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This is your First Wakeup!

This is your First Wakeup!
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This is your First Wakeup!








Christmas, Zoloft, and Kirkland Signature

Hey all! We have Jason Combs back with us today. He is returning to be on the show from a couple months back. We talk about a bit of everything. From Christmas talk in August to Zoloft to Kirkland Signature. Yeah we were all over the place though this is how we like to do it. Find us all on Twitter at @ryancharaba @amber5150 @captawesome55. For information on how to be on the podcast or any of my coaching programs email me at Thanks for listening!


It's Supposed to Feel Weird

Amber and I are joined by our return guest Taylor. We talk about avoiding joy, celebrating normalcy, overwhelming situations, and how sometimes things are supposed to feel weird. For questions about coaching and other programs email me at Follow Amber and I on twitter at @ryancharaba and @amber5150. Also check out the Facebook group here.


Teardown, Reconstruction, and (YOU)niversity

Amber and I are back after a much needed rest. We get into our standard catch up before digging into some big changes at First Wakeups. We talk about the 5 reasons people say no to growth, the new (YOU)niversity, the August challenge coming up in First Wakeups Inner Circle, and how exactly to get involved! Find us both on Twitter @ryancharaba and @amber5150 or email me at for more info!


Spontaneous Episode

Amber and I catchup after a week off during the 4th of July holiday. We talk about vacation, boundaries, F#$% yeahs and F#$% no's. We chat a bit about challenging family relationships and what is appropriate to say and not say. Find us on Twitter @ryancharaba and @amber5150. Or find us in the FB Group "First Wakeups Inner Circle". We are looking for podcast guests too! So hit us up!


Gratitude In Everything Connected

Amber and I welcome Courtney and Tyler on to discuss the gratitude of cancellations, spontaneity, addiction, and cancer. This story is an amazing example of how we are all connected and how who we keep in our life matters. Find Amber and I in the FB group First Wakeups Inner Circle or on Twitter @ryancharaba and @Amber5150.


Listen, and Suspend Judgment

Amber and I have Taylor on the show today to talk about Pride and all things relating to LGTBQ bridge building. Taylor shares her story and her insights on what she believes are the best way to show people respect and lead your own life from a place of love. If you have any questions for Amber, Taylor, or myself, you can find us all on Twitter @Amber5150, @TaylorSouchek, and @RyanCharaba. We are also all members of the FB group, First Wakeups Inner Circle. Enjoy! and Thanks for...


My Best Friend, The Military, and Mental Health

Amber and I are joined by my best friend Jason who has been struggling with Depression and Anxiety since he was in high school. He comes on to todays shows to share his story from beginning to today. His very real struggles he currently faces, and what he has learned and what he is doing about it. I am so proud to have him here. Please find us all in First Wakeups Inner Circle on FB. Or hit any 3 of us on Twitter at @ryancharaba, @amber5150, and @captawesome55.


Insecurity, Generational Gaps, and The College Life

Amber's son Tre visits us on the pod today. A Junior at Gonzaga University. we talk about college, finding yourself, and the differences between his age group and ours. We had a blast having him here and are excited to share it with you. Join us on FB in the First Wakeups Inner Circle FB group or find us on Twitter @RyanCharaba or @Amber5150.


Minds Blown!

Amber and I get hypnotized after having our minds blown about all things hypnosis. Joel Harrison guests this show. Find more about Joel at or email him at For questions about the show or how to become a guest email or join Amber and I both in the FB group "First Wakeups Inner Circle".


Alabama, Infidelity, and Intentional Rage

Amber and I have our first guest. She is a friend of the pod and a member of First Wakeups Inner Circle. Jenn Kowish joins us to talk about infidelity and how she has been able to overcome the events and how she wants to work with women who are navigating the challenges of divorce. You can find all 3 of us in First Wakeups Inner Circle on FB or send email to or Mahalo! Thanks for listening.


We want you for the EVOLUTION!

Amber and I are looking to evolve again. We want to bring on guests, we want a better mix of society and personal development, and we want you to be involved! Please send us feedback about what you would like more of and who you would like us to have on the show. Email to or Join the FB Group First Wakeups Inner Circle to join the conversation. Mahalo! and thanks for listening!


How To Relate - To Your Partner

In this weeks episode we get into most of our primary relationships and how to relate better and how to be more open. And really how to learn to trust ourselves more to be with ourselves so that people feel empowered. Finding ways to dig a little deeper into learning who each of us is on an individual level and getting excited about sharing that with whomever we find we want to be romantic with. Mahalo! and enjoy! FB Group - First Wakeups Inner Circle Email -


How to Relate - To Yourself

Amber and I jump right into this new series about relationships and feel it is the perfect jump off from our trauma series. We begin with perhaps our most important relationship: the one with ourself. Join the conversation in our Facebook group - First Wakeups Inner Circle or email us at or Please let us know how we can support! Mahalo!


Trauma - WTF is next?!

Amber and I finish up this 3 episode series with some real talk about how to practice being the person you know you can be. And for those of you asking "How do I know?", well there is only one way to find out. Please join the conversation on FB at First Wakeups Innder Cirlce. Email or For more information about coaching visit


Trauma - What Is It Costing You?

In today's episode, Amber and I continue our journey into digging into trauma. We get real about what trauma has cost us in the past and what it is costing us even now. We both uncover a couple of golden nuggets for ourselves to work on and might actually get a little misty eyed. If you're a sympathetic cryer, you might want to listen in anyways. Join the conversation on FB at First Wakeups Inner Circle. Email to or


Trauma - Let's Just Take A Look

In the first episode of our series on trauma, we discuss what it can look like, to just look at and acknowledge the shit that has gone down in your past. We also begin to look at how that begins to shape who you are from the moment you are born and where to go from here in regards to showing up differently. Questions or comments please email or or join us in the FB Group - First Wakeups Inner Circle.


Surviving, Thriving, and Embracing Where You Are

Today we start with a FB post in First Wakeups Inner Circle and then just see where it leads us. We touch on survival and thriving and how they might not be all that different and of course the pod takes a turn to "how did we get on this topic". Thanks to the Facebook Group for the topic idea and ENJOY!! Email Ryan or Amber at or Find both of in the FB Group First Wakeups Inner Circle.


Big Dreams, Small Steps

Amber and I record a second episode 23 after the first one we recorded fell flat to our own expectations. We get into the origin of the podcast as well as our own processes to dreaming big and taking action. We hope you enjoy it! P.s. Audio quality is important to us and we are working diligently to figure out how to clean up background noise from future episodes. Questions?? join the FB group "First Wakeups Inner Circle".


Racial Stereotypes and Other Things

We start this episode with Racial Stereotypes and then it goes a little bit everywhere! We love it and hope you love it too. Trigger warning as we do talk about and get pretty deep into some racial stereotypes. Nothing over the top in our opinion so consider yourself warned anyways. Join us in the FB Group First Wakeups Inner Cirlce or email either of us at or Mahalo and thanks for listening!


Toxic (The Remix)

Toxic Relationships! We have all been in them and some of us still are. We are talking about how to notice you are in one as well as how to begin removing yourself from one. And of course our experiences in them in our own lives. For questions or to get into the conversation, join the FB Group "First Wakeups Inner Circle. To email either of us, use and Mahalo and thanks for listening!