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Finding strength and hope in the face of darkness and suicide

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Dan Pelly, a suicide survivor and activist for finding hope and light in the face of darkness and suicide. Tell Dan your story, tell me, Dr. Jeanette your story. Telling your story will not make it a dagger that hangs on your head, rather, you can vocalize it and then others can also share their story. In the process, there is no one that is perfect, there is no one that does not have struggles; we are all doing the best we can at this moment. What we need to share is...


Business for the Greater Good, what change does that create?

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Alex Vorobieff, author of Transform Your Company: Escape Frustration, Align Your Business and Get Your Life Back, to share how to create a working system in all your interactions in life. Is there chaos everywhere; at your work, in your home and you just want to get off the merry go round? How can you create a company to support your unique product and succeed in this massive market that challenges every step of the process? Does everyone who is engaged in working...


Discussing hemp, cannabis, and CBD; how is the market growing

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Andrew Hard from HempMedsPx to discuss the difference in cannabis, medical marijuana and hemp. What are the oils, seeds, flowers, CBD and THC have to do with the effect of the plant that I need to help my pain or health condition? How can I make sense of the conversations that are going on online or with my friends? Can I find the answers that I need to make a choice in my health? From nutrition to therapeutic; the constituents of the plant and the doses available will...


Dr. Rachna Patel: The Medical Marijuana Doctor speaks, ready to listen?

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Dr. Rachna Patel, The Medical Marijuana Doctor, to talk about the myths and truths of medical marijuana. Are you looking for answers to your significant pain or health issues and have reached the end of your rope? Will you look into the option of using marijuana as a potential product to help you get through each day? Have you been dabbling in pain medications and loosing your mind and feeling despair in getting help? Perhaps listening to Dr. Patel, both here and on her...


Cannabis: Research and Myths with answers to modern day usage for health

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Dr. Stephen Holt, M.D., the Cannabis expert and author of The Cannabis Revolution; What You Need To Know to discuss this plant. How can we relate our experiences with 'weed' in the 60's and the 70's to a life saving plant that can help with a significant health crisis now in our later years? Am I going to get 'high' and all my relatives will run away from me as I use cannabis to help me get through the day? Will I be out of touch, out to lunch or will I just be taken to...


Religion, God, gurus, spirituality and beliefs we hold

Dr. Jeanette welcomes J.A. Plosker, author of The Nobody Bible: Uncovering the Simple Wisdom in Ordinary Life, to share the deepest beliefs of ancient times and to embrace the unknown as to what drives the universe we are living in. From Socrates, to Buddha, to Moses and religion; the discussion today will take you on a great adventure of potential possibilities in the world around us. The ripple effect to engage in a discussion about God, religion, spirituality and the universal life force....


How can energy healing work for myself and my pet?

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Mark Hernandez to discuss energy healing of pets and self. Mark connects with the energies that seem to be appearing to distract from a day of ease and bliss. Since your pet cannot talk and communicate what may be bothering them, an energy healer is a great alternative. Are you looking to heal your story, define your pain and circumstances by your story or wish to heal the pain you are feeling in body, mind and spirit? How can an energy healer help you or your pet to...


How to live a God Centrism life in face of Self and Ego

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Waeil Borhan for part 2 of his new book, "I" conversation which is focused on God Centrism. Waeil shares how we engage with the life we are living. How ego and self play in to the dance we do with daily choices on why we are really here in life? What is the power of the universe, do we call that force God? How does religion, other gods or lack of beliefs play into the way we create our life and make choices that affect self and others? Part One of this conversation is...


Is it important to engage in nature around you to have a connected healthy life

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Deborah Burst, author of The Magical World of Trees: They Love, Nurture and Communicate and Spirits of the Bayou: Sanctuaries, Cemeteries and Hauntings, shares her adventures with life through photos and writings. What is the power of nature? Can you hug a tree and engage with the heart of the energy? Is there something to this concept of nature helping to heal the body, mind and soul? Dr. Jeanette shares how to shift the energy if you are having pain or struggle by...


Creating effective communication even with stress or emotional times

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Phil DeLuca, creator of Un-Talk Therapy, to discuss what has been happening to our communication in these difficult times. Phil explores effective communication, challenges with stress, barriers with emotions that are all over the place and total shut down when people are speaking. Can you unlearn the habits that have gotten you to the place of hurting others with your words or crashing into the wall and not knowing how to get what you need when speaking to another?...


