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Giving life all the space it needs.

Giving life all the space it needs.
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Giving life all the space it needs.




What Just Happened - Notes on the fourth house.

This episode orbits a little around the astrological fourth house. It is not my most coherent, but if you are listening to this, it is likely because you already know and love me, and you like this part of me, too. I am fresh out of this doozy of an astrological season we have been having, and it shows.

Under Pressure: Thoughts offer belongingness to feelings

Hey there folks. Here are some updates: 1) I am going to aim to be putting out one podcast episode per month for the next little while and see how that feels. 2) This episode is in mono. I am missing the bag that has my mic in it. I am sure I put it in a very safe space. Too safe.

What's the Hold Up - part 2

In this fourth episode, focused on the second house, and second house matters, NVF talks about the difference between: 'feeling the fear and doing it anyway' and respecting the fear boundary that is cast by one's greatest and highest self. This fear work comes on the heels of understanding the difference between: 'giving everything I have' and 'giving everything I have to give'. Further discussion of the remainder principle.

What's the Hold Up - part 1

In this episode NVF and Jennifer Ata of Tidal Heart Healing have chits and chats about resources and the second house. Apologies for the recording boop.

If it was going to work that way, it would have worked already.

Out of time, but working no matter the condition. Allowing the work, no matter the condition.

It's Taurus Season - Resource Allocation and the Joy of Possibility.

An introduction to the second house and its energies: The joy of possibility and reaource allocation.

Practice No Matter the Condition

When under perceived or actual threat, the object is to survive. But it is a mistake to think that survival is a precondition to flourishing. If we are alive, we are flourishing. Engaging in acts and practices of flourishing in the direction of life itself will give us the energy and community we need in order to engage in resistance to that which we embody an inconvenience. In astrology, the first house is unique because it represents the self in all ways: the physical self, ie the...

We are Practicing...Practicing.

Okay. Filed under learning how to podcast, is not knowing how to create show notes. I believe this is the place...let's see. In this episode, I am joined by Jennifer Ata, gifted healer as well as teacher of healing and meditation. Together, we continue exploring the place where lifeforce and vitality meet. Included in this episode is a guided meditation to support our work in the First House as well as some reflections on resistance and way-through. In this episode, Jennifer and/or I make...

Consider Yourself Invited

In this episode of Gathering Space, we consider lifeforce, vitality and the closet, Tiffany Sostar from Fox and Owl Tarot introduces a monthly spread for reflection, and invites the narrative practice of collective conversation.

Ready or not...

Welcome to Gathering Space. Get. to know the project and some foundational practices of gathering space in our lives.