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Join Steve Bisson, LMHC as he unravels the complexities of therapy and counseling. Engage in straightforward dialogues, enriched with insights from special guests sharing a like-minded perspective. Each episode presents valuable, easy-to-digest information designed to help you perceive therapy, and those who partake in it, in a grounding, relatable manner.


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Join Steve Bisson, LMHC as he unravels the complexities of therapy and counseling. Engage in straightforward dialogues, enriched with insights from special guests sharing a like-minded perspective. Each episode presents valuable, easy-to-digest information designed to help you perceive therapy, and those who partake in it, in a grounding, relatable manner.





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Summer Replay: High-Stakes Flight: Confronting Crisis and Fear at 30,000 Feet

Send us a Text Message. What happens when a routine flight turns into a high-stakes confrontation at 30,000 feet? On this special episode of "Finding Your Way Through Therapy," I recount a terrifying in-flight incident from March 5th, 2023, where my family and I faced a passenger's aggressive outburst. Claiming to be "Baltazar," this individual threatened to take over the plane, creating fear and chaos among passengers. Hear the gripping story of how we, alongside brave passengers and flight attendants, managed to subdue the disruptive individual, all while balancing the safety of my children and the other passengers on board. In the emotional aftermath, I reflect on how my crisis management skills helped me maintain composure and assist others, despite the airline's lacking security measures and insufficient follow-up. This experience brought to light the personal conflict and shame I felt, torn between protecting my family and aiding in the restraint of the aggressive passenger. Through this ordeal, I learned the importance of open communication in preventing acute stress from escalating into more severe issues. Listen in as I share insights on managing emotions and the vital need to seek professional help for mental health and substance abuse challenges, reminding us all that even therapists face real-life fears and vulnerabilities. YouTube Channel For The Podcast


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Strategies for Trauma Recovery in First Responders With Hayden Duggan

Send us a Text Message. What happens when the champions of our safety need rescuing? Join us for a profound discussion with Dr. Hayden Duggan, founder of OnSite, as we dissect the mental health challenges faced by first responders. This episode promises to illuminate the critical need for specialized therapy and trauma recovery tailored to those who risk their lives daily. Dr. Duggan shares compelling anecdotes and expert insights into why seeking mental health support is a courageous and necessary step, not a career-ending move. We delve into the alarming rates of suicides among police officers and firefighters, emphasizing that traditional therapeutic approaches often fall short for these heroes. Dr. Duggan and I explore practical solutions like Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) courses and the integration of mental health providers within first responder communities. This episode underscores the emotional toll of the job and the importance of peer support systems in managing stress and trauma. Discover how wellness modalities like yoga, Pilates, and acupuncture play a vital role in the mental and physical recovery of first responders. We highlight impactful trauma recovery programs and stress the significance of timely mental health interventions. Finally, we express our heartfelt gratitude to military personnel and firefighters for their unwavering service. YouTube Channel For The Podcast


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Turning Trauma into Strength: Dr. Hayden Duggan on Resilience for First Responders

Send us a Text Message. What if your traumas could become the catalyst for your greatest strengths? Join us on an heartfelt exploration with Dr. Hayden Duggan, a remarkable psychologist and founder of Onsite Academy, as he shares his compelling journey from being a firefighter, paramedic, and EMT to becoming a beacon of hope for public safety personnel. Dr. Duggan’s experiences with the Boston Police Stress Support Unit and Boston EMS Peer Support Team set the stage for an eye-opening discussion on mental health and resilience. Adding a unique twist, we delve into his intriguing connection to France, offering a rich historical context to his impressive career and personal life. We recount the emotional toll and transformative power of the Worcester Cold Storage Fire in 1999, spotlighting the unexpected paths our lives can take when confronted with immense challenges. Dr. Duggan’s anecdotes about working in group homes and dealing with developmental disabilities provide a profound look at the significance of therapy. Emphasizing the critical role of mental health support, he shares a personal story of how the Rorschach test unveiled deeper struggles, including an alcohol dependency, underscoring the importance of therapy in navigating life's complexities. The journey continues as we examine the severe impact of trauma on mental health through stories like Tim’s, a first responder plagued by PTSD after a heart-wrenching firefight. Dr. Duggan explains how structured debriefing processes and peer support made a world of difference in Tim's recovery, showcasing the necessity of tailored interventions for those who witness traumatic events. The episode wraps up with a call to action for creating ongoing support systems for police, fire, and EMS personnel, highlighting the dire need for programs akin to those available for recovering addicts or prisoners. This conversation is a crucial reminder of the importance of professional help in overcoming mental health and substance abuse issues. YouTube Channel For The Podcast


