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FUMS 030 – How Cannabis, Diet, and Exercise Has Helped MS'er Meg Lewellyn

Our guest today is Meg Lewellyn of BBHwithMS.com – which stands for Boots, Boobs and Hair with Multiple Sclerosis. In a frank and funny conversation with Kathy, Meg covers subjects including being open with her three kids about her MS and how she is now managing her symptoms with marijuana. In this episode we discuss: "Segway Into My New Life" … and much more! Resources mentioned in this episode (clickable links): BBHwithMS.comSegway Into My New Life: A Story Of Diagnosis by Meg...


FUMS 029 – The Holistic Way of Living with Erin Clayton

In today’s episode, we’re welcoming back Erin Clayton! A fellow MS’er who was featured back in 2015 on Episode 6. From getting her Non-profit Management Certification to raising funds for MS research, she has now decided to focus all of her time and energy into being a stay-at-home mom for her little boy, Parker. Today we’re talking about her transformation and her journey into living a more holistic lifestyle. Erin has made major changes in her life and now treats her MS purely...


FUMS 028 – Important Supplements for MS Patients with Caroline Craven

My first returning guest, Caroline Craven a.k.a the Girl with MS (from the website girlwithms.com), is back to talk about the wonderful benefits we can get from vitamins and supplements. Caroline is a motivational speaker, freelance writer and has won Best MS Blog several years in a row. She’s also a life coach, and – oh yeah, she has MS. She has toured the country promoting healthier living for MS patients through stress management, healthy eating, and a positive attitude. Now, she’s our...


FUMS 027 – Chronic Christmas Celebration with Lene Andersen

Lene Andersen is a writer, health and disability advocate, photographer and chronic illness navigator who has had rheumatoid arthritis since she was four years old. She is the author of the book “Chronic Christmas: Surviving the Holidays With a Chronic Illness” and that’s exactly what we’re talking to her about today! She is extremely grateful to be given a second chance in life. Despite her illness, she feels the need to honor it and decided to help other people dealing with chronic...


FUMS 026 – A Personal Holiday Message from FUMS (Kathy Reagan Young)

Today’s episode is a special one. The holiday season is kicking off and it could really be hectic and stressful for anyone, but especially for we MS’ers. I just want to take a minute to remind you to take a moment for yourself. As people with MS, we have to be extremely mindful of our stress load. The holiday season should be a time for relaxation and celebrating with family, friends and loved ones. Holidays are meant to be enjoyed, not stressed over. And so I’m here to remind you to...


FUMS 025 – Getting Paid For YOUR Patient Experience

Today’s episode is an interview with Jen Horenjeff a patient advocate, Ph.D. and the founder of Savvy Cooperative, a platform that connects patients and others in healthcare, providing the industry with real patient input and experiences to help improve products and services for a better patient experience. And it compensates those patients for that valuable information. In this episode, Jen explains how being a patient and a professional opened the door for her to connect the patient...


FUMS 024 – Social Security Disability Benefits & MS

This episode features an interview with Mary Dale Walters, the Senior Vice President of Strategic Communications at Allsup - a company specializing in providing disability services. For over 30 years, the company has successfully helped more than 300,000 individuals receive their Social Security Disability benefits. In this episode, she will walk us through a large number of resources and relevant information necessary to have a clearer understanding of the application process for...


FUMS 023 – Flexible Jobs for Chronic Conditions with Brie Reynolds

Brie Reynolds, a Senior Career Specialist at FlexJobs, helps people find the jobs that will best accommodate their chronic condition life challenges. FlexJobs is the leading online service for professionals seeking remote, flexible schedule, part-time, and freelance jobs. Imagine not having to take time off of work for your doctor’s appointment, or not having to call in sick when your not feeling well. That’s what flexible jobs are all about! Flexjobs offers ancillary services as well as...


FUMS 022 – Benefits of Physical Therapy for MS with Dr. Gretchen Hawley

Being able to brainstorm and solve the symptoms people are having and how to help them in their daily lives is what Gretchen Hawley loves most about her job. Even with the uncertainty of how the disease manifests itself with different people. Gretchen is a Doctor of Physical Therapy who specializes in Multiple Sclerosis. It has become her advocacy to help each of her patients reach their goals in as many ways as she can. It’s never boring to do things when your heart is in the right...


FUMS 021 – Travel Without Limits with Tarita Davenock

Going on a trip, be it on a cruise ship, train or an airplane, can be a daunting task for someone who has MS. You have to worry about mobility issues, access to bathrooms, restaurants and hotel rooms and access to medical care. Tarita Davenock loves traveling and exploring the world, and was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis during the prime years of her life. As her MS progressed, she started traveling with a wheelchair and saw a certain need in the market for people like her and filled...


