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Amy Jacobus, marketing for artists, nonprofits and creative entrepreneurs

ABOUT AMY JACOBUS Amy Jacobus is the owner of Amy Jacobus Marketing, where she consults with entrepreneurs, artists and nonprofits to create easy systems around their marketing. She teaches marketing skills in online workshops from her home base of Brooklyn, NY. All her clients benefit from her expert project management and copywriting skills, in addition to her big-picture digital marketing strategy. Amy offers free resources for entrepreneurs on her website, including a workbook that...


Gaby Guzman, creative activist

Gaby Guzman is a Creative Activist living in Miami. She's deeply committed to building community and her favorite thing in the world is being a momma to her 7-yr old son. Gaby helps women tell their stories and grow their tribes, through impactful and soulful experiences. They dive into the power of abundance through storytelling, branding, and energy work. She grew up in Dominican Republic and will forever be an island girl happiest under a palm tree at the beach. She lived in NYC many...


Julie Finn, business coach + podcaster

Julie Finn is a business coach who helps professional women leverage their skills and experience in order to start and scale coaching and consulting businesses. Julie is also the host of the popular podcast, the Working Mother’s Mentor. Julie honed her expertise in strategy and marketing roles at top-tier global companies including The Coca-Cola Company, The Boston Consulting Group, The Walt Disney Company, and Deloitte. Connect with...


Phoenix Muranetz, speaker + ceremonialist

Phoenix Muranetz teaches us about the yin and yang qualities of masculine and feminine leadership, and why we need both to succeed. ABOUT PHOENIX Phoenix Muranetz is a metaphysical guide and sensuality alchemist who helps changemakers, leaders and visionaries step into their highest life visions, deepen their spiritual connection, and live mythic lives. She has supported hundreds of people through her masterminds, online programs, in-person retreats and her Awakened Woman Convergence...


Vix Reitano, digital expert

Victoria "Vix" Reitano has over 10 years of experience establishing, building and maintaining digital brands with highly engaged audiences that convert followers to clients. In 2015, she founded CreatiVix Media to serve entrepreneurs, Emmy-award winning talent, e-commerce brands and provide services for international campaigns. CreatiVix Media became a six-figure business in six weeks as Reitano leveraged her own digital brand presence, expertise from her time at ABC, NBC and Telepictures,...


Alissa Rumsey, registered dietitian nutritionist

- ABOUT THE EPISODE - Alissa Rumsey is passionate about helping people ditch their diets and make peace with food, and that passion has helped her build a thriving business with multiple revenue streams and raving clients. This week she’s here to talk about how her business has evolved over time and how she’s made conscious decisions to grow her teachings and her offerings. (Including the humbling choice she made to change her views on health and intuitive eating.) Here are a few things...


Megan Whitaker, holistic living expert + health coach

MEGHAN WHITAKER has built a coaching business and podcast around healthy living, and this week she tells us how she uses in-person opportunities (like conferences and expos) to grow her business in an authentic, personalized way. Here are a few things you'll learn: Lisa FraleyABOUT MEGAN Megan is a former nurse turned holistic living expert & health coach. After reversing her autoimmune disease with lifestyle modification she started Going Crunchy Not Crazy to help families go non-toxic &...


Mandy Snell, business coach + project manager

Mandy Snell talks about how she started a coaching practice that felt "like her," and how her project management experience sets her apart. Mandy is the Managing Director of FocalPoint Business Coaching of Virginia. She is a Business Coach and certified Project Manager who believes that people accomplish more when inspired by a purpose bigger than themselves. In her own words, "I use my experience as a project manager and former intelligence analyst to help business owners figure out...


Amy Smith, brand strategist + creative badass

Amy Smith offers advice on how to find a tribe, focus on your genius zone, and guide people toward what they want. Amy is a brand strategist, website designer, and creative badass. She lives in Georgia with her husband and daughter, but they hope to someday move to California or Canada. Amy says she's, "definitely a Hufflepuff and an ENFP and I'm pretty good at peopling ;)" Learn more about The Kindling or view the full show notes at


Andi Forness, online dating coach

Learn how online dating coach Andi Forness runs her business, plus we talk about just many similarities there are between dating and business. Full show notes at Learn more about The Kindling, the online community for millennial women starting online businesses, at Guest Spotlight: Andi Forness "Andi Forness is an online dating coach who helps women ditch their love sabotaging patterns so they can successfully use online dating to...


