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Conversations About Sexual Wellness with Dr. Caroline West

Conversations About Sexual Wellness with Dr. Caroline West




Conversations About Sexual Wellness with Dr. Caroline West




HIV and ART: Ep 118

This episode sees artist and creator Luis Noguera Benitez share his story about what it was like to be diagnosed with HIV as he was preparing to move countries, and how he uses art to educate and challenge stereotypes. Find Luis at @louisnoguera and if you are in Ireland and want a HIV test please reach out to HIV Ireland. Support us at << Back To The Glow West Podcast


Tortoise Shack Sunday Special – Call It Out

This week on the Sunday Special we were joined by Glow West podcast host, Dr Caroline West, Dublin Inquirer reporter, Shamim Malekmian and Adoption Rights and Clann Project co-founder, Claire McGettrick. It was an absolute privilege. We discuss Shamim's latest story about how migrants are denied access to life-saving organ transplants because of the possible later requirement for State supports HERE. We go into a lot of depth as to why the recent "gamechanger" on access to records for the...


186. Realities of Gender Based Violence & Potential Solutions

In this Reboot Republic Podcast Rory talks to Dr Caroline West (host of Glow West) about the issues of gender based violence in the context of the shocking murder of Ashling Murphy. Caroline talks about her own experience, and what men and society as a whole can do to end sexual violence against women. She explains about the retraumatizing of victims, and makes the point that there is a lot Government can be doing, like funding prevention and education, and funding domestic violence services...


Queer Trans Porn: Ep 117

What's it like to film queer porn- and to film porn in a pandemic? Joining me to share their experiences is queer porn performer Tommy Clifford who chats about remote filming porn in a pandemic, trans representation in porn, and filming after bottom surgery. Find Tommy at @TomdeFun on Instagram Support us at << Back To The Glow West Podcast


The Politics of Sexual Pleasure: Ep 116

There's more to the politics of sexual pleasure than just the orgasm gap. Joining me to discuss this is PhD researcher Katalin Zsiga who talks about her research and findings from around the world that identifies barriers to true sexual equality. Find Katalin at @zsigakatalin on twitter. Support us at << Back To The Glow West Podcast


2022 New Year Revolutions – Plus Your Messages

In this very special tortoise shack podcast Dr Caroline West of Glow West joins Martin and Tony to talk the year to come, the resolutions and revolutions they want to see and the things that they want to see left in 2021. You'll also hear from Green Party Cllrs (Dublin & Belfast) Hazel Chu and Brian Smyth, former UN Special Rapporteur for Housing, Leilani Farha, full-time teacher and part-time Reboot host, Jana Lyons, Solicitor and hero Simon McGarr, Tallaght Person of the Decade Senator...


Wrap it up! Ep 114

Condoms, French letters, Johnnies- whatever you call them, condoms are an important part of sexual wellness. Joining me to discuss this topic is Mike Taylor from EXS condoms who put the fun back in condoms. Mike explains what a vegan condom is, and explores the future of eco friendly condoms- reusable condoms anyone? Find Mike and EXS on IG at: @exscondomsofficial Support us at << Back To The Glow West Podcast


Sex Positivity: Ep 113

Sex positivity has become a bit of a buzzword, but what does it actually mean, and how can we be sex positive in real life? Joining me to answer this is sex educator Natasha Lama who explores how we can have a healthy attitude to sex. Find Natasha at @browngirl.sexology Support us at << Back To The Glow West Podcast


Sex Toy Gift Guide: Ep 112

Don't get boring presents this year - get some pleasure enhancing gifts for your loved one - and for yourself! Here to help you choose the right toy for you is the legendary Shawna Scott from who sells body safe sex toys for all. Treat yo self this year! Support us at << Back To The Glow West Podcast


Sexting Season: Ep 111

Online flirting can be just as fun as in person flirting, and hey with covid we have to get used to it! To help with getting you all hot and bothered via your phone, this episode explores the world of hot hot hot sexting with the founder of sexting app Amorous. Elizabeth Dell talks to us about how puzzles, games and scripts can turn sexting into a super hot experience! Support us at << Back To The Glow West Podcast