How is Humanity transforming through Duality to Oneness?

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Robert Atkinson, author of The Story of Our Time: From Duality to Interconnectedness to Oneness, shares progression over time of how humanity has evolved. Bob shares how we exist within cycles and also have linear progression in growth. As we complete each linear segment, we do so with the ability of our consciousness at the moment in time. The cyclic progression is the culmination of many linear segments that fall into place for our transformation. We move to our...


The Mystic Journey of Soul Making

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Robert Atkinson, author of Mystic Journey: Getting to the heart of your soul's story, to share our present day evolution. Robert asks 'What is the soul's transformation and evolution'? The Mystic journey is remembering we all come from the same creator. Can we remember who we are and what our soul has to say? The process is to unity with the creator and union to recognizing the consciousness and oneness of humanity. Why are we here, what are we doing and are we here...


Can you heal with a medical intuitive?

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Jan Meryl, Medical Intuitive, to share how we seem to 'hit the wall' and search for healing of the pain we hold within. Jan shares how imprints, fragments and chords tether our energy and influence our health and life patterns. To clear these imprints and blockages will lead to a healing, to leave them intact may lead to health complications and disease. For more information visit: www.JanMeryl.com For additional health and spiritual support with Dr. Jeanette visit:...


How to live a full life in the moment rather than waiting to reflect later!

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Jim Phillips, author of The Key to LIFE: Living in Full Expression, to share how to live a full life and express our soul and spirit in this time we are now living in. How are we arranging the 27 letters of the alphabet to describe our existence? What is L I F E? Have we gotten it all wrong or have we been just moving through our space in this lifetime? Do we wait until we hit the wall to examine what life is all about and how we have played our part? Who is in charge...


Healing the world by shifting our energy and supporting self and the collective

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Rev. Patricia Cagganello, CEO and Founder of Sacred Stories to share how we are evolving our lives one step at a time and shifting our energies. Why are we really here; perhaps for great service in sharing the new expanded consciousness? Who are we; a spiritual being that is here to share the experience and become a detached observer to heal the wound in the world? Can we learn a new language to speak to each other with love and kindness to create a ripple effect...


An elder married couple explores resilience and caregiving to engage in life

Dr. Jeanette welcomes CJ Golden, author of One Pedal at a Time; A Novice Caregiver and Her Cyclist Husband Face Their New Normal with Courage, Tenacity and Abundant Love, which is their story of love and resilience each day, no matter what life brings with challenges. Her husband decided to cycle cross country and within a year, experienced life changing strokes and health events. CJ shares how she expanded her role of being a caregiver but remembered in the past when her husband so...


Are the animals communicating with us; can we hear and what are the messages?

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Sandra Mendelson, author of We Walk Beside You; Animal Messages for an Awakening World, shares how there are messages all around us from the animal and nature kingdoms but are we listening? Sandra works with all animals in communication and healing; Equine Photopuncture Therapist and Certified Polychromatic Light Therapist. Animals do not have the fears we do, can we hear what they wish to connect with us and share? Are humans part of the animal kingdom or are we a...


What is effective listening and how can we be present in a conversation?

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Ellen Gendelman, author of When Ice Cream Is Not Enough; Stories that Nuture Loving Relationships, to talk about communication and how it may just be the one thing you cannot get a handle on that may set you free from the stories you tell yourself. Communication and relationships, what is your truth? Are you manipulating others to listen to you, to have to hear you or are you looking for validity in others as they crowd around you? Is communication changing and...


Peter Spinogatti explains 'Unhappiness' and how it controls your life

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Peter Spinogatti, author of Explaining Unhappiness: Dissolving the Paradox, examines how what we want from life is controlled by our outward experience. Why do we want to talk about what Unhappiness is? If we can look at where we currently are, then we can consider how it does no longer work for us and explore how to choose what your perception of the moment may be. How you view things will make all the difference, can you see this may be an option? Attitude is...


Dr. Sebastian Sepulveda shares support and stories at End of Life

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Dr. Sebastian Sepulveda, M.D., author of At Death's Door: End of Life Stories from the Bedside, to share decades of supporting patients at the most difficult time of life; the ending of the story. Dr. Sebastian explores the language used by professionals when life is at a critical impasse and decisions must be made by patients, family members, caregivers and professional within minutes. The progressive path which is called the end of life is the cessation of body...


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