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The betrayal of a family member, partner, friend, etc. can create physical, mental and emotional challenges. If left unhealed, it impacts us personally and professionally. The From Betrayal to Breakthrough podcast shares insights from the best therapists, coaches, healers, thought leaders and everyday people, combined with the findings of a recent Ph.D. study on betrayal to help you move forward and heal...once and for all.

The betrayal of a family member, partner, friend, etc. can create physical, mental and emotional challenges. If left unhealed, it impacts us personally and professionally. The From Betrayal to Breakthrough podcast shares insights from the best therapists, coaches, healers, thought leaders and everyday people, combined with the findings of a recent Ph.D. study on betrayal to help you move forward and heal...once and for all.
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The betrayal of a family member, partner, friend, etc. can create physical, mental and emotional challenges. If left unhealed, it impacts us personally and professionally. The From Betrayal to Breakthrough podcast shares insights from the best therapists, coaches, healers, thought leaders and everyday people, combined with the findings of a recent Ph.D. study on betrayal to help you move forward and heal...once and for all.






042: Falling in Love with Our Darkness w/ Brittany Blomsterberg

After finding herself in an abusive relationship that she wasn’t quite sure how she got into, Brittany Blomsterberg realized she had to fully accept and love every part of herself in order to gain the strength to put herself first and get out. Today’s episode is about loving all the parts of yourself, the good the bad and the ugly, because all of those emotions are part of what makes you, you. When you start to lose yourself you may begin to feel trapped. While your intuition is trying to...


041: Can I Ever Trust Again? w/ Dr. Debi Silber

Today I want to talk about trust because trust is one of the biggest areas affected when it comes to betrayal. I look at trust as a brick wall. This brick wall can take 10, 20, 30, 40 years to be built and to be constructed, and it can be taken down in a matter of moments. How does trust get to be rebuilt again? Brick by brick by brick, slowly, consistently and just over time, it cannot be rushed. When people say, "Trust is sacred, don't mess with trust," it's because it is so hard to...


040: Cult Living and Escaping-Through the Lens of Betrayal w/ Moira Hutchison

At 18 years old Moira Hutchison was recruited by a group of so-called spiritual healers to help her harness healing intuition, escape feelings of depression, and receive business training. What sounded like a great opportunity at first turned into the realization that she had been taken under the wing of a cult. After escaping from an extremely confusing place both mentally and emotionally, she has turned her experience into a mindfulness-based life coaching business to help people who are...


039: 7 Ways to Detox from the Major Toxins in Your Life w/ Dr. Debi Silber

Toxins are everywhere and wreak havoc on us physically, mentally and emotionally. Here are 7 ways to detox from the areas where toxins are likely to be impacting you the most. 1 - Foods: Nutrient void, chemical laden, processed “sub food” have little nutrient value and are keeping us overweight, addicted, inflamed and frustrated with the way we look and feel. Imagine how you’d feel if you detoxed from “Frankenfoods” that were loaded in chemicals and stripped of their vital nutrients?...


038: When Betrayals Become Blessings w/ Renee Richetto-Grul

Renee Richetto-Grul was betrayed by her entire community because they didn’t believe what she knew to be true. After years of sickness, recreating her life and discovering medical cannabis, Renee is finally understanding her body and creating the life she deserves. Now a holistic cannabis practitioner and functional medicine health coach, Renee is sharing her story about how alternative treatments lead to betrayal, and also saved her life. If you have ever been curious about how medical...


037: Wabi Sabi w/ Dr. Debi Silber

Hi, everybody. Today, I want to talk about a concept called wabi-sabi. I'm going to read the definition, and then I'm going to show you how this relates to betrayal. Ready? In traditional Japanese aesthetics, wabi-sabi is a worldview centered on the acceptance of transients, and imperfection. The aesthetic is sometimes described as one of beauty that is imperfect, impermanent and incomplete. It is the concept derived from the Buddhist teaching of the three marks of existence, specifically...


036: The Betrayal of the Diet Industry w/ Dr. Alan Christianson

When experiencing a time of trauma or stress, it can have a large impact on our body, especially your thyroid function, adrenal health, and metabolism. This response goes back to our early ancestors and the need for stress responses that change the way we metabolize food. Factors such as insulin, cortisol, and inflammation can all play a role in how your body is functioning. Dr. Alan Christianson understands this process and helps his patients get out of the yoyo diet cycle. If you are...


035: Success w/ Dr. Debi Silber

My research involved those struggling to heal from the trauma of betrayal. At the beginning of my participants’ healing journey, their perception of success may have involved simply getting out of bed and facing their day. Yet, as they healed, their perception of success shifted to feeling safe, secure, regaining their health, finding the gift left in the wake of their trauma, and rebuilding their life. As the perceptions of my study participants changed as they moved through their...


034: Betrayed by Your Hormones w/ Dr. Anna Cabeca

Are you sick of living with symptoms like depression, fatigue, hormone imbalance, weight gain, and chronic pain, but don’t know how to fix the root cause? Like so many other women, Dr. Anna Cabeca was experiencing this and realized her ability to reset her own hormones and improve her mind and body, and has been passionate about sharing this knowledge with women ever since. When going through a betrayal, our entire bodies are impacted. While you may be living a happy life on the outside,...


