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Have you ever asked the question, "Am I enough?" Our podcast helps you to find your "YES!" Each week, you'll hear insights that will IN-POWER you to redefine what makes you enough so you can experience life and love in a brand new way.

Have you ever asked the question, "Am I enough?" Our podcast helps you to find your "YES!" Each week, you'll hear insights that will IN-POWER you to redefine what makes you enough so you can experience life and love in a brand new way.
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Have you ever asked the question, "Am I enough?" Our podcast helps you to find your "YES!" Each week, you'll hear insights that will IN-POWER you to redefine what makes you enough so you can experience life and love in a brand new way.




S1-E24: Nothing To Prove, Everything To Be

Do you feel compelled to defend yourself when you feel you've been done wrong? When you enter a new situation, do you feel you need to prove yourself? In this, her 24th episode, Suzette concludes Season One with an honest examination of what motivates our responses. Sharing from her own experience, Suzette raises the most important question: WHO ARE YOU? Not the you who feels threatened or the you who feels he or she has something to prove, but the you whose presence requires no...


S1-E23: "I was enough all along!"

For a long time, Tandee Salter felt she wasn't enough and she didn't deserve success. She was bullied for being a nerd, preferring to go the library over going to recess and it went down from there. Her confidence suffered with one devastating rejection after another culminating with going through a divorce. At the time of this interview, there had been a lot of suicides and accidental deaths in the entertainment world. Kristoff St. John was one of them. Tandee expressed a willingness to...


S1-E22: Developing An Enough Mindset..."It Starts Within"

When you ask Laci An McLean how she has powered through not having all the tools to becoming a leader in the virtual assistance industry, she'll say these three words: It starts within. Everything starts within. Jamaican born, Laci credits her work ethic and can-do attitude to her father who modeled for her the values of business, something she is just as passionate about imparting to her children. With over 2000 courses created, she is clear about her intention and her purpose. She...


S1-E21: Bad To Da Bone: Unapologetically The Boss & The Lady

Spend 5 minutes with LaDawn Townsend and you can't help feel your inner badass rise up and say "YES!" She's bad to da bone: every bit the Boss and every bit the Lady! And she's unapologetic about it! That struck me! For you see, LaDawn and I share the belief that you don't have to give up one for the other. She can give straight no chaser advice to a Fortune 100 CEO yet appreciate it when a gentleman opens the car door for her. In our episode, she speaks candidly about that and: ...and...


S1-E20: Take A Leap Into The Uncomfortable

Has your life become boring, regular, predictable? Does your 9 to 5 pay the bills, but leave little time for you? While having predictability in my life makes me feel safe, I have had to admit that "comfortable" is becoming uncomfortable. There's a longing in my heart for more! Rachel Gilmore had a longing in her heart. She wanted to travel the world. But, like many, she didn't have the money. Yet, so deep was that longing, she created a vision board with Bali and Thailand on it. Imagine...


S1-E19: Broken Open: The Journey From Grief To Purpose

Am I stuck in grief? This was the question Catherine McNulty asked herself when someone told her she was. It had been 2 years since her infant son died yet sadness and depression were her constant companions. Grief had become her new normal. Normally, I don't walk around thinking about grief. In fact, I honestly try to avoid it. But within the last two weeks, at least three people I know have buried a parent. And within the last couple of years, I've gone to more funerals than I've ever...


S1-E18: Transitioning Out of Brokenness

What got broken? This was a question I asked podcast guest, Chatela Monae, as we talked about why she is in the process of divorcing her husband. What struck me was her determined intention to take care of herself during the process, first. Something that many women don't do and as a result come out of their divorces bitter, fractured and afraid to trust a man again. In this, the last in our Recovering From Divorce Series, Chatela tells us a story all too common. The story of rushing into...


S1-E17: Removing the Stigma So You Can Enjoy Sex

Good girls don't, bad girls do? Guess again! Good girls talk about sex. In fact, good girls want to enjoy sex too! This episode is all about sexual freedom a topic near and dear to our guest's heart. For Leah Carey spent 42 years mired in shame, laying on her back during intercourse, staring up at the proverbial ceiling waiting for it to be over. She didn't know she could ask for what she wanted so she endured what she didn't want. In this episode, you'll feel like you're at the table...


S1-E16: When 'For Worse' Is The Death Of Your Marriage

Joining in our Recovering From Divorce Series is none other than Co-Host Dating Commentator Troy Vaughan. In their old school meets new school style, Troy and Suzette go in the ring to go round for round about this question: Why do folks exchange the wedding vows, "for better, for worse...til death us do part" and, with all that said, still get divorced? Troy and Suzette discuss: Things that made us go hmmm From Troy: “What side of the ring are you on? Are you trying to get inside the...


S1-E15: I had no idea how to overcome failure!