Ashley DeLuca, digital marketing consultant

Ashley DeLuca provides actionable digital marketing strategies to creative female entrepreneurs. In Ashley's words, "My mission is to utilize my story and passion for digital marketing to inspire entrepreneurs to rise and bloom. I work with creative female entrepreneurs who struggle with their digital marketing strategy and would like to rise into their fullest potential online. I provide actionable strategies and because of this, my clients receive the step-by-step attention they need to...


[S2 Trailer] Something new for Season 2...

Hey everyone! Before we jump into Season 2, I wanted to talk about a few exciting changes coming up in the new season, along with a quick recap of Season 1. As I’m sure you might know, starting something new is hard. It takes guts, it takes hard work, and as things develop, you can’t be afraid to change and grow. After 14 great episodes for millennials talking about work, relationships, and lifestyle, we've decided to pursue a more specific audience. I'm excited to announce that Figuring...


How to find your perfect roommate (Cara Zelaya)

As I'm sure you know, not all roommates are created equally, and that’s why I have a guest here today to share how she found her roommate of two years. Cara Zelaya is a friend of mine, and when I recently heard how she used Google forms to survey prospective roommates on the internet, I knew I had to bring her on to share more about her process. By the end of this episode, you'll learn where to search, what to look for, and how Google forms are involved in the roommate hunt. For the full...


How stories influence work & play (Molly Zeff, CEO Flying Leap Games + Rich Lovejoy, Actor)

Imagine that you live in a home that’s all synced up to the Internet of Things. You can turn on the lights with a snap and use your voice to control anything in your house. The only problem is….your vacuum has started going haywire. The whole house is going nuts, and you’re pretty sure your neighbor is to blame. Well, technically you might be to blame since you’ve been using his wifi, although that’s a technicality. But the question is….what do you do? And how is a human pancreas...


How to work from home productively (Hilary Sutton, Author and Host of "Hustle and Grace")

The 9 to 5 is evolving. Working from home is becoming an option for more freelancers or even full-time employees, but this week we’re asking, “What’s it actually like to work from home, and how do you get anything done without getting distracted by cute puppy videos on the internet?” I worked from home full-time in 2016-2017 alongside 50 other employees at a fully remote company. And people always asked me questions like, “How do you get anything done?” and “What’s does a work from home day...


10 lessons learned producing the first 10 podcast episodes (Melissa Guller, host)

Today I'm here solo to share some of the biggest lessons I've learned on this podcast journey so far. A few are about podcasting, but most of them fall under the broader category of “things I’ve learned about launching something brand new.” Well, and some stuff I haven’t quite cracked the code on yet. You'll learn why I started this podcast in the first place, and where the name came from. Then I’ll talk through what I’ve learned so far, including just a few helpful tools and advice about...


How to write a dating profile that actually works (Em Hammel,

You only get one chance to make a first impression, and in today’s modern dating world, that first impression is often your online dating profile. So today we’re going to talk about how to write a great dating profile that’ll help you stand out from the the good way. Tinder, Bumble, Coffee Meets Bagel, OK Cupid,…the sheer number of dating apps and websites available in 2018 is incredible. Maybe you’ve tried a few, or maybe you haven’t, but if you’re anything like me, the...


Why should men advocate for women in the workplace? (Krystina Banahasky, CDO & Zephan Fischl, VP Sales)

Every single professional woman I know has at least one story about being treated differently in the workplace because of her gender or ethnicity. I’ve personally been excluded from meetings and politely told that the opinions I’ve brought to said meetings were unwelcome. Women are talked over. Minorities aren’t given credit. The wage gap is real. I could go on, and it’s easy to think that if it hasn’t happened to you, it’s not your problem. How can YOU make a positive difference as an...


How can I negotiate my salary? (Krystina Banahasky, CDO & Zephan Fischl, VP Sales)

How confident are you in a salary negotiation? Most people shy away from negotiation out of fear. Fear of losing the job, fear of being seen as pushy, fear of rejection….the list goes on. But the truth is that your prospective employer or your boss expect you to negotiate. An Elle magazine survey found that 89% of people who negotiated succeed in getting that higher number, so the risk is much lower than most people realize. But I know it’s much easier said than done, which is why I’ve...


How can you recover from getting laid off? (Corey Shelton, founder/owner Lime Life Media Co)

Getting laid off is like a punch in the gut. Even if you see it coming, it's still a shock, and until it happened to me, I didn’t realize how little we talk about it. So what DOES happen when you're laid off? And what should you be doing today in case it someday happens to you? By the end of this episode, Corey Shelton will walk us through his journey from getting laid off to starting his own business, Lime Life Media. Full show notes: Join the conversation on...