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#27 "One Night in Bangkok" Nico Bery/The Cricket Lab

This week our guest is Nico Bery of The Cricket Lab in Thailand. Nico has been farming crickets in Thailand for years, and his company is now gearing up to produce and export cricket powder to the far reaches of the Earth. Nico was recently a presenter at the recent “Insects to Feed the World 2018” global edible insects conference in Wuhan, China. In our European Buzz segment, our Friend from France, Florian gets us all caught up on the conference, as he was also a presenter, and gives us a...


Podcast Bonus: "As the Crickets Chirp" Season 2 Special

Welcome to the Season 2 special of “As the Crickets Chirp” featuring all 9 episodes of Season 2, including an interview with creator Marc Sanchez aka the Cricket Man who talks about the secrets of the series while also giving us a further glimpse into the Bugton Hollow Universe. “As the Crickets Chirp” is a semi-autobiographical, metaphorical, allegorical, parody web series that is full of hidden messages, social commentary, double meanings, and other secrets. There is a code to the Bugton...


#26 "Brooklyn Bugs in L.A., SFO, & Athens""

Season 3 opens with a conversation with the brilliant and driving force behind the Brooklyn Bugs phenomenon Chef Joseph Yoon, who talks about some exciting edible insect events that are coming up on both coasts of North America. For the West Coast we talk with Chef Yoon about bringing Brooklyn Bugs to the L.A. Bug Fair, and also presenting his culinary artistry at the exclusive upcoming Ento dining event in San Francisco’s The Battery, a club of forward-thinkers. For the East Coast, we...


Cricketlicious Cafe Special #3

In our third Cricketlicious Cafe Special we present 3 recipes from our resident chef ChefPV, and one from our friend, part-time ento chef Steve Bailes. Find the actual recipes at the podcast page.


#25 "State of the Nation" Season 2 Finale

In our Season 2 Finale, we discuss the state of the edible insect industry as well as the state of the Ento Nation. We'll talk about what's in the near future for the Ento Nation, like our Ento Kids section, our online edible insect marketplace, and the Ento Nation Cookbook. In the Cricketlicious Cafe, ChefPV whips up some Akettananaple Chocolate Chip Muffins. And on the Season 2 finale of "As the Crickets Chirp" it is Night of the Bats.


#24 "Bug Talk: Ick Factor 2" Expert Panel Discussion

Today we bring you Part 2 of our first "Bug Talk" special, a new segment on the Ento Nation podcast that features a panel of experts discussing a given topic. Today we continue last week's discussion on "The Ick Factor" or the yuck factor, or whatever you would like to call the mental aversion many have to eating insects. Our experts in this episode are The Bug Chef, David George Gordon, RNA (Little Herds), ChefPV (Ento Nation), and Aly Moore (Bugible). These people have much experience...


#23 "Bug Talk: The Ick Factor" Expert Panel Discussion

Today we debut Bug Talk, a new segment on the Ento Nation podcast that features a panel of experts discussing a given topic. Today's topic is "The Ick Factor" or the yuck factor, or whatever you would like to call the mental aversion many have to eating insects. Our experts are RNA (Little Herds), ChefPV (Ento Nation), and Aly Moore (Bugible). These three have much experience serving edible insects to first-timers and we're going to discuss what is probably the greatest barrier the...


#22 "Chirps Chips" Laura D'Asaro

On this week’s podcast we have a fascinating and eye-opening chat with Laura D’Asaro, co-founder of Chirps Chips. In the Cricketlicious Café, Chef PV shows us how to make Ento Macaroons. We have the latest news and information affecting the Ento world. And on “As the Crickets Chirp” Chip and Ashley are in danger.


#21 "Insecnology" Paul Jacobs

On this edition of the podcast we will be interviewing Paul Jacobs of Reptimercado and Insecnology insect breeding systems, Paul farms several different kinds of insects in Spain, and is on the cutting edge of insect breeding. I really really enjoyed this interview, and I think you will too. Over in the Cricketlicious Café, ChefPV shows us how to make delicious Todo Acheta Sliders, we have news and information for you from the Ento world, and on As the Crickets Chirp, there are new...


#20 "Europe's Largest Bug Seller" Florian Nock

We have a wonderful chat with Florian Nock, who is the web marketing manager and is also in charge of brand development at Jimini's, Europe's largest edible insect retailer with over 500 outlets across that continent. In the Cricketlicious Cafe, guest Ento Chef Steve Bailes shows us how to make N-Sectsy-Sushi, and on "As the Crickets Chirp" Mr. Crypto (if that's his real name) reveals a secret.