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E.158 Balancing Act: A Therapist's Guide to Self-Care and Personal Well-Being

Send us a Text Message. Have you ever wondered how therapists take care of their own mental health while supporting others through theirs? Today, I share my personal journey through the landscape of self-care, especially during the pandemic. I'll reveal the challenges I've faced in balancing professional responsibilities with personal well-being and how scheduling vacations in advance, a strategy taught by my business coach has been a game-changer. Discover how Julie Herres's book, "Profit First for Therapists," has shed light on the financial anxieties that many of us face, and how understanding these can help us better serve our clients while taking care of ourselves. Self-care isn't just about routine tasks; it's about finding activities that bring you joy and relaxation. From gardening and lawn care to more unconventional hobbies like yodeling, I discuss how personal hobbies can serve as effective self-care practices. I'll also share my exciting plan to take nine weeks off, during which time I'll feature some of our favorite past episodes. As we gear up for the summer holidays, join me in celebrating Canada Day and the 4th of July. While we wrap up with holiday wishes, remember the importance of seeking professional help for mental health or substance abuse issues—call 988 if you're in crisis in the United States or Canada. YouTube Channel For The Podcast


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E.157 Innovative Therapeutic Approaches with Expressive Arts with Bed Hermin

Send us a Text Message. Guest host Courtney Romanowski unlocks the power of creativity and emotional healing with our special guest, Bed Hermin, a licensed mental health counselor and registered expressive arts therapist. Discover how Bed's educational journey at Lesley University and the rich history of the expressive arts therapy program shape their approach to therapy. Bed guides us through the innovative practices of intermodal, polyaesthetic embodiment, highlighting how these methods foster self-exploration and healing in ways that transcend traditional art forms. Ever wondered how thoughts manifest in the brain, or how attention and energy movement can improve emotional well-being? We'll demystify these concepts, using therapeutic practices like Internal Family Systems (IFS) to illustrate the dynamic interplay of mind and body. By shifting the focus to societal challenges and the role of interdependence, we explore how life's conditions influence mental health and why the goal is not to "fix" clients but to nurture an environment of healing and compassion. Finally, we tackle the practical and ethical dilemmas faced by therapists, from the financial constraints of private practice to the systemic obstacles in community health. Through the lens of expressive arts therapy, we envision a future where creative, qualitative therapies gain the recognition they deserve alongside evidence-based methods. And if you're on a quest to find the right therapist, this episode underscores the importance of finding someone who truly supports you, highlighting the transformative potential of expressive arts therapy. Visit their website at: or visit their Instagram at YouTube Channel For The Podcast


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E.156 Transforming Health: The Mind-Body Connection with Erin Todd

