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A podcast aimed at connecting and supporting women on lifestyle issues such as money, love, friendships, parenting, work, health and wellness, style, personal development and all that Jazz. Instagram @followyoursouls Twitter at @FollowSouls Email:

A podcast aimed at connecting and supporting women on lifestyle issues such as money, love, friendships, parenting, work, health and wellness, style, personal development and all that Jazz. Instagram @followyoursouls Twitter at @FollowSouls Email:
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A podcast aimed at connecting and supporting women on lifestyle issues such as money, love, friendships, parenting, work, health and wellness, style, personal development and all that Jazz. Instagram @followyoursouls Twitter at @FollowSouls Email:






EP 24: GirlBoss Tips: How to Define Your Niche

Are you feeling unfulfilled? Do you seem to be at a crossroads in your career? Is your passion and purpose in need of a lift? We’ve all been there and sometimes it’s difficult To figure out exactly what it is that we want to do. In this episode, I’m going to walk you through the necessary steps in order to help you identify your niche and business that you’d like to either start or get involved in. We are going to talk about your superpowers, your skills, your life stories, and how to...


EP 23: GirlBoss Tips: How To Get the Job that You Want

Sometimes landing a position or job can take some effort. Whether you are a recent college grad or just starting off in your career or even a seasoned professional seeking a change or new opportunity, I provide the 5 things you need to do in order to attract the job that you crave. Even if you don’t have the skillsets or experiences required, there are steps you can take to still be an appealing candidate to an employer hiring for your ideal position. It takes will and determination, but my...


EP 22: GirlBoss Tips: Leading or Managing Difficult Employees

It’s my first GirlBoss Tips episode! Weekly, I will share a topic around business or entrepreneurship that helps you navigate your careers. As a seasoned leader of high performing teams, there’s so much I have to share about becoming successful and reaching your goals. This week’s tip is about how to manage challenging employees. You can either take the easy way out and avoid the problem child, or you can embrace this situation as an opportunity for learning and growth. Thereby strengthening...


EP 21: Start DOING. Stop Making Excuses + Face Your Fears

Excuses threaten our growth and ability to learn and become a stronger and better version of ourselves. There’s many reasons to procrastinate: fear of change, fear of the unknown, being overwhelmed. But if you think about the most influential and successful people in life, they’ve all had to push through these excuses and fears to get to where they’ve landed. Because that’s what DOING is all about. You have a choice. Are you going to continue to side rail your dreams or your best life? Or...


EP 20: More About Me: How Birth Order Plays a Role in Relationships + Personality

As I spend time with my siblings and parents after my dad’s stroke, our traditional family dynamics start resurfacing. No matter how adult we become, we seem to fall back into the same familial roles we had as children. The middle child syndrome is real and it’s hard not to notice how growing up in the middle has created my personality and perseverance. If you’re interested in learning more about me, my childhood or are a middle child yourself, listen now! And share with others “in the...


EP 19: Manifest Money with the Right Mindset

In this episode, I share how I’ve become an energetic match to money and how you can too. Manifesting wealth is all about your mindset. You must have the belief and desire to attain a money vibration. What we give out will come back to us. The Law of Attraction and Manifestation tell us this. If you do the work to clean out your limiting beliefs and doubts then you too can become a manifestor of money and your dreams. Follow on IG: @EllarieK


EP 18: How To Get Through Tough Parenting Moments Without Losing It

We’ve all had those parenting moments when we are close to losing our minds. Raising kids can be hard whether they are young or older. Tantrums, bad decision making, school mishaps, whatever it may be, how do we stop ourselves from yelling, pulling our hair out or running for the hills? In this episode, I share some great strategies to help you contain your frustration and keep it together so you don’t completely lose your sh*t. Follow on IG: @EllarieK


EP 17: The Importance of Hope + Adopting My Children

In this episode, I discuss Hope and it’s significance to attaining our goals and manifesting our desires. I also share a a part of my story to share more about me and my life. As an adoptive mom, I love sharing my kids adoptions and how we met their birth parents and the whole journey. Enjoy! Follow on Instagram (EllarieK) or Twitter (@followsouls) !


