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A supportive podcast for those of us dealing with a loved one with memory loss.

A supportive podcast for those of us dealing with a loved one with memory loss.


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A supportive podcast for those of us dealing with a loved one with memory loss.






Two-Lap Books – A Great Way To Connect!

Two-Lap Books - A Great Way To Connect! Two-Lap Books are Read-Aloud Books for Memory-Challenged Adults, People with Alzheimer's disease (and other forms of memory impairment) gradually lose their ability to initiate communication with others. As a result, Lydia designed these uniquely adapted books to "give voice" to them. Using the book's large, simple text and colorful illustrations we can initiate conversation. Notably, reading books together can make meaningful connections with our...


Alzheimer’s & Intimacy (Yep, We Went There!)

Couples living with Alzheimer's may need to find new ways to show intimacy. Alzheimer's & intimacy may seem counter-intuitive. It's important to realize that everyone has a need for companionship and physical intimacy. Couples living with Alzheimer's may have to find new ways to show love and affection. Sometimes as the disease progresses the caregiving spouse has very little desire for intimacy from their spouse. Due to the daily activities involved in caring their normal desires. Granted,...


My Conversation With A Future Neuropsychologist

Ever wondered what a conversation with a neuropsychologist would be like? Even if that wasn't on your list you'll enjoy hearing from this soon-to-be doctor who has a passion for brains and how health disparities effect our most precious organ.


Soul of Care -A Physicians Moral Movement

Caregivers need a moral movement so health care addresses the full range of needs of caregivers and those they are caring for.


A Peruvian Alzheimer’s Adventure

Can getting Alzheimer's care in a foreign country be a smart alternative? How can getting eldercare for someone with Alzheimer's be better in Peru? To begin with, the cost of living is so much lower in Peru than in the United States. Instead of $600 a day, Barabra Drakes father lived like a king on $600 a month. If you're listening to this episode, you may be facing terrifying options for a loved one. The cost of care in countries like America, Canada & the United Kingdom can be...


Caregiving & Employment Struggles

When caregivers struggle with dual responsibilities their employment can suffer. Because of our aging population, more people over the age of 65 are facing caregiving & employment struggles. A significant portion of people at retirement age are at risk of having to care for a parent. Some of these workers may also be caring for a spouse. Caregiving is largely an unpaid, family responsibility. However, this responsibility is already causing a decrease in employment, productivity, and...


Activities for People Living with Alzheimer’s

Activities are important for people living with Alzheimer’s Activities are important for keeping someone living with Alzheimer's engaged and productive. However, as their disease progresses activities they once loved become impossible to manage. Activities offer important benefits like cognitive stimulation, the opportunity to connect with another person, relaxation and more. If you're caring for a loved one with Alzheimer's you may struggle to find activities that they are capable of doing...


Tea & Brain Health – A Look at My Favorite Drink

Tea has been found to have positive effects on cognitive health. Tea is my go-to drink every day, every part of the day. Having read that regular tea drinkers may have better cognitive health I knew I had to do my own research and learn more. I was excited to learn that drinking black tea regularly may give us better cognitive function than non-tea drinkers. In this episode, I discuss the research and many of the lesser-known specifics of brewing and enjoying this brain-healthy drink. I...


Dementia Dogs for Caregiving

There are many positive attributes that a trained dementia dog can bring to a memory residence. Dementia dogs are an asset I wasn't aware of previously. Having had dogs all my life I was surprised to learn that many breeds make great caregivers for those living with dementia. A dog trained to be a caregiver can perform many tasks and be a substantial help to their human counterparts. A dementia dog can break repetitive behaviors, calm anxieties, give someone a purpose, or return a lost loved...


Medication Adherence & Management

Medication adherence is crucial to improving health & DoseCast can make it easier. Medication adherence is a fancy term for taking our medications as they've been prescribed. While adherence is an important part of our health care it is one that is often overlooked. It's too easy to improperly take our medications. Just the other day, my husband was out of town, and I realized I had neglected to give our oldest dog his arthritis medication for two days! Talk about failure to manage...


