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Conversations About Sexual Wellness with Dr. Caroline West

Conversations About Sexual Wellness with Dr. Caroline West




Conversations About Sexual Wellness with Dr. Caroline West




Fatphobia and Dating: Ep 136

Fatphobia takes many different forms, from medical access to accessibility when it comes to sex toys and lingerie. Joining me to discuss this is sex educator in training Emma Martin Kelly. Emma chats about her personal experiences and explains what discrimination can look like when you are fat. (The IG live Emma is referring to with Michelle McCormack from Pure Filth podcast- worth checking out!). Find Emma on IG at @iemmahuman Support us at << Back To The Glow West...


Stealthing and Stereotypes: Ep 135

Some of us might be familiar with the term 'stealthing', but it can have a few different interpretations that can impact how victims understand what has happened. Joining me to discuss this is Alex Black from @activeconsent who chats about stealthing, reproductive coercion, and pop culture. Support us at << Back To The Glow West Podcast


Clit Piercings: Ep 134

The clitoris is an organ of wonder, and some people also wonder what it's like to get it pierced. Here to explain what its like to actually do this is sex educator Hannah Davis. Find Hannah at @hannahgotthe_d Support us at << Back To The Glow West Podcast


Sex & Culture in SE Asia: Ep 133

South East Asia is a vast place of around 10 different countries, but there are a lot of similiarities to Ireland in how sex is discussed and taught. Joining me to discuss this is Jingjin Liu from, a sexual wellness initiative who works to help people have better sex lives on their terms. Support us at << Back To The Glow West Podcast


Surviving Sexual Assault: Ep 132

Surviving Sexual Assault: Ep 132 Many people many experience sexual assault, and it is important to know that there there is so much help out there for people to reclaim power in their lives. Joining me to discuss their amazinD inclusive resources is Desdemonda Dallas from Survivors Toolbox, who provide a treasure trove of resources for survivors. Find them at @thesurvivorstoolbox or Support us at << Back To The Glow West Podcast


Government Funded Porn: Ep 131

Imagine if your government paid for public access porn- well, Germany did just that! Joining me to discuss what this looked like is feminist pornographer Paulita Pappel, who directed this film. She talks about the content and responses, while explaining how important open conversations about sex and porn are. Find Paulita and the film at Support us at << Back To The Glow West Podcast


Sex and Cheese Addiction: Ep 130

A controversial definition, but we do need to talk about sex addiction. Is it real? What harm does it do? Joining me to discuss this is Silva Neves who works in this area and is the author of of Compulsive Sexual Behaviours, A Psycho-Sexual Treatment Guide for Clinicians. Find Silva at or Support us at << Back To The Glow West Podcast


Sex Work Laws: Ep 129

There are different ways to approach the issue of sex work, but which one might be the best way? Joining me to discuss this is sociologist Dr Niina Vuolajarvi, who researches sex work and migration.She explains the differences between the Nordic model, legislation, and decriminalisation. Support us at << Back To The Glow West Podcast


Queer Pop Music- Live! Ep 128

Joining me for the second live Glow West podcast is PhD candidate David Carroll, who is studying queer pop music in the 80s. David chats to me about how Elvis set the scene for the 80s, how MTV changed the game, and how he surprised Pete Burns with some champagne at RTE.(Correction note: Lori was 15, not 13 as mentioned in our discussion re Bowie) Support us at << Back To The Glow West Podcast


South Asia and Sex: Ep 127

South Asia might seem on the surface to be quite conversative- but did you know there is a South Asian porn industry, hijab festivals, and thriving queer communities? Joining me to shine a light on this topic is Sangeeta Pillai, host of the amazing Masala Monologues podcast and founder of Find Sangeeta on twitter at @soul_sutras Support us at << Back To The Glow West Podcast


Lube it up! Ep 126

Lube is one of the best inventions in this world - once you use the right one! Joining me to discuss why its so important to use the correct lube that is body safe is co-founder of Hanx lube, Sarah Welsh. Sarah also explains what its like to be in the femtech world, and talks about the important of sexual wellness products for all. Find Hanx at @hanx_official on twitter Support us at << Back To The Glow West Podcast


Coming out as a sex worker: Ep 125

Many sex workers keep their activity to themselves, which can be stressful and isolating. Coming out can be an option, with privilege attached. Joing me to discuss how she is coming out as a sex worker is Melissa Mermin. Melissa speaks about her personal experiences as a sex worker and coming out to her family. Find Melissa at @naked_therapist on twitter Support us at << Back To The Glow West Podcast


Asking for Anal: Ep 124

Anal is for everyone and sure if you're spicing up your sex life, amazing anal sex can be a lot of fun. Joining me today to walk us through how to have the best anal sex of your life is Dean O'Reilly, who hosts bottoming classes and is a student union leader. Find Dean at @accidentalrainbow Support us at << Back To The Glow West Podcast


Sex Work & Safety: Ep 123

Recently, Amnesty International released a report on the experiences if sex workers in Ireland since the change in the law in 2017. To discuss this report I'm joined by current sex workers Poppy Devine and Roman, (@redumbrellafront), former sex worker Adeline Berry (@adeline_whitney), and Amnesty worker Anna Blus (@annamblus). You can find the report here: HERE and a blog post here: HERE Support us at << Back To The Glow West Podcast


Feminist Porn: Ep 122

Can porn be feminist? What could make porn feminist in the first place? To answer these questions, Im joined by feminist pornographer Paulita Pappel, found of and She explains what feminist porn looks like, and how we can support sex workers. Find Paulita at @paulitapappel on twitter Support us at << Back To The Glow West Podcast


Supporting Trans POC: Ep 121

We know that trans people face additional challenges in life, but what about trans people of colour? Joining me to discuss this is Sabah Choudrey, author of Supporting Trans People of Colour. Find Sabah at @sabahchoudrey on twitter and Support us at << Back To The Glow West Podcast


21st Century Sex Education: Ep 120

What kind of questions about sex do people ask when they get to ask anonymous questions? Here to answer this is Grace Alice O'Shea, author of Sex Educated - a brand new book providing inclusive sex education for young people and adults. She also outlines what sex coaching is, and how we can enjoy our digital and in-person sex lives. Find Grace at Support us at << Back To The Glow West Podcast


Vigils and Violence: Ep 119

Last week an online vigil was held to remember Ashling Murphy, recently murdered by a man. However, this vigil was disrupted in the most disgusting way. I talk to three of the women involved in this vigil- Christine O'Mahony, Rosemarie Maughan, and Evie Nevin who share their experiences. This is an upsetting conversation so there are trigger warnings for sexual violence and gender based violence. Support us at << Back To The Glow West Podcast


HIV and ART: Ep 118

This episode sees artist and creator Luis Noguera Benitez share his story about what it was like to be diagnosed with HIV as he was preparing to move countries, and how he uses art to educate and challenge stereotypes. Find Luis at @louisnoguera and if you are in Ireland and want a HIV test please reach out to HIV Ireland. Support us at << Back To The Glow West Podcast


Tortoise Shack Sunday Special – Call It Out

This week on the Sunday Special we were joined by Glow West podcast host, Dr Caroline West, Dublin Inquirer reporter, Shamim Malekmian and Adoption Rights and Clann Project co-founder, Claire McGettrick. It was an absolute privilege. We discuss Shamim's latest story about how migrants are denied access to life-saving organ transplants because of the possible later requirement for State supports HERE. We go into a lot of depth as to why the recent "gamechanger" on access to records for the...