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Helping gamers build muscle and gain confidence at home. Be fit - game on!

Helping gamers build muscle and gain confidence at home. Be fit - game on!
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Helping gamers build muscle and gain confidence at home. Be fit - game on!






Sleep to Save Your Progress - Episode 06

In this episode, I cover why you need to focus on sleep as a main priority for building muscle, losing fat, and being overall healthy. Too many people and gamers neglect sleep or keep it as an afterthought. Well, stop it! Sleep it vital to your success in many areas of your fitness journey. Stop staying up so late and instead get the sleep you deserve! Make sure to get the 7 cheat code to build muscle and confidence over at


Follow a Workout Template - Episode 04

7 Muscle-Building Cheat Codes: In this podcast I cover why you should find a fitness template online and use that to get in shape. You do not need a personal trainer to make you a customized one. Instead, find a template, go through it, and once complete you can update it to make it your own. A trainer comes into play when you need advice on things such as how to be consistent, mind-muscle connection, daily habits, etc. That is where a trainer shines. Thousands of...


Build Your Avatar's Identity - Mindset to Success Podcast 03

7 Cheat Codes to Build Muscle at Home: Apply for 1-on-1 coaching: In this episode, I go over one of the most important factors when it comes to your success...your identity. Now I call this your Avatar's identity as I want you to picture yourself as a gaming Avatar, and what attributes you would give yourself to be the person you want to be. While this is simple, it is also tough to do correctly. Most of you will look at physical traits...


Home Vs. Gym Workouts - Which Should You Choose? Episode 02

In episode 02, I go over home vs. gym workouts. With over 3 years of experience in a gym, and over 5 years from home I am passing along my thoughts regarding which I find better overall. One thing I did leave out as a pro to gym workouts is additional weights you can use for progressive overload! While you can do this at home, it requires you to continue to upgrade your equipment if you max out what you have. Where do you workout? This question can drastically change your consistency and...


Welcome to GamerBody

Welcome to the first podcast episode of GamerBody! My name is Darrik and in this episode I cover who should listen to this podcast and how it can help you learn to build more muscle and gain confidence. All of this is done from the comfort of your home! GamerBody is focused on helping gamers build muscle and confidence. With personal experience and over 8 years of fitness training, I am now passing my knowledge to you so you can improve your life and unlock your potential. Overflowing...