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Detox Rocks Ep. 2 - The Gut

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Today "Bad Boy Brian", your Detox Guru answers your nutrition and health related questions. In this episode we discuss the Magic of Clay, Probiotics and Digestive Tea's. Strap in and let's get the party started. Peace.

Today "Bad Boy Brian", your Detox Guru answers your nutrition and health related questions. In this episode we discuss the Magic of Clay, Probiotics and Digestive Tea's. Strap in and let's get the party started. Peace.
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Today "Bad Boy Brian", your Detox Guru answers your nutrition and health related questions. In this episode we discuss the Magic of Clay, Probiotics and Digestive Tea's. Strap in and let's get the party started. Peace.




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DR Ep -28 - from Orlando a fishy detox tale

Today 'Triple B' shares his story about his buddy Rocco and their conversation about mercury in the seafood. Please read full disclaimer at


DR Ep -27 - Life in the FAST Lane

Today Triple 'B' Bad Boy Brian discusses Intermittent fasting. It involves cycling between periods of eating and fasting, ranging from a few hours to a few days at a time. Fasting has been shown to have many health benefits, from increased weight loss to better brain function. Triple B always advises reading the full disclaimer at Information has not been evaluated by Health Canada or the FDA and is not intended to treat, cure, prevent or diagnosis any disease.


DR Ep 26 - Truly Turmeric™ Paste

Catch Triple 'B' on the LIVE WEBINAR Monday Jan. 7th, 2019 at 10pm for the GREAT GROUP DETOX: Link to listen live: Mon, Jan 7, 2019 10:00 PM - 11:00 PM EST Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone. You can also dial in using your phone. Canada: +1 (647) 497-9391 Today we discuss Truly Turmeric Paste - more details at Please read full disclaimer for the show at Access Code: 598-253-549 First...


DR Ep - 25 - The HONEY FUEL Detox

Today Triple 'B" is on a Honey Kick: mixing Raw Honey with Pollen to create a fuel for helping to detox the liver! He also shares great ways to test your honey. Get your tickets to visit with Triple 'B' at the YES! 2 LIFE Event on Feb. 25th, 2019 Tickets only $20 Bucks: available at: Please read full disclaimer at...


DR Ep 24 - Detox when life gives you Lemons!

Today Triple 'B' tells the story of his friend Ruben and the use of lemon & orange pectin to help with detoxification. In the supplement world it's called MCP (Modified Citrus Pectin). Please read full disclaimer at - Information discusses has not been evaluated by Health Canada or the FDA and is not intended to treat, cure, diagnosis or prevent any disease.


DR Ep 23 - JACKFRUIT? - (WTF) - What The Fruit!

jackfruit - this guy can keep the Bar-B-Q going all year long! One jackfruit tree can produce up to three tons of food per year...amazing! It is a serious source of nourishment for people living in tropical countries all around the World. Jackfruit is also being used as a plant-based meat alternative because this incredible fruit likes to soak up flavor. It has a REAL “meat-like” texture when cooked. It is also super nutritious. It is an excellent source of Fibre, B6, Potassium & Magnesium....


DR Ep 22 - The Great FOOD Detox

Today we Rufus writes in to ask Triple B about a Vegan Diet. If you eat make-believe food, you will only get make-believe health. Rufus asks: "Ok, I have started a new health program… Question 1. What do I eat now?” There are so many different diet plans out there to choose from. Which one is right for me? This is easily the most common question I am asked. There is the Palio diet, the South Beach, the Kapha Diet, The Atkins’s diet; The Rejuvenate Eating Plan….the list is endless. However in...


DR Ep 21 - Swiss Army Liver Support

Triple 'B' helps a buddy out with Liver Support. It provides a key nutraceutical formula that promotes optimal detoxification and liver health. This broad-spectrum, phyto-nutritional formula features two key botanical blends: Liver Pro Blend™ and Detox Synergy Support™. In this age of environmental stress, living a healthy lifestyle and including a high value liver support supplement in your daily regimen can be a wise choice to help keep your liver in optimal shape. We call this the Swiss...


DR Ep 20 - Heart Health for the King of the Burger, Too much Greese for Reese!

This Week Triple B "Bad Boy Brian" fields an email from his buddy Reese. He is the King of the Burgers and is starting to feel a slight heaviness in the chest. So triple B recommends an all natural remedy from Ancient Times with a modern twist! It Promotes Healthy Heart, Circulation, Blood Lipids and Clean Arteries* Please read full disclaimer at


DR Ep - 19 - Medi Body Bath - the Spa-in-a-bottle!