Send us a Text Message. How can understanding the mind-body connection transform your health? Join us as we chat with Erin Todd, a health and performance coach with a background in psychology and functional health medicine. Erin shares her journey from working in hospitals with both children and adults to empowering women through perimenopause and beyond. We cover everything from emotional eating to fostering an optimistic mindset, all grounded in the critical interplay between mind and body. Explore the nuanced world of positive psychology with Erin and discover how it transcends mere positivity. Learn how understanding your past experiences and mindsets can pave the way for lasting lifestyle changes. Our conversation also dives into the societal norms and gender biases that shape emotional expression, offering fresh insights on how these cultural factors impact women's health. Erin emphasizes the importance of processing negative emotions, giving you tools to foster self-compassion and emotional well-being. Finally, we delve into the intricacies of women's health, discussing everything from optimizing gut health to navigating the challenges of perimenopause and menopause. Erin provides practical tips on managing allergies, mental health, and hormonal changes, all through a functional medicine lens. Together, we explore the critical role of supportive communities in trauma recovery and highlight Erin's upcoming group sessions on emotional eating. Join us for a heartfelt discussion that will leave you empowered to take control of your health journey. To join her group or see all her work, please go to her website at You can also visit her Instagram at: YouTube Channel For The Podcast


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E.155 Writing for Healing: The Therapeutic Power of Words For First Responders With Keith Hanks

Send us a Text Message. Imagine dedicating 21 years of your life to saving others, only to find yourself grappling with your own inner battles. This episode features an incredibly candid conversation with Keith Hanks, a retired firefighter and EMT, who opens up about his complex PTSD diagnosis and the rocky journey from active duty to retirement. We unwrap Keith's transition, the trauma that led to his early retirement, and the powerful mission he has since undertaken to support fellow first responders and veterans through his Facebook group and the Traumatic Strength initiative. Keith’s story isn’t just about struggle; it's about resilience, community, and the relentless pursuit of mental well-being. We tackle head-on the often-taboo topic of mental health among the first responder community. Keith shares his personal struggles with PTSD and the stigma that initially kept him from seeking help. He discusses the importance of honest conversations in therapy and finding the right therapist who truly understands the first responder experience. This episode sheds light on the evolving dialogue around mental health and emphasizes that vulnerability and openness are not signs of weakness but steps toward healing. Our discussion also touches on how trauma affects not only individuals but entire communities, and how teamwork and support play crucial roles in recovery. Keith’s authentic storytelling extends beyond our conversation into his new book, "Allen," which took nine years to perfect. From raw journal entries to a refined narrative, Keith’s writing journey illustrates the cathartic power of putting pen to paper. We discuss the therapeutic benefits of writing, whether through journaling or more structured projects, and provide practical tips for those wanting to start their own writing journey. Keith’s upcoming projects, including a how-to guide on trauma and a children’s book about stress, reflect his unwavering commitment to mental health advocacy. Tune in to discover not just Keith’s story, but the transformative power of sharing our own. Go buy his book at this link. Want to win an autograph copy? Click on "Send Us a Text Message" to automatically be entered in the giveaway. YouTube Channel For The Podcast


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E.154 Breaking Free from People-Pleasing: Embracing Boundaries and Self-Care

Send us a Text Message. Ever find yourself saying "sorry" just to keep the peace, even when you've done nothing wrong? That's just one telltale sign of the people-pleaser's dance – a rhythm I know all too well, and one we're stepping out of in our latest podcast episode. We'll navigate the complex journey of setting boundaries and prioritizing self-care, sharing stories and strategies to help you shake off the shackles of people-pleasing. We'll laugh about the over-apologetic nature of it all, and I'll get real about how this behavior can drain your emotional reservoir, sparking resentment in relationships and therapy sessions alike. Join us as we underline the profound impact of assertiveness and the transformative potential of cognitive behavioral therapy. Together, we'll underscore the vital importance of seeking support, whether from professional therapists, close friends, or loving partners, in cultivating a healthier, more authentic life. YouTube Channel For The Podcast


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E153 Celebrating Three Years: Podcasting Mental Health, Therapy, And More!

