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F35 Mini-Ep 30: Emmys Glam and Wedding Stress

On this week’s mini episode, listeners call in with handy travel hacks for carrying on products, Kate discusses some new makeup knowledge she discovered after attending the Emmys, and a listener gives Doree a hot tip on how to get rid of keratosis pilaris (KP). Plus, they share some self-care advice for getting through the stress of wedding planning. Join the Forever35 Facebook Group This episode is sponsored by: Theme music by Riot.


Ep 38: Out of Fashion with Mari Andrew

This week, we're both having a little bit of a tough time! Kate’s dealing with negative self-talk while Doree feels like she’s turning into one big carb from dealing with constant pregnancy nausea. Then, we discuss the baffling trend of the ugliest ‘90s clothes coming back and Kate wonders if she should buy some new scrunchies and Balenciaga sock sneakers. Then we welcome New York Times bestselling Author and Instagram star Mari Andrew. She talks about the importance of a gratitude practice...


F35 Mini-Ep 29: Let's Talk About Sex, Baby (And Eye Makeup)

On this week’s mini-episode, an optometrist (and listener) weighs in on eye liner and tight-lining, and offers some makeup reccs for sensitive eyes. Kate and Doree also answer listener questions about what to do when your sex drive is at zero, and how to support a friend diagnosed with terminal cancer. Click here for the article on Ring Theory mentioned in the episode. To leave a voicemail for a future mini-ep, call 781-591-0390. You can also email the podcast at...


Ep 37: Natch Beaut Crossover! with Jackie Johnson

It's a podcast crossover episode with Jackie Johnson, the host of Natch Beaut! Jackie talks to Kate and Doree about the difference between vegan and cruelty-free products (and why both are important to her), her current skincare regimen, the importance of cutting toxic people out of your life, and the healing powers of her dog, Chooch. Plus, Kate and Doree get into their latest (cozy) reads and discuss the challenges of pregnancy-related nausea and vomiting during the first...


F35 Mini-Ep 28: Long-lasting Eye Liner & YM Magazine

In this week’s mini-episode, Kate and Doree discover the shocking truth about YM’s Say Anything column, thanks to some listeners on the inside! Then they discuss how to bring your favorite products along while traveling, recommend some long-lasting eye liner, and get a tip from a listener on dealing with fitted bed sheets. To leave a voicemail for a future mini-ep, call 781-591-0390. You can also email the podcast at This episode is sponsored...


Ep 36: Makeup Makeover with Erin Gibson

This week Kate finally deletes Facebook off her phone and strategizes ways to kick her screen addiction, and Doree devours more Poldark books and discusses why reading is her go-to for comfort and care during stressful times. Then they speak to comedian Erin Gibson, co-host of the Throwing Shade podcast and author of Feminasty. She talks about what inspired her to toss out all her makeup and skincare products, dealing with an STD and dismissive doctors, and how understanding her own body is...


F35 Mini-Ep 27: Periods Aren't Gross!

In this week’s mini-episode, Kate and Doree have a listener question about how to stop using shopping as a soothing mechanism. Then they discuss the virtues of menstrual cups vs. tampons, Kate gives out a helpful vag hack, and a listener gives out a new lipstick recommendation. To leave a voicemail for a future mini-ep, call 781-591-0390. You can also email the podcast at Theme music by Riot.


Ep 35: Perfecting Imperfection with Keiko Agena

Doree and Kate recap their first trip together, in which they shared a bed, a cabin, a bathroom with zero sound-proofing, some anxiety, and a stage at The Wing's Camp No Man's Land! Plus, Doree has a very exciting announcement! Kate and Doree also discuss some skincare and makeup products they wanted to love...but didn't. Then they welcome Keiko Agena, Gilmore Girls star and author of the new book No Mistakes: A Perfect Workbook for Imperfect Artists. She talks about the growth that comes...


F35 Mini-Ep 26: Curing A Cold and Body Positivity

Kate and Doree answer a listener's urgent question: how do you take care of yourself when you’re sick? Then they discuss staying patient while waiting to see if a product is working, and how to keep communication open when moving in with a partner. Also, a listener shares some body positivity wisdom. This episode is brought to you by: Theme music by Riot.


Ep 34: Laughter Heals with Maeve Higgins

This week Kate finally uses her foam roller and kicks her gratitude practice up a notch, while Doree deals with the social anxiety that comes with attending a popular workout class. Plus, facialist Courtney Chiusano is back with tips about sunblock, milia, and the importance of facials. Later, they welcome comedian, podcaster, and author Maeve Higgins (Maeve in America). She discusses finding out about self-care after moving to America from Ireland, the effect dating has on your...


