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Hear stories of overcoming challenges to find a path to Better from some of the most inspiring people on the planet. Based on the best-selling book, Do a Day, this show will help you see that you can change your life no matter what you may face, and give you the tools to go out and Do it.

Hear stories of overcoming challenges to find a path to Better from some of the most inspiring people on the planet. Based on the best-selling book, Do a Day, this show will help you see that you can change your life no matter what you may face, and give you the tools to go out and Do it.


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Hear stories of overcoming challenges to find a path to Better from some of the most inspiring people on the planet. Based on the best-selling book, Do a Day, this show will help you see that you can change your life no matter what you may face, and give you the tools to go out and Do it.






128. The End of The Day with Bryan Falchuk

After 128 episodes of the show, this is the final installment of Do a Day as a podcast. But don't worry! You can still listen to past episodes, get the book, the course and more at Do a Day is here to stay, regardless of the show coming to an end, so stay connected and stay invested in yourself so you can Go Out and Do It!


127. Creating a Growth Movement from Pain with Justin Schenck

From a past of pain and loss, including dealing with addiction in his family and the death of his mother, Justin Schenck has built a path of growth that has inspired a movement for all of us.


126. The Art of Human Care with Dr. Hassan Tetteh

Dr. Hassan Tetteh nearly died as a college student. The interaction he had with the ER doctor who saved his life sparked a quest for deeper understanding around the idea of human care, and how to master the art of it. He found three necessary ingredients that he shares in this interview.


125. Creating a Fertile Life with Erica Hoke

Despite being told she would never have children due to multiple fertility complications including PCOS, Factor 5 Leiden, endometriosis, Thyroid dysfunction any more, Erica Hoke and her husband were determined to start a family. With IVF not an option due to her complications, there seemed to be little hope. But Erica didn’t give up, seeking a wellness-focused approach that lead to a 9 year journey to better health, giving birth to four kids, and the knowledge to help others facing...


124. Finding Your Reason to Breathe with Sarah Ross

After suffering from extreme burnout from years of racing up the corporate ladder, Sarah Ross found herself alone, unhappy, and without a reason to keep going. She mapped out the day she would end her life. A dying child saved her by showing her to find a reason to breathe.


123. Personal Responsibility for Your Life with Kim Sutton

Kim Sutton had to struggle through the cost of saying Yes too often personally and professionally. She found herself in a bad marriage, being controlled, demeaned and mistreated, and ended up in a mental hospital. Rather than addressing the reasons she was suffering, they just medicated. It took Kim struggling through it herself to realize the changes she had to make to support a positive, productive path for herself and her family.


122. Creating Clarity & Control for Your Legacy with Vicki Wusche

Vicki Wusche left an abusive marriage with two young children and little else. She sustainably rebuilt her life, discovering the components to create a true, lasting, stable legacy for her family, but also for herself.


121. The Choice of Mindset with Zulma Berenice

Zulma Berenice grew up learning the lesson of kindness and support. As she started her own family, she watched the life she envisioned slip away as she struggled with chronic illness. Her journey to heal herself and bring balance and wellness to her life made clear the power of mindset we all have.


120. Embrace Your Vulnerability to Grow with Kate Harvie

Kate Harvie's life was put on pause when she was hit by a car in NYC in 2009, leaving her in a coma, with a brain injury, unable to care for herself. After months of recovery, she re-entered a world that hadn't paused with her, and was hurt, confused and lost. She learned the hard way to have the courage to be vulnerable and ask for the help she really needed so she could find her path to believe it and behave it.


119. Responsibility for Who You Get to Be with Ali Moore

Ali Moore suffered the greatest loss any parent can face when she lost her son. Rather than stopping to grieve, she pushed ahead, going harder and harder in her career and life until she broke. The anxiety and pain that manifested lead her to a life of working on herself and helping others through therapies that acknowledge your pain and teach you how to rise up to be more.


118. Rebelling For Something Greater with Shelley Paxton

Shelley Paxton had an amazing career where she worked her way to the top, seemingly having it all. Then, in 2016, she walked away to rebel FOR something rather than against what she had built. In the process, she launched what she calls "Soulbbatical" with the mission to liberate the souls of leaders and organizations by inspiring them to embrace their greatest truth, purpose, and possibility.


117. Compassion & Perseverance to Survive with Ethan Zohn

After winning "Survivor: Africa," Ethan Zohn went on a mission to fight HIV and AIDS in Africa for the survival of others. Little did he know, soon he would be battling for his own survival as he faced Lymphoma – twice, giving him a deeper connection to what it means to face a terminal illness and needing help.


116. Devotion to Caring Genuinely with Tyler Tolbert

Losing his brother to cancer when he was just 8 created a path for Tyler Tolbert focused on giving of himself to the caring and comfort of others through his devotion to God. Despite such a defining, tragic loss, it allowed him to live a positive, fulfilled life of giving back and support others while having the humility to allow them to support him back.


115. Starting from Where You Are with Rosalyn Palmer

Despite looking like she had it all, Rosalyn Palmer had to reset and rebuild her life after cancer, the loss of her parents, divorce and the evaporation of the wealth she had worked so hard to build. No matter how hard it may seem, she realized you have to start where you are if you want to reach where you're heading.


114. Looking At Yourself With Purpose with Paul Forchione

Despite a diagnosis that he would never walk due to being born with Cerebral Palsy, Paul Forchione chose to fight. Since he couldn't control how others saw him, he decided to control how he saw himself, unlocking a sense of self-believe, possibility and purpose that lead to his achieving dreams that were not open to him.


113. Facing Anger to Move Past Trauma with Amanda Huffman

After a traumatic deployment in the military where she was undermined and marginalized by people she had to depend on to survive in battle, Amanda Huffman faced a new battle with adjusting to civilian life as a wife & mother, but also as herself as the PTSD and anger from deployment overtook her thoughts. She sought the help of community, while building a safe place for fellow female soldiers to hold each other up as we all move forward.


112. From Darkness to Radiating Love with Minh-Minh Garner

Christine Minh Minh Garner lived in fear, raised in a doomsday cult, spending much of her time locked away from society. Since her escape, she has learned to overcome the fear, live her life by design and is deeply passionate about guiding others to live a life of fulfillment as she has done. She shares her story and her message with all the Day Doers out there to help us remember that we can move past even the darkest moments.


111. The Power of Asking with Crystal & Mark Hansen

Crystal & Mark Hansen set out to change the way we face life, teaching us how to awaken our ability to understand and realize not just our dreams, but our destiny in their new book "Ask!"


110. From People Pleasing to Self-Worth with Jen Gutfriend

Jen Gutfriend was a people pleaser. When the strain of a life built around constantly putting others over herself lead to her passing out and getting a concussion while in the ER – and being more worried about the inconvenience for the Hosptial staff – Jen decided it was time to rebuild a life of her design.


109. Breaking into My Life with Michelle Dickinson

Growing up with a bipolar mother taught Michelle Dickinson the importance of mental health and self-care. Little did she know that her own journey with it would strike after a divorce and career disruption. She dove deep into overcoming the shame and stigma of mental health to help herself and others cope with and thrive rather than succumb.