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Supporting seniors prior to a crisis of body and mind; what is your plan?

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Philip Regenie, founder and CEO of Zanthion, Inc., an digital healthcare company specializing in the integration of sensors, protective clothing and environmental equipment for both assisted living communities and the home. "Can we integrate human to human contact to save the seniors that are faltering alone" Dr. Jeanette What is the tipping point to put systems in place that we can have on our person to get immediate help if we need to reach out? Wearables; how can we...


Elders becoming feisty to engage in life regardless of life challenges!

Dr. Jeanette welcomes C. J. Golden, a feisty elder, to engage in a conversation on how to support and become an person who is living a full life with awareness and joy in every moment. "I am not on the downside of my life, I am on the expanded side of my life! My knees are getting older but I am not getting older!" Are you taking on a role in later life of a caregiver and feel the last years of your life too are slipping away? C.J. has written her story of receiving and giving through...


Transforming the Grief and Loss Experience

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Dr. Sherry Cormier, psychologist and author of Sweet Sorrow: Finding Enduring Wholeness After Loss and Grief to talk about transforming grief and loss. What is your experience with grief and loss? How can we get through grief and loss and see if there is another step of life just waiting on the other side of the stars in the moonlight? Can we let go of those who have passed and allow them to be free from our tether of grief? What is control and possession of someone's...


Dr. Timothy Jennings on The Aging Brain

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Dr. Timothy Jennings, MD, author of The Aging Brain: Proven Steps to Prevent Dementia and Sharpen Your Mind shares many ways our brain may age and how to improve our quality of life by taking care of our body and brain. Is aging a path of life that we have no control over and we just play out our days? Is it possible to affect the health of our brain? What is dementia and how can I influence by brain health if it seems to run in my family? If you have a disease in your...


Life of Oil Industry Legend Glenn Patterson and Alzheimer's

Dr. Jeanette welcomes T. M. 'Roe' Patterson, author of Crude Blessings: The Amazing Life Story of Glenn Patterson American Oilman, to share his father's life story. Roe honors his father and his life through the decades, from hard times to legendary oilman and ending in a diagnosis of Alzheimer's. Glenn created a life of service through hard work, sacrifice and being in truth with his work, family and those who relied on his company services; he was a reflection of that every day to his last...


Alan Steelman shares how to control anxiety and stress; Men, elders, kids

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Alan Steelman, author of Yoga on the Yellow Brick Road; Exiting the A.S.A.P. Lane! Calm Your Mind, shares how to create ease in your life when everything else tells you otherwise. What is stress, anxiety and a life in the fast lane? Can you even recognize where you are today to see where you are going? Alan is on a mission to create a viral spread to the 'unconverted'; the men, elders, kids, teens, or those who have no clue that they are in control of their life and how...


What is the journey within and where are we going?

Dr. Jeanette welcomes LouAnne Ludwig, author of A Journey Within , to share how we explore the concept of our expanded journey on this earth and how the old habits are rising up to be cleared. What is the journey within and where are we going? Do we have to hurry up and get there before the end of our days? Is it a human journey or a spiritual journey? What have we lost and what are we going through? Is your family going along the same path or are you on a bumpy ride? Perhaps you are keeping...


Yoga is the space we hold to change the world

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Sindy Warren, author of Radi8; Using the Practice to Cultivate Your Inner Shine, to explore the concept of yoga in a modern world. As we are quiet and truthful with our own lives, we are honoring the world around us. Yoga is not just the physical exercise, it is meditation, balance, silence, form, mindfulness, and control that is based on eons of connecting to the inner self through any decade of life. We are clamoring to find peace and balance but why does it seem so...


Children's Books for the New Age Child

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Ariane de Bonvoisin, author of the children's books: Giggles and Joy, You Are Loved and Being You to share a new way of telling stories to children. The New Age child has birthed a new world of experiences for us all to dance in and let all the past illusions float away. These stories are a paradigm shift, what are the grandchildren going to teach us? They are guiding us! No longer the rescue stories of princes and frogs or being a hero to stand tall; they are stories...


Is there ever a sense of peace and quiet in our thoughts, mind and consciousness

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Kevin Murphy, author of The Three Rooms: Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life, to discuss how to reframe your thoughts and find peace in this ever changing life. What are the past, present, future concepts that many are trying to live by these days? How can we change the way we are living or do we really need to? Are we living a stressful life when we are in constant motion or framing what we want to get to do as a constant streaming video in our thoughts? Is there...


