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Erin Busbee: Busbee Style - Fashion, Lifestyle, Beauty Influencer & Blogger

We Get to Know... Erin Busbee from Busbee Style. Erin Busbee of Busbee Style is the go-to style, beauty, and lifestyle expert for busy women juggling life. She provides simple, step-by-step guidance, through relatable, video tutorials, “How To” blog posts, and key shopping suggestions. Erin’s mission is to empower women to become more stylish and confident… focusing on both the inside and out. We absolutely loved chatting with Erin and hearing how she got her start. Before blogging, Erin was...


Carina Wolff: Kale Me Maybe - Health and Wellness Journalist and Food Blogger

We Get to Know... Carina Wolff from Kale Me Maybe. Carina is a health and wellness journalist and food blogger living in Los Angeles, California. She has a passion for journalism and is a freelance writer for big name publications including Bustle, Reader’s Digest, FabFitFun, Simplemost, Dermstore, and more. Carina attended New York University where she studied journalism and psychology. While there, she became interested in nutrition and healthy cooking. She created her blog


Sara Forte: Sprouted Kitchen - Cookbook Author, Health Food Blogger, Cooking Club

Get to Know Sara Forte from the Sprouted Kitchen Sara is a cookbook author and recipe developer located in Southern California. She works with her husband, Hugh, who does much of the photography and techie side of their successful food blog Sara did not grow up in a cooking family. She taught herself in college while working at the organic farm on campus. Later, she went on to cook for multiple caterers, restaurants, and practiced on friends in her off time. She is...


Michelle Smith: The Whole Smiths - Cookbook Author, Health Food Blogger, Whole30, Paleo

We Get to Know health food cookbook author and blogger Michelle Smith from The Whole Smiths. On this episode we are chatting with Michelle Smith, she is the creator of the popular blog, and she recently published her first cookbook, The Whole Smiths Good Food Cookbook, that is the first Whole30 endorsed cookbook. The Whole Smiths is a food blog focused on real, minimally processed, nutrient dense foods and modern day family life. Becoming a mother lit a fire in her to...


Bailey Ryan: Whole Kitchen Sink - 120lb Weight Loss Journey, Paleo & Whole30, Blogger & Business Owner

Get to Know health food blogger Bailey Ryan from Whole Kitchen Sink. Bailey is the woman behind the successful food blog Bailey has an incredible weight-loss story which she openly shares with us in this episode. After hearing about Whole30 from a good friend, she read through Melissa and Dallas Hartwig’s book It Starts With Food and was inspired to complete a round of the program. At the end of the month, she had lost 22 pounds and never felt better. Her sleep and...


Meg Josephson: With Almond Butter on Top - Vegan Recipe Developer, Mindfulness, Lucid Dreams & Meditation

Get to Know Meg Josephson from With Almond Butter on Top Meg is a vegan recipe developer and mindfulness blogger based out of New York City. This past December she graduated from Hamilton College with a self-created major, combining psychology, creative writing, and photography. On her Instagram page @withalmondbutterontop, she also shares her meditation experience and tips for starting your own practice. This fall, she will receive her meditation certification from the Nalanda Institute for...


George Bryant: Civilized Caveman - The Paleo Kitchen, Overcoming Adversity, Challenges & Triumphs

Get to Know George Bryant from Civilized Caveman. George has an incredible life story including abuse, trauma, loss, and challenges. He is very open about his ongoing struggle living with the aftermath of his past. He discusses the techniques he’s learned along the way to live a full and productive life immediately. Because of the challenges he’s faced, George has learned how to overcome great adversity. He has vision for the greatest possibilities life can offer and has created breakthrough...


Ashley "Mac" McCrary: Healthy Little Peach - Whole30, Keto, Paleo Health Food Blogger, Overcoming Depression, Weight Loss and PCOS

Get to Know health and lifestyle blogger Ashley "Mac" McCrary from Healthy Little Peach. Mac is a full-time 3rd grade teacher with a side-hustle as a health and lifestyle blogger. She’s based out of Missouri, is the wife to a handsome and loving man; Joel, and mother to two beautiful girls. Mac has struggled with her weight and self confidence her entire life. She’s tried every fad diet out there to lose weight. She’s also intimately acquainted with depression and at 26, was diagnosed with...


Hannah Sunderani: Two Spoons - Plant Based & Vegan Recipes, France Life & Healing IBS

Get to Know Hannah Sunderani, the plant-based blogger behind Two Spoons. ​Hannah was born and raised in Canada, but has recently moved to France with her husband. Her plant-based journey began in her early 20s during a time of suffering. Following the loss of her boyfriend and first love to cancer, she was completely heartbroken. This stressful time of life took a toll and led to stomach pains and digestion issues. Eventually, she was diagnosed with IBS and after a year of meds and struggle,...


Tayler McKellop: Clean Eats by Tay - Vegan & Plant Based Wellness Blogger, Yoga & Scoliosis

Get to Know plant based and wellness blogger Tayler McKellop from Clean Eats by Tay. Tayler believes the food we eat shapes every aspect of our lives from mental health to our daily performance. As a child, Tayler was diagnosed with scoliosis which lead her to yoga and an ongoing pursuit of improved health. She credits yoga for completely transforming her life and shares a lot of that journey on her blog, After spending her first two years of college in NYC, she quickly...