Send us a Text Message. Raising a glass to three transformative years, I'm inviting you all to join in celebrating the milestones we've shared on this podcasting journey. Together, we've crafted a space brimming with enlightening conversations, reaching a staggering 153 episodes and a community that's downloaded our labor of love over 153,000 times. I'm pouring out thanks to each of you who've listened, learned, and engaged with us, making every one of those nearly 7,000 minutes count. A toast is especially due to our recurring wisdom-sharer, Pat Rice, and all the voices who've offered perspectives that have shaped our collective understanding of therapy, psychology, and the path to personal growth. A special thank you goes out to my friend Courtney Romanowski for her co-hosting several episodes. Her valuable contribution to expressive therapy has opened up many eyes. Thank you, the listener, who made this all possible. Having people listen, comment, review, discuss the subjects I bring up makes doing this podcast worthwhile. What's up next? Well, I guess you will have to listen to the podcast. YouTube Channel For The Podcast


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E.152 Unveiling the Art of Connection Through Dr. Chris Gordon's Experiences And The Mental Men

Send us a Text Message. Dr. Chris Gordon's openness about his personal struggles with anxiety and depression amidst his professional journey adds an irreplaceable depth to our latest podcast episode. As we laugh and learn with the Mental Men, Dennis Sweeney, Andy Kang, Robert Cherney, and Patrick Rice, we pay tribute to Dr. Gordon's contributions both as a guiding presence and as an advocate for minimizing medication dependency when possible. Our shared stories not only encapsulate the challenges and victories in the realm of mental health but also underscore the power of empathy and lived experience in forging connections with those we aim to support. Peeling back the layers of what it means to provide emotional support, we revisit the basics of human connection and dive into the world of healing. Tools like the wheel of emotions and EMDR are brought into the spotlight, revealing their roles in guiding first responders and others through the maze of their minds. Humor finds its place as a healing balm, and we celebrate the simple acts of camaraderie, such as a round of golf, that sometimes offer the strongest lifeline amidst life's tempests. YouTube Channel For The Podcast


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E.151 The Healing Harmony: Exploring the Transformative Power of Music Therapy with Maya Benattar

Send us a Text Message. Have you ever felt a song resonate so deeply that it seemed to echo the very chambers of your soul? Imagine a therapeutic space where such profound connections are not just possible but are the cornerstone of healing. Today, we're joined by the remarkable Maya Benattar, who guides us on an exploratory journey through the world of music therapy. With Maya's expertise, we unravel how music's transformative power is not just for children but a tool for emotional expression and personal growth at any age. From the authentic presence of a therapist to the cathartic release found in a drumbeat, this episode illuminates the nuances of creative arts therapies. Maya's personal passion for music harmonizes with her professional mission, offering a symphony of insights into how therapists can show up genuinely, creating a bond where clients feel seen, heard, and understood. We discuss the universal language of music, and how it requires no prior expertise to tap into its rhythm—an intrinsic part of our being that can be reclaimed and strengthened through therapy. Closing on a high note, we debunk myths about music therapy, emphasizing its accessibility to all, regardless of musical background. The episode crescendos with a look at the entire spectrum of life stages where music therapy plays a role—from prenatal care to hospice—underscoring its capacity to enhance emotional regulation and self-expression. If Maya's insights strike a chord, then this listening experience promises to be nothing short of enlightening, offering a new perspective on the healing arts and how they can be integrated into our lives. Visit Maya Benattar at IG: FB: X: YouTube Channel For The Podcast


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E.150 Unveiling Strength in Stories of Cultural and Mental Resilience with Lien Doubleday

Send us a Text Message. Celebrating a momentous 150 episodes, we share the microphone with the astute Lien Doubleday, whose 20 years in mental health have sculpted her into a beacon of wisdom. This special episode unfurls the complex tapestry of cultural influence on mental wellness, as Lien navigates the nuanced stories from the heart of Central Massachusetts, adding soul to the science of therapy. Her anecdotes remind us that beyond the struggles often hidden by societal stigmas, lies a community yearning for connection and understanding — a theme that resonates deeply with anyone passionate about human stories. Imagine living amid a cultural mosaic where acknowledging your own mental health can feel like an insurmountable feat. Our discussion traverses this rocky terrain, confronting the silent battles waged behind closed doors, with tales of immigration, generational trauma, and the delicate balance of upholding tradition while seeking healing. We dissect the readiness required for therapy, challenging the myth of universal solutions, and celebrate the brave individuals who, by seeking professional support, embody remarkable strength. As we wrap up this landmark session, we send out a heartfelt invitation to join us for an unforgettable event on May 9th, where stories, just like the ones shared today, will continue to light the way. To attend the event, please visit or To work with Lien, visit YouTube Channel For The Podcast


