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Podcast interviews with genius-level (top .1%) practitioners, scientists, researchers, clinicians and professionals in Cancer, 3D Bio Printing, CRISPR-CAS9, Ketogenic Diets, the Microbiome, Extracellular Vesicles, and more. Subscribe today for the latest medical, health and bioscience insights from geniuses in their field(s).


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Podcast interviews with genius-level (top .1%) practitioners, scientists, researchers, clinicians and professionals in Cancer, 3D Bio Printing, CRISPR-CAS9, Ketogenic Diets, the Microbiome, Extracellular Vesicles, and more. Subscribe today for the latest medical, health and bioscience insights from geniuses in their field(s).




Sitting Down With A Catholic Exorcist | The Chilling Reality Of Demonic Possession

In this episode, we sit down with Vincent Lampert, an American Catholic priest – and the designated exorcist of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Indianapolis… Father Lampert didn’t necessarily choose to become an exorcist; instead, he was appointed to this position by Archbishop Daniel M. Buechlein. As one of only twelve designated Catholic exorcists in the United States, Vincent has been practicing this fascinating ministry since 2005. So, what does it take to perform an exorcism, and what “theatrics of the devil” has Father Lampert witnessed? Tune in now to see for yourself… Join us now to learn about: How priests become exorcists.How Vincent learned exorcism practices. The 4 criteria fortruedemonic possession. The ways that demons can take advantage of humans. Want to follow Father Lampert on his journey as an exorcist? Click here now! Episode also available on Apple Podcasts:


Plant Genetics 101: How To Improve Crop Yield In Degraded Soil

In this conversation, we connect with Jonathan Lynch, Ph.D., a University Distinguished Professor in the Department of Plant Science at Pennsylvania State University. Dr. Lynch has been a professional in his field for 4 decades, receiving his Masters and Ph.D. in Plant Physiology from UC Davis, where he also completed his postdoctoral training. The global environment is constantly changing – which significantly impacts plant and soil health. As the head of the Roots Lab at Penn State, Dr. Lynch is on a mission to better understand the genetic, physiological, and ecological basis of plant adaptation to infertile soils. How does he achieve this? By meticulously studying the physiology, genetics, and ecology surrounding organismic processes… Tune in now to discover: How to improve the growth of plants in hard conditions. The challenges that roots face in low-fertility soil. Problems that soil fertilizers can pose. The most important crops on Earth. How climate change is affecting crop yield. Join us now to dive into Dr. Lynch’s fascinating journey through life and science! You can learn more about Dr. Lynch and his work with the Roots Lab by clicking here. Episode also available on Apple Podcasts:


Microplastics & Marine Environments | Diving Into The Environmental Impact Of Plastic Pollution

In this episode, we discuss microplastics in marine environments with Dr. J. Evan Ward, Professor and Head of Marine Sciences at the University of Connecticut. As an accomplished experimental biologist, Dr. Ward researches the dynamic interactions between marine animals and their environment – ranging from the organism to the ecosystem level. Dr. Ward heads up a lab called the Marine Environmental Physiology Laboratory. Here, he and his students study the behavior and physiology of benthic, particle-feeding invertebrates. Primarily focusing on commercially essential bivalves such as clams, mussels, and oysters, Dr. Ward is on a mission to keep these organisms as healthy as possible, especially given the vital ecosystem services they provide… Join us now to uncover: Where microplastics tend to collect in water columns. Where plastic particles ultimately end up in marine environments. How bivalves filter particles through their bodies. You can find more on Dr. J. Evan Ward and the Marine Environmental Physiology Laboratory here! Episode also available on Apple Podcasts:


Unpacking Astronomy, Christianity, And The Bible With Dr. Danny Faulkner

The vastness of our universe is one of the many mysteries that science is trying to uncover. In the field of astronomy, there are new discoveries every day, but how can we analyze this research from a Christian perspective? In this episode, we sit down with Dr. Danny Faulkner to discuss the intersection between faith and science — and how the cosmos can provide evidence for the Bible. Dr. Faulkner is a researcher, author, and speaker for Answers in Genesis. With decades of experience in his field, he has published over 100 papers in various journals and continues to educate others on the intricacies of science and creation… Click play now to find out: The ways that Christianity informs Dr. Faulkner’s scientific approach.What it’s like being a creationist in academics.How astronomy can provide evidence for creation. Want to learn more about Dr. Faulkner and his work? Click here now! Episode also available on Apple Podcasts:


Exploring The Microplastic Problem From A Fresh Perspective

In this episode, we are joined by Bruce R. Sutherland, the Associate Editor of Physical Review Fluids, and a Professor in the Departments of Physics and Earth & Atmospheric Sciences at The University of Alberta. As someone who is deeply interested in environmental concerns, Mr. Sutherland employs “a combination of laboratory experiments, numerical simulations, and mathematical modeling to examine atmosphere-ocean, environmental and industrial fluid flows.” Most recently, he has focused his innovative research methods on the world of microplastics . . . Click play to learn about: Mr. Sutherland’s particular microplastic research.How modeling microplastics can tell us more about how they are created.How toxins and microplastics interact with each other. What can we do about the mysterious problem of microplastic contamination? Bruce Sutherland is determined to find out. To learn more about Bruce Sutherland and his work, visit and Episode also available on Apple Podcasts:


How This Organization Is Driving Environmental Stewardship By Taking Action Against Microplastics

Our environment is facing a new challenge: microplastics. A lot of this material is found in our waterways, and researchers are working hard at identifying where they come from and how we can mitigate this problem before it gets worse. Dr. Brady K. Skaggs, Jr. is the Water Quality Program Director for The Pontchartrain Conservancy. Growing up as a swimmer, Dr. Skaggs has always had a connection with water. This passion developed into his working with The Pontchartrain Conservancy with a goal of making waterways better and cleaner for people who live around Lake Pontchartrain. In this episode, Dr. Skaggs talks about: His role at The Pontchartrain Conservancy.The importance of improving waterways for future generations.How microplastics are revealing themselves in nature, and what The Pontchartrain Conservancy is doing to combat them. How microplastics are introduced into the environment. Are you interested in protecting the water quality in your area? Learn more about how you may be able to make a difference in your community by taking advice from this front-line environmental worker! To learn more about Dr. Skaggs and his work with the Pontchartrain Conservancy, visit Episode also available on Apple Podcasts:


What Will It Take To Sustainably Recycle Our Plastic?

Recycling is a process that is much more complex than most people think. While our society is taking steps towards recycling more, it is important to keep refining our approach to it so that we can see sustainable results as we move forward. Dr. Bill Carroll is an Adjunct Professor of Chemistry at Indiana, a Certified Professional Retirement Coach, and both Past President and Past Chair of the Board of the American Chemical Society. With 37 years of experience in the chemical industry, he uses his knowledge to research the science behind recycling and foster environmental advocacy. Join us as Dr. Carroll discusses: How can we maximize the amount of recycling we do as a society? Dr. Carroll has a few clues for how to do this successfully and sustainably . . . To learn more about Dr. Carroll and his work, visit Episode also available on Apple Podcasts: Episode also available on Spotify:


The Problem With Microplastics from the Ocean and the Structures of Nanoparticles with Orlin Velev and Nathan Crook

What makes the microplastic problem so hard to solve? With Varied sizes and states, this range of particles requires an interdisciplinary solution. Listen up to learn: Orlin Velev and Nathan Crook of NC State University share their interdisciplinary work to begin offering solutions to the problem of microplastics and nanoparticles in the environment. Microplastics in the ocean have been causing issues for the environment far beyond what we understood in recent history. However, a solution is challenging to find since the problem cannot only be approached from one discipline. Through the combination of efforts from various fields, new solutions are being tested and implemented in multiple environments. However, the ocean presents a unique problem since so many factors play a role in the degradation of plastics. To learn more, visit and Episode also available on Apple Podcasts:


Microplastics and Contaminants - Their Impact on the Health of the Environment and Humans Worldwide with Elodie Passeport

What makes microplastics so dangerous? Since they can contaminate such a wide range of environments, their impact cannot be underestimated. Press play to learn: Elodie Passeport, an Associate Professor at the University of Toronto, shares her work attempting to understand microplastics and how to break chemical bonds to combat their effect better. Microplastics are one of the most significant threats in the contamination of natural environments around the world. However, they are tricky to combat, so new solutions with a diminished impact on the treated environment are being developed. By implementing passive water treatment practices, a solution to the problem can be found through natural means. This is crucial since treating the problem while avoiding impacting the environment being treated is the key to successfully saving it. Visit to learn more. Episode also available on Apple Podcasts: Episode also available on Spotify:


Digging Into Dinosaurs & Ancient Geology | Discoveries That Will Shock You

In this episode, we are joined once again by Dr. Marcus R. Ross to discuss paleontology and creation-based educational materials. As an Associate Professor of Geology and Assistant Director of the Center for Creation Studies at Liberty University, Dr. Ross teaches subjects such as creation, geology, paleontology, biology, and more… In addition to his work as an educator, Dr. Ross is the CEO of Cornerstone Educational Supply – a company that designs, selects, and assembles creation-based science materials. How has Dr. Ross’s work as a scientist coincided with his journey as a creationist? Listen now to see for yourself! Jump in now to find out: Want to find out more about Dr. Ross and his work? Click here now! Episode also available on Apple Podcasts:


Diving Into Content Creation, Energy, And Finances With Doomberg

A member of Doomberg joins the podcast today to discuss various financial and energy topics from an unbiased and fact-based perspective. Founded in 2021, Doomberg is a small team of anonymous executives from the commodities sector that provides a necessary voice of reason to the energy, climate, and policy debates happening in modern media. Jump in now to discover: The origin story of Doomberg.How to provide a calm and balanced analysis of current events.How to grow and develop a successful brand. Doomberg is on a mission to highlight the essential information that’s missing from many economic and policy decisions. Using their experience in heavy industry, private equity, and the hard sciences, the content that this team produces has become one of the most read finance newsletters on Substack — and their reach only continues to grow… You can find more on Doomberg by visiting their Substack here. Episode also available on Apple Podcasts:


Avoiding Burnout: How To Enhance Your Business & Improve Your Health

Today, we sit down with Joanna Sapir, a business strategist who helps health and wellness practitioners streamline their systems. By providing step-by-step guidance and proven business strategies, Joanna is on a mission to help practitioners transform their businesses to be sustainable and profitable – and live more fulfilled lives in the process… Joanna plays a major role in helping practitioners develop more profitable and sustainable business practices. What makes her approach so distinct and effective? Click play to find out now! Join us now to learn about: How burnout typically shows up for people. Why time management is so essential for mental health.The importance of honing in on who your ideal clients are. You can uncover more about Joanna and her work by visiting her website here. Episode also available on Apple Podcasts:


Redefining The Cotton Industry | Creating Sustainable Solutions To Environmental Problems

In this episode, we discuss the cotton manufacturing process with Graham Stewart, the founder and EVP of FIBRE52. Graham has been in the cotton industry for more than 40 years. Drawing from his distinct background, he is on a mission to facilitate a sustainable solution for processing cotton fibers – all by removing the use of hazardous, caustic chemicals… Harmful chemicals are frequently used during the processing of cotton. How are Graham and his team at FIBRE52 creating new and innovative solutions to this problem? What could the environmental benefits be? Join the conversation now to learn more about this cutting-edge topic! Join us now to explore: To learn more about Graham and his work with FIBRE52, click here now! Episode also available on Apple Podcast:


Overcoming Heavy Metal Toxicity | How To Detox Your Body & Prevent Chronic Disease

Joining us in this episode is Dr. Bill McGraw, a recurring guest who is constantly pushing the boundaries of alternative health technology. He sits down with us today to discuss his latest research: removing heavy metals from the body through microcurrent therapy… Dr. McGraw has helped countless patients take charge of their health and overcome chronic diseases from a holistic therapeutic approach. Are heavy metals impacting your bodily health? If so, what can you do about it? Tune in now to find out for yourself! In this conversation, we cover: You can learn more about Dr. McGraw and his research here! Episode also available on Apple Podcast:


How Does Ancient History Converge With Biblical Teachings? | An Expert Explains

Tying the Biblical narrative to ancient historical accounts takes years of meticulous research. Here to break this fascinating subject down for us is Douglas Petrovich. He sits down to discuss his outlook on biblical history and exegesis, Egyptology, Ancient Near Eastern history, and more… Douglas is a Professor of Biblical History and Exegesis at Brookes Bible College who brings more than 40 years of experience as a Christian researcher and educator to the table. He is also the author of The World’s Oldest Alphabet: Hebrew as the Language of the Proto-Consonantal Script, a book that illuminates the earliest Israelite history in a way that few books have achieved – apart from the Bible itself. Are you ready to uncover the ancient mysteries of the Biblical past? Jump in now! In this discussion, we cover: The interconnectedness of Exodus Pharaoh and the Biblical story of Moses.Why all Pharaohs who ruled had multiple names.The origins of the Egyptian people. Want to learn more about Douglas and his work? Click here now! Episode also available on Apple Podcast:


Everyone Can Be A Leader | Essential Leadership Advice From Sam Adeyemi

What does it take to be a leader? Is it true that anyone can be one? Sam Adeyemi, the author of Dear Leader: Your Flagship Guide to Successful Leadership, joins the podcast to explain. Sam is the senior pastor of Daystar Chri-stian Centre, Lagos, Nigeria – one of the largest growing churches in Africa. As an accomplished speaker and author, he has made it his goal to proclaim the gospel and show how God wants us to lead and succeed in every area of life. In addition to this, Sam is also the host of the popularly known motivational program "Success Power", a show that airs on radio and television stations across the globe… In this episode, we cover: How Sam came to faith. How important life lessons can turn into leadership opportunities. The profound effects that being a youth pastor can have on someone. The key elements that a good leader has to have in order to be effective. To learn more about Sam and his work with Daystar Chri-stian Centre, click here now! Episode also available on Apple Podcast:


Global Change and Biodiversity: Are We On The Brink Of A Mass Extinction? | An Expert Explains

In this episode, we sit down with Giovanni Strona, a senior researcher at the European Commission's Joint Research Centre and a former Associate Professor in Ecological Data Sciences at The University of Helsinki. With research interests centering around the interface between ecology, computer science, and physics, Giovanni is on a mission to better understand the multi-faceted threats of global change. So what role do ecological interactions play in extinction processes – and what mechanisms are contributing to biodiversity loss? Giovanni joins us to discuss his perspective on a chilling topic: the potential of another mass extinction… Tune in now to find out: The pathogens that may threaten our biological systems.What permafrost can show us about ancient viruses and bacteria. Methods scientists are using to study organisms that are thousands of years old. To learn more about Giovanni and his work, click here now! Episode also available on Apple Podcast:


Microplastic Pollution: Understanding Their Fate & Effects On Marine Environments

Today, we sit down with Dr. Meredith Evans Seeley to discuss environmental contaminants, microplastics, and ocean conservation. As a National Research Council postdoctoral fellow and research biologist at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Dr. Seeley is on a mission to better understand “legacy and emerging contaminant pollution” in an effort to help preserve and protect our oceans. Microplastics are among the most unique environmental contaminants to research. With years of experience as a scientist in this field, Dr. Seeley is constantly refining her approach to microplastic chemistry, marine science, plastic analysis methods, and more… Click play now to learn about: Why microplastics are so diverse and difficult to study. How sublethal stress can impact the health and well-being of aquatic animals. The ways that scientists can determine how long a piece of plastic has been in the environment. The best ways to analyze and measure microplastics on a tangible scale. You can learn more about Dr. Seeley and her work here! Episode also available on Apple Podcast:


Understanding Cultural Shifts | How The Political Left Informs Societal Norms

Our culture is constantly changing – but what factors are pushing this change? Given social movements like cancel culture, social justice, and critical race theory, we seem to be in the midst of a historical turning point. Here to discuss this complex subject from an academic perspective is Eric Kaufmann, a Professor of Politics at Birkbeck College, University of London… As an expert in national identity, the cultural left, and political demography, Eric is committed to uncovering the truth behind this societal shift. In addition to his work as a Professor, he has also written several books, including Whiteshift: Immigration, Populism and the Future of White Majorities, Shall the Religious Inherit the Earth?: Demography and Politics in the Twenty-First Century, and Changing Places: Mapping the White British Response to Ethnic Change. Join the conversation now to discover: The intersection of nationalism and anti-nationalist ideals, and how they influence our culture.What cultural socialism is, and the potential backlashes that can come with it. The role that the media landscape has played in social polarization. Why cultural values are becoming more determinative. To find out more about Eric and his work, click here now! Episode also available on Apple Podcast:


How To Grow Crops Year-Round Using Greenhouses | Advice From An Expert Homesteader

Joining us once again on the podcast is Dawn Gallop of #9 Farms. Dawn is a multi-talented individual, with skills including farming, cheesemaking, soapmaking, beekeeping, and more... In this episode, she sits down with us to discuss greenhouses – detailing what makes them so useful, and how to use them to get the most out of year-round gardening. As a mother of 9 kids, Dawn has been homesteading since 1992. Over the years, she has developed an in-depth understanding of what it means to be self-sufficient, and she is on a mission to share her wealth of knowledge with the world… Click play to learn more about: Dawn’s history with greenhouse gardening. How warmer climates should utilize shade cloth in greenhouses.The cheapest and easiest ways to help high tunnel crops thrive in cold weather. Advice for homesteaders living in frigid climates. To find out more about Dawn, click here now! Episode also available on Apple Podcast: