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Summer Break - We Get to Know

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Sally McKenney: Sally's Baking Addiction - Baking Guru, Cookbook Author, Successful Blogger

We Get to Know the talented and wildly popular baker, Sally McKenney from Sally's Baking Addiction . Sally is the baker, author, photographer, and all around girl boss behind the incredibly popular website Sally's Baking Addiction. Sally lives in Maryland with her husband, young daughter, and 2 rescue dogs. She's written and photographed three best-selling cookbooks, published over 1,200 recipes, went on a 20-city national book tour, and hired two assistants to help her manage the...


Catherine McCord: Weelicious & One Potato - Family Meals, Female Founder, Cookbook Author, Entrepreneur

We Get to Know entrepreneur and family kitchen guru Catherine McCord from Weelicious and One Potato. Catherine is the creator of Weelicious and co-founder of One Potato. She is the author of two cookbooks with her third scheduled for release in January of 2020. Founded in 2007, Weelicious is an online resource teaching parents how easy it is to expose children to wholesome, delicious homemade food. It's packed with recipes, information and ideas for cooking for the whole family. In 2015,...


Laura Wright: The First Mess - Natural Plant Based Cook & Recipes, Cookbook Author, Vegan

We Get to Know plant based cook and recipe developer Laura Wright from The First Mess. Laura is the creator of the vibrant plant based blog The First Mess. She lives in the Niagara region of southern Ontario and attended culinary school, but learned considerably more about food from her travels, working in restaurants, and growing up entrenched in agriculture. Her blog is packed with all the things she loves: cooking with natural and plant-based foods, eating seasonally, and sharing...


Jessica Hoffman: Choosing Chia - Plant Based Cooking, Yoga, Travel, Influencer, Chia

We Get to Know plant based recipe creator and blogger Jessica Hoffman from Choosing Chia. Jessica is the creator of the gorgeous plant-based blog: Choosing Chia. Jess is based in Montreal, Quebec and after a short stint working in the marketing world, she made a complete 180 after traveling to India to study yoga. She came away from her time there newly inspired for healthy, plant-based cooking and eating. Her blog Choosing Chia features delicious vegetarian recipes with a big focus on...


Paul Lowe: Sweet Paul Magazine - Creative Guru, Cooking & Crafting, Publisher

We Get to Know creative guru Paul Lowe from Sweet Paul Magazine. Paul is the man behind Sweet Paul Magazine, a lifestyle publication featuring food, entertaining, and crafts - all without intimidation. Paul was born in Norway and from an early age became obsessed with cooking, crafting and decorating. He founded Sweet Paul Magazine nearly 10 years ago and now splits his time between New York and Palm Springs where he continues to run Sweet Paul Magazine and Blog. We were immediately...


Morgan Harper Nichols: Poet, Artist, Writer - Inspirational and Generous Soul

We Get to Know artist and poet Morgan Harper Nichols****. Morgan is an incredibly talented and soulful writer, artist and musician. Morgan spent the first few years of her adult life as a college admission counselor, and then, as a full-time touring singer-songwriter and musician. It was on the road that she cultivated her curiosity and passion for the written word and art, and slowly began to share her art with others online. In 2017, she started a project where she invites people to...


Nicole Salceda: Eye for Pretty - Design, Interior Style, California Casual

We Get to Know interior designer and decorator, Nicole Salceda from Eye For Pretty. Nicole is the woman behind the design firm and blog Eye for Pretty. Her story is unique and an inspiration for anyone tempted to leave comfort to follow their passions. She spent 12 years teaching, a profession she truly loved and valued. Throughout the years however, she had a growing passion for interior design. She eventually made the transition and as they say, the rest is history. She is a firm...


Carrie Walder: Walder Wellness - Registered Dietitian, Recipe Developer, Health Blogger

We Get to Know wellness blogger Carrie Walder, RD from Walder Wellness. Carrie is a Registered Dietitian (RD) in both Canada and the United States and the woman behind the wellness blog Walder Wellness. She is passionate about clarifying the misinformation on nutrition, promoting healthy lifestyle change, and helping others foster positive relationships with food. Her blog and Instagram accounts are packed with recipe ideas and everyday meal inspiration to help you easily incorporate more...


Maria Koutsogiannis: Food by Maria - Plant Based, Vegan, Food Stylist, Recipe Creator

We Get to Know plant based recipe creator and food blogger Maria Koutsogiannis from Food by Maria. Maria is the Greek-Canadian from the popular blog and handle Food by Maria. She is a spunk house of authenticity and a lover of organic whole foods plus all things green and plant-based. She's is a food stylist, recipe creator, photographer, and cookbook author. Her straightforward recipes are thoughtful, healthy, and nourishing while satisfying all cravings for classic comfort food and...


