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5 seasons of honest talk for healthy living


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5 seasons of honest talk for healthy living






Emily Wu Truong Speaks from Personal Experiences about Mental Health

Emily Wu Truong childhood wasn't easy as a Taiwanese-American for so many reasons, being compared to high achievers, having depression, got bullied, and other challenges. Through the support of friends and personal growth, she's become a mental health advocate and motivational speaker in the San Gabriel Valley area, outside of Los Angeles, for almost a decade. She shares poignantly on this episode of Erasing Shame about finding self-worth, dreaming big, and helping others through life's ups...

When is the best time for Asian Americans to talk about mental health?

Japanese-American therapist Robyn Tamanaha talks with Erasing Shame co-host DJ Chuang during the month of May—AAPI heritage month and mental health month about those 2 themes. We chat about what helps Asian Americans most to get that first appointment with a therapist or counselor, the difference between Bipolar Disorder I and Bipolar II, some books Robyn’s reading, and how she hosts 2 podcasts, and more. See the show notes at...


A Woman's Spiritual Journey of Finding Her True Self

Are you worn down from trying to fulfill your parents’ expectations? Your Asian community’s expectations? Your manager's expectations? Even God's expectations? On this special episode of Erasing Shame, Eunice Lee (author of "More Christ, More Me: One Woman's Spiritual Journey of Finding Her True Self") talks with co-host Hannah Lee Sandoval about her experiences of erasing shame and feeling not enough, towards a fulfilling life of healing, health, and freedom. Eunice Lee website...


Season 5 Finale: Highlights & Reflections



Lament and Thanksgiving

What does lament and Thanksgiving have to do with shame? That's what our four co-hosts explore and discover on this November episode. You'll have to watch and listen to see how it unfolds! Plus, you can support the work of Erasing Shame with your tax-deductible donation - go to


Why are we afraid to talk about our fears?

What is the deal with our fears, phobia, anxiety, and shame?


Erasing shame about sex and sexuality

Erasing Shame pulls back the curtains and talks with Tara Teng, an Embodiment Coach who works in the intersections of spirituality and sexuality. Co-hosts Leah, George, and DJ chat with Tara for over an hour about a whole bunch of things, too many to name, here’s some of the topics we explored: how we learn about sex, men and women, fetishes, desires, why the body matters more than we’ll ever know, compare & contrast between sex and sexuality, how it affects everything in life, mental...


Erasing Shame about our Asian American Bodies



Let's Talk About Body Image with special guest Cathy Trinh

How many people are happy with their body just as they are, whether it's about their weight, height, sexual attraction, appearance, or skin color? Special guest Cathy Trinh—author, speaker, executive recruiter and life coach—joins the Erasing Shame co-hosts to have a life-giving and empowering conversations about body image. We share our personal questions and struggles with our bodies and also point to resources for healthy living. TRIGGER WARNING: rape, suicidal ideation,...


Tim Ouyang of Tim Be Told, Uncensored (s5e07)

Erasing Shame co-hosts talk with Tim Ouyang (singer and songwriter of Tim Be Told) about living in the multiple dimensions and layers of life as an Asian American of Chinese descent, and how he's navigating the intersectionality of sexuality, ethnicity, and faith, finding a way of healing and meaning, and telling a better and more beautiful story through it all. Show Notes Tim Be Told + Instagram @timbetold Tim Be Told on Spotify...


Celebrating Our Heritage & Getting Honest About Our Mental Health

It’s May, which means its AAPI Heritage Month and Mental Health Awareness Month! Hannah Lee Sandoval, George Xiong, and Leah Abraham share what they love about their respective cultures, and give us a quick look into their mental health journeys. They also discuss what to look for if you’re seeking professional counseling help for the first time. * AAPI stands for Asian American Pacific Islanders


What about the Shame of Cancel Culture?

As social media gets used, actually misused, for cancel culture, our four co-hosts talk about its effects from different Asian American perspectives. Season 5 co-hosts are Hannah Lee Sandoval, George Xiong, Leah Abraham, and DJ Chuang.


Deconstructing Wokeness; Processing for Healthiness

With all of the recent hate crimes, violence, and atrocities in our American society, what does wokeness mean and are we doing enough? That's what our co-hosts discuss and explore, after checking-in with each other to see how we're doing. We'd like to know how you're doing too. Please add a comment or voice message on our website at


pain, shame, and trauma in Asian American church life

People have different church experiences, some helpful, some hurtful. Lillian So, transformation life coach and more, shares her life experiences of growing up in a Korean American church and how she's helping Asian Americans to heal from past church hurts, that they're not the only ones. Interviewed by co-host DJ Chuang.


Listen in on a Counseling Session with Asian American Therapist Jeanie Chang

Asian American therapist Jeanie Chang and co-host DJ Chuang have a mock counseling session to show people what happens, demystifying psychological benefits, and that there's nothing to be anxious or afraid of when someone vulnerably shares their inner thoughts in a safe place and in confidentiality. Counseling is a very helpful resource to process emotions, feelings, and thoughts in a healthy way that reduces stress and other symptoms that hold people back from a better quality of life....


Being Asians in America but not Belonging (s5e03)

The Erasing Shame co-hosts discuss recent events and how they trigger those red flags that Asian Americans don't belong here in America. Specifically, the 2 events we discuss are: the impeachment trial about the Capitol insurrection riot and the growing number of anti-Asian hate crimes. Show Notes Petition to get Mainstream News Coverage about Anti-Asian Hate Crimes, at ...


Even High Achievers Have to Deal with Shame (a bonus episode with Lillian So)

Working with Asian Americans, including high achievers, Lillian So (fitness instructor and transformational life coach) has an insider perspective on the lives of successful people. Watch this video to hear the surprising revelation as Lillian So shares some of her learnings and coaching tips with Erasing Shame co-host DJ Chuang. Show Notes Lillian So - Follow on Instagram - Like on Facebook -...


Asian Americans React to Capitol Hill Events in January 2021

2 historical events in Washington DC happened in January 2021: the insurrection and the inauguration. While these events affected all Americans and triggered concerns for people around the world, what did this mean for Asian Americans? Our 4 co-hosts can't speak for all Asian Americans, but each of us can share our different perspectives.


Four Co-hosts for 2021: Season 5 Episode 01

On this first episode of season 5, you'll hear the back stories of our 4 co-hosts: Hannah Lee Sandoval, George Xiong, Leah Abraham, and DJ Chuang. Each will where they're coming from along a diverse spectrum of four different Asian American perspectives: Chinese, Korean, Hmong, Asian Indian. And, we'll talk about how erasing shame has brought us health and freedom for living.


What does soju have to do with family shame?

We talk about trauma and healing amidst the cultural dynamics of Korean and Asian American families. Trauma-informed therapist Toni Kim joins co-hosts Helen Choi and DJ Chuang on this season 4 finale and explore how soju and jugeullae intersect with a culture of shame.