F35 Mini-Ep 25: Big Years and Big Fails

In this week's episode, Kate and Doree get an email from a survivor of brain surgery who'd like tips on how to make the most out of her 35th year. Then, they talk about dealing with failure and how to find a lip color you actually like. To leave a voicemail for a future mini-ep, call 781-591-0390. You can also email the podcast at This episode is sponsored by:


Ep 33: The Mother Load with Angela Garbes

This week Kate accidentally blocks Doree on Instagram and works on her social anxiety, and Doree details the joy of being complimented on having the skin of a 27 year old. Then, they discuss their underwear preferences and favorite brands, and swap Spanx horror stories. Later, Kate interviews Angela Garbes about her new book Like A Mother: A Feminist Journey through the Science and Culture of Pregnancy. They have an in-depth conversation about pregnancy and childbirth (starts at 38...


F35 Mini-Ep 24: Turning 30 and Losing A Pet

In this week’s mini-episode Kate and Doree answer a listener question about turning 30 and managing the fear of getting older. They also talk about the pros and cons of one-brand skincare systems, and how to take care of yourself after losing a beloved pet. To leave a voicemail for a future mini-ep, call 781-591-0390. You can also email the podcast at This episode is brought to you by:


Ep 32: Sober Living with Melissa Broder

This week Kate and Doree discuss reading as self-care and how to make time for it when your schedule feels too busy. They also offer up their current book recommendations. Plus Kate's got new strategies for getting to bed on time, and Doree discovers the power of fandom on a recent trip to a Star Trek convention in Las Vegas. Then they welcome author Melissa Broder (The Pisces, Last Sext, So Sad Today), creator of the mega-popular Twitter account So Sad Today. She talks about using social...


F35 Mini-Ep 23: Dating Advice and Dealing With Haters

Kate and Doree answer a listener question about what to do when someone just doesn’t like you, and offer advice to a caller who's dealing with homesickness. Plus, Doree gives tips on how to stay positive whilst dating up a storm. To leave a voicemail for a future mini-ep, call 781-591-0390. You can also email the podcast at This episode is sponsored by: Theme music by Riot.


Ep 31: Current Product Obsessions with Samantha Irby

This week Kate discusses her years-long love of Phish, while Doree digs deep into Poldark and starts a new gym routine. They also reveal their favorite skincare and makeup products of the moment, including a facial sponge that's changing Kate's life and Doree's new brow pencil obsession. Then they chat with Samantha Irby, NY Times bestselling author of We Are Never Meeting In Real Life and Meaty, and creator of the blog Bitches Gotta Eat. Samantha talks about her unlikely road to becoming a...


F35 Mini-Ep 22: Eye Cream and a Simple Gratitude Practice

In this week’s mini-episode, Kate and Doree answer a listener question on how to decide what books and TV to consume when your schedule is already full. They also share a new eye cream recommendation and discuss a listener’s simple but satisfying gratitude practice. To leave a voicemail for a future mini-ep, call 781-591-0390. You can also email the podcast at Theme music by Riot.


Ep 30: Side Hustle to Main Hustle with Alisha Ramos

This week, Doree discusses the pessimism she's feeling about the IVF process and Kate shares how she set up an altar in her bedroom. Then they reveal their 6-month intentions to each other, which include career goals, spirituality, and "live, laugh, love." Seriously. Later, Kate and Doree speak to Alisha Ramos, nationally recognized leader in tech and founder of the popular newsletter Girls' Night In. She talks about quitting a high profile job to pursue her passion project, how to find a...


F35 Mini-Ep 21: Division of Labor

In this week's mini-episode, a listener asks Kate and Doree for advice on balancing household chores with a partner who's over-worked. They also discuss hair maintenance routines and what to do when your wedding makeup feels like too much. To leave a voicemail for a future mini-ep, call 781-591-0390. You can also email the podcast at Theme music by Riot.


Ep 29: Forty Isn't A 4-Letter Word with Glynnis MacNicol

This week, Kate gets passionate about her gratitude practice and Doree discusses how dressing up for the day makes her feel better inside and out. Also, they look back on their 2-month intentions and get ready to set some additional long term goals. Later, Kate and Doree welcome author Glynnis MacNicol (No One Tells You This), who talks about leading a fulfilled, happy life as a single woman without kids, the challenges of caring for an ailing parent, and the skin-saving magic of lemon...