Tiffany Green and her husband were the picture perfect couple: smart, attractive and, by all intents and purposes, the quintessential couple. Even, their families adored each other. Theirs should have been the ultimate happily ever after story! Yet after 3 1/2 years of marriage, Tiffany called it quits. Up until this point, she had never failed at anything but here she was with a failed marriage and had no idea how to overcome this failure! This third episode in our Recovering From Divorce...


S1-E14: Building A Legacy...One Diaper At A Time

According to Pew Research, the number of fathers who do not work outside the home is on the rise. It was up to 2 million in 2012 in fact! In this special Father’s Day episode, I’m talking with one of those unsung heroes. He’s music producer and stay-at-home dad Derrien Hinton aka “DH The Composer”. In our candid conversation, Derrien talks about the realities of parenting twin boys, how brand building and legacy building are intertwined, and the new definition of provider he's adopting...one...


E1-E13: Silent No More - How I Learned to Love My Voice

For years, Altovise Pelzer carried around a secret that she had kept concealed from everybody. No one knew, not even her mother. It wasn't until she felt compelled to share it with her daughter that Altovise went from silence to finding and loving her voice. In this, our second episode in the Recovering From Divorce Series, Altovise shares her story of molestation, being evicted from her home, going through a divorce and being a people pleaser. But most of all, she shares her journey of...


S1-E12: Heartbreak Is Not A Life Sentence

Kicking off my Recovering From Divorce Series is Voice Actor, International Public Speaker and The World's #1 Master Trainer on Relationship Sales Dynamics™, Spike Spencer. In this episode, Spike shares his heartbreak at discovering his then-wife with his best friend, moving past the anger and internal blocks, to learning to cook with the right ingredients to attract the right partner. Listen as Spike explains the something that has to click so heartbreak doesn't become a life sentence. In...


S1-E11: I Like Him, But He's Bipolar!

You're really feeling this person and think that they might just be "the one," but they tell you they are bipolar. What do you do? May is Mental Health Awareness Month and continuing the discussion is none other than my cohost, Dating and Relationship Commentator and Atlanta native Troy Vaughan. In this episode, Troy and I get real and talk about dating and mental health, the normalization of unhealthy mental health in the Black community, myths versus reality, and the importance of seeking...


S1-E10: REST - Release Every Situation Totally!

Have you ever felt uncomfortable being around people, avoided or cancelled appointments at the last minute or your mind “bugging” as if it’s on hyperdrive? In this episode, Cynthia White, a Speaker, Entrepreneur, Coach, Mentor, and Mental Health Advocate joins Suzette as they talk about how mental health should be acknowledged as an important issue in our society. Cynthia and Suzette share their thoughts on what healthy habits should be incorporated into our routine for us to live our life...


S1-E9: Knowing Your True Worth Beyond Abuse and Violence

In the middle of abuse and violence, Veronica Pryor-Faciane decided enough was enough! In this episode, she shares her compelling story of triumph over incest and sexual abuse and how she found the strength to break free. If you've ever wondered if you'll ever break free from the guilt and shame of abuse and violence, Veronica's story will awaken you to your true worth and help you go from worrier to warrior. In this episode, Veronica talks about The discovery of her true mission and how...


S1-E8: If Life Offers You An Out, Take It!

Why does it seem so hard for some to leave a toxic situation behind? In this episode, Suzette discusses why it is important for high achieving women to recognize when life offers them an out and to take it without hesitation. Suzette also shares, in the most honest possible way, how changing your mindset is key to overcoming the question, “Am I enough?” when something holds you back from leaving. Wait for her to reveal that one thing that can finally set you free. In this episode, Suzette...


S1-E7: Can You Afford To Date Your Expectations?

Taking his virtual seat at the podcast table is none other than Dating and Relationship Commentator and Atlanta native Troy Vaughan. In this episode, old school meets new school as Troy and Suzette offer their unique perspectives on the question, "Can you afford to date your expectations?" Listen as Troy makes his debut as co-host, giving a man’s perspective on some controversial issues about dating and relationships while bringing to the table viable solutions and advice.


S1-E6: Revive, Empower, and Celebrate Yourself!

Taking her virtual seat at the podcast table is none other than the heart and soul of 50+ Women of Color, Class, Confidence and Style, Zelda Cookie Wade. Zelda shares how her heart, once isolated and lonely, is now filled by over 29,000 women from all over the world. She reveals her secret sauce and the transformation that can happen when women are revived, empowered and celebrated.


S1-E5: I Want To See You Be Brave

When was the last time you were brave--not for everybody else, for you? In this episode, Suzette brings to light the subtle yet impactful ways Life offers us opportunities to be brave. She gets to the heart of where lack of self trust can come from and your Inner Visionary who must take her place as boss of your life. Her insights are certain to amplify your voice, your value and your vision. This podcast is a must-listen for those you need to take a bold step in their own direction.