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Podcast Special: "The Food at Athens" ~Chef Joseph Yoon

Podcast Special: “The Food at Athens” ~Chef Joseph Yoon On this between seasons, Eating Insects Athens podcast special, we go behind the scenes with the mastermind of the food portion of the Athens conference, Chef Joseph Yoon, who is the founder of his own bug festival up in New York City, The Brooklyn Bugs Festival. We chat with Joseph about all of the wonderful Ento dishes he has prepared for all of the guests to enjoy while at the conference this week at the University of Georgia in...


Podcast Special: "Sneak Peek Eating Insects Athens"~Organizers Panel

On today's podcast we talk with Dr. Marianne Shockley, University of Georgia, Dr. Valerie Stull, MIGHTi (The Mission to Improve Global Health Through Insects), and Justin Butner, media correspondent for Little Herds and Brooklyn Bugs and get a preview of what to expect at the upcoming conference.


Special Short: Her Dad's Cowboy Boots

Just wanted to share this with you...


Podcast: "Robyn's Fast 5" Seek Food's Kickstarter in Final Week

Everything is explained in the podcast :) Click here to listen to our interview with Robyn and hear all about the Seek Food Kickstarter campaign. Click here for more on the rooftop event on the Williamsburg Hotel roof August 1st. Click on Kickstarter and pledge to the campaign!


#37 "2 Women, 2 Different Bug Diets, 31 Days" Season 3 Finale

In the Season 3 Finale, we chat with Laura D'Asaro, co-founder of Chirps Chips who recently went on a 31 day bug diet and is here to tell us all about it. We also interview a reader/listener from Mexico, Mag Islas, who ate only mealworms and rice for 40 days, and she shares with us the mind-blowing result of her diet. Chef PV cooks up a delicious dish in the cafe, we get the latest European Buzz, and you won't want to miss the Season 3 Finale of As the Crickets Chirp.


Emergency Podcast: Edible Insect Industry Under Attack in DC!

Sen. Jeff Flake wants to ban the USDA from giving out grants to further research into crickets as a food source. Smells like Beef Lobby money to me...but make no mistake, the Edible Insects Industry is in the crosshairs of a very powerful organization, a Goliath...


Weekly Buzz #2: "Edible Insects and Human Evolution" by Julie Lesnik

The Weekly Buzz for July 23, 2018.


Weekly Buzz #1: Eating Insects Athens Conference w/Speakers & Itinerary

Just a few minutes on the biggest and most important conference on edible insects so far this year! Take advantage of the Early Bird special, and support the edible insect industry in any way you can. Edible insects really do help make the world a better place.


#35 "The Seeker" Robyn Shapiro/Seek Food

Our guest is Robyn Shapiro, founder of Seek Food. Among so many things we discuss the Kickstarter campaign to launch their new line of cricket flours. This is a great interview. In the Cafe, ChefPV creates SEEKsy Cricket Cookies, our friend from France, Florian brings us the European Buzz, and we have the speaker/presenter list for the upcoming Eating Insects Athens conference to share with you, plus all the details of that upcoming event.


#34 "Bugs 4 Beginners Cookbook Special" Michela Dai Zovi

Our guest is Michela Dai Zovi, editor of the edible insect cookbook for newbies entitled “Bugs 4 Beginners”. We have a fantastic conversation about the edible insect movement. Michela also goes into great detail about the cookbook itself, and we even talk about Game of Thrones. Over in the Cricketlicious Café, ChefPV has created another masterpiece that he will help you recreate in your very own kitchen, and we also get all the latest edible insect news from Europe from our friend from...


Ento Kids Interview: Rebecca the Butterfly Girl

Louie the Cricket sits down in the Cricketlicious Cafe dining room for a chat with little Rebecca, of Rebecca's Butterfly Farm in the UK.


#33 "The Butterfly Girl & The Money Bug"

Louie the Cricket has a delightful chat with Little Rebecca, founder (along with her parents) of Rebecca's Butterfly Farm over in the UK. In the Cafe, Chef PV creates Chirpstilla Casserole, we get the latest from Europe on the European Buzz, and on "As the Crickets Chirp" there may be a conspiracy afoot in Bugton Hollow.


#32 "All Things Mealworms" Expert Panel Discussion

We discuss all things mealworms, including farming, cooking, and the Ick Factor. Our panel includes Mealflour's Elizabeth Frank & Gabby Weimer, Rocky Mountain Micro Ranch's founder & CEO Wendy Lu McGill, and Scott Jost, founder of Space Coast Mealworms and The Mealworm Co-op. We have edible insect news from Europe in our European Buzz segment, and in the Cricketlicious Cafe, ChefPV creates a Hargol Cesar Salad.


#31 "Beyond Tomorrowland" Ovipost's Chiasson & Ricci

We interview the co-founders of Ovipost, Trina Chiasson and James Ricci, who are working on cutting edge automation in insect farming plus a whole lot more. In our European Buzz segment, Florian tell us about an upcoming insect conference in Europe, in the Cricketlicious Cafe ChefPV is making Critter Crumble Sundaes, and on "As the Crickets Chirp", Ashley has a strange encounter.


#30 "Back to the Future!" Gabe Mott of Aspire/Exo

Our guest is Aspire Food Group COO Gabe Mott who talks about their recent acquisition of the EXO Brand, the state of the edible insect industry, and the present and future automation and mechanization of one of the largest cricke tfarms in the world dedicated to producing crickets for human consumption. In the Cafe, ChefPV creates Caramel Critterspheres and we get the latest edible insect news from Europe in our European Buzz segment.


#29 "Table-Top Farming"~Katharina Unger/Livin Farms

Our guest today is the CEO and Founder of Livin Farms Katharina Unger. She is also the creator of some of the most innovative and cutting edge insect farming equipment the world has ever seen, including the world's first table-top mealworm farming system The Hive™, we'll talk about that plus other cool stuff in this fascinating interview. In the Cricketlicious Cafe ChefPV whips up some Chirpchos, our friend Florian from France brings us the latest Ento news from Europe on the European...


#28 "Lady of the Flies" Marwa Shumo/Black Soldier Fly

We have a fascinating discussion with Black Soldier Fly (BSF) expert Marwa Shumo. You’ve heard it said that crickets are the Gateway Bug (Yay, Crickets!), the Cricket Man has dubbed the BSF the Money Bug. In the Cricketlicious Café ChefPV shows us how to make Critter Crackers, our friend Florian from France is back with edible insect news from Europe in this week’s European Buzz. And the on much anticipated 3rd Season opener of “As the Crickets Chirp”, Dung Beetle Corleone’s plans for...


#27 "One Night in Bangkok" Nico Bery/The Cricket Lab

This week our guest is Nico Bery of The Cricket Lab in Thailand. Nico has been farming crickets in Thailand for years, and his company is now gearing up to produce and export cricket powder to the far reaches of the Earth. Nico was recently a presenter at the recent “Insects to Feed the World 2018” global edible insects conference in Wuhan, China. In our European Buzz segment, our Friend from France, Florian gets us all caught up on the conference, as he was also a presenter, and gives us...


Podcast Bonus: "As the Crickets Chirp" Season 2 Special

Welcome to the Season 2 special of “As the Crickets Chirp” featuring all 9 episodes of Season 2, including an interview with creator Marc Sanchez aka the Cricket Man who talks about the secrets of the series while also giving us a further glimpse into the Bugton Hollow Universe. “As the Crickets Chirp” is a semi-autobiographical, metaphorical, allegorical, parody web series that is full of hidden messages, social commentary, double meanings, and other secrets. There is a code to the...