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E.149 Bridging the Mental Health Gap for Armed Forces and First Responders

Send us a Text Message. When silence is no longer an option, the voice of change rings out. Join us as we sit down with Austin Ives and Justin Jacobs of Mindstrong Guardians, who channel their own battles with mental health into a force for good within the military and first responder communities. They're not guests; they're beacons of hope, guiding veterans like Justin, who after decades in the Coast Guard, now dedicates his life to coaching others through their transitions. And warriors like Austin, who openly shares his fight with PTSD and depression, revealing the lifelines of coping strategies and peer support that have saved him. Navigating the stormy seas of trauma, especially for those in roles as demanding as the Coast Guard, can feel like an endless battle. But in our heartfelt discussion, we uncover the silent epidemic of cumulative stress and the urgent need for ongoing mental health intervention. It's not just about having someone to talk to; it's about building a continuum of care that starts from day one of service. Listen as we honor the history and sacrifices of our first responders, and recognize the invaluable skills, like active listening, they carry forward into future endeavors, transforming pain into purpose. We wrap up with an eye-opening look at the evolution of Mindstrong Guardians' mission to reshape mental health support for those who've served. Rejecting the stigma associated with seeking help, Austin, Justin, and their partner, Stephen Chamberlain, share an inspiring vision for mental wellness that defies traditional boundaries. The shift from a not-for-profit mindset to a more sustainable for-profit model, influenced by the wisdom of Admiral Thad Allen, underlines their commitment to authentic, relatable programs promoting post-traumatic growth. These stories aren't just shared; they're a rallying cry for a cultural shift where mental health is as prioritized as physical fitness. Go check out the website at YouTube Channel For The Podcast


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E.148 A Unique Upbringing Exploring the Life of an Only Child

Send us a Text Message. Ever feel like the solo act in a world of ensemble casts? That's the thread we tug at in our latest heart-to-heart, as Courtney Romanowski and I welcome the vibrant Jen (Jay) Nakhai, and new dad, Brody Clemmer, to the mix. We peel back the layers of what it means to grow up as an only child, touching on the bittersweet longing for siblings and the imaginative solutions we concocted to keep loneliness at bay. Jen's fiery passion for community meets Brody's fresh paternal insights, creating a tapestry of stories that reveal how a singular upbringing shapes everything from our therapy practices to the way we forge and nurture connections throughout our lives. Laughter mingles with earnestness as we revisit the echoes of Hungry Hungry Hippos and the significance of those we choose to call family—biological or otherwise. Our conversation weaves through the nostalgic avenues of childhood and into the complex interplay of relationships in adulthood, juxtaposing personal revelations with intriguing research on human connection. Whether you're an only child yourself or simply curious about how different family dynamics leave their mark, this episode promises a compelling look at the ties that bind us, in blood and in spirit, to the hearts we hold dear. You can reach Brody Clemmer on LinkedIn: Here is his website: His company's website is: You can reach Jay Nakhai's from this website: Courtney Romanowski can be reached at: YouTube Channel For The Podcast


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E.147 Conquering the Imposter Within: Unveiling the Realities of Imposter Syndrome