033: Groundhog Day of the Mind w/ Dr. Debi Silber

If you’ve seen the movie “Groundhog Day” Bill Murray relives the same day over and over again. At first, he’s baffled, then angry and eventually he starts having a little fun with it as he realizes he can use the day to create whatever type of experience he wants and if it doesn’t turn out well, no big deal, he can try again tomorrow. So many of us walk around with “Groundhog Day of the Mind”. With this firmly in place, we have the same thoughts which lead to the same emotions, the same...


032: How to Use Essential Oils for Emotional Healing w/ Dr. Mariza

Did you know that your sense of smell is 100 times more powerful than any other sense, or that your sense of smell is also connected to your sense of survival? All of this can impact how we are triggered by emotional trauma linked to betrayal and can be harnessed to become a wonderful healing tool. Dr. Mariza Snyder is a functional practitioner, author, and hormone expert who is passionate about essential oils and their power to heal and is here to share her wealth of knowledge with us...


031: Co-Creating In The New Year w/ Dr. Debi Silber

January 1st brings with it more than just a date change. Very often as we ring in the New Year, we ring in a desire for newness- a hope to start fresh, to reach goals where we might have fallen short, to right wrongs, and to give ourselves another shot at achieving what we envision for our lives. Our goals are often pretty noble: Then…February hits. Slowly but surely, the gyms are less crowded. The concept of writing a new script has somehow fallen into the recesses of our minds. The...


030: Stand In Your Intuitive Truth-Embrace Your Potential & Let Go Of Self-Inflicted Limitation w/ Anna Miranda

Anna Miranda is an intuitive coach who has dedicated her life to the study of metaphysics and utilizing many forms of intuitive arts to spiritually coach those looking to discover their true potential. Aside from her resume, Anna was pivotal in my betrayal journey and helped me realize the true purpose of my betrayal. Today, Anna is here to rediscover my healing journey, and share her wealth of knowledge with you. If you have ever been curious about creating soul contracts with yourself,...


029: Crisis, Tragedy, Illness or Trauma: the Perfect Catalyst or Even...a Gift? w/ Dr. Debi Silber

A crisis, tragedy, illness or trauma can blindside us. It can take the wind out of our sails, stop us in our tracks, and leave life as we know it changed forever. It can wreak havoc on us physically, mentally and emotionally as we do our best to recover from the shock from what we never saw (or weren’t willing to see) coming down the road. While these types of life-altering experiences can shake us to the core, have you ever considered the idea that they may possibly be the perfect catalyst...


028: Are You Betraying Your Authentic Self? w/ Lucinda Bakken White

Even if it looks like you have it all from the outside, what is happening inside your body can often not match up. If you are feeling trapped or stuck by societies constraints of what you ‘should do’ and are looking for a way to connect back to your inner self, Lucinda Bakken White is here to help. After leaving a dream job at IBM and sinking into a deep suicidal depression, Lucinda realized that she was denying her own authentic self in order to conform to what society told her to do....


027: 10 Steps to Cope with Betrayal w/ Dr. Debi Silber

When we think of trauma, we often think of tragic accidents, natural disasters, the death of a loved one or a frightening diagnosis. These situations rock us to our core, shatter us as well as everything we’ve counted on. Yet, there’s another type of trauma that can rock us as well and it happens when those we’ve trusted and/or were dependent upon betray us. It’s called “betrayal trauma.” For example, a child experiences sexual abuse from a relative, your partner steals the company funds,...


026: Turning from Sorrow into Sunshine w/ Suzanne Borelli

Often we define ourselves by our relationships, so when they crumble, we are left unsure how to rebuild everything around us. Suzanne Borelli experienced her own marital trauma and has worked every day to put aside her negative self-esteem to turn around her life for the better. Now in the best state of her life, Suzanne was a member of my ‘Fab 14’ Ph.D. study, and her contributions helped unveil discoveries around how women deal with betrayal. Today Suzanne is opening up about how she...


025: 7 Steps to Dealing with a Terrible Outcome w/ Dr. Debi Silber

So things didn’t go as planned. In fact, you may be looking at what seems like a colossal failure. It can be so challenging to pick ourselves up after falling down (repeatedly) and being someone known to “run enthusiastically in the wrong direction” I feel your frustration. Sure it’s easy to give up and give in but here are 7 steps I’ve found really helpful to get back up again. Acknowledge it:Ruminate don’t marinateLearn from it:Try a different approach:New rules:Forgive:Trust the...


024: Clearing the Betrayal Program from Your Energy Field w/ Sarah Weiss

There is a reason you are having physical, emotional or mental pain that you might not understand. Sarah Weiss has been trained by spiritual masters from many traditions and uses her skills and a medical intuitive to bridge the gap between symptoms and relief. After 45 years of committed learning about awakening high-frequency awareness, subtle energy perception, and self-empowerment, Sarah is empowering others to awaken their own healing capabilities through healing. Today we are diving...


023: Change w/ Dr. Debi Silber

Let’s face it, change is hard and within change is the inherent fear factor- leaving what we have known and are comfortable with and not knowing what the future will bring. Of course, the more comfortable and content we are with our situation, the more difficult it is to make the adjustment. Yet even knowing that change in life is inevitable, it very often still fills us with a sense of grief. Losing a friend, job, or opportunity understandably fills us with tremendous sadness, as a...