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Realigning Your Life – The Power of Ancient Medicine & Qigong, #85

By accident, Chris Holder blended QiGong and Chinese medicine and realized that it has a great amount of efficacy for very ill people. Chris started exploring the possibility of using the same protocol for athletes at Cal Poly Pomona University, San Luis Obispo who might just need a “tune up”, and they saw great results. They started to see athletes getting stronger and faster. Bring inflammation down. Clearing their mind. Sleeping better. Having a peace of mind, and being prepared to...


Never Give Up... Not Just an Empty Line. It's REAL. Hear One Woman's Amazing Journey, #84

One woman's amazing story through the struggles of becoming a mother and how the very same struggles shaped her positive outlook on life. Shelley is married to her high school sweetheart. They started dating at the age of 16, at which age she also learned she couldn't carry her own children, due to a unique genetic condition. It was devastating but also was not the worst news at that age when other girls her age were having abortions. Somewhere in her 20s, it really hit her, because she...


The "Force" is Already with YOU. Start Realizing EPIC in Your Life Today with the Power of Intention

Lynne McTaggart discusses with us the miraculous healing effects of small groups with us and how we too can achieve this from home. Award-winning journalist and international bestselling author, Lynne McTaggart plans scientific study of the power of group intention, accidentally discovers the miraculous rebound healing power of focusing on others rather than on yourself. From causing seeds to grow faster, to reducing the effects of PTSD in people. She has done numerous studies and...


How to Love Mondays... Secrets to Leadership that Will Leave You Loving Every Day, #82

In this episode, we discussed what it takes to be a leadership expert. What it takes to excel in this world, of all different types of people, perspectives, opportunities and agendas. David Cottrell, an expert in leadership is guiding us through this process. For anyone interested in developing leadership skills, getting ahead of the crowd and a great tip for recent graduates. A must listen! We are in our 3rd year at FSL, and our most sincerest THANK YOU to all you, our dear audience and...


Uncovering the Hidden Toxins in Your Wine with Todd White of Dry Farm Wines, #81

Todd White started biohacking a few years back to eat better and become healthier. He quickly discovered that he could no longer enjoy his wine without feeling sick and getting drunk easily, or have it affect his body negatively (living just outside Napa Valley mind you!!!) He realized that the same mass manufacturing that is happening to food….is happening to WINE!!!! And it's a very well-kept secret that wine is not being grown in vineyards in chateaus in France…but being mass...


How the ‘System’ of Healthcare is Failing You and How to Outsmart It with Dr. William Davis, #80

Today’s episode is a RELAUCNH of one of our favorite episodes of Food, Success & Life for the Modern Woman. We welcome Dr. William Davis to talk about why we’re seeing so many everyday diseases and conditions, how grains have changed from what they were only decades ago, how these are contributing to our health (or lack thereof), and how to regain control of our health. Dr. Davis is author of the book Undoctored: Why Health Care Has Failed You And How You Can Become Smarter Than Your...


Cure Digestion and Melt Pounds with This Wonder Food (and it's REAL), #79

Dr. Michael Ash goes into detail explaining the correlation between gut health and chronic illnesses. He provides some very good tips to prevent and reverse illnesses and talks about one very specific fruit we should all be consuming (and is probably sitting on every countertop in America right now). He's scientifically explains everything, but in a way we can all understand. What should we know about the mucosal immune system? The vast majority of people in the world will die of...


Sugar: The Tobacco of The New Millennium with Gary Taubes, #78

In this episode of Food, Success & Life for the Modern Woman podcast, we talk with Gary Taubes about sugar. He provides a wealth of information on sugar including the effect it has had on our society for decades and some of the biggest "diet" myths. He explains the correllation between sugar and cigarettes…you must here this! And we discuss why sugar is so addictive. This is one of those episodes you will want to download and save in your podcast app to listen to over and over again. It's...


From Healthy Gut to Great Butt, #77

Dr. Grace Liu, the Gut Goddess is on the podcast with us today. We’re exploring how having a healthy gut can lead to having a great butt. Dr. Grace Liu was in conventional pharmacy with drugs and prescriptions. Like a lot of her patients, she was following the SAD (standard American diet), and was getting fatter and fatter every year. She ended up having some very bad medical problems due to birth control, adrenal dysregulation, Hashimoto’s (but naturally reversed it), and became very...


Supercharge Your Life with Algae… Seriously #76

Through the process of researching and helping her sister find a way to alkalize her body, Catharine Arnston found the huge benefits of algae, including to help cure and recover from breast cancer. The most nutrient dense food in the world, very highly used in Asia. There are 15,000 strains of algae, most of which kill you. So you can’t just stick your finger in the algae in your swimming pool. The two algae that are edible and very good for you are spirulina and chlorella. Spirulina...


