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Podcast interviews with genius-level (top .1%) practitioners, scientists, researchers, clinicians and professionals in Cancer, 3D Bio Printing, CRISPR-CAS9, Ketogenic Diets, the Microbiome, Extracellular Vesicles, and more. Subscribe today for the latest medical, health and bioscience insights from geniuses in their field(s).

Podcast interviews with genius-level (top .1%) practitioners, scientists, researchers, clinicians and professionals in Cancer, 3D Bio Printing, CRISPR-CAS9, Ketogenic Diets, the Microbiome, Extracellular Vesicles, and more. Subscribe today for the latest medical, health and bioscience insights from geniuses in their field(s).


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Podcast interviews with genius-level (top .1%) practitioners, scientists, researchers, clinicians and professionals in Cancer, 3D Bio Printing, CRISPR-CAS9, Ketogenic Diets, the Microbiome, Extracellular Vesicles, and more. Subscribe today for the latest medical, health and bioscience insights from geniuses in their field(s).




A Biochemical Examination of Anxiety and Depression

Could your seemingly insurmountable anxiety or depression be a little simpler than it feels? The answer might surprise you, and then change your life. Tune in to discover: Returning guest, Sandy Bevacqua, has a PhD in molecular and cellular biology, and is an expert on the connection between biochemistry and anxiety and depression. No matter who is sitting before her and no matter what their ailment, Bevacqua always begins by getting a very detailed medical history and biochemical...


Healthy Living Tips and the Importance of Holistic Wellness and a Consistent Healthy Lifestyle with Steve Young

How can each of us make minor adjustments in our lifestyle to enhance our holistic wellness on the whole? By working through several layers of treatment, any form of healing can be possible. Press play to learn: Steve Young, the Chief Solutionite of BodySolutions, shares his work helping folks heal and find wellness, regardless of their situation. From his origins as a physical therapist, Steve has found a greater calling helping people find happiness and health in alternative fashions....


The Deterioration of Mental Health of Teens Around the Globe and the Benefits of Mindfulness with Véronique Tomaszewski

Is the average mental health of society deteriorating? Based on unfortunate new statistics and behaviors among young people, it may be the case. Listen in to learn: Véronique Tomaszewski, a pre-licensed clinician at the Gestalt Institute of Toronto and a member of the Canadian Association of Psychodynamic Therapy, shares her experience helping patients cope with growing feelings of anxiety and depression. Since young people are faced with increasingly complex issues, there is an...


Chronic Diseases in Animals and the Potential for the Forever Dog with Dr. Karen Shaw Becker and Rodney Habib

Is there a potential to make man's best friend be a lifelong companion? With new research and insight, the forever dog may finally be a possibility. Press play to learn: Dr. Karen Shaw Becker and Rodney Habib, TEDx speakers and authors, share their work in the health of animals and preventing chronic disease in your furry friend. Dogs have long been domestic companions for people worldwide, but as every dog owner knows, their lifespan is significantly shorter than that of their owner in...


Changing Life After Trauma and Handling Anxiety and Depression Through Personal Growth with Dr. Joanna LaPrade

Is your unconscious really in the driver's seat without you knowing it? Jungian psychology may hold answers to more than we know. Press play to learn: Dr. Joanna LaPrade, an Author and Registered Psychotherapist, discusses her view of psychology through the lens of Carl Jung and how we may all benefit from it. Many of the feelings and ways we have of dealing with trauma may not originate from where we have previously thought. Externalizing issues and viewing our personality on the surface...


Cellular Oxygen Deficiency and how the Cellular Microbiome Plays a Role in Cancer Formation with Charley Lineweaver

What do space and cancer have in common? Using principles found in physical biology, a new understanding of cancer behavior is beginning to be seen. Listen in to learn: Charley Lineweaver, an Associate Professor at The Australian National University, shares his research overlap between the cellular biology of cancer and its development. One of the most fundamental understandings surrounding cancer is its limit of origin at no further than after single cells began to split. Since cancer...


Learning About Depression From Someone Who's Had It 10+ Years

To protect his anonymity, the guest in this podcast will be referred to as Mr. X. He shares the ins and outs of his social anxiety and depression—when and how it began, how it has evolved over the years, and how it continues to affect him today. From serious social anxiety and depression during elementary and middle school years, to the divorce of his parents and a traumatic event in his teens, to issues navigating college and employment, Mr. X shares his compelling and moving story with...


The Intersection of Science and Religion: A Place to Stop and Smell the Flowers

Are humans superior to all other forms of life? Or just another ingredient in a massive bowl of evolutionary soup? Part of Whitney Bauman’s work involves dissecting these viewpoints and understanding how they interact. Press play to learn: Whitney Bauman is a professor at Florida International University, where he focuses on the intersection of religion and science and religion and ecology. This means he investigates questions like, “How have religious and philosophical ideas shaped...


Happiness in the Workplace Begins With Your Employer

Do you feel like you could ever truly be happy at your job? You might feel inclined to say “No,” but you might also be wrong. Press play to learn: One day, a combination of unexpected and emotionally difficult life changes compelled Jenn Lim to ask herself, “What am I doing this for?” She was referring to her choice of career as an internet strategist. But when a friend introduced her to Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos at the time, her career trajectory—and life in general—would change...