EP 16: How to Stay Positive During Difficult and Challenging Times

It’s fairly easy to put a smile on your face or feel upbeat when things are going well in life. Staying positive doesn’t take that much effort. But when life starts becoming hard, being happy and keeping your optimism and Vibe up can require a lot of effort. While it’s challenging, staying positive and keeping your spirit high can be accomplished during trying times. I’ve laid out plan on just how to do that. Instagram: EllarieK Twitter: @Follow Souls


EP 14: Surround Yourself with Positive High Vibe People

Our inner circle of people has a direct impact on the success of our endeavors in life, relationships and business. Whom we regularly interact with either raises our level of positivity or decreases it. It’s a matter of choosing wisely the people you spend the most time with in order to protect your high vibration. Learning the significance people have on your thoughts, feelings and actions and how to manage those negative relationships is important to building and sustaining a positive...


EP 13: It’s All About the Binge

Today I make myself vulnerable and share my life long challenge with binge eating disorder and the impact it’s had over the course of my life. If you are struggling with an eating disorder such as bingeing, or know someone who is, please listen to my story. Follow on IG: @EllarieK.


EP 12: THIS is How to Become Happier. Let’s go!

Life is looking up because I’m intentionally choosing to see the joy around me and letting go of the negative thoughts and people around me. I’m learning to do more self care and to push away the mind bashing. My depression and binge eating is under control and I’m feeling great. You can do this too! Let’s go! Follow on IG: @EllarieK


EP 11: Break Negative Behaviors and Patterns to Create a Positive Mindset

Patterns become behaviors which translate into who we are as beings. When negative patterns persist, it impacts us, the way we love ourselves and the people around us. This episode is about how negative patterns can be changed and altered and new, more positive, patterns can result in a more optimistic, positive mind and life. Let’s manifest more positivity and good things through these helpful tips! Follow on IG: @EllarieK


EP 10: How to Build Wealth, Grow Money and Eliminate Debt

What if I told you that you can win with money and build wealth through basic, simple practices that anyone can implement? In this episode, I share common sense techniques that you can apply to help you focus on growing your money and meeting your goals. Follow on IG: @EllarieK


EP 09: How to Stop Comparing Yourself and Embrace a Life You Love

Do you compare your life to others? Do Social Media images of others make you feel inadequate or insecure? Do you wish you had their life, job, love, happiness...fill in the blank? Then it’s time to stop! I provide the tools to help you break free from the comparison trap and live a life you love. Follow on IG: @EllarieK


EP 08: What Are You Pretending To Not Know?

We all have inner intuition or a nagging sense that can be difficult to acknowledge or admit to ourselves. I discuss the fear we need to break through to bust out of limbo and step to the other side where a healthy mind and spirit resides. Reach out on Anchor with a voice message or at Follow on IG: @EllarieK


EP 07: Manifest What You Want

What does it mean to manifest your desires? How do you manifest? I walk through at a high level what Manifestation is, a how to and techniques for its success and my own examples. Keep your Vibe up! Follow on IG: @EllarieK


EP 06: Ditching Social Media to Enhance Your Happy

Two years ago, I decided that Social Media wasn’t serving me and therefore made the decision to get off. I am free of all Social Media and you’d be surprised at what a gift it has been. Email me at


EP 05: Fat, Hungry and Unhappy

We all have moments of unhappiness and discontent. I share some of my own struggles and how to be more mindful about choosing happy thoughts to break free from the doldrums. Email me at


EP 04: Achieve Better Health and Successful Weight Loss

It's time to reignite our health focus and weight loss goals. Let's do this together! I share tips on how to stay motivated and prepare for success. Email me at