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Mastering Your Mind With Phoebe Taylor

Joseph Mencel & Phoebe Taylor discuss why mastering your mindset is so critical to achieving success in all areas of your life. With almost 10 years experience in the health & fitness space, Phoebe is one of the most respected athletes & coaches in the industry, while her focus on the psychology of high performance makes her one of the most unique. Phoebe dives deep into her own emotional intelligence and mindset when it comes to accountability & responsibility, how she approaches changing...


Stop Fooling Around In The Grey With Leah Mencel

Joseph Mencel & Leah Mencel discuss the binary nature of every action we take and every decision we make when it comes to achieving a particular goal. By defining actions & decisions that move us closer towards a goal as "white" and those that move us further away from a goal as "black", Joseph & Leah consider the "grey"; actions & decisions that are clearly white that we try to justify as being black, or that are clearly black that we try to paint as white. They consider why so many of us...


Speed v Patience

Joseph Mencel explores the polarity between speed in execution and patience in planning. Using the athletic analogy of a sprint compared to a marathon, Joseph explains why executing on small tasks everyday with the speed of a sprinter while planning & progressing towards long term goals with the patience of a marathon runner is so critical to success. Joseph then explores the 2 most common speed and patience shortcomings that most people face and how they apply to both fitness & business. By...


Entitlement Exposure

Joseph Mencel explains the entitlement trap that has been inadvertently created by government funded economic stimulus packages and how so many people have unintentionally fallen into it. Joseph gives examples of how both employees and employers are being encouraged to develop a culture of entitlement and highlights the fundamental economic issues that this is going to cause in the near future. By considering the state of the economy once the economic stimulus comes to and end, Joseph give...


Routine Reshuffle

With so many of us completely out of routine due to the worldwide lockdown and not sure where to start to get back in control of our lives & back on top of our mindset, Joseph Mencel talks about switching focus from achieving goals to keeping the promises you make to yourself each and every day. By stacking small wins on top of each other day by day, Joseph talks you through a step by step practical technique to help you shift your mindset from lost and defeated, to confident and triumphant....


Personal Development Pandemic

Joseph Mencel talks about the incredible opportunity that the current pandemic is providing for personal development. Joseph details the 6 character traits that he has identified as being consistent across high achievers, and how they apply to the current worldwide state of affairs. He discusses how the current lockdown is exposing character flaws, while simultaneously removing the excuses commonly relied upon to justify not addressing them. He concludes by giving practical advice on how you...


Rethinking 'Rona | 5 Strategies To Stay On Top Of Your Mental Health

Joseph Mencel details 5 practical strategies to help you stay on top of your mental health while navigating the challenges presented by the current pandemic. The world has been taken by complete surprise by the 'Rona pandemic, and while everybody is focused on how to "flatten the curve" while attempting to make sure the world's economy doesn't collapse, almost nobody is talking about mental health and how to prioritize it during this difficult time. As our second and third spaces have been...


Fat Loss In 5 Steps

One of the most strategic fitness focused episodes thus far, Joseph Mencel details the 5 steps to achieving steady & sustainable fat loss. Joseph explains what a caloric deficit is & how to create it, why finding a diet & exercise routine that supports your lifestyle is so important, the effect metabolic adaptation has on fat loss and how to combat it, how to create the ideal homronal environment to encourage fat loss, and how to enhance fat loss with supplements. The Holy Grail of fat loss...


S.W.O.T Analysis | What, Why, When, Who & How

Joseph Mencel details one of the most effective higher level business reflection & observation techniques; S.W.O.T. Analysis. He discusses what a S.W.O.T. Analysis is, why you should do it, when you should do it, who should be involved, and how to properly conduct it. One of the most practical & strategic business focused episodes thus far. You'll want to take notes during this one.


Embracing The Ups & Downs With Aaron Polites

Joseph Mencel & Aaron Polites discuss dealing with the highest of highs and the lowest of lows all while embracing the journey along the way. Fresh off his Top 10 placing at the 2019 Mr Olympia, Aaron experienced one of the worst anti-climaxes of his life, spiralling into a state of super low motivation. He details what he did to pull himself out of the hole and get back on top of his mindset, in particular the small positive actions he implemented each and every day that compounded on top...