FUMS 020 – Natural & Holistic Treatments with Caroline Craven

Caroline Craven’s road to natural and holistic MS treatments is pretty fascinating. In 2001, she lost the ability to see and walk unassisted while traveling across Guatemala. Upon her return to the US, she was only given a probable diagnosis, but then started to progress rapidly. She was then placed in a three-year double blind study at USC for the t-cell vaccine. During which, she did a deep-dive into holistic nutrition, Ayurvedic medicine, Chinese medicine, and healthy eating. Now,...


FUMS 019 – Adaptive Yoga, Mindfulness, and Meditation with Mindy Eisenberg

Mindy Eisenberg is a former hospital administrator, turned yoga instructor who’s dedicated to increasing the quality of life for those with disabilities. She does this in loving memory of her mother who had progressive MS. Mindy is the author of Adaptive Yoga Moves Any Body and manages the fast growing Yoga Moves MS community. In today’s episode she shares her philosophy of healing and the importance of the mind body relationship to health and healing. At the end the episode Mindy guides...


FUMS 018 - An Ankle Brace to Revolutionize Ankle Braces

Dr. Fred Ferlic is a man on a mission. He is a recently retired orthopedic surgeon whose career spans 40 years, and 20 of those he spent as the team doctor for both the men's and women's basketball teams at his Alma Mater, the University of Notre Dame. He has partnered with the inventor of the TayCo Brace to take this revolutionary product to help millions of people around the world. He passionately believes that the TayCo Brace can have such a huge impact and help millions of people who...


FUMS 017 - Autoimmune Health Coach Alene Brennan

Alene Brennan is a certified nutrition coach, natural food chef, yoga instructor, and personal trainer who helps people with autoimmune disease heal through diet and lifestyle. Oh, and she has MS. And migraines. And she learned how to affect her chronic illness positively through diet and lifestyle - and now she helps others do the same through her coaching. She’s really an amazing person with a ton of passion to really help people. It was her tagline that first caught my attention: “less...


FUMS 016 - 2 Girls, 2 Bikes, 50 States

Today I’m talking with Rachael Bubbs and Dayle James, two women who decided to ride their bikes in all 50 states to raise awareness and research funds for MS. They got their National MS Society Bike MS Passports and they're ready to ride! BTW – they’re carrying a "champions bandana" with them on all of their rides – with MS warrior's names on it. So - you could go along for the ride – well, your name could anyway! Learn all about it and how you can get your name on that bandana. Listen...


FUMS 015 - Country Music Singer Julie Roberts and Her MS Journey

Humble, kind, unassuming - those are just a few words I'd use to describe my guest today, country music singer Julie Roberts. I'd also say talented, brave, loving, strong and selfless. Hers is an amazing story - from a small town in South Carolina where she, her sisters and her mother were victims of domestic abuse, to Nashville, Tennessee making gold records, to a stage in Asheville, North Carolina where she lost the feeling in her hands and her sight went blurry while on stage one...


FUMS 014 - TV News Anchor Shares Her MS Story

Katie Collett is an Emmy-nominated news anchor on WAVY-TV 10 and Fox 43, the local NBC affiliates in southern Virginia – where I live. She's also a wife, a mother, a daughter, a friend, etc. - and she has MS. She's up at 2:15 am and works from 3:30 am - 1:00 pm! And that's just her day job. She has a 4-year-old little boy at home too! AND she is a very vocal advocate for MS awareness and a participant in a multitude of fundraising efforts. She's pretty amazing - but I think she'd deny...


FUMS 013 - Cog Fog in MS

In today's episode, I'm talking to Dr. Victoria Leavitt, a clinical neuropsychologist and director of the Multiple Sclerosis Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory at Columbia University Medical Center in New York. She's brilliant and has great insight into how to deal with the dreaded "cog fog" - from nutrition to exercise to helpful apps. She makes this very medically dense subject understandable and approachable. We talk about how mood, and things like anxiety, depression and personality...


FUMS 012 - Low Cost High Tech Help For MS'ers

In today’s episode, Occupational Therapist Gabe Byars shares all the ways that assistive technology can help us in our everyday life with MS. Learn about integrating various technologies to turn your lights off and on, adjust the heat or air conditioning, see who’s at the door and let them in, raise and lower the blinds – all on voice command! Imagine the energy you’d save. Gabe also shares tips and tricks like using your smart phone’s calendar to free up your mind from having to remember...


FUMS 011 - Sex, Constipation, Incontinence - Oh My!

Erin Glace, MSPT, PRPC, BCB-PMD, is the clinical director of the Physical Therapy and Urodynamics departments at Urology of Virginia. She is a graduate of the University of Florida with her bachelor’s degree in Physical Therapy and a graduate of Old Dominion University with an advanced master’s degree in Physical Therapy. Her sole focus of treatment is pelvic floor dysfunction She has a TON of initials behind her name for all of the training she's done and she's respected throughout her...