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The Dr. Ward Bond Show is an exciting and inspiring television program that takes listeners into the world of nutrition, natural medicine and inspiring and uplifting stories to power your day ahead. Ward Bond, Ph.D. interviews celebrity guests and experts from all areas of film, television, music, health and wellness. With an incredible guest list this program is one you don‘t want to miss. Subscribe today!

The Dr. Ward Bond Show is an exciting and inspiring television program that takes listeners into the world of nutrition, natural medicine and inspiring and uplifting stories to power your day ahead. Ward Bond, Ph.D. interviews celebrity guests and experts from all areas of film, television, music, health and wellness. With an incredible guest list this program is one you don‘t want to miss. Subscribe today!


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The Dr. Ward Bond Show is an exciting and inspiring television program that takes listeners into the world of nutrition, natural medicine and inspiring and uplifting stories to power your day ahead. Ward Bond, Ph.D. interviews celebrity guests and experts from all areas of film, television, music, health and wellness. With an incredible guest list this program is one you don‘t want to miss. Subscribe today!




EP 255 - Actor/Singer Tom Wopat: The Simple Man from the General Lee to Broadway to the County Line

It’s been several decades since the General Lee first left the ground, sky-rocketing Tom Wopat and co-star John Schneider to instant Dukes of Hazzard stardom. In the 43 years since, Tom Wopat has been blessed with a multi-faceted career that has ranged from starring roles on Broadway, various television appearances, singing in such venues as Carnegie Hall and the Hollywood Bowl, to a featured role in Quentin Tarantino’s Jango Unchained. For many of you who do not know, Tom has been a staple...


EP 254 - Makenzie Phipps: Small Town Girl to Super Stardom with New Single “Drag”

A small town girl raised in Bluefield, Virginia. Makenzie Phipps has been making her way around the music scene for quite some time now. Makenzie is spreading her love of music in a whole new way. Strong vibrant vocals mix with her distinct unique voice, to weave a recipe for her own style of music. Makenzie’s debut country single “Maybe” was featured on Country Rebel and The Country Network, which immediately showcased that she was born to be on the big stage. Her covers of Alan Jackson’s...


EP 253 - Amber Shana Williams (Tamar) Talks The Chosen Season 3

Amber Shana Williams is a bilingual international actress who has appeared in numerous film, television, and theater productions throughout the US and Europe. We are here today with Amber to talk all things The Chosen, the global phenomenon that is debuting Season 3 where she plays the character, Tamar. The first two episodes will debut on November 18th at a theater near you. The Chosen has been seen over 420 million times and did you know that as of 2021, viewers had contributed $40 million...


EP 252 - Kelly Lang’s New Album ‘Old Soul II’ of Classic & Iconic Hits

Kelly continues her successful Old Soul album series with her second installment of vintage hits with “Old Soul II”. Infused with soul and passion, Singer-songwriter Kelly Lang stands out amongst the best. Having graced the stage of the Grand Ole Opry and the Ryman Auditorium, Kelly has performed with legends of entertainment spanning all genres of music including Sir Barry Gibb, Ronnie Milsap, Mickey Gilley, George Strait, Brenda Lee, George Jones, Loretta Lynn, TG Sheppard and many more....


EP 251 - Tracy Melchior Being a Woman of Faith in the Film Industry

Tracy Melchior has had one of the most successful soap opera careers with roles on Aaron Spelling's Sunset Beach, One Life to Live and the global phenomenon The Bold and the Beautiful. Her feature film Do You Believe with Mira Sorvino which was #1 in DVD sales on Amazon and a top 10 in National Box Office for 3 weeks. Then several years ago, Tracy was forced to focus solely on her health when she was faced with a debilitating condition with mysterious symptoms. Now she shares her experience...


EP 250 - A Front Row Seat with Film Legend Nancy Olson Livingston

From her idyllic childhood in the American Midwest, to her Oscar-nominated performance in Sunset Boulevard (1950) and the social circles of New York and Los Angeles, actress Nancy Olson Livingston has lived abundantly. In her memoir, A Front Row Seat, Nancy Olson Livingston treats readers to an intimate, charming chronicle of her life as an actress, wife, and mother, and her memories of many of the most notable figures and moments of her time. Entertaining and engrossing, A Front Row Seat...


EP 249 - Thor Ramsey: The End Times Comedy Show - The Novel

Thor Ramsey has been a stand-up comedian for over three decades and was featured in three Thou Shalt Laugh comedy movies, which sold over a half-million DVDs and were broadcast on Netflix and cable television. He wrote the screenplay and starred in the 2021 hit comedy feature film, Church People. He is here with his latest book, “The End Times Comedy Show,” Not only will it make you laugh out loud, but it tackles some controversial issues—one being the deconstructing faith movement in the...


EP 247 - How to Live to Be 100

Ella Magers, the world’s leading voice for revolutionary transformation in the wellness industry. Ella is the Founder of 22Reboot, a 22 Day holistic transformation system. Ella Magers offers the world’s leading entrepreneurs and thought leaders the tools, support, and guidance they need to ultimately develop holistically healthy habits, claim optimal wellness, and live longer, more fulfilling lives. Ella is the founder of Sexy Fit Vegan, and she is here to today help us to literally have a...