Following the Pathway of Ideological Pathogens in the Human Mind

Gad Saad is a professor of marketing at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada, and author of The Parasitic Mind: How Infectious Ideas Are Killing Common Sense, a book that traces the path of bad ideas like pathogens through the human mind. Learn about his perspective, and discover: Irrational ideas can equate to ideological pathology, causing maladaptive behaviors. What happens when we choose to speak our minds? And knowing the risk, are you still willing to do it? “When you speak...


Oculomotor Function and Human Visual Dysfunction and Its Possible Treatments for Success in Children with Tara Alvarez

What makes our eyes move in tandem with each other? Convergence is key, but some people may struggle without vision therapy. Press Play to learn: Tara Alvarez, a professor of Bio-Medical Engineering at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, shares her work developing vision therapy and tools used in rehabilitation. While many of us may not even notice, our eyes' ability to move in coordination with each other is responsible for much of our visual capabilities. Vision therapy may become...


Cancer Immunology, T Cells, and their Effect on Cancer Cells within the Body and Lymph nodes with Greg M. Delgoffe

What makes T-cells so crucial in fighting cancer? As studies have shown, there may be a great benefit from finding a large concentration of them in or near the tumor in question. Listen in to learn: Greg M Delgoffe, an Associate Professor in the Department of Immunology at PITT, shares the value of T cells and his work finding precisely how the body fights cancer. As many of us are familiar with, when sick or an immune response from our body is indicated, our lymph nodes often swell and...


Thermochronological Data and what Information Can be Gained on Fossil Fuels and Volcanism with Peter Copeland

Have you ever wondered how we can earn about the age of rocks and what that information can enlighten us on? By using the temperature and other strategies, we can gain a clearer picture of just what happened when these rocks were formed. Listen in to learn: Peter Copeland, a Professor of Geology and Thermochronology at the University of Houston, shares his work dating minerals and examining the thermochronology of rocks. Radiometric dating is one of the primary tools used to learn the...


Resilience is Not “Go-It-Alone” Grit: Lessons from Stoicism with Nancy Sherman

Nancy Sherman has studied philosophy for decades—namely ancient and moral philosophy. She also spent over two decades advising the military on issues of moral injury. Press play to learn about Sherman’s work, and discover: In addition to exploring the experiences of moral injury and post-traumatic stress, Sherman shares valuable insights about her take on Stoic philosophy. Contrary to popular belief, Stoicism isn’t about ignoring your emotions or just “toughing it out,” but it took Sherman...


Transformational Health Occurs at the Individual Level—Understanding Precision Gastroenterology with Dr. Marvin Singh

Have you ever gone to a doctor for a specific problem, and felt like you were treated like anyone else would be? Was it an in-and-out appointment that left you feeling like the doctor didn’t even consider you as an individual? Unfortunately, this approach to medicine is commonplace, but precision medicine is opening a new world of health and healing. Tune in to discover: Dr. Marvin Singh is a general gastroenterologist and Director of Integrative Gastroenterology at UC Irvine. He’s also...


Predictive Algorithms and Exploring the Unknown World of Proteins using Artificial Intelligence and Fermentation with Leonardo Alvarez

What has the world of proteins been hiding? Through further exploration, even nutritional additives may be able to be replaced. Listen in to learn: Leonardo Alvarez, the CEO of Protera, shares his work discovering uses for proteins previously untapped in the world of production. Additives and preservatives have gotten a bad reputation from consumers lately, calling for a new solution. Fortunately, proteins may step in providing a much safer and more natural alternative. One of the...


Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare and the Applications in the Field with Dr. Anthony Chang and Dr. Orest Boyko

Can AI revolutionize the healthcare field along with the rest of the world? With new systems and workload relief, the benefits may be staggering. Press play to learn: Dr. Anthony Chang, Chair & Dr. Orest Boyko, Vice-Chair of the American Board of Artificial Intelligence in Medicine (ABAIM), share their current progress and hopes for the future of AI in medicine. Artificial intelligence has revolutionized almost every aspect of how we live. However, the healthcare industry can be slow to...


Behavioral Management to Assist in Managing Mood and Anxiety Issues with Mood Therapy with Samina Ahmed

Why can giving mood support in serious medical situations make a significant difference? By providing support to patients, it may lead to more long-lasting treatment success. Listen in to learn: Samina Ahmed, an Assistant Professor at the CWRU School of Medicine, shares her work assisting patients in finding mental peace and clarity while facing challenging situations. Since many medical conditions and situations offer many patients a challenging pill to swallow, their mental health is...


From Adolescence to Adulthood—A Difficult Transition For Many

Most of us know at least one young adult who’s having trouble making that transition from dependent teenager to 20-year-old adult paying their own bills and pursuing their own goals. This is Dr. Randy Paterson’s area of expertise, and today he shares helpful insights. Press play to learn: Dr. Paterson has been a psychotherapist for nearly 40 years, is the author of How to Be Miserable in Your Twenties, and currently serves as the director of Changeways Clinic. Throughout his career, he’s...


Importance of Spiritual Training and the Benefits of Yoga as a Spiritual Training Program with Daniel Aaron

How can we tap into the spiritual side of life if we haven't before? Even by just dipping our toe in the waters of spirituality, a wide array of benefits can be discovered. Press play to learn: Daniel Aaron, a Spiritual Teacher, Coach, Leader, Father, Writer, and Yogi, shares his experience helping people find their spiritual truth while also being recognized as an entrepreneur. Many folks worldwide tend to miss out on the wide world of spirituality, writing it off as "woo-woo" or...