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EP 81 - Hidden in Plain Sight: Uncovering the Hidden Toxins in Everyday Products that Impact Health

Learn how you can heal yourself by reducing your toxic exposure.Beth Greer thought she was living a fully healthy lifestyle, maintaining a healthy weight, exercising, eating (mostly) right, meditation... all of the things we're told to do to preserve health and promote longevity. So, when she was diagnosed as having a large tumor in her chest, she was taken aback. Multiple surgeons advised an invasive surgical procedure to remove the tumor. The tumor was benign, but was causing her...


EP 80 - The MS Fitness Challenge with Founder David Lyons, National Fitness Hall of Famer

While some view MS as a "disability," David Lyons knows a diagnosis is not a sentence to be bound to a wheelchair.Multiple sclerosis (MS) takes different forms and is categorized into four different types. While some view this condition as a "disability," but David Lyons knows an MS diagnosis is not a sentence to be bound to a wheelchair. Diagnosed at age 47, David went through a period of darkness and doubt about his future. He lost the muscle mass he'd worked so hard to build in his many...


EP 79 - Award Winning Film Follows KORN and Guitarist Overcoming Cerebral Palsy

More than one doctor told him he would never play an instrument, but Brandon Mendenhall had other plans."Mind over matter" is a common phrase when encountering difficult situations. For Brandon Mendenhall, it was the mantra of his life. Mendenhall was born with cerebral palsy, a neurological condition that affects movement, coordination and balance. More than one doctor told him he would never play an instrument, but Mendenhall had other plans, which he documents in his film, MIND OVER...


EP 78 - Non-Surgical Options for Turning Back the Clock

Dr. Anthony Youn, a board-certified plastic surgeon, wants people to view youth-preserving surgical intervention as a last option.As you age, you might consider options for preserving your youthful appearance. Fortunately, there are many approaches you can take other than going "under the knife." In fact, Dr. Anthony Youn, a board-certified plastic surgeon, wants people to view surgical intervention as a last option. Dr. Youn believes a more holistic strategy can be just as effective. He...


EP 77 - Medieval Remedies to Fight Flu, Stomach Aches, Pain and Pandemic Problems

The ancient discoveries of the medieval period have guided how we treat certain conditions today.The medieval times presented plenty of health challenges, including severe illnesses like the bubonic plague. It also was a time when many remedies were discovered. Those ancient discoveries have guided how we treat certain conditions today. For example, colloidal silver has strong anti-microbial properties and may help enhance immunity. Turmeric and mint are two other powerful natural...


EP 76 - Steve Vai's Life, Music and Vegetarian Lifestyle

Eating vegetarian not only resolved Steve Vai's health issues but promoted better health overall.Accomplished musician and producer, Steve Vai, has been a vegetarian for over 38 years. He began this lifestyle after encountering multiple health issues in his youth, including migraines and digestive distress. Eating vegetarian not only resolved these issues, but also promoted better health overall and provided a mental clarity that contributed to Steve's creativity in his musical...


EP 75 - Omega-3s & Heart Health

Oftentimes advertised to promote brain health, omega-3s are also very important for aiding heart health.Nutrition plays an integral role in overall health and wellness. While that seems like a no-brainer, many individuals don't know what kind of nutrition is required for optimal health. Omega-3s are one of those key nutrients. Oftentimes advertised to promote brain health, omega-3s are also very important for aiding heart health. In fact, in 2002, the American Heart Association recognized...


EP 74 - Releasing Anger & Resentment for Better Health

Learn how to use anger and frustration for good, instead of letting it take hold of you in a negative way.People are angry a lot these days. Whether it's based in political views or unfair treatment in the workplace, anger is a common occurrence. According to Joël Malm, counselor, communicator, and pastor, anger is a secondary emotion. It is actually a response to the threat of one of three basic needs: safety and security, connection with others, and empowerment. Anger is the response we...


EP 73 - Happiness in Marriage

Richard and Sheri Bright share their marriage advice and how you can bring happiness back into your relationship.Weddings are a blessed event, but the marriage that follows isn't always rainbows and unicorns. From small gripes like whose responsibility it is to unload the dishwasher to devastating problems like infidelity, marriage is something people have to work at. Richard and Sheri Bright are certified Marriage on the Rock trainers (taught under Christian marriage expert, Jimmy Evans)....


EP 72 - Staying Healthy & Fit, Despite a Hectic Schedule

Country music artist Erin Cosgrove joins Dr. Bond to share her tricks and tips for staying healthy, despite keeping a busy schedule.Erin Cosgrove, an aspiring actor and singer, and is considered a quadruple threat. She can sing, dance and act, then still do an Olympic-distance triathlon -- something that runs in her family, with her father finishing the Kona Ironman 21 times. Being on the road touring isn't conducive to maintaining a fitness routine or eating healthfully, but Erin believes...