Surviving the Hustle of the Holidays by Tapping Into Your Intuition, #75

Show Notes We’re in the midst of the Holiday season and we’re all getting ready to close out the year and start the new one. We’re getting busy. Our social calendars start to go on hyperdrive, which can be very fun, but also very stressful. It’s getting a little too noisy. In this episode, we get into a great discussion with Aimee Eoff to get in touch with our intuition, slow down and find the peace in this noise. Scroll down and make sure you tap into Aimee’s Grounding Meditation to...


The ONE Thing- Find Your Purpose and Maximize Your Life! with National Best Selling Author Jay Papasan, #74

Jay Papasan, National Best Selling Author of The ONE Thing, talks to us about finding our purpose in life, narrowing down our priority, taking the steps to maximize it and ultimately reaching our goals. He also talks about the difference between willpower and discipline, and gives us research based evidence that multi-tasking is not effective. What is The ONE Thing? A book about asking yourself that question and giving yourself the time to answer it. Focus on the question “What is the...


7 Life Hacks to Get You to a Happy and Healthy 100 Year Old, #73

On today’s episode of Food, Success & Life for the Modern Woman, Dr. John Day shares the journey that led him to find the Longevity Village, which inspired his years research and ultimately, to writing his book The Longevity Play: Seven Life Transforming Lessons From Ancient China. These lessons, obtained from a seven remarkable centenarians in Bapan, China, helped Dr. Day turn his own deteriorating health around. The principles Dr. Day teaches his patients and the readers of the The...


Four Steps to Instantly End Overwhelm in Your Life with Jennifer Knecht, #72

Jennifer Knecht talks how to stop, breathe and break through the overwhelm. Ever spend time worrying about the unknown. Spend time looping over a ruminating thought over and over again….even when they’re not reality. We then make them a reality by thinking about them and putting our focus into them. We all operate on deadlines. When the feeling of overwhelm starts to set in and keeps us up at night, we have to stop it in that moment. Like snapping our fingers. Meditation Meditating...


Reignite The Fire in Your Relationship…or Light a New One, #71

Today’s episode of Food, Success & Life for the Modern Woman, is one every lady out there will want to tune in to. Our guest Orion Talmay teaches us to attract our partner or reignite our passion with our current partner, by learning to first love ourselves. We talk forgiveness of our past, acceptance of our body and our stories, and ultimately to be in a place of self love and self acceptance, to open ourselves up to attract not only passion and love, but success and all things positive....


Uncovering the Hidden Toxins in Your Wine with Todd White of Dry Farm Wines, #70

Todd White started biohacking a few years back to eat better and become healthier. He quickly discovered that he could no longer enjoy his wine without feeling sick and getting drunk easily, or have it affect his body negatively (living just outside Napa Valley mind you!!!) He realized that the same mass manufacturing that is happening to food….is happening to WINE!!!! And it’s a very well-kept secret that wine is not being grown in vineyards in chateaus in France…but being mass...


No More Compromising- How to Love and Be Loved and Still Get What You Want with Katie Hendricks #69

As woman we find it very difficult to say no to any request that comes our way. We have been taught to be helfpful, and kind and be yes women. And so we have been trained to want to please everyone and put everyone else ahead of our own needs. Even when we don’t have the time or the desire to do so. Sometimes we even feel our body resisting, but we don’t listen! All this people pleasing…leads us to a live a life we may not have wanted. In today’s episode of Food, Success & Life for the...


Discover your REAL Superwoman Powers with Aimee Eoff #68

Aimee Eoff of Soul Happy teaches us how to sit in our emotions and get in touch with our intuition, to trust ourselves and our bodies. She provides quick tips for women with a lot of noise on their minds. Ever find yourself saying “I knew it”? That was your intuition calling! Listen in to learn how to find your own answers within yourself. Aimee has always been intuitive since childhood. But she really didn’t know it. In her 20s she started to realize she was really different and felt...


Weightlifting for Women with World Renowned Evidence Based Training and Nutrition Expert Menno Henselmans

This week on Food, Sex & Life for the Modern Woman…Living Primal Podcast, we are interviewing Menno Henselmans. We are talking all things weightlifting and nutrition for women. He’s super geeky (in a great way ;-)) and uses only evidence based data to backup his training and nutrition protocols for weightlifting, healthy eating plans, losing weight and burning belly fat. Differences Between Men and Women in Weightlifting and Nutrition Much of the discussion revolves around the...


Why Men Do The Things They Do, with Alison Armstrong, #53

Ever sit around with your girlfriends and talk about all those things that drive you nuts about your man??? This episode is absolutely hilarious as Alison puts all those pesky behaviors into perspective and teaches us exactly how to understand and what to do to have a happy relationship with men. It is shock full of great information and tips we can put into action immediately and improve our relationship with the men in our lives and receive what we need and expect from them. This is Part...