie Bacon.






What It Takes To Be An Entrepreneur

Do you want to be a successful entrepreneur? It takes more than just following the steps of setting up a website and figuring out what to sell. It takes the right mindset to create a thriving business. And not everyone has that mindset. The good news is that if you don't have the right mindset now, you can change that. In this episode, I share the seven mindsets that successful entrepreneurs have and what you can do to make sure you have what it takes. Learn more at:...



Do you like giving? Have you ever thought about why you give? A friend said to me she regretted giving someone a gift because the recipient didn't appreciate it. This took her out of generosity. She had expectations. Her friend fell short. She didn't give to be generous. She gave because she thought she had to give and she wanted appreciation from the recipient for her giving. This isn't true generosity. Generosity is a feeling and an action. When you give because you want to (without...


What Is A Life Coach?

The life coaching industry to exploding. Yet, if you're not quite sure what a life coach is, you're not alone. Life coaching today is like the beginning of the physical fitness boom of the '80s -- it's just getting started. If you care about your emotional and mental health, this episode will help you understand how life coaching can improve your life. I never thought life coaching would have such a profound impact on my life - but it has. In the last year, I've gone from knowing...



Have you ever thought about why you're not more productive? Most of us are busy, overwhelmed, or burned out. At least, we think we are. The truth is that this is just a mismanaged mind. You can create goals, create a plan, then put all the actions on your calendar to accomplish that goal. The secret sauce to successfully doing this is being more productive. And the way you become more productive is you stop measuring time and effort and you start measuring what you produce. I will show...


How To Solve Any Problem

Can you think about a problem you're having right now? It probably doesn't feel great. When you have a problem and you're feeling bad about it, the best thing for you to do is separate out the facts from your thoughts about the facts. Facts are neutral. They're circumstances. They're neither good nor bad. It's when you have a thought about a circumstance that it becomes good or bad. This is where problems are created. You create your own problems by having thoughts about neutral...


The Having Money Mindset

Do you have a hard time holding onto your money? Whatever the reason, your money comes in and goes right out. Maybe you pay your bills right away. Maybe money is tight. Whatever the reason, one thing is for sure—that money is out the door fast. Here's a fun fact: this has nothing to do with making money. It has nothing to do with saving money. It has to do with having and holding onto your money. It’s not enough to make more money. It’s not enough to save a more money. You have to...


Who Are You Becoming?

Have you thought about who you are becoming lately? You are definitely becoming someone. You may be becoming someone new. You may be becoming more of your past. You may be becoming someone you don't like. You may be becoming someone you love. Notice your thoughts. Notice your feelings. Notice what you do every day. Your thoughts, feelings, and actions will give you your future results. You can choose who you want to become instead of living by default. It doesn't have to be by...


What Is Possible?

I’ve made over $165k from my online business this year. I knew absolutely nothing about business, marketing, blogging, or making money online a few years ago. I didn’t grow up around entrepreneurs. I didn’t grow up selling lemonade, with an entrepreneurial spirit. I grew up wanting to be a lawyer. I always wanted to be a lawyer. Until I didn’t. I quit practicing law. I became a financial planner. I quit financial planning. I became an online entrepreneur. At each step of the way, I'm...


When It's Hard And Problems Are Forever

Sometimes, life is hard. What makes it hard is our thoughts our circumstances. We don't get the job. We don't make the money. We don't reach the goal. Relationships end. Illnesses happen. It's not all easy. And that's okay. Nothing has gone wrong. This is what makes it the human experience. This is what makes the good times good. The amazing memories so sweet. Accepting this makes it easier. No matter where you go, you'll have problems. This is great news. It means you can go all...


How I Tripled My Online Business Income This Year

Want to make money online? I can help you. I tripled my online business income this year. I’m so excited to share with you how I did it. Here’s a quick recap of my income over the last few years… In 2015In 2016In 2017 I didn’t take my blog that seriously in the beginning, so depending on where you’re starting from this could be very quickly or seem kind of long. In 2018, I’ve made over $165k (and there’s still half a month left). I'm sharing exactly how I did it in this podcast...


Designing Your Dream Year From Your Future

The future only exists in your head. You create your future in your brain. You can either create your future from your past or you can create your future from your future. Growing up, we’re all very future focused: go to school, then go to college, then get a job, then get married, then have kids. Then what? Maybe retirement? This is where we become past focused and start talking about the "good old days". This is what kills your future. Instead of falling into this trap, you can...


Life Hack: Ask Your Mind Questions

Your brain is like a computer. When you ask it questions, it can’t help but come up with the answer. Your brain will answer anything. If you ask negative questions, it will give you the answers. If you ask positive questions, it will give you the answers. For example, if you ask your brain “why am I always so broke?” your brain will come up with the answers. If you ask your brain “how can I make more money?” your brain will come up with the answer. In this episode, I show you how to use...


How Much Money Can You Really Make?

Your relationship with money is simply your thoughts about it. You can believe you’ll make any amount of money. Really. Any. So, what are you choosing to believe? Whatever you believe is what you’ll create in the future. If you want to create more money in your future, the way you do that is to believe the thoughts that lead to the feelings and actions that get you that result. You have to stop thinking thoughts that are in opposition to what you want. This is causing you to not get...


Decision Making

Are you living in "I don't know"? It sounds like this: This is what keeps you stuck, repeating your past, not creating a new future. The future you want most. If you want to create your future from your future, you need to get really good at decision making. In this episode, I show you how to do just that. Learn more at:



Having more options seems like it means more freedom. But the opposite is true. The fewer options, the more simplicity, freedom, and success you have. The more options, the more decision, stress, and overwhelm you experience. In this episode, I show you how you can use constraint to reduce the stress and overwhelm in your life, and at the same time simplify and have more success. For more, visit:


The Make More Money Mindset

Work hard. Get a good job. Put in time. Climb the corporate ladder. Make money. Retire. That's what I was taught. But that's not how you actually make money. I learned the real way of creating money through all my studying of money and business over the last few years. I've seen my income triple in the process. Making money has nothing to do with time and energy. It has nothing to do with working hard. Making money is easy and fun. In this episode, I share how you can shift from the...


How I Make Money Online

Have you ever thought about making money online? Have you doubted whether it's possible for you? I get it. I knew nothing about business or making money online just 4 years ago. Now, it's my full time job. In this episode, I share how I make money online, and how you can, too. Read more at:


Beating Overwhelm

Feeling overwhelmed? I have good news. Overwhelm is a feeling. Feelings are caused by your thoughts. The secret to getting out of overwhelm is to change your thinking. In this episode, I show you how we unnecessarily create and indulge in overwhelm and what to do about it. Read more at:


Massive Action

Taking action is not enough to get you the results you want. It takes more. More grit. More hustle. More commitment. More failures. In this episode, I show you how to take massive action to get the results you want. This is the exact tool that you can use to achieve any goal and get results. Read more at:


How To Improve Your Mindset

The secret to designing your dream life is to change your thinking. When you reprogram your brain and change your thought patterns to support you, and you have the secret to the universe. Everything in your life improves. In this episode, I show you how to do just that. Read more at: