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Michael Perrine explores detoxification practices, personal growth, spirituality and clean living with various guests.

Michael Perrine explores detoxification practices, personal growth, spirituality and clean living with various guests.
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Michael Perrine explores detoxification practices, personal growth, spirituality and clean living with various guests.




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Mississippi Vegan - Episode #33: Timothy Pakron

I’m winning this game of catch up! And so happy to finally release this podcast with my favorite Instagrammer Timothy Pakron also known on social as Mississippi Vegan. Just to be clear, Mississippi Vegan is more of a concept than a name. He’s a cookbook author, blogger, and incredible food photographer. And that’s not me just fluffing up my guest! Holly and I literally watch his story EVERY day. If you’ve not binge watched his instagram stories where he has the landscapers sage his yard and...


From Snapchat To Marriage - Episode #32: How I Met My Wife

Finally catching up and rolling out new episodes all month! On this episode I introduce my wife Holly to the podcast. If you're here for the deep dive into cleansing culture then this episode is definitely not it.. But it is about how this lifestyle introduced me to the woman who is now my (spoiler alert) wife! Somewhere along the last five years the line between podcast and lifestyle blog became blurry on the instagram page @everydaydetox. With the introduction of instastories the posts...


Great Minds Sh*t Alike - Episode #31: Jennifer Gonzalez @doodyfreegirl

I am so behind schedule.. But good sh*t comes to those who wait! On this episode I hang out with my friend & colleague Jennifer Gonzalez aka @doodyfreegirl. Immediately we dive into bathroom culture, discuss origins into the cleansing life, talk about the social implications of being a colonic therapist and somehow depart into gardening and chickens. There's nothing linear about this one. Just come with an open mind and a passion for cleansing. Jen is by far the most humorous and creative...


Relationships Shine a Light on Everything Wrong With Us - Episode #30: Rachel DeAlto

Here we are again! On this episode I'm joined by dear friend and relationship expert Rachel Dealto. Our conversation starts with dick pics, moves over to core wounds and ends on spirit guides. Definitely a rollercoaster into the psychology of modern humanity and the desire to love and be loved. Rachel is a relationship expert, coach, media personality, keynote speaker, and hypnotherapist. She's hosted Married At First Sight, Kiss Bang Love and Second Chances. She's given three TED Talks and...


Bobby Bunz Loses 150lbs. on a Raw Vegan Diet & Juice Fasting - Episode #29

Pump ya fists! Staten Island in da house! In this episode I sit with Dennis Cahlo & Bobby Bunz and talk shop about Bobby's departure from a life of indulgent eating and excessive drinking. Bobby lost over 150 lbs. from eating a raw vegan diet and juice fasting. He's kicking major ass and gearing up to enter the world of plant based fitness training. As usual, shit gets weird and the accents get thick. Come with a good sense of humor. You can find us @ vitalitynewyorkcity.com Instagram:...


Cleansing Toward a Better Consciousness - Episode #28: Dennis Cahlo

Whaaaaat's up my friends? I've been mega busy working on the new Youtube Q&A show and transitioning things at Vitality. The work schedule got a touch backed up and this podcast is a few months behind. Things are back on track and there's more on the way. In this episode I catch up with my dear friend & filmmaker Dennis Cahlo who has been vegan, sober and smoke free for just over two years. When we get together we like to discuss self-care, sh*tting, recipes, the old days of NYC and raw...


Dry Fasting, Fruitarianism and a Near Death Experience - Episode #27: Dr. Fred Bisci

Hello my friends! Out here in Ashland, Oregon catching up on everything. Finally able to edit and push out the last few podcasts from the spring. In this episode Dr. Bisci drops by Vitality and we discuss dry fasting, fruitarianism and a near death experience he had from mold exposure. You can find Dr. Bisci @ yourhealthyjourney.org You can find us @ vitalitynewyorkcity.com And remember: We’re just talkin’ here! Nothing said is intended to replace medical treatment or the advice of your...


Moving from Collapsed to Expanded Consciousness - Episode #26: Interview with Aliyah Washington

What's up friends! In this episode I'm interviewed by Aliyah Washington for her private coaching group. With Ali's permission I decided to upload our conversation as a podcast. We start with the story of my beginnings into the cleansing life and move into a discussion about the process of moving from a collapsed to an expanded consciousness. We also talk deeply about the role suffering plays in this and how to use it as a tool for growth. You can find Aliyah @ perceptiontrainers.com You can...


How You Posture is How You See the World - Episode #25: Dr. David Mehler

For over two years I’ve intentionally held back questions in anticipation of this podcast. I wanted my conversation with David to be authentic and fresh. I first experienced NSA (Network Spinal Analysis) during the initial six months we created Vitality. It was a tremendous time of stress and anxiety and my body took notice. I would suffer with excruciating headaches as well as back and neck pain. Traditional chiropractors were great at putting me back together for what sometimes only lasted...


Truth Lies Amidst the Minority - Episode #24: Gil Jacobs

Four years later and Gil Jacobs returns! In the late hours of the night Gil and I sat down to have a very odd conversation about artificial intelligence and the issues of toxicity with technological advancement. We also talked shop about fruitarianism and the ideal way to transition toward ultra clean eating. You can find us @ vitalitynewyorkcity.com And remember: We’re just talkin’ here! Nothing said is intended to replace medical treatment or the advice of your healthcare provider. The...


The Changing Landscape of Vegan Food - Episode #23: Chef Peter Cervoni

If anyone knows the culinary landscape of vegan cuisine it's my dear friend Chef Peter Cervoni. Peter and I met in 1997 working as chefs at the iconic Angelica Kitchen in NYC. Our shared professional history covers multiple restaurants, companies and food products over the last 20 years. In this episode we discuss the departure of healthy ingredients from the world of vegan food and my concerns for how it may reflect on the health and reputation of the vegan diet. And remember: We’re just...


From Medication to Liberation - Episode #22: Tom DeVito

Finally! I’m joined by one of my oldest friends and colleagues Tom Devito aka “Tommy D”. In this episode Tom takes me through the healing process that ultimately led him to become a colon hydrotherapist and completely disease-free. We also dive into the comment section of a recent article featuring me in the Independent UK. It gets hairy.. Tom found alternative medicine, a cleansing diet and gravity colon hydrotherapy seeking an antidote to his own illness: at 18 he was diagnosed with...


Vegan Dating in the Digital World - Episode #21: Filmmaker Dennis Cahlo

It's been two years! And we're back! Setting up and running Vitality has required so much. It required me to put the podcast on hold. This is the biggest studio I've ever created and we've had so many ups and downs. There's a tremendous difference between having a full day to prep and film a podcast with free evenings to edit vs. trying to slot in some time after working twelve hours seven days a week. But we're doing it! Some of you may remember the music of Dennis Cahlo & the Change who I...


Detox Teas, Gluten & Beards - Episode #20: Bexlife Facebook Q&A

Hey Folks, podcast number twenty has arrived! We haven't seen Bex for six episodes and her Facebook inbox filled up with some epic questions about the cleansing life. Here's what we discussed: - Why detox teas are ineffective - What gluten is and how it creates disharmony in the body - How diet experimentation can effect your metabolism. We also discussed the story behind that weird beardo dude who used to host the podcast. Find Bex @ bexlife.com Gluten Free Challenge: blisseddetox.com And...


From Bullets to Balance - Episode #19: Quentin Vennie

This week I sit with my friend Quentin Vennie to discuss how his battle with anxiety and addiction led him to a path of wellness. We cover a lot of territory on this one. Malcolm X, tattoos, hollow tip bullets, the dangers of juicing while smoking, and the power of words. Quentin Vennie is the author of Strong in the Broken Places. You can find Quentin @ quentinvennie.com And remember: We’re just talkin’ here! Nothing said is intended to replace medical treatment or the advice of your...


The Truth on Poop - Episode #18: Response to Joe Rogan's comment

I've been holding this podcast back for a few months. I was waiting for the new studio to get on it's feet. We're getting close enough so here it is! No guest this week! Just me talking shop about one of the most important concepts in achieving next level health. I was listening to Joe Rogan chat with the directors of Cowspiracy on his podcast when he mentioned that he thought the idea of retained wastes in the intestines is a myth. My fifteen years as a colonic therapist and the life long...


Awaken the Warrior Within You - Episode #17: Natalia Maldonado

Happy New Year everyone! There were all sorts of delays and technical difficulties on this podcast, but it turns out that the timing is absolutely perfect. January is a fresh start for many of us and motivation, accountability and inspiration can be invaluable during this process. That's where my dear friend Natalia Maldonado also know as New York's Wellness Warrior comes in. We sat to discuss the way she transformed challenging life events into fuel to deepen her practice of yoga, fitness...


86 Year Old Vegan Athlete - Episode #16: Dr. Fred Bisci

Dr. Bisci is back! This time we're focused on athletics, but ventured into all sorts of topics. Here's what we discussed: - The effects of high protein diets in regards to aging - The real reason we get sick in the winter - Overload workouts - Fred's dangerous self experimentation - The trap of bullet proof coffee and how to properly recover after a workout. And remember: We’re just talkin’ here! Nothing said is intended to replace medical treatment or the advice of your healthcare provider....


Healing at The Springs L.A. - Episode #15: Joyce Rockwood

**Since the recording of this podcast The Springs has closed.** Hello again! I was recently in Los Angeles buying a cryo-sauna for our new space coming this fall in downtown Manhattan. I paid a visit to my dear friend Joyce Rockwood (joycerockwood.com) at the immaculate, most holy, detox spa The Springs LA in downtown Los Angeles. What I call the Williamsburg of LA. Here's what we discussed: - Joyce's video blog on healing IBS with colonics and juicing (joycerockwood.com/blog) - Cecil the...


Consequences of a Fruitarian Diet - Episode #14: Dr. Fred Bisci

Dudes! If you’re some next level vegan, raw food, aspiring genius then you don’t want to miss this epic podcast! I was cycling through the park a few weeks ago and somewhere in between the Morrissey and Wu Tang an old episode of Vitality Radio started playing. For those that don’t know (basically everyone) I used to have a radio show on tribecaradio.net with my ex-business partner Donna Perrone. To be honest I usually cringe when I hear it. I was super uptight, inexperienced and nervous when...