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Podcast by Kim Eagle

Podcast by Kim Eagle
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Podcast by Kim Eagle






#144 Nutrition 101 (Teens Too!)

Do ever get overwhelmed with all the diets out there! And then your kiddo (teen) seems start following the CRAZY fads! Well, it's time to dial it all in with REAL NUTRITION that benefits the body and the athlete. This is a great episodes for overall nutrition for YOU and your TEEN!


#143 Hydrating The Athlete (Teens too!)

Did you know that dehydration will affect your performance, your body and overall health? If you or your TEEN is an athlete or simply workouts a lot (and SWEATS), you likely need to understand how to HYDRATE the body properly. It's not just water you need! Check out this episode to learn more!


#142 Ask Me Anything!

You asked! I answered! Everything from “Why don’t low calories lead to weight loss”, “How does an endurance athlete eat all those calories” to “Lifting weights with or without shoes” and more!


#141 10 Tips to NOT Gain Weight This Summer

Are you tired of gaining weight each summer season? Try these 10 tips to help keep you on track! Just listening to each tip will make you more mindful of your nutrition and workouts all summer long!


#140 Social Media & Processed Foods Are Killing Your Waistline!

Did you know social media and processed/unhealthy foods are 2 peas in a pod? They both impact our weight and mental health! This episode might be eye opening for you and a great reminder on what we KNOW we NEED to do about both. Check it all out in this week's Earn That Body Podcast episode!


#139 Best Low Calorie Cocktails for Your Waistline!

I know you love your cocktails! So, I decided to find out what the best options are for your waistline! In this podcast episode I will tell you the top 10 cocktails that are LOW in calories & sugar! Find out what to look for in your adult beverage to make sure it's not loaded in unwanted calories. FREEBIE download included in this episode at www.earnthatbody.com/cocktail


#138 Meal Plans! Good, Bad or Both?

Do you think a set Meal Plan helps or hurts you in weight loss? People are often telling me they just want a Meal Plan; but then, it isn't long before they feel overwhelmed by all the recipes, prepping, etc. Yet, there can be some benefits for some people. Find out if a Meal Plan is benefiting weight loss or hindering it! And a great FREEBIE given in this episode (at www.earnthatbody.com/mealplan)


#137 Do You Have Diet Burnout?

Are you BURNED OUT on dieting? Burned out on exercise? You know you want to lose more weight but you just can't log another calorie? I hear you team! And if this is YOU...definitely don't miss this podcast episode so you can learn how to get out of burn out STAT, so you can still reach your health goals!


#136 How To Keep MOTIVATION Going?

Do you feel like you set a goal but never reach it? Or maybe you are notorious for starting new programs and yet you never finish them? Whether this is about losing weight, running a marathon or just finishing what you start....THIS podcast episode is sure to help you! Check out my 5 steps to set yourself up for success AND then what steps it takes to stay MOTIVATED to reach the finish! FREETB (FREEBIE DOWNLOAD): www.earnthatbody.com/motivate


#135 Is Your Sunblock Toxic? Updates For 2019!

Do you know what is in your sunblock? Let's face it...if we are going to slather this all over our body we should make sure it is not toxic! Check out this week's podcast episode to find out what your sunblock SHOULD and SHOULD not have in the ingredients. And what are the best ways to combat skin cancer. FREETB (freebie): Download Here: www.earnthatbody.com/sunblock


134 The Buns of Steel Icon! Tamilee Webb Interview

Do you remember where you got your Buns of Steel?? I will never forget those videos and the amazing Tamilee Webb who starred in them and pushed us to our limit back in the day! This awesome interview with Tamilee will inspire you no matter what age you are! We talk about THEN and NOW in the fitness industry, working out as we get older and what the sensational Tamilee Webb is doing today!


#133 Tired of Being Bloated?

Let’s face it, no one enjoys being bloated! And it’s actually a pretty common symptom for many people. In this week’s podcast episode, we talk about WHY you are getting bloated, WHAT might be causing it and HOW to avoid it! Definitely worth every minute of listening to avoid the bloat.


#132 The 3 Pillars To Weight Loss!

When it comes to weight loss, there are 3 main pillars which are essential to get you to your goal. These 3 things are even the tagline for the Earn That Body Program! Listen to this week’s episode to find out what 3 things you can be doing to ensure you reach your weight loss goals.


#131 Foods You Should Never Order

We all know you should not order burgers, pizza, fries and shakes when you are trying to get fit & healthy! But there are a handful of surprising foods you also want to avoid! Some of these might shock you and some are even TOXIC! Listen to this week’s Earn That Body Podcast to find out which foods you should avoid at all costs!


#130 Can Adding A Morning Routine Change Your Life?

Do you know one thing most successful people have in common? They have a SPECIAL Morning Routine! Lately I have been reading about more people talk about unique and personal habits they are now including each morning before they get their day started and how it's changing everything for them! Find out what famous people do to start their day, why a morning routine might benefit your life and how you can personalize your OWN morning routine to work for you! I even made you a FREEBIE to help...


#129 Do you think Vanity is Winning Over Health?

What is happening in our world? I feel like many people are risking their health for fast weight loss myths and fad diets. But do people realize what the long term effects might be if they keep putting vanity ahead of the needs of their body? This episode might shock you a bit when you hear how people are overlooking the most important thing in their life...their health.


#128 Can We Strengthen Our Immune System?

There are so many supplements, pills and even myths out there about IMPROVING OUR IMMUNITY! But which ones are real? Which pills work? Or are we wasting our money? Find out in this week's episode so that you can make sure your Immune System is at peak performance.


#127 Does Your Diet Work? These Non Scale Victories are Key!

Sometimes the number on the scale is not the only thing that determines if your health is moving in the right direction. These 11 Non Scale Victories can be even more telling about your transformation and if things are WORKING! Listen to this week's episode to find out if your diet is getting you closer to your best health.


#126 Should We Take Vitamins?

Should we take vitamins? There is a lot of information out there about vitamins and it's a billion dollar industry! So, in this episode we discuss what to look for in your supplement, if you need it and why you need to be careful.


#125 Ask Me Anything!

The Quarterly 'Ask Me Anything' Episode! Some great questions in this episode about when to workout, splitting up workouts, how to deal with haters, how to help your teens and more!