Samah Dada: Dada Eats - Allergy Friendly Recipe Developer and Wellness Enthusiast

Get to Know recipe developer and allergy friendly food blogger Samah Dada of Dada Eats. Samah grew up in Newport Beach, California and spent part of high school there and in London, England. She says that London is at fault for making her the foodie that she is today – from hole in the wall Indian joints to some of the most incredible Sicilian style pizza she’s ever had, London’s foodscape was transformative for her palate. She eventually moved back to California and attended UC Berkeley...


Natalie Kelley: Blonde Gone Clean - SCD, Controlling Autoimmune Disease / Ulcerative Colitis with Clean Eating

Get to Know health food blogger Natalie Kelley from Blonde Gone Clean. Natalie Kelley (known as Nat) is the blogger behind the foodie, fitness and wellness blog, Her hobbies include long distance running (she ran her first marathon in October 2017!), weight-lifting, drinking way too much coffee & green juice, eating spoonfuls of almond butter, nerding out about all things nutrition and sustainability while whipping up tasty, paleo and Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD)...


Laura Lea: LL Balanced - Cookbook Author, Certified Holistic Chef, Blogger, Recipe Developer

Get to Know cookbook author, blogger and certified holistic chef Laura Lea of LL Balanced. Laura Lea is the recipe developer and writer behind the blog LL Balanced. She’s an English Lit grad from the University of Virginia who started out pursuing a NYC career in law but quickly realized this life wasn’t for her. She found herself listless and enormously anxious, slogging away at a corporate job that she didn’t enjoy. She decided to focus on pursuing a healthier lifestyle by saying goodbye...


Clara Norfleet: Food Fitness and Faith - Clinical Dietitian, Health Food Blogger

Get to Know registered dietitian Clara Norfleet from Food Fitness and Faith. Clara is a registered dietitian and nutritionist currently based in Asheville, North Carolina. She’s passionate about informing, empowering, and encouraging women and men to build a healthy relationship with food, nourish their body, and feel comfortable in their skin. She works full-time as a Clinical Dietitian at a local hospital and spends her free time sharing nutritious and simple meals made of wholesome,...


Maddie Ross: C'est Madeleine - Balanced Health Food and Life Blogger, Overcoming Struggles

Get to Know food lover and blogger Maddie Ross of C'est Madeleine. Maddie is a lover of cooking, photography, yoga, and travel. She shares her love for all of these through her Instagram account C’est Madeleine and her blog When she is not in her kitchen making sourdough bread or a batch of brownies, she enjoys frequenting local restaurants and coffee shops in the Ann Arbor area where she attends school at the University of Michigan. From a past of disordered eating,...


Leah Goldglantz: Leah's Plate - Health Enthusiast, Yoga Lover, Journey of Wellness

Get to Know health enthusiast Leah Goldglantz from Leah's Plate. Leah is a dedicated wife, mother, and health enthusiast who lives in South Florida. She began her blog, in 2015 because healthy living and wholesome eating became a major passion and she felt compelled to share that with others. In her early 20s, she lived and worked in New York City pushing through the daily grind. As much as she loves the Big Apple, her lifestyle had her feeling exhausted and unmotivated. She...


Tinger Hseih: Dash of Ting - Health Conscious Foodie

Get to Know health conscious foodie Tinger Hseih from Dash of Ting. We loved chatting with Tinger. Her blog and social media presence at offers advise for health conscious foodies looking for a variety of tasty cultural cuisines and travel tips. With over 30 countries under her belt and her own weight-loss journey, she created delicious and healthier recipes to share with her friends. As the momentum of her blog and social media accounts have picked up, Tinger has begun...


Ronny Joseph: Primal Gourmet - Paleo, Whole30 and Gluten Free Recipes

Get to Know paleo, Whole30 and gluten-free recipe developer Ronny Joseph of Primal Gourmet. It was an absolute joy to speak with Ronny and hear all about his life. Ronny is a self-taught cook, food photographer and coffee enthusiast. In 2013, after a life of obesity, failed diets, and a broken relationship with food and body image, he began a Paleo journey that helped him drop his weight and transform his life. As part of his journey to improved health, he was inspired to launch his blog...


Kate Kordsmeier: Root & Revel - Healing your Body with Food - PCOS, Leaky Gut and Anxiety

Get to Know Kate Kordsmeier, the food writer behind Root & Revel. Kate is an established and well published food and travel journalist turned health blogger. She puts all this knowledge to work for our benefit on her website. After speaking to her the word that stood out was educator. She has so much information to share and she does it beautifully at Kate is passionate about delivering inspiration to help people live naturally, without sacrifice. After reversing her PCOS...


Emilie Hebert: Emilie Eats - Plant Based Vegan Blog & Recipes

Get to Know vegan food blogger Emilie Herbert of Emilie Eats. She tells us how watching the documentary Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret lead to her going vegan and she shares a few of her tried and tested favorite vegan foods as well. Emilie is a full-time student, blogger, plant eater, and cat ‘mom’ from Louisiana who shares all of her plant-powered recipes and tips on her blog; From sweet potato nachos to chocolate pudding pie, Emilie’s recipes show that eating vegan...