5 Step New Year Goal Setting Methodology

As we head into the new decade, a lot of us are giving some thought to what we'd like to achieve over the next year, the next 5 years, and even the next 10 years. Joseph Mencel deconstructs his 5 Step Goal Setting Methodology to ensure you are setting realistic goals that are backed up with the strategy that gives you the best possible chance of achieving them. One of the most practical & strategic episodes thus far. You'll want to take notes during this one.


Marathon Mindset With Logan Robson

Joseph Mencel & Logan Robson discuss how to balance marathon mindset with swift execution in bodybuilding, business & life. With over 20 years experience in the health & fitness space, Logan is one of the most respected athletes, coaches and businessmen in the industry. His competitive bodybuilding record speaks for itself, while his coaching business, Team Sacrifice, which he runs with his wife, WBFF Pro Jayne Boothby, is one of the most highly regarded coaching businesses in the country....


Refusing To Settle & Making Difficult Decisions With Jake Nikolopoulos

Joseph Mencel & Jake Nikolopoulos talk everything bodybuilding, balance, self belief, and backing yourself when making difficult decisions. As an IFBB Pro Bodybuilider, former NABBA Pro Bodybuilder, and NABBA Universe Champion, Jake has over 15 years' experience in competitive bodybuiliding and immense respect for the sport as both an athlete and a fan. He talks about his incredible journey in bodybuilding thus far, in particular his experiences with different high level coaches, while...


Episode 26: And That's A Wrap

In this final episode of The MassiveJoes Show, CEO, Joseph Mencel, interviews General Manager, Steve Mills, before he closes the current chapter of his career and moves on to the next. Steve takes us all the way back to his childhood & where his passion for fitness began, while walking us through his different business ventures over the years before he joined MassiveJoes back in 2012. It's the finale, and it's well worth a listen. A wonderful send off to one of the most valuable members of...


Episode 25: Doing The Same Things & Expecting Different Results

In this episode of The MassiveJoes Show, CEO, Joseph Mencel, and Post Man, Steve Mills, discuss the paradox of doing the same things & expecting different results. Their discussion leads to them exploring the awareness around inputs & ouputs, and the consequences of certain actions. The ultimate question posed is "why, even when we understand that certain actions will not lead to certain outcomes, do we continue along the same path?". The answer is sure to inspire you to take an inwards look...


Episode 24: Freshian Rucker In The House

In this episode of The MassiveJoes Show, CEO, Joseph Mencel, and Power Forward, Steve Mills, sit down for a chat with WBFF Pro Fitness Model, Freshian Rucker. Known for his relentless work ethic, Fresh speaks candidly about his life journey; the ups, the downs and everything in between. He opens up about his biggest challenges and delves deep into the most important life lessons he has learned thus far. His story is one of not being afraid to try, pivoting based on real world feedback,...


Episode 23: Knowing When It's Time To Move On

In this episode of The MassiveJoes Show, CEO, Joseph Mencel, & General Manager, Steve Mills, discuss knowing when it's time to move on from pursuing a particular fitness, business or career goal. Their discussion unveils a 4 step process to help you identify when it's time to let something go and change direction. Be ready to take notes during this epic episode.


Episode 22: Execution Is Everything

In this episode of The MassiveJoes Show, CEO, Joseph Mencel, & General Manager, Steve Mills, discuss why execution is so important in the pursuit of both fitness & business goals. They specifically talk about why too much planning can be detrimental, and why putting plans into practise is absolutely necessary for progress. In particular, they discuss how execution actually feeds real time information back into the planning process, while providing real life examples of this mechanism in...


Episode 21: Top 3 Things To Help You Progress In Both Fitness & Business

In this episode of The MassiveJoes Show, CEO, Joseph Mencel, & General Manager, Steve Mills, go super practical and discuss what they believe to be the top 3 things that will help you progress in both fitness & business. They support their suggestions with real world examples, while providing tips on how you can incorporate them into your life. One of the most valuable episodes to date - you're going to want to listen to this one more than once!


Episode 20: Dealing With Setbacks

In this episode of The MassiveJoes Show, CEO, Joseph Mencel, & General Manager, Steve Mills, discuss setbacks and how best to deal with them. Focusing specifically on setbacks in fitness, business, career and life that are outside of your control, their conversation leads them to developing a practical 7 step guide on how best to deal with all types of setbacks. You're going to want to take notes during this episode! Enjoy!