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#9 Ask Joslyn

In this episode I answer three listener questions: 1) Why does access to quality training and coaches cost so much?; 2) How do you balance being a mama and training; and 3) What are your favourite recovery protocols?


Pelvic floor dysfunction in athletes “common, but not normal” with physiotherapist and CrossFit coach TJ Garcia

In this episode, I speak with physiotherapist and Crossfit Level 1 coach and athlete TJ Garcia about pelvic floor dysfunction in men and women and its effects, specifically on athletes. TJ spends her time delivering workshops with her partner, to coaches around Spain on how to train athletes with a weak or hypertonic pelvic floor. TJ says that many people think having a weak pelvic floor is normal, she disagrees and says it is just common. Here in the UK there is very little information on...


#7 Sukh Kalsi

In today’s episode I speak with transformational therapist and coach Sukh Kalsi. Sukh covers 3 things we need to know about our mind: Your mind responds to the pictures it sees and the words it hears; your mind does precisely what it thinks you want it to do; and your mind gravitates towards what it is familiar with. We also talk about anxiety and some of the work you can do either by yourself or with a coach to try and reduce or get better control of anxiety. Finally we look at practices...


#6 Lisa..... oops what was her surname?

In this episode I speak with my dear friend Lisa Price. She is a strength-competitor, yogini, and manual therapist. We've both been in the industry for 15 years and really view training in the same way. We discuss training, how we got into fitness, and about learning and the way it has to be your own journey and your own process and that is sort of how you improve on teaching others. We also touch on the important topic of changes in your body and how that affects your body image. Lisa...


#5 Alex Hipwell

This week I speak with the unstoppable Alex Hipwell. Alex is a mum, Nike Master Trainer, Personal Trainer and IFBB figure athlete. We talk about the mindset required to compete as a figure athlete which translates into any goal you have whether in sport, business or life. Alex says that if you commit to a goal, you have to own it in every sense of the word, particularly when you are feeling you are at your lowest - that is when the greatest strength is gained. We also discuss some of her...


#3 Maria Oloffson

This episode features special guest Maria Oloffson. Maria first worked as a researcher in the biochemistry industry. She then went on to work with Nike and has been there for almost 14 years. She works with the training instructors to create new and different fitness concepts. In her full time daily job, she tries to help entrepreneurs looking to start new businesses and those looking to grow their businesses. In this episode, there may be some adult language which is not for little ears.


#3 Clare Maxwell

This episode, I chat to Clare Maxwell about her journey with anorexia which she suffered from for some time. We talked about how it started to when she realised she needed help, her recovery to being the fit and healthy woman she is today. She mentions some resources and Instagram pages to follow such as @recoverywarriors, which provides positive affirmations no matter where you are.


#2 Keris Marsden from Fitter Food

Keris Marsden is one of the co-founders of Fitter Food derived from her passion about good food, optimal health, being fit and active and leading long and happy lives. Fitter Food know that eating an awesome diet of good quality, great tasting and easily accessible produce is essential in living a long, healthy, energised and positive life. In this episode, she breaks down a blood test I had and provides context on what it actually means in terms of my health and nutrition.


#1: The Journey Behind Fitness Unfiltered

The first episode of Fitness Unfiltered previews my journey as a personal trainer, Nike Global Master Trainer and sports therapist and the pathway to why I wanted to create a podcast that showcases what you need to know about fitness without the filters of social media. Fitness Unfiltered will be out weekly onTuesday with everything you need to know about fitness, unfiltered.