Cricketlicious Cafe Special #2

Welcome to the Cricketlicious Café Special #2. We have six awesome, tried and tested bug-based recipes that our resident ChefPV has prepared up in the Cricketlicious Café so far during Season 2. ChefPV is always whipping up something delicious and nutritious, and today we have provided for your culinary experience six recipes made from edible insects that are not only delicious, but also easy to prepare. They are: Citrus Hopper Brownies with Candied Chapulines, Ento Tarts (FF to 4:15),...


#19 "NACIA" Dr. Marianne Shockley

Today we chat with Dr. Marianne Shockley, an entomologist and academic professional at the University of Georgia. She is also, among other things, one of the founders of the North American Coalition for Insect Agriculture and we'll talk all about this awesome organization. Over in the Cricketlicious Cafe, ChefPV whips up some Citrus Hopper Brownies with Candied Chapulines, we have some big news to report out of Austin, Texas, and on "As the Crickets Chirp" it's Radio 1940.


#18 "Cutting Edge Kubo" Kubo Dzamba

Our guest this week on the Ento Nation podcast is Kubo Dzamba. Among so many other things, Kubo is the founder of Third Millennium Farming (which is a cricket farm) in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, and the inventor of the Chirp Box! Which we’ll talk about. What a fascinating and fun interview we had, you do not want to miss it. Also today we have ChefPV whipping up a dish in the Cricketlicious Café kitchen called Ento Tarts, can’t wait to try that out, sounds awesome. We’ll also have a...


#17 "Hargol Means Grasshopper" Dror Tamir

In this edition of the podcast, we chat with Dror Tamir, co-founder and CEO of Hargol FoodTech out of Tel Aviv, Israel. Hargol is bringing edible insects to the Middle East and they're starting with grasshoppers. We have a very interesting conversation with this multiple award-winning CEO. Over in the Cricketlicious Cafe, ChefPV shows us how to make Red Termite Twice Baked Potatoes. We also have some great industry news for you regarding the FDA's approval of certain insects as animal...


#16 "Bright Black Soldier Fly Future" Dr. Jeffery Tomberlin

In this episode, we talk with Dr. Jeffery Tomberlin, Associate Professor and AgriLife Research Fellow at Texas A&M University and co-editor of “Insects as Food and Feed: Production to Consumption” about the Black Soldier Fly. One of the most exciting futures in insect farming lies with the Black Soldier Fly (BSF). In the Cricketlicious Café, ChefPV shows us how to make Turmeric Braised Mopane Worms, and on “As the Crickets Chirp” Ashley makes a move.


#15 "Mr. Ento Goes to Washington" Dr. Sonny Ramaswamy (USDA/NIFA)

We have a fascinating talk with the Director of the USDA's National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) Dr. Sonny Ramaswamy. He informs us as to what needs to happen for the edible insect industry to grow and flourish in the coming years. He is an engaging personality, and we have a lively and informative talk. In the Cricketlicious Cafe, ChefPV makes Chirpchos. Like Nachos but with Chirps Chips! And on "As the Crickets Chirp" Chip's mind is taken over by the Crypt-Keeper Wasp's...


#14 "Season 2 Premiere" Jack Armstrong

In the Season 2 opener of the Ento Nation podcast, the Cricket Man interviews Jack Armstrong, head of the oldest commercial cricket farming operation in North America. In the Cricketlicious Café, ChefPV is making Jalapeno Chapulines Cornbread Donuts, and you can also watch a new live version of today’s Cricketlicious Café by clicking here. “As the Crickets Chirps” begins its second season, and we find Chip in danger. We also launch our Ento Nation/Entomo Farms contest giveaway, here are...


"Ento Nation Magazine Launch/Season 2 Preview"

In this brief edition of the Ento Nation podcast, the Cricket Man launches the Ento Nation Magazine, and also gives us a preview of what to expect in Season 2 of the podcast.


"Night of the Frogs"

The Ento Nation Podcast goes by a 12 episode Season. Our little web series “As the Crickets Chirp” went 6 episodes in Season 1. We decided that ATCC would be back for another 6 episode season in Season 2 of the podcast. Meanwhile, what would fill the other 6 weeks? We did a few different things, but one of them was a 3-part series called “Into the Night” which takes place in the same Bugton Hollow Universe…and may even be a spin-off of “As the Crickets Chirp”…like ATCC, this is an...


Cricketlicious Cafe Season 1 Special-12 Recipes

The Ento Nation podcast brings you all 12 Cricketlicious Café episodes from Season 1. Our Resident Chef, ChefPV guides you through 9 delicious and nutritious Ento recipes. As guest chefs we have Lee Cadesky and Aly Moore. And the Cricket Man takes over the kitchen on Christmas. Visit EntoNation.com for all 12 recipes in the synopsis of this episode. Times: 5:27-Chirpin’ Tostadas-ChefPV; 7:47-Crickcakes-ChefPV; 10:44-Mealworm Energy Balls-ChefPV; 13:47-Chapulines Spoon Bread con Spiced...


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