EP 71 - I Don't Drink Alone: Tales from the "Booze Traveler" Jack Maxwell

Through all of his travels, Jack Maxwell of the Travel Channel’s “Booze Traveler,” initially expected to encounter a lot of differences. In fact, he discovered the people he encountered had so much in common.In Travel Channel’s “Booze Traveler,” Jack Maxwell ventures the globe to not only get a taste of a country’s alcohol, but to quench his curiosity about what people drink, why they drink it and the stories they tell when they do. At each stop, he connects with locals, immerses himself in...

EP 70 - Doyle Dykes & His Amazing Encounters with God

Doyle Dykes' book, The Lights of Marfa, regales some of his experiences in the music world, but it's also about much more than his life as a guitar player.Doyle Dykes is one of the premier fingerstyle guitarists in the world. He has thrilled secular and church audiences all over the world and garners respect from some of the hottest musicians today. His book, The Lights of Marfa: One of the World's Great Guitar Player's Amazing Encounters with God, does regale some of his experiences in the...


EP 69 - The Stimulation-Sedation Syndrome

Many of us are caught up in a vicious cycle of stimulation with caffeine and sugar and sedation with drugs and alcohol. How can it be broken?More than 80% of the patients Dr. Elson Haas treats are using caffeine and sugar as energy stimulants in the day and/or alcohol and other substances at night to calm and rest. When we don’t do that in balance, we disrupt our natural energy flow and get into a vicious cycle of needing to stimulate our body every day, to whip it into action, and then...


EP 68 - Diets that Do More than Drop Weight

Eating healthy shouldn't just be about losing weight. It should be about striving for an overall healthy lifestyle.Sometimes the term "diet" gets a bad rap, especially when in the company of another word: fad. Eating healthy shouldn't just be about weight (losing or maintaining). It should be about striving for an overall healthy lifestyle. Dr. Felicia Stoler advises three diet approaches the not only help you lose weight, but also provide significant health benefits. MIND: combination of...


EP 67 - Give Your Favorite Latin Comfort Foods a Healthy Makeover

Despite its reputation of being heavy, starchy, and fattening, Latin cuisine can lend itself perfectly to the concept of healthy eating.The overall notion about Latin food is that it is strictly heavy, starchy, processed, and very fattening. So, people think that you can’t enjoy Latin food if you are watching what you eat, either because of diabetes or another health concern. The truth is, Latin cuisine can also lend itself perfectly to the concept of healthy eating and eating from the...


EP 66 - Medication Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make

Taking shortcuts in the OTC aisle can be a health hazard.Over-the-counter drugs are an easy way to self-medicate when you need fast relief from some of life’s most common health obstacles. Research shows that 81 percent of adults use OTC medicines as a first response to minor ailments and seven in ten parents have given their children OTC medicines late at night to help aid sudden medical symptoms according to Consumer Healthcare Products Association. However taking shortcuts in the OTC...


EP 65 - Aiming High: One Man's Journey Through Opiate Addiction

After a drug overdose, many demoralizing nights, and mornings where he couldn’t get out of bed without a prescription in hand, Darren Prince hit bottom. Learn how far he's come from.When Darren Prince was just 14 years old, he started what would become a multi-million dollar baseball card company. By the time he was 25, he was doing deals with Magic Johnson, Pamela Anderson, Smokin’ Joe Frazier, Chevy Chase, and Muhammad Ali. A few years later, he launched his own marketing company,...


EP 64 - Trickle-Down Stress: How Your Lifestyle Impacts Your Kids

It's harder to be a kid than ever before. In fact, one in eight kids suffer from some sort of anxiety.Kids are like little sponges. They soak up the environments around them, even if they don't realize what they're taking in. In some cases, this is good. Modeling proper behavior for your children will help them to be happy, healthy, well-adjusted adults. However, that's not always possible. We all have stress in our lives and sometimes it's just too much to take. As parents, you may...


EP 63 - The Father Effect Film: Stories About the Impact of Fathers

John Finch, author and creator of the book and film with the same name, The Father Effect, rejoins Dr. Bond to discuss how much progress the project has seen in the last year.The Father Effect Ministries (an outreach of The Perfect Father Ministries, Inc.), founded by John Finch, has a multi-faceted mission: Finch, author and creator of the book and film with the same name, The Father Effect, rejoins Dr. Bond to discuss how much progress the project has seen in the last year. He also...


EP 62 - Morning Altars: 7-Step Practice to Nourish Your Spirit Through Nature, Art & Ritual

Learn how incorporating the natural world into the everyday encourages positive well-being, even with the simplest of the earth’s gifts.“Morning altars” are colorful mandalas that combine nature, art, and meditation. These stunning pieces of art are a peaceful and creative avenue to express gratitude for nature, to practice mindfulness, and to add meaning to daily life. In his new book, Morning Altars: A 7-Step Practice to Nourish Your Spirit through Nature, Art, and Ritual, author Day...