REGISTER FOR THE FREE DETOX WEBINAR on FACEBOOK AT: THE GREAT "AFTER☼SUMMER" DETOX WEBINAR - Follow the links at get Registered. Limited to the first 100 guests. This Week Triple 'B' get funky with the Spa-Treatments by using the Medi-Body Bath®. This is the ultimate cleansing bath of the 21st century! It contains premium quality cleansing agents, including sea vegetation, minerals, clay and essential oils used for centuries by other cultures to promote skin cleansing and beauty. It features...


DR Ep - 18 - GREEN MACHINE Juice Detox

This week Triple 'B' shares his NOT-SO-SECRET Dark Green Juice formula. It is a great way to do a gentle 'detox' during the hot summer months. Please read disclaimer at


DR Ep -17 - Ross digs my Sauna

CHECK OUT MY NEW PODCAST: HARD KNOCKS BUSINESS SCHOOL! Triple B is visited by his good friend Ross. He is looking for an easy all-purpose detox. He is introduced to a portable infrared sauna offers the ultimate, natural “deep heat” detoxification. It incorporates the benefits of both far infrared heat and “enriched air” negative ion therapies as well as a full panel of genuine rose granite discs intricately sewn into the fabric. It contains an integrated footpad that allows for personal heat...


DR Ep - 16 Aloe Detox

The ALOE DETOX: The “secret” of an Amazing Brazilian Recipe for “Supreme Immune Health” and “Broad-based” Immune Health Benefits. Recipe of Whole Leaf Aloe Arborescens Juice, Honey and 1% distillate. A Big "thank you" to all of Triple B's Fans who came out to the Total Health Show to hear my talks, over the weekend! Please read disclaimer at


DR Ep - 15 - Rodney gets a spider bite!

Triple 'B' invites his buddy Rodney over for an early Spring Bar-B-Q. Then he receives a gift from a Spider nesting in the grease cup. So Bad Boy Brian slaps the fancy Medi-Mud on and the Fun begins!!! The Mud provides Rapid, Effective Cleansing of Targeted Body Areas. It contains Premier Botanical/Clay Formula with Multi-Sea Vegetation. Please read disclaimer at


DR Ep -14 - Rubin Sandwich & his Thyroid

Today Triple 'B' fields an e-mail from Ruben. He said he has an issue with his Thyroid so we say "get all over the iodine!" Bad Boy Brian invites him to explore the heavy metals (not the Rock bands) and also some food suggestions: Avoid toxic, refined foods, especially soft drinks and refined white sugar, hydrogenated oils and fried foods. Eat more fresh fruits, vegetables and cultured Miso - Ok Bro! Hey Please read disclaimer at


DR Ep - 12 - Foot Detox

Today Triple B discusses Foot Detox Scams! Medi-Body Soaks & Baths, the TRUE Ionic Foot Detox can provide extraordinary, body-wide replacement and restoration of key natural-source electrolytes and other minerals, often compromised by medical drugs, a mineral-deficient diet, extreme stress, chemical exposure, lack of sleep, chronic illness and many other factors. In addition it provides key detoxifying agents including halite mineral-crystal salt complexes, unheated volcanic clay, peat magma...


DR Ep -11 - Raymond is Gummed Up!

Today "Triple B" answers the Call from his Buddy Big Bad Raymond. He says: "you gotta help me Bro, I'm all gummed up!". So we discuss Fibre, Noni and "a little luv'n' with some Coffee-in-da-oven!" Enjoy, but hey, please read the disclaimer.


DR Ep 10 - Return to Nassau - Watches, Herbs & Friends

Traditionally in The Bahamas, specifically on many of our Family Islands, medical clinics are few and far between. So, in order to find a quick fix for sunburn, fever, or even chronic ailments such as: diabetes and high blood pressure, the Bahamians turned to what was on hand i.e bush remedies, and chiefly in the form of tea! Today we share the story of our return trip to beautiful Nassau. Hear the tail of our Watch Store friend "Sugar Ray", our taxi driver Rafaile and our good friends at...


DR Ep 9 - Cab ride in Nassau - Blood Cleanse

With heart health weighing heavily on the minds of literally millions of people, there is now an urgent need for simple solutions to support a healthy heart and circulatory system that is within normal levels. Heart style Detoxification for the cardiovascular system uses the ancient knowledge of herbs, fruits & flowers to create some really amazing "island remedies". Today Triple "B" shares his story from the Island of Nassau. Please read show disclaimer at


DR Ep 8 - Rip does a Lung Cleanse

Today Triple 'B' (Bad Boy Brian) guides his friend Rip in a Lung Cleanse. Rip has decided, after a trip to a "Detox Clinic" in the States, to quit smoking for good and begin using Super Nutrients to optimize his Lung Health. We discuss air purifiers, lung tonics and lots more! Get ready for more detox fun. Please read disclaimer.