Slut Pages- WTF?? Ep 109

Ever heard of the term 'slut pages'? To discuss this disturbing trend, I'm joined by Professor Megan Maas who researches this area. The use of violence as a bonding tool is disturbing and we need to examine this. The role of social media, online porn sites and victim blaming is also discussed. Find Megan at Support us at << Back To The Glow West Podcast


Sexual Pleasure- Live and in Person! Ep 108

Glow West was finally live in front of a lovely audience, and I had the perfect guest joining me to pop this cherry. Aoife Drury, sex therapist and PhD candidate joined me to explore what sexual pleasure is, how we can achieve it, and what really goes on in a sex therapy session. Find Aoife at Support us at << Back To The Glow West Podcast


Sexual Racism: Ep 107

What is sexual racism? Here to discuss this with me is activist and writer Pradeep Mahadeshwar. Born in India and living in Ireland, he has experienced sexual racism on a structural and individual level. From dating apps to social groups, exclusion and sexual racism can harm people. Find Pradeep at @queermyths on Instagram. Support us at << Back To The Glow West Podcast


Sex in the Sixties: ep 106

The swinging sixties - a wild time, everyone having fun, right?? Eh... not quite. Lifting the lid on what sex was really like in the 1960s is Peter Doggett, author of 'Growing Up: Sex in the Sixties'. Peter chats to me about how young girls were sexualised and abused by rock stars, and explores how the idea of the 'teenage groupie' really came to be, and how the media played a role in glamourising this violence. Peter's book is out now in all good book shops! Support us at...


Sex, Cancer and Pleasure: Ep 105

For those of us who experience cancer, sex can be a tricky topic, and certainly one that there is not a lot of information on. Thankfully, sexologist Tess Deveze is here to talk to us about how we can incorporate sex and intimacy back into our lives during and after cancer. Tess has just written a book on this topic called 'A Better Normal; Your Guide to Rediscovering Intimacy After Cancer' which I highly recommend. Support us at << Back To The Glow West Podcast


Incels and the Internet: Ep 104

We might have heard of the term incels, but what do they actually do and should we be afraid of them? Joining me to discuss this is Dr Debbie Ging to explore what incels are, their connection to misogyny, and how they can get out of this mindset. Support us at << Back To The Glow West Podcast


Popping Our Way to Pleasure: Ep 103

Curious about poppers and using them during sex? You're not alone, and author Adam Zmith has just published an excellent book about the history of poppers and their connection to sex, particualry within the gay community. Enjoy this bonus episode and grab a copy of Adam's book 'Deep Sniff: A History of Poppers and Queer Futures', out now! Support us at << Back To The Glow West Podcast


Consent and Kids: Ep 102

One of the most common questions we hear is ''how do I speak to my kids about consent?', and at what age. To explore this, I'm joined by educator Nadine Thornhill who works with parents to talk to their kids about sex, consent, and how to prevent sexual violence. Nadine talks about making awkward conversations engaging for kids and how to make it age appropriate. Find Nadine at Support us at << Back To The Glow West Podcast


What’s in a Sex Toy? Ep 101

Do you know what your sex toys are made of? some sex toys are made of material that can melt, which is definitely not what you want going in or on your body! Thankfully, sex toys will now be regulated and here to talk me through this change is sex toy expert Stu Nugent who explains how sex toys can change the world (and your personal safety!) Find stu at @__batCountry on twitter. Support us at << Back To The Glow West Podcast


Exploring Sexual Wellness: Ep 100

We speak a lot about sexual wellness on the podcast, but what actually is sexual wellness, and how can we enjoy it? For the 100th episode, I am lucky to be joined by Jay Watts who explains how we can all increase our sexual pleasure and wellness, and identify barriers in order to tackle them. Head over to @glowwestpodcast on instagram to enter the 100th episode giveaway too! Find Jay at Support us at << Back To The Glow West Podcast