Send us a Text Message. Ever felt like you're faking it, just waiting for someone to discover you're not as talented or competent as they think? You're not alone. Join me, Steve Bisson, as I unravel the complexities of imposter syndrome, a psychological phenomenon where self-doubt lingers despite evident success. This episode is a deep dive into the heart of those nagging feelings that whisper 'you're a fraud', a sentiment all too common among high achievers and professionals alike. As we peel back the layers of imposter syndrome, uncovering its underpinnings in workplace pressures, social comparison, and parental expectations, the conversation becomes more than just an analysis; it's a beacon for anyone feeling isolated by their doubts. By examining the symptoms and sharing strategies to overcome the relentless cycle of self-sabotage, this episode promises both relief and recognition for those grappling with the paradox of feeling unqualified amidst their achievements. Remember, admitting what we don't know can be the first step to conquering the imposter within, and together, we take that step on a journey towards self-discovery and healing. YouTube Channel For The Podcast


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E.146 Part 2: The Balancing Act of The Inner Struggles of Those Who Serve and Protect with Kathryn Branca

Send us a Text Message. Unlock the hidden struggles and triumphs within the lives of our everyday heroes. Joining me again for part 2 of the interview is Kathryn Branca, a long-time advocate in the field of first responder mental health, who will help us navigate the complex psychological landscape these courageous individuals face. We delve into the often overlooked issues that lead first responders to seek therapy; it's not just the trauma that weighs heavy on their shoulders but the totality of their experiences, including personal relationships, substance misuse, financial strains, and the elusive quest for balance between duty and home. In our conversational journey, we dissect the evolving practices of trauma-informed policing and the innovative co-response models that are reshaping mental health crisis intervention. Kathryn elaborates on the benefits of empathy-infused questions and the transformational impact of Crisis Intervention Team training on the mental fortitude of first responders. We also examine the grounding effects of yoga and other stress reduction techniques, while candidly discussing the limitations and ongoing need for robust support systems to safeguard against burnout and compassion fatigue. As we wrap up, the spotlight turns to the proactive steps being taken to arm first responders with an arsenal of mental health tools, including meditation and peer support groups designed by their peers. We also parse the gender dynamics at play within these critical professions and articulate simple yet powerful dietary modifications that can elevate the well-being of those who stand guard over our communities.Kathryn's profound insights are an invitation to appreciate and bolster the psychological support network for these unsung heroes. This episode is packed with invaluable wisdom for anyone interested in the wellness of those who protect and serve. To Contact her, visit her website: You can also email her: Connect with her on LinkedIn at YouTube Channel For The Podcast


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E.145 Supporting the Mental Health of First Responders: A Conversation with Kathryn Branca, LADC I

Send us a Text Message. When the weight of a badge or the stress of an emergency call becomes a silent burden, where do our first responders turn for help? It's a question that haunted me until Kathryn Branca, a licensed alcohol and drug counselor, sat across from me to share her invaluable insights. Peeling back the curtain on the often-misunderstood world of therapy, particularly for those facing the front lines of crisis day in and day out, our latest conversation isn't just enlightening; it's a lifeline. Humor and heartache aren't strangers to us in emergency services, and this chat with Kathryn is no exception. We reveal our own 'before and after' moments, those personal catalysts that propelled us into the healing professions. It's a candid exploration of how grief shapes our paths and the profound need for specialized support systems tailored to the unique experiences of nurses, police officers, and other first responders. Kathryn's holistic approach, infusing nutrition and meditation into her practice, underscores the depth and breadth of true healing. This episode also confronts the elephant in the room—the stubborn stigma against mental health support within the tight-knit first responder community. Trust isn't given; it's earned, and we dissect how to build that rapport without prying into the very stories that scar. Kathryn and I tackle the paradoxical fear of vulnerability in police departments and underscore why standing alone in clinical judgment, though daunting, is sometimes the only way forward. Together, we're advocating for change, striving for a future where the stigma is diminished and our first responders can access the care they so rightfully deserve. To Contact her, visit her website: You can also email her: Connect with her on LinkedIn at YouTube Channel For The Podcast


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E.144 Exploring Relationship Dynamics and Challenging Patriarchy with Ivanna Colangelo

