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F35 Mini-Ep 20: TBD



Ep 28: Keep It Moving with Alexis Tirado

It’s almost Kate’s birthday! She’s participating in a gratitude challenge to honor the big day, and talks about how the practice has helped improve her overall happiness. She and Doree discuss birthday intentions, making lifestyle changes as we age, and changing the stories we tell about ourselves. Plus Doree strategizes about beating the summer heat of LA, reveals some new makeup faves, and shows Kate her dog’s adorable safety booties. Then they speak to Alexis Tirado, an award-winning...


F35 Mini-Ep 19: Hairy Situations

Kate and Doree offer advice to a listener who's working through grief after losing their father. Then, they talk about the process of laser hair removal, the potential pros and cons of weekly marriage meetings, and the glory of sometimes eating some butter. Yes, just butter. (It's delicious.) To leave a voicemail for a future mini-ep, call 781-591-0390. You can also email the podcast at Theme music by Riot.


Episode 27: Uniform Factor with Rachel Wilkerson Miller

This week Kate and Doree dig deeper into the topic of loneliness, and how it impacts all of us at different times in our lives. They also hear from listeners who detail their own struggles and stories of isolation, and swap strategies for getting through it. Then they talk to Rachel Wilkerson Miller, Buzzfeed Senior Lifestyle Editor and author of the book Dot Journaling—A Practical Guide. Rachel discusses her passion for journaling, creating a personal dress code, and why staying...


F35 Mini-Ep 18: Managing A Move and Reading Reccs

On this week’s mini-episode Kate and Doree offer up tips on how best to practice self-care while moving, give their best advice for someone new to skincare, and get a hot hemorrhoid tip from a listener. Plus they offer up book suggestions for a listener looking to escape into a good read. To leave a voicemail for a future mini-ep, call 781-591-0390. You can also email the podcast at This episode is sponsored by Milk and Honey. For 25% off your first order, go...


Episode 26: Manifest Destiny with Lauren Lapkus

Doree and Kate welcome SAG Award-winning actress and comedian Lauren Lapkus (Crashing, Orange Is the New Black) to the pod. She talks about the power of vision boards and manifesting your goals, her obsession with Riley Rose's adorably packaged products, and why she moisturizes her neck. Plus, Kate discusses her cycle of summer stress and depression, and Doree digs into the challenges of finding an age-appropriate friend group when you don't have kids. To learn more, visit...


F35 Mini-Ep 17: Workplace Fashion and Lunchtime Self-Care

In this week’s mini-episode, Kate and Doree answer a listener's question about feeling too dressed up for a new workplace and how to get over the sadness of a bad salon visit. Then they hear all about two best friends who just had a Forever35-themed self-care weekend and a group of listeners who started Self-Care Friday during their lunch hour at work. Kate and Doree give lots of great tips for lunchtime care, including the exciting new idea of a Gratitude Exchange. To leave a voicemail...


Episode 25: Creature Comforts with Aminatou Sow

Dogs! Kate and Doree start the show by talking about the wonderful dogs in their life and the importance of pets to self-care. Kate talks about the happiness of snuggling her dog Lucy every night and Doree’s started an instagram for her adorable Beau (it's @BeauregardBosch on Instagram and it's a delight). Then they welcome much-requested guest Aminatou Sow, co-host of the Call Your Girlfriend podcast. She talks about the learning to ask for help after she got cancer, scrubbing as...


F35 Mini-Ep 16: Q-Tips & Dealing with Rejection

Kate and Doree discuss their non-skincare daily routines, and how great Q-tips feel. (Yeah, we know you're not supposed to stick them in your ears, but...) Then, they answer listener questions about what to do when you feel like your story has already been told, and how to stay vulnerable when you’re faced with rejection and heartbreak. To learn more, visit Theme music by Riot.


Ep 24: Growing Your Garden with Helen Rosner

This week, Kate compares a sheer Dior lip balm with a much cheaper Maybelline dupe, and Doree gets a journal that just might meet all of her planning needs. Then the women discuss gratitude and the best ways to make it a regular practice in their lives. Later, they talk to Helen Rosner, food correspondent at the New Yorker. Helen shares about her salon anxieties, digs into her travel makeup bag, and tells us why we should all start growing corn. You can follow her at @hels on...