A Neurosurgeon and Naturopath talk about Stress

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Dr. Mark McLaughlin, MD, a Neurosurgeon with a profession and life style that allow him to function daily in the face of stressful events. Dr. Mark has learned how to take on challenges and evaluate what he does each moment of every day. Where does stress live? How does it grow? Why are we so wrapped up in stress on a daily basis? Perhaps stress is a bucket word that you use as a daily go to when things just don't go with ease and fun every day. The problem is: when we...


Are 'Generally Recognized As Safe' ingredients causing mystery health symptoms?

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Dr. Marcela Magda Popa, MD, author of Keep Away from GRAS: Generally Recognized As Safe, to talk about her path to discovering the correlation between these items and her health symptoms. Dr. Popa went on a journey of search and research to find what was making her sick. Carcinogenic, estrogenic mimicking and endocrine disrupters; how are these components finding their way into our bodies and should we really care or do something about it? What ingredients are...


John E. Fetzer and living the life of spiritual awareness

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Brian C. Wilson, author of John E. Fetzer and the Quest for the New Age, to share the life of John as he explored life through the eyes of his soul experience. Brian is a professor of religious history in the Department of Comparative Religion and his exploration of John's life takes us on a journey of religions through metaphysical expansion of consciousness of what he calls the New Age. Are you a spiritual person or religious? What is a religion? How can we be a...


My health and world is just not working out, now what?

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Lane Kennedy, wellness coach, to discuss our intimate relationship with health and wellness; have we gotten it all wrong or are we just off the track? Is there a better way to manage your health and wellness, body, spiritual growth, and how we engage in the world around us? What is in your wheelhouse and what are you willing to adjust to have a healthy body or life experience that is in alignment with your choices for a safe environment? How do you coordinate your...


How to prepare for transition when you have a life limiting disease?

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Jo Ann Simon, author of Rose Colored Glasses: A Memoir of Love, Loss and Hope, to share how to see if your journey is challenged to be able to walk in love. Jo Ann's husband started with a tick bite that progressed to Lyme disease and ALS. The path she and her husband took is shared on the pages of her book. When you get a diagnosis of a life limiting crisis, does your life end at that moment and then it becomes another path in life that you just walk through as a...


How to shift the concept of bullying in adults and children

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Jeanie Cisco-Meth, author of Bully Proofing You: Improving Confidence and Personal Value from the Inside Out, to discuss how bullies are created and how to shake the label. What is a bully? Are they only kids or can children grow up and become a bullying adult? Is the chain ever broken? Is bullying yelling and spewing words, pushing and shoving others or bringing a bad energy into every interaction? Do you need to bully up to be strong and stand tall or is your armor...


How to work through a relationship that changes with time

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Dawn Burnett, author of Connect: How to know if he's really your man, to explore the complex details of relationships over a lifetime. Relationships; what are they, why are they evolving, or are you super stuck and just want to jump ship? Are you looking for safety, companionship, support or someone to take care of you when you get old? Is your relationship supposed to complete you or fix something that is broken in you? What hole are you trying to fill? Is a lifetime...


When is it time for hospice and end of life planning?

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Judy Flickinger, author of Spirit Matters: How to Remain Fully Alive with a Life-Limiting Illness, to share how to set up your plan for end of life now before an event puts you in a place where someone else is making decisions for you. Are you waiting for the physician to create your end of life plan and take on making all your decisions for you? How can you remain fully alive and be aware as long as possible in this life? Dr. Jeanette shares, "enjoying living until...


What are stem cells and how do they help with chronic pain?

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Dr. Joe Christiano, author of Stem Cell Revolution, to share what stem cells really are and how they may help us with chronic pain. Are you crapped out and struggling with chronic pain? Is your back just screaming to give up and commanding you to the couch? Can we ask the body to start to rejuvenate by activating our own stem cells? What does this process entail and is it for everyone? Did you know that stem cells are in the fat tissue and bone marrow of everyone? For...


Can you cultivate compassion unconditionally in your life?

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Kimberly White, author of The Shift: How Seeing People as People Changes Everything, to share how to have unconditional compassion for others. What is the shift? The shift is a change in perception. Do you have to know the other person's story before you give them the benefit of a doubt or have compassion on their situation in life? What is the shift that perhaps you need to explore about how your world is evolving; is it about you and what you need? Working and serving...