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Fitness Lifestyle for Busy People Podcast 007 How to Get Fit Before the Holidays

Why wait until New Year's, when you can get ahead of the game? Fitness Lifestyle for Busy People Podcast guest, Cory Grenz, personal trainer and nutrition expert at Lifetime Fitness shares strategies you can start now, and keep building on as your fitness goals evolve. Question: I was hoping that you could share a little [...]


Fitness Lifestyle for Busy People Podcast 006 Back to School Healthfully: Practical Family Strategies

If you feel like Medusa's head, going a million directions at once trying to catch up in this back to school season, you're not alone! Muti-task the next 10 minutes with us to go from "my family's schedule is running me," to "I've got this!" Fitness Lifestyle for Busy People Podcast, brings you guest, Emily [...]


Fitness Lifestyle for Busy People Podcast 005 Chaotic Schedule to Efficient Fitness Lifestyle with Two Fors

How can we feel less busy and get more done when our life and schedules run us into chaos? We're caught in today's pull between must multi-task versus mindful single tasking. Then we try them both, yet question if either is sustainable or productive. Fitness Lifestyle for Busy People Podcast guest, Corey Grenz, CSCS, MS, [...]


Fitness Lifestyle for Busy People Podcast 004 3 Insider Tips – How the Internet Helps You Find the Right Physical Therapist

Ever feel discouraged by trying everything to fix an injury, but nothing works? As a busy person leading a fitness lifestyle, you likely don't have time to deal with injuries for yourself or your kids. Life happens. You may experience injury or need a surgery, and this is where Physical Therapists can help you get [...]


Fitness Lifestyle for Busy People Podcast 003 5 Tips for Effortless Summer Fitness

As we approach mid-summer, do you feel like you're stuck in the in-between? Perhaps you have some fall or winter wellness, fitness, or athletic goals, but you want summer to feel less chaotic, less scheduled, and less goal oriented? Perhaps you've given up on the gym and noted that you'll sign up for a 30 [...]


Fitness Lifestyle for Busy People Podcast 002 5 Tips for Your Most Amazing Summer Training Experience

Ever wonder what that girl/boy/man/woman did over the summer to come back as a fitness, dance, or athletic superstar? They give off a certain new vibe of confidence, and then they take the field or the floor and rock it. Here are 5 tips on how you can transform your summer into your own fitness [...]


Fitness Lifestyle for Busy People Podcast 001 Transformation from Broken Wings to Quintuple Ironman

How does one go from a dislike of swimming and running, chronic back pain, knee pain, hamstring strains and digestive issues to a quintuple Ironman? Today we introduce guest, Dan Duran, VP of PTA Global (Personal Training Academy Global), as living proof of not only the lifestyle transformation possibility, but also pearls on athletics balanced [...]