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Episode 23 - How to feel safe getting your hopes ALL THE WAY UP on the road to your baby.

How many times have you been told, “Don’t get your hopes up!”. If you’re anything like me..LOTS! Every time I decided to do something outside of the norm that seemed “too good to be true” for other people, I was told it probably wouldn’t happen. While on the fertility journey, you might even start to believe this BS lie. Because after months or years of the pregnancy not happening, you choose not to get excited about it. To protect yourself. But what if we shifted our perception of hope?...


Episode 22 - The life-changing power of ASKING!

Asking for what you want seems like a pretty straight-forward thing for a human to do. You want something, so you ask for it. But then…why are we, especially as women, so afraid to ask for what we want? Why don’t we ask for the raise? Why do we do all the housework, when our partner sits at the couch? Why is it so hard to ask your client to buy from you? In today’s podcast, you’ll learn why we resist asking for what we want, how much your life will change when you start asking, and how it...


Episode 21 - The art of doing nothing.

The art of doing nothing, which Italians describe as “La Dolce Far Niente” is a way of life, where you consciously create space in your day to do nothing. In a culture dominated by plans, goals and accomplishments - this sounds unproductive, lazy and a waste of time. But from a mind-body connection prospective, it is one of the most productive things you can do for your mental, physical and spiritual health. Doing nothing doesn’t mean sitting in stillness all day. It’s just time spent...


Episode 20 - Using simple visualization (that actually works) to help you get pregnant.

Maybe you know that visualization will help you get pregnant – but it just feels like another annoying to-do on the list. Or maybe you don’t know where to start – or IF or HOW visualization will actually help you to get pregnant. In today’s podcast, you’ll learn how it works, the benefits and the power of using your imagination to co-create your baby with the Universe. Listen now to tap into the magic of it!


Episode 19 - Tips to let go and surrender on your fertility journey.

Ever wonder WTF “letting go” and surrender actually means on the fertility journey? It’s a total taboo topic that falsely leads you to believe that in order to get pregnant, you have to stop trying or wanting this baby. I’m happy to report that this is completely untrue. BUT it does help to switch the desire for your baby from a NEED to a want - in order to let the Universe to work it’s magic. So in today’s podcast, you’ll learn the process of letting go. And why it’ll be the best decision...


Episode 18 - How to stop saying yes, when you REALLY want to say no

Do you find yourself immediately blurted out the word, “Sure!” when a co-worked asks you to take on another project, without even thinking about how it will affect your life? Many of the women I speak to feel a responsibility to make sure that everyone is happy, and therefore, often says yes, when they REALLY want to say no. Because they feel it’s the “right” thing to do. But how does this habit affect your life? And how does saying no not only increase your fertility, but the way you’ll...


Episode 17 - Secrets to surviving the two week wait

When trying to make a baby, the two week wait can feel like torture. So in this weeks podcast, I’ll show you the secret to overcoming it - but also to understanding it. Get to know the ins and out of your mind, so that you don’t let it overcome you during this vulnerable time. You’ll also learn 8 great tips to going with the flow of your TTW. It’s all magic. I felt it the entire time creating it. So listen now, and get it on the goodness!


Episode 16 - Are you "over-planning" your fertility journey?

Are you a planner? Do lists calm you down? Does having your days/weeks/months/years organized, make you feel at ease? Planning is a beautiful quality to have. It makes shit happen. It gets stuff done. But when does planning become “over-planning?” When does this relief you’re supposed to feel, start to feel more like stress? A lot of the women I speak to, are faced with the tendency to over-plan, so in this week’s podcast, we talk about: How over-planning affects your fertility, how to look...


Episode 15 - Are you feeling impatient to get pregnant?

It can feel impossible to have patience when it comes to getting pregnant. And then, you’re mad at yourself for feeling impatient - because you know it takes a toll on your stress levels. Well in today’s podcast, you’ll learn why finding patience can feel so difficult at this day and age - and how to cultivate patience to increase your overall happiness and fertility, starting today.


Episode 14 - How to let go of your old (out-dated) fertility story

Maybe, at this point in the journey, you actually expect to get your period. You’ve taken on the identity as someone who “can’t get pregnant right now” and find it hard to believe that you ever could. But today, that all changes. In this weeks podcast, learn simple tools and techniques to shift your mind into a state of believing it could actually happen. Which will biologically tell your body that it CAN create baby. Because you have that power inside of you. It’s not just reserved for...


