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#4 Doctors Who Create... Podcasts

How do you create a medical podcast? In this meta episode of Doctors Who Create, we speak with the team at CORE IM about how their podcast came to be. Dr. Shreya Trivedi, Dr. Marty Fried, Dr. Steve Liu, and Dr. John Hwang speak candidly about the process of producing an episode from start to finish. Listen to CORE IM here: Thanks to Darlina Liu for producing this episode and making our...


#3 Creativity in the Curriculum

"What Are You Doing Creatively These Days?" That is the very question that Dr. Niamh Kelly, associate professor in the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at the University of British Columbia, asks in her article published in the journal Academic Medicine. In this episode, Tochi Awachie interviews Dr. Kelly, about her formative experiences in science, her inspiration from Sir Ken Robinson's TED talk, and the role of creativity in the medical curriculum. Read Dr. Kelly's...


#2 Learning to Save Lives, Online

What if you could use an online game to teach residents how to properly deal with medical emergencies, by simulating the real life-or-death decisions they must make in a fast-paced environment? Darlina Liu talks to Dr. Lisa Shieh, professor of medicine at Stanford and creator of the game Septris, which teaches hospital-based medical, surgical, intensive care and emergency department physicians and nurses about the management of sepsis. Learn about Septris and play the game here:...


#1 A Space of Our Own

How do you design a space for medical students and trainees to work on creative projects? Dr. Bon Ku, emergency medicine physician and director of JeffDESIGN (a program that teaches medical students at Jefferson in Philadelphia to apply design thinking to solve problems in healthcare) talks to our hosts Darlina Liu and Yinka Orafidiya about creating a space for design at a medical institution. What's that space? It's an old bank vault in the basement of a hospital, converted into a design...


#0 Why do we need creativity in medicine?

Why do we need creativity in medicine? Hosts and current third-year medical students Katie Magoon, Chu Onyebeke and Vidya Viswanathan introduce the point of this podcast, and discuss why they believe creativity in medicine is important. Thanks to Benjamin Silva for producing and editing this episode, and the band Trisomy Rescue for providing our intro music. And to Darlina Liu for our podcast logo. Check out our site at and tweet us your thoughts at...