Ty Pennington: America's Favorite Carpenter - Random Acts of Kindness, Battling ADHD, Author Life to the Extreme

Ty Pennington requires little introduction. He's our favorite carpenter from Trading Spaces and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and has written and just released his 3rd book called Life to the Extreme: How a Chaotic Kid Became America's Favorite Carpenter. For the first time, Ty's opening up about his remarkable life story growing up with undiagnosed ADHD. In his book, he takes you racing through his life with ADHD-infused diversions that will make you laugh out loud and maybe even cry....


Teri Turner: No Crumbs Left Cookbook - Whole30, Foodie, Author, Q&A

We Get to Know food blogger and cookbook author Teri Turner from No Crumbs Left. We invited Teri back on the podcast to discuss her new cookbook, No Crumbs Left - Recipes for Everyday Food Made Marvelous. Teri is the creator of the popular food blog, No Crumbs Left, where she delivers whole food recipes made with love and packed with flavor. She makes getting into the kitchen seem effortless and achievable, as her mantra suggest "Don't be afraid to fail, it's just food". Like her blog,...


Ceta Walters: Clark and Stone - Following Your Dreams, Mom Guilt, Fashion and Passion

We Get to Know fashion and style blogger Ceta Walters from Clark and Stone. Ceta lives in Chicago with her husband, Stephen, and two sons, Clark and Stone. She launched her blog after feeling she had lost her sense of self in the day-to-day of motherhood. Busy taking care of everyone else in her household and always putting herself last, she found she was beginning to build resentment towards her family as they were living their best life with Ceta as their assistant. She quickly learned...


Dominique Davis: All That Is She - Content Creator, Writer, Influencer, Photographer and Photo-Editor

We Get to Know content creator and Instagram guru Dominique Davis from the sensational All That Is She. Dominique (aka Dom) along with her partner Dominic McCann (aka Boy Dom) and their two daughters, Amelia and Penny, have created a powerhouse of uber cool and visually stunning photography and videos that we just LOVE - and with over 500k followers we are not alone. Based in the North East of England, what originally started as a hobby soon flourished into one of the most exciting and...


Kennesha Buycks: Restoration House - Creative, Design, Written Word, Inspiration

We Get to Know author, creative + owner,** Kennesha Buycks** from Restoration House. Kennesha is the author of the new book Restoration House: Creating a Home that Gives Life and Connection to All Who Enter. She is the wife of a veteran and as a result her family has moved 10 times in 10 years. Through that journey of upheaval, she has found strength and creativity that she would like to share with others. Kennesha is a storyteller and creative. Her book breaks ground for families trying...


Shelby Sorrel: Instagram Strategist, Content Creator & Austin Based Influencer

We Get to Know Austin based influencer and social media strategist Shelby Sorrel. Shelby has developed her brand around Austin’s diverse and thriving culinary scene. Her aesthetic is bright, warm and colorful and focuses on the enjoyable things in life like food, friends, and a fun-loving, carefree lifestyle. Shelby is an accomplished social media strategist who has managed some of Austin’s top culinary and retail institutions. She creates paid social strategy for her clients for...


ChihYu Smith: I Heart Umami - Asian-Inspired Cuisine, Paleo, Whole30 & Keto Recipes

We Get to Know asian-inspired recipe developer and blogger** ChihYu Smith** from I Heart Umami. ChihYu is from Taiwan and heavily influenced by her mother and grandparents who taught her to cook traditional family recipes. After moving to NYC to attend graduate school, she landed a very demanding job. Two years into this taxing schedule, she began feeling the longterm effects of stress and poor diet. Motivated for change, she discovered the paleo diet and saw fast and lasting results....


Courtney Swan: REALFOODology - Integrative Nutritionist, Supplements, Traveling Real Food Activist on a Mission

We Get to Know integrative nutritionist and traveling "real foodist" Courtney Swan from REALFOODology. Courtney is an integrative nutritionist and traveling "real foodist" on a mission to change the way America eats. She received her masters of Science in Nutrition and Integrative Health from Maryland University of Integrative Health. Food activists come from all walks of life, but there is generally one common theme among them all: frustration with the current food system. On a mission to...


Cristina Lynch: Mi Golondrina - Entrepreneur, Lifestyle Brand, Creative, Artisans & Mexico

We Get to Know entrepreneur and founder, Cristina Lynch, of Mi Golondrina. We were thrilled to chat with Cristina, the founder of Mi Golondrina, a lifestyle brand that bridges the gap between the modern woman’s wardrobe and the rich traditions of Mexico. Cristina has built an incredible team enlisting artisans in small Mexican communities that hand-embroider cotton shirts, dresses, pillows, and skirts. She has built sustainable and long-term relationships throughout Mexico. The result is a...


Melissa Coleman: The Faux Martha - Minimalism, Designer, Author & Cook

We Get to Know designer and cozy minimalist Melissa Coleman from The Faux Martha. We were thrilled to chat with Melissa, the talented designer, cook and creative behind Melissa lives with great intention and a level of thoughtfulness that deeply inspires. She's adopted minimalism into her daily life, her kitchen, home, and even her wardrobe. She and her husband built and designed their beautiful home which is eye candy for all of us as we follow along. Melissa has been...