EP 248 - Country Music’s Rhinestone Cowgirl

Whitney Miller is a former professional athlete, Miss United States 2012, kickboxing commentator, and podcaster, now you can add country music singer-songwriter. After Whitney was crowned Miss Texas and Miss United States and she knew there were many things she enjoyed in life and music was at the top of her list. She is now taking Nashville by storm with a blend of pop-infused country dance anthem “Diamond Country” that contains a roaring beat, dynamic fiddle, and a rolling banjo that is...

EP 245 - Bowen’s Heart: Born with Half a Heart and a Family Full of Faith

A film documentary ‘Bowen’s Heart is about Matt and Sarah Hammitt’s son Bowen who was born with half a heart and how that journey affected them as parents and tested their faith. Many of you may know Matt Hammitt is a singer/songwriter, author, and speaker. He is best known as the former lead singer and songwriter for the two-time Grammy nominated band, Sanctus Real. Matt’s passion for his family led him to step away from the band.


EP 246 - The Quest for Sleep: Steve Ryan’s Battle with Insomnia

Did you know that between 50 and 70 million Americans suffer from insomnia each year and the causes are different for each one of them. A very enlightening, educational and emotional film documentary The Quest for Sleep, is a film that follows real people whose struggles with sleep threaten to unravel their waking lives. The film features a firsthand look at the toll insomnia has taken on one individual. Steve Ryan is with us today whose life and career as a video producer and musician have...


EP 244 - Starving to Heal in Siberia

Michelle Slater had a long battle with and recovery from late-stage neurological Lyme disease, which served as the genesis for her book, “Starving to Heal in Siberia”. Debilitated by the disease to the extent that she was no longer able to teach at her university or perform simple tasks like driving and reading, Michelle spent several years pursuing every known treatment, from aggressive allopathic methods to holistic remedies that didn’t work. In her new book, Starving to Heal in Siberia...


EP 243 - Lee Greenwood Talks the Importance of the Bible

Lee Greenwood has recorded 22 studio albums, has had 7 number 1 hits and 38 singles. Just the sound of his name takes us immediately to one of the most heard, most sung songs by all of us, “God Bless the USA.” Written and recorded by Lee Greenwood, the song is become known as “America’s Second National Anthem.” The song was instrumental bringing America together after that fateful day on September 11th, 2001. Which brings us to the upcoming release of Lee Greenwood’s new “God Bless the USA...


EP 242 - Blazing All Music Genres with the ElectraQueens

ElectraQueens are an all-female, cross genre-blending band like no other. The newly developed band (formerly the Highway Women) featuring Jenane, Alyssa Scott and Gabrielle Vaughn are ready to finish out 2022 strong with new music featuring their incredible harmonies and inspiring vocals. While the former band members focused on country music, the new electrifying ladies will lead their fans through pop, R&B, and rock blends. They recently collaborated with The Bacon Brothers on a recent...


EP 241 - Late in Life Virgin Waiting for the Right One

Growing up, Sonali was not allowed to socialize, meaning she could not have any sleepovers, she couldn't date, no prom, and no dorming in college. After graduating college, she refused to allow her parents to arrange her marriage, which is traditional in her culture. She had her first kiss at age 26 and remains a virgin. Sonali Chandra was born and raised in New Jersey to parents from India. In the beginning of 2020, Sonali was a contestant on the game show, “Funny You Should Ask” and she...


EP 240 - Wisdom, Motivation & a Funk Album with a Gospel Vibe

Anthony Hall is a New Orlean native who emerged as an artist with his music roots in Jazz, Funk and R&B. His father being locally renowned jazz artist E-meal Hall, Jr., afforded Anthony the opportunity to grow up surrounded and influenced by a wide range of music. In turn, he has created a unique sound within infusions of both Modern and Classic R&B, Funk and Soul. Anthony’s vocal texture, tone, and control surprises those who hear him for the first time, placing him squarely in his own...


EP 239 - The Making of One of the Most Iconic Songs in American Recording History

Don McLean is a Grammy award honoree, a Songwriter Hall of Fame member, and his history-making iconic smash hit “American Pie” resides in the Library of Congress National Recording Registry and was named a Top 5 song of the 20th Century by the Recording Industry of America. His catalog of songs has been recorded by Madonna, Garth Brooks, Josh Groban, Drake, “Weird Al” Yankovic and of course the king himself, Elvis Presley and many others. And he has sold over 50 million records He received a...


EP 238 - Diana, 25 Years Later with Stewart Pearce

Hounded by a relentless press, indifferent family and a those who would leak the most intimate details of her life, Princess Diana struggled to find her authentic self amid the chaos that surrounded her life. During this period, no one ever knew Diana was meeting with a private voice and presence coach, Stewart Pearce, in the two years before her death. Working in secret, Pearce helped her find her voice and how to share with the world messages of hope, empowerment, kindness, and...


EP 237 - The Warrior In Me: Suicide Prevention & Education Program

The Warrior In Me Suicide Prevention Program comes at an extremely critical time with suicide numbers on the rise. Suicide and mental illness do not discriminate. There are no guidelines or rules, as it impacts people of all demographics and classes. According to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, suicide is the 12th leading cause of death in the U.S, In 2020, 46,000 Americans died by suicide, and there were an estimated 1.2 million suicide attempts per year. The Warrior In Me...


EP 236 - Move or Die: Creating a Game-Plan from Stuck to Significance

Chris Carlisle is the former Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks. His professional career started as an educator and coach at the high school level, then moved up winning a Super Bowl, two college football national championships and seven consecutive PAC-10 championships. Since retiring from football, Chris has become a sought-after motivational speaker, incorporating experiences from his professional and personal life into each one of his...