F35 Mini-Ep 15: Big Moves & Low-Cost Self-Care

In this week's mini-episode, Kate and Doree get right to questions. They talk about the conversations that should happen before you move in with a partner, their favorite forms of congratulatory self-care, and how to take care of yourself when you don't have extra money to spend. To learn more, visit Theme music by Riot.


Ep 23: Calming Your Anxiety with Maurene Goo

This week Kate and Doree speak to author Maurene Goo about the ups and downs of living abroad, the unexpected joys of hair brushing, and self-care as a way to calm anxiety. They also welcome back facialist Courtney Chiusano for a quick round of listener questions, in which she tackles pregnancy skincare and finding an eye cream that actually works. Plus, Kate's back from vacation, where she dabbled in bidets, struggled with body image, and masked on a plane for the first time (spoiler...


F35 Mini-Ep 14: Jade Rollers and Work Friendships

Doree and Kate handle some life-changing listener questions in this weeks mini-episode. They're thrilled by an email about simple journaling techniques and recommend notebook options for lefties. Then, they answer a question about the changing nature of work friendships and debate the efficacy of jade rollers. Theme music by Riot.


Ep 22: Just Say No with Nora McInerney

Kate and Doree are both in home organization mode. Doree reveals her birthday kitchen project, while Kate details her newly organized linen closet. Then they talk to the amazing Nora McInerny, host of the Terrible, Thanks for Asking podcast, author of It’s Okay to Laugh: (Crying is Cool Too) and founder of Still Kickin', a non-profit that supports people going through awful things. Nora talks about dealing with tragedy, how to actually help people who are grieving, and the many joys of...


F35 Mini-Ep 13: Body Waxing and Perfume

Kate and Doree give their tips for a successful and minimally awkward first-time bikini wax. Then, the women talk all about their favorite perfumes and signature scents. To learn more, visit Theme music by Riot.


Ep 21: Mother of Intention with Emily Gould

This week, Kate and Doree talk about decluttering and reorganizing different areas of their homes, and Doree reveals her renewed interest in piano. Then, the women discuss how their lives can be improved in little ways over the next 60 days and set their 2-month intentions. Then Kate and Doree talk to Emily Gould, co-owner of Emily Books and author of Friendship (and the upcoming Perfect Tunes). Emily talks about her cookbook club, motherhood, and the good and bad of the internet — and...


F35 Mini-Ep 12: Butt Seriously

Though Kate and Doree are NOT sponsored by "Big Bidet," they do answer a couple more listener questions about butt care in this week's mini-episode. Kate reveals her secret to getting rid of hemorrhoids, while Doree elaborates on post-bidet drying options. In non-butt news, the women are touched by a voicemail about a listener's mom getting inspired by the podcast to finally take time for self-care. To leave a voicemail for a future mini-ep, call 781-591-0390. You can also email the...


Ep 20: Skincare Questions with Courtney Chiusano

Kate discusses her Mother's Day spa trip (and one epic zit) and Doree talks about being transformed into a bidet believer. Then the women detail their nighttime skincare routines and products. Later, Kate and Doree speak to facialist Courtney Chiusano, who answers listener questions about all sorts of skincare topics, including moisturizers, acids, and how often to exfoliate. You can find Courtney on her website and Instagram @CourtneyChiusanoSkincare. This episode is sponsored...


F35 Mini-Ep 11: Work-Life Balance and Supplements

In this mini-episode Kate and Doree discuss the art of stocking up on a product you love. Then they answer listener questions about the hardships of finding work-life balance and taking supplements, and get schooled on the proper pronunciation of "whilst." To leave a voicemail for a future mini-ep, call 781-591-0390. You can also email the podcast at Join the Forever35 Facebook Group (Password: Serums) Theme music by Riot.


Ep 19: Old Friends with Allyson Livingstone

Kate's getting over a stomach bug and talks about sticking to self-care when you're not feeling your best. Doree details her nail care habits while Kate sets an intention to stop hating her hands. Then Doree interviews one of her best (and first!) friends, Allyson Livingstone, Brandeis University's Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Education, Training, and Development. She and Doree discuss meal-planning, her hair moisturizing routine, and how The Real Housewives is an...