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Episode 3 - Why Pain Is Your Portal To Pleasure

Yes…you read the title correctly. No…I’m not crazy. I believe pain is your portal to creating everything you want in life – including your baby. I know it sounds ridiculous and super counter-intuitive but hear me out mama-bear. What would your life look like if you weren’t afraid of pain? The truth is that the *fear* and avoidance of pain can leave you taking your hopes and dreams to the grave with you – but I’m not gonna let that happen! Listen to today’s podcast to learn how to slowly lean...


Episode 2 - How To Align With Your Magic

Do you feel like you’ve been able to create what you want in life, up until your fertility journey? In this podcast, I’m going to show you a different way of creating what you want. Hint: It’s not the hustle and bustle you’re used to. Last weekend, I went to a retreat led by Eat, Pray, Love’s Liz Gilbert, and my Life Coach Trainer Martha Beck, and they inspired me to talk about creating your baby using MAGIC! You’ll learn the modern definition of “magic” and how to tap into the baby-making...


Episode 1 - Why You Should Be Here

Holy sh*t! I have a podcast! And I get to be in your ears with mind-blowing inspiration every damn Tuesday (so subscribe now!) On this episode, I’ll be talking to you about how I got into this amazing work and why you should be here. AKA: How Life Coaching can help you get pregnant. You’ll learn how to tap into the vast intelligence of your body, how it speaks to you and how to actually trust that it can guide you to your baby (because we weren’t taught this sh*t in school mama-bear.) I’ll...


Fertile Ground - Coming Soon

Fertile Ground: A mind-body approach to getting pregnant and without it taking over your life. Spenser Brassard, Mind-Body Fertility Expert, Mama-Bear Maker and Certified Life Coach From the Provider: How to solve your fertility struggles, finally get pregnant, and become the mama bear you know you are... with a mind-body method proven to increase your chances of pregnancy by 55%. This is the place to slow down your day, feel your feelings, and shift that dark cloud in your mind into...


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