Episode 13 - How to pick yourself up and restore faith while TTC

If you’ve been TTC for a bit, you’ve most likely been in that place where you’ve thought, “Wtf is happening?” Maybe after hearing discouraging news from the doctor, or after realizing it’s been X amount of years since you started trying. The truth is, you’re allowed to be discouraged. It’s a part of the process. But how do you move through it and shift from hopeless to hopeful?! How to you restore faith and trust in the journey, even in the darkest of times? Listen to today’s podcast to...


Episode 12 - Do you let other people take care of you?

A belief that women have held for generations and generations…is the responsibility to do it all. The house work, taking care of others, even bringing home the bacon. And now your fertility to-do list. But this belief (and mental responsibility) can leave your energy depleted and your soul yearning for love. For nurturing. For someone to take care of YOU! In this weeks podcast, learn about the life-changing ability to ask for help. To relieve your mind and body from pressure - to peace....


Episode 11 - Why PLEASURE should be #1 on your fertility to-do list.

While on the fertility journey, it can feel like the only way you’ll be able to create this baby, is through the disciplined pursuit of the a very strict lifestyle. It’s the belief that, “If I do everything perfectly, then I’ll get pregnant.” Perfect diet, perfect amount of sleep, perfect exercise, perfect mediation, perfect mind, perfect body etc. All of which can feel completely voided of pleasure. What if I told you that the simple pleasures of life, like your slice of favorite pizza, a...


Episode 10 - Slow down your life. Drastically improve your fertility.

Have you ever been in a place in your fertility journey where you made many different diet and lifestyle changes - and ended it with not a single change in your mind or body? Maybe this fertility "to-do" list added even more pressure on you, when the goal was to relieve you of it (and get pregnant). Why haven’t the changes you’ve made been effective? How do you know what to do next? In this weeks podcast, we talk about the affects our fast-paced, always-doing-and-producing culture has on...


Episode 9 - How to love your body EVEN IF you’re not pregnant yet

Do you love and appreciate your body - even if it’s not pregnant yet? Or does that loving relationship that you could have with your body, feel like it’s been “put on hold” until it finally creates your baby? When you catch yourself naked in the mirror, what do you subconsciously say to yourself? Do you speak kindly, or resent it for not looking the way you want it to? In this weeks podcast we talk about our cultures f*cked up perception of body image, how to become aware of the way you talk...


Episode 8 - 6 ways to still “be yourself” while TTC

One of the most frequent requests women have when they work with me is, “Spenser, I just want to be myself again”. Because…let’s face it, the fertility journey can take over your life – and your mind. It can make you feel like you’ve totally lost touch with who you really are. Because you’re spending most of your days doing what you “should” be doing - and not what you love to do. So how can you still be yourself, still do what you love – without feeling like your neglecting your fertility?...


Episode 7 - How to relieve the pressure of time while TTC

Do you feel up against the clock to get pregnant? The pressure of time on the fertility journey can feel like a weight on your shoulders. Especially when all doctors want to do know about is about time…how old you are or “how long” you’ve been trying. Like Einstein said - time is all relative. So, what if you could change your relationship with time – and instead of seeing it as the enemy, begin to see it as on your side - and even relieve the psychological pressure of time from your mind...


Episode 6 - Are you on the right track to getting pregnant?

How do you know if you’re on the right track to getting pregnant – even if you’re not pregnant yet? It’s not really a tangible experience. It’s not something you can see – so how do you know if all the things you are doing are actually working? You can learn all the different ways to know you are on the right track to getting pregnant in today’s podcast. I’ll give you examples of how former clients knew they were on the right track – even though they weren’t pregnant yet. All the different...


Episode 5 - How to simplify your fertility journey to get where you want faster

Is doing it all – fitting it all in – and getting it all done – serving you and feeding your fertility or creating overwhelm and confusion? The fertility industry can make you feel like unless you’re doing this, that and everything under the sun, it can make you feel like it’s “your fault” if you’re not pregnant yet. And that’s just not true. In today’s podcast, learn exactly how to simplify your fertility journey by cutting your list of to-do’s in half and spend more of your precious time...


Episode 4 - Do You Feel Responsible for the People You Love?

Do you feel responsible for the people you love? Do you feel like it’s your job to make sure your partner, family and friends are happy? Do you feel the pressure to keep things in order, and if they’re not, it’s your fault? If you feel the weight of others on your shoulders – and if you feel solely responsible to get pregnant – then this podcast is for you. You’ll learn about how to let go of the belief that “you’re responsible for other people’s happiness” – and that by letting go of this...