I Love Someone With Dementia so Why am I Losing My Mind?

Loving someone with dementia frequently makes us feel like we're losing our minds too. When you love someone with dementia it's not uncommon to feel like you're losing your mind too. In this episode, I talk to Beth Friesen about practical tips for coping with this problem. Beth is the author of the book "I Love Someone With Dementia, So Why Am I Losing My Mind?". She's also a nurse in a family of medical professionals. If their family struggled, we shouldn't feel bad about our struggles....


Managing Difficult Behaviors

One of the biggest caregiver challenges is managing difficult behaviors. People living with memory loss don't realize they're being unreasonable. Difficult behavior is an unfortunate by-product of their disease. Navigating our loved one's behaviors and our own emotions is crucial to caregiving success. However, no one has a clear path to making that happen. This episode of Fading Memories dives into a few behaviors and how we might handle them.


Caregiving In Harmony

Conflict is a natural part of human interaction. As we age, all of us face difficult decisions that affect our loved ones and often bring up strong emotions. Many of us avoid talking about the subject because we are afraid to cause a family conflict or even a legal battle. This delay can force us to make decisions at a time of crisis, the worst possible time for peaceful and effective communications.


Caregiver Grief – A Practical Discussion

The loved one you're caring for is still around yet you feel their loss. Some think this is depression but it's actually a form of caregiver grief. It's commonly referred to as anticipatory grief and it's very common when caring for someone with an incurable disease. This podcast episode is a discussion on how to cope with caregiver grief.


Raising An Aging Parent

At what point did we become the parent to our parents? For some of us, this transition happened slowly over time. Others have been thrust into the role because of a crisis. Regardless of how the role-reversal happened, it comes with a host of challenges we may not be ready for.


Alzheimer’s Trippin’ With George

What do you do when your spouse is diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease? Do you run for the hills or plan a 10,000-mile trip? Thankfully, today's guest planned the trip, blogged about it and turned her experiences into two books!


Avoid the Isolation Danger Zone!

Isolation can cause health and mental issues. Research has linked social isolation to higher risks of physical & mental conditions; Alzheimer's & death are just two of them. Becoming isolated frequently happens "naturally" and there are many ways to combat this issue. Discussing senior isolation came naturally with my guest, Rebecca Graulich. She's a past guest who started a foundation to cope with senior issues. Recording this episode of the podcast was originally intended to be an update...


The “Match.Com” of Eldercare

Eldercare consultants are like "Match.com" for finding care services. When it comes to eldercare we frequently need a partner. Even for those who plan ahead, making decisions for our loved one is a huge challenge. For those living with memory loss, it's nearly impossible to know what they'll need, when they'll need it and how we'll provide the care. Enter and eldercare consultant. What does an eldercare consultant do? They provide a professional assessment of the needs and strengths of...


You’re Too Good Looking to Have Alzheimer’s!

"You're too good looking to have Alzheimer's" does not protect you from early-onset Alzheimer's. "You're too good looking to have Alzheimer's." Imagine hearing this from your doctor. The disbelief that someone could actually look vibrant, strong and healthy yet have Alzheimer's makes diagnosis more difficult. Early-onset Alzheimer's is an uncommon form of dementia that strikes people younger than age 65. Of all the people who have Alzheimer'sdisease, about 5 percent develop symptoms before...


When & How to Choose In-Home Care

Choosing in-home care suggestions for caregivers. When should we consider in-home care for my loved one? How do we find the right help and where do we start? First, if your loved one is struggling to perform basic activities of daily living it's probably time to get help. Part-time help to start might be the best way to go in the beginning. Basic ADLs consist of self-care tasks that include, but are not limited to: Bathing & showering Personal hygiene & grooming (including...