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A podcast created to entertain and teach the members of CrossFit Firewall

A podcast created to entertain and teach the members of CrossFit Firewall
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A podcast created to entertain and teach the members of CrossFit Firewall




How to NOT Lead by Example, Episode 44

I get a little bit personal on this one, team. In this episode, I go over how badly I ate over the weekend, what my thoughts were as I entered the weekend, and why I was so wrong to have thought the way I did and acted the way I did. I hope you get something out of this one and don't just see it as 15 minutes of rambling non-sense. Enjoy!


Luke Foley, Episode 43 - Owner of Bourbon's Kitchen & Cocktails

This was such an incredible interview with Luke Foley. Before we get into it, be sure to check out the links at the end of this description to see where you can find Luke's outstanding restaurant. If you don't already know who Luke is, hopefully you've eaten at his amazing restaurant because if you haven't, you're missing out big time! Luke's passion for restauranteering began in a way different than you may think. Growing up, he had a giant interest in music - more specifically DJing. He...


Bethany Hart Gerry, Episode 42 - Olympian AND CrossFit Games Champion

What an absolutely incredible woman. Today, we sat down and talked with Beth Hart Gerry who was just an absolute pleasure to talk with. We hit on 3 main topics throughout this episode - her experiences with the Olympics, the CrossFit Games, and postpartum depression. Growing up in Grafton, Beth was the youngest of 5 sisters. She has a twin, Sabine, who is 2 minutes older than her (apparently significantly older enough to think that she could take care of Beth at a young age). We didn't get...


Episode 41 - Increments: The Key to Your Success

Hey team! In this one, we break down why approaching many, if not all, aspects of life in an incremental manner is so important. We discuss why we should be looking to get .1% everyday rather than 10% better every week. The concept of this episode is laid out in a book called the "Compound Effect" by Darren Hardy. His thesis is quite simple, but incredibly powerful! We hope you enjoy this week's episode!


Brian Bowman, Episode 40 - Overcoming Addiction by Never Staring in the Rear View Mirror

This is the most powerful episode we've recorded to date. Bowman's story is incredibly inspiring. He's a local boy that bleeds Framingham Flyer blue. If you didn't know that already, then you are definitely in for a treat. Bowman grew up with the same 24 kids from kindergarten through 8th grade in a Framingham Christian private school. When he finally got to high school, he was 1 of 2 that switched over to a public school instead of continuing with private school. Bowman fully recognized...


Andrew Fiola of Fiola Sports Chiropractic, Episode 39 - Play to Your Strengths

This is a very special episode (just like all of the others ;) ) in a sense that this is the first interview we've done with somebody who is a non-Firewall member. Andrew Fiola is a sports massage therapist who grinds day in and day out to remedy any injuries athletes may experience. His story is amazing. His pursuit and passion to simply help people feel better is second to none. Growing up in western Massachusetts, he attended Wesleyan University on the Pre-Med track as, at the time, he...


Mark Fynes, Episode 38 - The Gadget Man with a Plan

This hour absolutely flew by! We bounced to so many different topics through this episode. It was amazing being able to sit down and talk with Mark to get to know him on a deeper level and just learn more about his background in general. Growing up in Ireland, Mark knew from a pretty early age farming wasn't for him (how his family made a living). He was, however, always fascinated with technology - a field he's still involved in today. Mark's experience in Ireland was a treat to chat...


Devin Potter, Episode 37 - Take Time to Smell the Roses

Devin was so much fun to have on the show and jam out for about an hour! Although a die-hard Boston sports fan, Devin actually grew up in Suffield, Connecticut. He claims there's nothing there besides "tobacco fields and cul-de-sacs". A fun story he shares from growing up was how he actually took a class his senior year taught be his mother! After high school, Devin ended up at Mass Maritime, but it didn't take long for him to realize the school and career path was not the right fit for...


Episode 36 - The Power of Positive Thoughts in the Gym and in Life

Today, we decided to dive in to a little more mindset practice rather than interviewing a member. It's also much shorter than our regular 40 minute plus recordings; we like to switch it up every now and again. We dig into the power of positive thinking and different ways it can apply to you not only during your workouts, but also in your everyday life. If this episode did impact you, if it inspired you to take action and start training your mind to think positively rather than negatively,...


Alex Wolf, Episode 35 - His Perfect Form is No Accident

As we jokingly touch on early in this episode, Wolf has won the superlative of Perfect Form the past two years at Firewall. This doesn't just apply to the work he puts in at the gym but also translates to all areas of his life. He's one of the most kind-hearted, humble and caring individuals you'll ever meet. If you haven't met Wolf before, it's probably because you're not one of those "crazy" people (totally kidding to all of you who do go) who go to the 5:30AM classes at Firewall! He is...


