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Supporting Alzheimer’s caregivers through informative and inspiring conversations.

Supporting Alzheimer’s caregivers through informative and inspiring conversations.


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Supporting Alzheimer’s caregivers through informative and inspiring conversations.






Knowledge is a Caregivers Best Friend

Lacking the knowledge of how to best care for someone with Alzheimer's is common for most family caregivers. Each person is unique, and the disease affects them in their own ways. The differences in how each person reacts to their condition make it more challenging to get solid advice from other caregivers.


Letting Go With Love

Letting Go With Love - Supporting the dying process for someone with dementia. How can we manage "letting go with love" when our society views death as a failure? Dying is a process we will all go through, and it is a very personal experience. Understanding how to support someone with dementia on this last journey is essential. It is difficult for us, but it is necessary. Understanding the dying process will help us help our loved ones. Letting go with love is the ultimate gift we can give....


Paperwork Isn’t Sexy (But It’s Important)

Paperwork isn't sexy - a list of documents caregivers need. Paperwork isn't sexy, In the eighties, promises of four day work weeks and paperless offices were made thanks to the desktop computer. This promise has never happened, and despite cloud storage, paperwork is an endless chore we must all endure. As caregivers, the endless piles of paperwork are one more tedious task that we must tackle. What is essential, what can we toss - it's an infinite cycle, to be sure. My Dad had a spreadsheet...


Smiling Through Your Tears (Anticipatory Grief)

Anticipatory grief has benefits of which we're not aware. Is it normal to feel grief for someone when they're still alive? We may not realize that's what we're feeling. Many people assume it's a form of depression and treat it as such. What we're feeling is actually called anticipatory grief. Millions of people deal with this feeling every day. It's not unique to those caring for someone with Alzheimer's. In this episode, I talked with Harriet Hodgson about anticipatory grief. Harriet has...


A Musical, Emotional Memoir on Caregiving (Caregiver Carols)

Caregiver Carols - a self-help book in song format Caregiver Carols A Musical Emotional Memoir is a book with a unique twist. It focuses on dealing with the emotional aspects of caregiving. In this episode, my guest is Don Wendorf, who, like most of us, tackled caregiving, knowing he could continue his psychiatry practice, manage his care team, and do it all perfectly. We know how that ends. One of Don's coping techniques is playing music. Don is not a huge fan of self-help books, so being a...


More Caring for The Caregiver

As a new caregiver or one who has been caregiving for a while, you're going to hear how important it is to take care of yourself. Take care of yourself first. I'm sure, like most people, you think, "yeah, right! When am I supposed to do that?"


Allowing for A Natural Death – Alzheimer’s Living Will

We never know when it's our time for death. In just over four years, or 2025, the first of over 77 million baby boomers will turn 80. Our 8th decade is when frailty becomes common; memory loss affects 25% of us, and most will need help to get through the day. Dementia and other diseases can affect personality, turning warm and friendly people argumentative, anxious, and self-centered. Dementia is not an individual tragedy. It is a family illness, rippling out in ever-widening circles that...


Visual Storytelling of Dementia

Visual Storytelling can help make complex stories easier to understand. It can deliver more impactful messages. It can make stories as relevant for readers as possible. Why would someone choose to document visually such a difficult subject as dementia? There are as many answers to this as there are caregivers. For some, it's a way to process what they're going through. Whether this is the caregiver's journey or how to process grief, visual Storytelling is a therapeutic process for many. In...


When Caregiving Calls & Demands Our Attention

When Caregiving Calls, are we going to be prepared? Caregiving doesn't usually call; for most of us, caregiving demands our immediate attention. Can we be prepared when that call comes? We're not a society that, in general, plans for or likes to discuss the end of our lives. However, with a little planning, conversation, and thoughtful consideration, we can help everyone when caregiving becomes necessary. Seventy percent of us will need care before our life is over. Unfortunately, most of us...


Keep Your Brain Smart

Is there a way to keep our brain smart as we age? Our brains continue to grow when we challenge them. What exactly should we be looking at in terms of strenuous brain exercise?


Creativity Is Like Chocolate for the Brain

Creativity is a lifeline for me. Does having a creative mind help you avoid Alzheimer's? Some research has shown that musicians' brains are more resilient because of the additional neural networks formed while learning their craft. Are there other art forms that may provide this same resilience for those who are not musically inclined? Thankfully, there may be. Writing, painting, drawing, sculpting, and dancing are options that may improve our cognitive health. An art kit, specially designed...


Cruising Through Caregiving

In the first place, is it even possible to find a way to achieve cruising through caregiving? We all know that being a family caregiver is no vacation. Together with my guest on this podcast episode, we talk about reducing the challenges we face, even if only slightly.


Self-Care Is Not Just Bubble Baths & Wine

Self-care is more than bubble baths & wine. Self-care is more than a bubble bath or a glass of wine. Caregivers frequently hear, "you have to take care of yourself," but they seldom hear how to make that happen. They're also rarely offered the assistance they need that would allow them time for self-care. If you want to demolish the feelings of guilt, overwhelm, and bitterness, you need to learn how to become a Warrior of Light. That is the title of my guest's book. Eileen Silverberg is a...


Moving On After Caregiving

Most of us don't sign up for caregiving. It happens because of a crisis or slowly takes over more of our day-to-day lives. Eventually, much of our caregiving comes to an end, and then what? When caregiving has been your primary life purpose for years, what do you do when that's gone? Moving on isn't always easy. Even when we think we're ready for the change, we can feel lost when it happens. During this unique time in our world, moving on is even more challenging. How do we move on in a...


Your Brain Has A Superpower

Your brain has a superpower - do you know how to activate it? Do you want to take charge of your brain? Keep your mind healthy and strong for the remainder of your life? Are you aware of how things and people in your life influence your neurological health? There are ways to take charge of the meaning of your life and tune in to an extraordinary life. My guest for this episode is Dr. Phillipe Douyon. He is a neurologist, an author, an app designer, and a course developer. He's here to teach...


Stress & Anxiety Relief through Music Therapy

Stress & anxiety relief through music therapy is definitely something you can do at home. There is abundant research that proves listening to music helps to reduce our levels of anxiety. Anxiety, one of the most common, and most devastating, of all mental conditions, has become somewhat of an epidemic in modern-day society. What is the leading cause of anxiety? The enormous amounts of stress in our lives. This is because stress builds up and up and, if left untreated or unaddressed, results...


356 Caregiving Tips

One of 5 authors of the books "365 Caregiving Tips" Not all tips will fit every caregiver, but every caregiver will find tips that fit. Those are the wise words you find when visiting the website, www.365caregivingtips.com. Joining me, again, is a favorite guest, Gincy Heins. She was so delightful I knew I had to have her back. Caregiving is a marathon of a journey. The more advice we have to help us navigate this responsibility, the better off everyone will be. With their fourth book, Gincy...


Make Grandma Smile – Engagement & Activities

Looking for ways to have better visits with my Mom is the genesis of the Fading Memories podcast. After two and a half years, I've learned a lot more about engagement. By learning how to give seniors a purpose and find things they enjoy, we go a long way into having meaningful visits. By bringing an entertainment and participation component, Make Grandma Smile is looking to standardized senior engagement and activities.


Surviving Alzheimer’s As a Well Spouse

How can you survive being an Alzheimer's caregiver and remain a well spouse? When you are experiencing sorrow, fear, frustration, agony, exhaustion, and depression, and when the level of caregiving stress makes you feel on the verge of a total breakdown, know that you are not alone. There is not the way, there is not a single right way and there is definitely no easy way. However, there are paths through this arduous task.


Navigating The Maze of Providing Care

When you've decided to manage care, other steps are now needed. It's essential to develop a care philosophy, goals, and strategies for reaching the target with the patient. A plan will allow everyone involved with the care to have a clear understanding of the patient's wishes. You'll have a plan to deliver them.