Send us a Text Message. Embark on an explorative journey with our esteemed guest, Ivanna Colangelo, a licensed marriage and family therapist who brings her vibrant and discerning perspectives to today's pressing relationship issues. As we peel back the layers of patriarchy's influence on our intimate connections, Ivanna's immigrant background and her refreshing take on Instagram provide a lively backdrop for our deep dive into masculinity and the role it plays in shaping the quality of our relationships—and by extension, our lives. The conversation transitions into the heart of relationship dynamics, tackling the imperfections in communication that are all too human, and the critical nature of repair work to foster reconnection. Ivanna imparts wisdom on emotional intelligence and the fluidity of gender roles, pushing for a world where empathy reigns and traditional stereotypes are challenged. Our dialogue is rich with insights on navigating the intricacies of marriage and family therapy, including the personal growth of therapists themselves, and the balance required when professional knowledge meets personal life. As we close, we contemplate the generational shift towards authenticity, particularly among younger crowds proactively seeking growth and the maintenance of their relationships. Ivanna's stories from the trenches of therapy rooms highlight an emerging trend: a conscious movement towards understanding and improving oneself before reaching a tipping point. With a raw and relatable approach, this episode is not just a discussion—it's an invitation to reflect on the profound impact our relationships have on our well-being and to engage actively in the shaping of a healthier, more empathetic society. To follow Ivanna. follow her on Instagram here. To know more about her upcoming workshops, services, or to sign up for her newsletter, click here. YouTube Channel For The Podcast


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E.143 Liz Kelly on How Her New Book "This Book Is Cheaper Than Therapy" Can Help You

Send us a Text Message. I know all too well the weight of grief and expectation it can bring. That's why I'm thrilled to have the compassionate Liz Kelly join me, sharing her journey from fundraising to therapy and the wisdom found within her transformative new book, "This Book Is Cheaper Than Therapy." LIz offers a comforting blueprint for those seeking to redefine their mental health. Liz's insights are a balm for the soul, encouraging us to craft a life experience that aligns with our unique desires for joy and meaning, devoid of non desired societal demands. This discussion is more than an exploration of Liz's powerful narrative—it's a vessel for change, equipped with practical action items and reflection questions designed to engage and empower our listeners. Each chapter of Liz's book, and consequently our conversation, ends with these thoughtful prompts, inviting you to selectively interact with the content that resonates most deeply. So whether you are thriving in your life right now or in a period of struggle, our episode stands as a testament to the personal liberation that comes from embracing life in a manner that nourishes your heart and your individual story. To view the Ted Talk referred in this episode, "There is More to Life Than Being Happy", please click here. To buy Liz Kelly's book, click here. Liz Kelly's website can be reached here. YouTube Channel For The Podcast


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E142 The Convergence of Healing and Business with Laura Long

Send us a Text Message. Embark on a journey through the intricacies of therapy and entrepreneurship with me, Steve Bisson, and my esteemed guest, Laura Long. We're tearing down the curtains to reveal the unspoken challenges and triumphs of therapists who are not just clinicians but innovators at heart. Laura, with her vast experience in marriage and family therapy, takes us behind the scenes of her mastermind groups and retreats, offering a fresh perspective on how authenticity shapes the therapeutic journey and powers personal growth. Grapple with me as I recount the reality of therapy sessions. We're laying it all on the table, from the frustrations with punctuality to the dance of therapist-client dynamics. It's not just a look into the therapist's office—it’s a mirror reflecting our own expectations and the hurdles therapists jump through to deliver care amidst the maze of client numbers and insurance battles. Finally, we take the plunge into the world of therapist entrepreneurship, where risks are the currency, and innovation is the prize. I peel back the layers of my own ventures into podcasting and authoring, while Laura and I explore the parallels between the strategies of soccer and the agility needed in business. It's not just talk; it's a celebration of the diverse paths that lead to a vibrant and dynamic practice. So, tune in and get ready to be inspired to think differently about therapy, entrepreneurship, and the spaces in between. You can see Laura's work on her website here. You can also get here. Use code Steve50 for $50 off your first month. YouTube Channel For The Podcast