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Hosts Joy and Adam discuss topics Eating Disorder related and adjacent

Hosts Joy and Adam discuss topics Eating Disorder related and adjacent


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Hosts Joy and Adam discuss topics Eating Disorder related and adjacent




Dr. Noom with guest Kai Hibbard

It's time we talk about Dr Mike and Noom. You may be familiar with both, or neither. Buckle up. Joy and Adam, with returning guest Kai Hibbard, take a deep dive into the influence-sphere of a troublesome YouTube doctor selling a predatory weight loss app.


Leeeeeroooooyyyy Jeeennnnkiiiinnnsss!!!! And other game strategies for advocacy.

Are you a Tank, Mage, or Bard. A Soldier, Medic, or Recon? Joy and Adam discuss the importance of choosing combat classes in the advocacy community and how to work as a team and support one another on our mission -- advocate for ourselves and each other.


Pop Culture Eating Disorder Tropes

Joy and Adam discuss pop culture eating disorder tropes and try to workshop a better movie and casting. Adam talks about hospital protocol and menstruation and glass tables. Joy probably says some stuff about parents who contribute to their childs eating disorder -- like a good survivor advocate does.


Navigating the Holidays with an Eating Disorder

Joy and Adam discuss common holiday issues individuals with eating disorder are likely to encounter and advice on how to get through difficult family situations. Also, BINGO!! Keep an eye on our social media for Dysfunctional Family Bingo cards and prize giveaways.


Boys Don't Cry - Or Should They? Talking Men's Mental Health

Joy and Adam talk about men's mental health. Why men should be encouraged to talk to each other, loved ones, and family about their emotions. Off Topics include Joy's dating history and Adam's love of Iron Man 3


Chronic Pain and Fat Phobia in Healthcare w/ Kai Hibbard

Joy and Adam talk with advocate and author Kai Hibbard about living with chronic pain in eating disorder recovery. Off topic stories include Kai's time on Biggest Loser and moms (because, of course).


Parent Influence: The Danger of Minimizing Environmental Factors and Survivor Voices

Adam and Joy talk about parents and their role in survivor recovery. Joy shares her experience growing up in an abusive codependent environment.


Keep Fighting: A Story through the ED Treatment Business with Guest LGBTQ+ Advocate Krista Sturgeon

Joy and Adam speak with LGBTQ+ Advocate Krista Sturgeon about her experience as a non-binary individual seeking treatment during the 1990's into early '00s. She has extensive experience fight for treatment for herself and others, as such she's been an outspoken voice for change in the Eating Disorder treatment business.


Facebook Live Show!

Joy and Adam join FB viewers to talk about books and films that have influenced their recovery. They also answer listener comments and questions about getting weighed at the doctor's office and how to best deflect nosey coworkers during lunch.


Clean Lifts: Moral Food Choices and Exercise

In this episode Joy and Adam talk about how difficult it can be to navigate treatment while vegan, and our societies moral attitudes of food. Adam shares his story of bicycle commuting in recovery.


Do It This Way: Universal Treatments and Intimacy In Recovery

Joy talks about how advocating for the one-size-fits-all approach in ED treatment is a terrible idea and how we need to listen to survivor voices. Adam talks about kissing and touching and having sex with the lights off.


#SurvivorEnergy: Self-Advocacy and Navigating Social Media

Joy and Adam talk about the importance of self-advocacy during treatment and how it shaped their lives in recovery and being able to help others. How has social media changed ED recovery and what's the deal with before and after photos?