Sara Costello, Episode 34 - Paris Hilton Has HUGE Feet

Sara, you were so much fun to have on the show! We had so much fun going back and forth and finding out more about your life! *Quick Tip: Sara has developed an ingenious habit of listening to our podcasts while at the grocery store. What a great way to get in some Firewall time! Growing up not too far away, Sara grew up as a soccer super star in Rutland, a town just outside of Worcester. Having attended Wachusett Regional High School, her soccer career took her to a small college in...


Anastasia Bergmann, Episode 33 - Adversity Makes You Stronger

This was one of the most eye opening interviews we've ever done on the show! Anastasia is an absolutely incredible human who tells us all about her life growing up in the Uzbekistan and Russia including all the struggles she had to go through to get to the U.S. We touch on many topics during this transition including family life, work, and more! I, personally, took a lot of what Anastasia said into perspective and couldn't believe how much I take for granted living where I do. I know I...


Coach Kayleigh Hodgdon, Episode 32 - The Cheese Ball Master

FINALLY!!! We got to sit down with the legendary coach Kayleigh for this anxiously anticipated recording. We dive into Kayleigh's relationship with CrossFit - how it all started and how she wanted to pursue coaching. Growing up, Kayleigh was very active and played a lot of sports growing up. After high school, she was thinking about pursuing a career in media. Kayleigh had an internship out in Los Angeles, California that ended up not quite as she expected. Fast forwarding into the real...


Episode 31 - Programming Analysis Week of 8/5-8/11

We're doing something we've never done before on this episode. We are releasing the entire week of programming at the beginning of the week!! Below you can see all the workouts we'll be doing over the next 7 days. This week is filled with heavy weights, long workouts, challenging tests, and much much more! We also give you a couple tips for each day including additional equipment you may want to bring each day like grips, knee sleeves, shin guards, etc. There's a little something for...


James Neal, Episode 30 - The Most Huggable Sustainability Expert

We get deep into this one very early on! James and I connect at the very beginning of this recording as we went through a very similar situation with our parents divorcing when we were in our 20s. James continues on the family route by describing his relationship with his older brother, Jon. They're two years apart. Towards the end of the podcast, we actually circle back to his brother and discuss the business they started together a few years back. Since middle school, James has struggled...


Episode 29 - Questions from the Firewall Community Part II (Bucky's answers)

Hello there Firewall listener! We just wanted to take the extra minute to express our appreciation for listening to this episode! We're trying to keep these as entertaining and fact filled as possible. We're always up for new ideas, so if you have one, please send us a message! This is the second time we decided to ask the community to ask us questions. The majority of these are from the one and only Anthony Natoli, but there are a few at the end asked from other members too. Here are the...


Dan Nettell, Episode 28 - Radio, Coffee, and Movies, Oh My!!

Hang in there team, this is definitely a lengthy one! Although it's one of if not the longest conversation we have recorded, it's chock filled of entertainment and a history of our very own, Dan Nettell. Starting life in California, he found himself moving to the east coast due to his college pursuit at Northeastern. His longest memory stems from the famous earthquake of 1989 in San Francisco. Dan is a great story teller who vividly describes what he remembers from that day when he was just...


Alex Buckler, Episode 27 - My How The Tables Have Turned

Mr. Mark Miranda has been relentless on getting the chance to interview me. I finally submitted to his request and sat down with him to chat a little bit about my past. Enjoy listening to the legendary Mark Miranda and myself reminisce through my short lived life thus far! We also agreed that we will be doing the same thing with Dave in the near future so be on the lookout for that! Thanks for turning the table on me, Mark! I had a fun time ;)


Henry Jones, Episode 26 - Always Moving Forward

My goodness... Henry's story is AMAZING!!! I've known Henry well for about 2.5 years now and didn't know about the majority of what we talked about. Towards the beginning of the interview, we actually figure out why his father decided to name him "Henry". Growing up as the youngest of 7 (a traditional size for an Irish family he claims), Henry excelled early in his career. Many of you know that Henry currently works for Microsoft, but what you may not know is that lengthy path he traveled...


Kim Menapace, Episode 25 - Firewall's Newest Mother to Be

Brace yourselves folks! Kim came prepared with answers to questions we've asked all our members who have been on the show, lending some awesome tips at the end of the interview. Early on, Kim describes the change in culture from Jamaica Plain to Norwell when her family moved when she was 10. After school, she pursued her business degree with a tract of marketing at Boston College. After a little background information leading up to her first job post-college, Kim dives into the history of...