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Gluten-Free Meal Delivery Services Part II

Today’s podcast is all about meal delivery services. For those of you who have been listening since the beginning of our Podcast, you may remember the one last spring where we talked about Hello Fresh, Blue Apron and Terras Kitchen. We received so many great comments about that episode that we decided to do an update and include even more services that offer gluten-free meal delivery options including Plated and Sunbasket. We know how busy you all are and how helpful it can be to find some...


Gluten Contamination at School - Is It Possible

Can kids be exposed to gluten at school? During this week's podcast, Vanessa and Joyana discuss an exciting project that hopes to determine the potential levels of gluten exposure for kids with celiac disease in a school setting.


Pregnancy Complications and Celiac Disease

Today’s podcast is about how celiac disease may affect pregnancy for women. Our guest is the Dr. Louise Grode from the Department of Medicine at Horsens Regional Hospital in Denmark who is the lead author on a new study published in the journal Human Reproduction. The study team looked at the chance and timing of pregnancy as well as potential complications including live and stillbirths, molar and ectopic pregnancies and miscarriages, and found an increased risk of stillbirths and...


Parenting a Child with Celiac Disease

Today’s podcast is all about parenting a child with celiac disease. We know this is a super important topic to many of our listeners - you're working everyday to help your kids understand the lifelong need for a gluten-free diet and how to navigate different social situations. Thankfully there are many parents who have gone through this already and two of them are joining us in the studio today to talk about their journey of raising kids with celiac disease. We have Katie Rothenberg who is...


Iron, Calcium, and Vitamin D - Naturally Boosting Nutrition in Your Diet!

Today’s podcast is all about natural ways to boost important nutrients in our diet, specifically iron, calcium, vitamin D and magnesium. This is especially important for patients with celiac disease who may be nutrient deficient. To help us dive into the topic, we have Dietitan Kathleen Walters in the studio to talk about these specific nutrients and foods that contain lots of them.


Teen Talk! Gluten-Free Advice for Teens from Teens!

Today’s podcast is very special! We are excited to welcome two of our teen mentors from the Celiac Program at Children’s National onto the show! Joining us in the studio are Dana Musser and Miranda Neusner. Both were diagnosed with celiac disease at a very young age and have expertly navigated their gluten-free diets through various stages of childhood. They are loaded with awesome tips for teens living a gluten-free lifestyle and we so thrilled that they are sharing their experiences about...


Becoming a Gluten-Free College Kid

Today’s podcast is a very special interview with a family who has been close to our celiac program for over a decade! Abe Kuhn was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2001 when he was just a tiny little boy with many health issues. Now, 17 years later, Abe is a thriving college student, basketball player and a peer mentor children with celiac disease. Today Abe is going to talk to us about the college search process and what the last two years have been like for him being on his own at school....


Inspiring Celiac Kids Through Reading

Today’s podcast is about empowering young children with celiac disease to own their celiac disease through reading. Author Kaitlin Puccio is in the studio to talk with us about her book, The Adventures of Celia Kaye and her mission to encourage children with celiac disease not to see their condition as a limitation, rather as an inspiration. Her book is about a little girl has celiac disease and believes she needs to hide it from her friends. She goes to great lengths to keep her diagnosis a...


From Your Belly To Your Brain

Today’s podcast is about the connection between our bellies and our brains. While it seems like the two are totally different parts of our bodies, they are actually very closely connected and the food we eat can dramatically affect how our brains function. To help us better understand this fascinating topic, we have Dr. Ilana Kahn in the studio. Dr. Kahn is the Clinical Director of Neuroimmunology at Children’s National Medical Center and is currently leading a research team investigating...


Devices to Measure Gluten in Stool and Urine

Today’s podcast is about new devices that will allow people to measure the amount of gluten they are consuming without drawing blood and instead looking at gluten that is excreted in urine and stool. To help our listeners better understand these devices, how to use them and current research underway to validate their effectiveness, we have Dr. Jocelyn Silvester from Boston Children’s Hospital in the studio. Dr. Silvester is a leader in the celiac disease community and just finished a...


Ask the Gluten-Free Expert! Your Biggest Questions Answered

Bring on the questions! We get so many questions here at Children's National that we decided to dedicate and entire podcast episode to answering them! Vanessa and Joyana will answer questions about gluten in medications in the emergency room, package labeling on cookies, kissing your boyfriend, proteins in grains, cleaning your kitchen, gluten in laundry detergent and the use of hand sanitizer at school. If more questions come up, be sure to send them to


Anorexia, Bulimia and Celiac. What’s the Link?

You may have seen the recent headlines about a new study showing that women with celiac disease could be twice as likely as the general population to develop anorexia. For this particular study, researchers looked at more than 100,000 women and found that women over the age of 20 with celiac disease were doubly likely to develop anorexia later in life and women diagnosed before the age of 19 were nearly 5 times more likely to be diagnosed with anorexia than healthy women. To help us better...


Summer Camp the Gluten-Free Way!

For many children, attending summer camp is the best part of their childhood. They make lifelong friends, go on incredible adventures and eat tasty treats like s’mores around the campfire! For some kids, being diagnosed with celiac disease and needing to be on a gluten-free diet can put a slight snag in summer plans. But, today’s guest is here to tell us that the gluten-free diet should not interfere with your summer fun…and in fact, every child can experience one of childhood’s most fun...


From Your Gut to your Heart

Recent studies have shown that people living with celiac disease have an increased risk of developing heart disease. One study published last year that looked at adults - found that patients with celiac disease were almost twice as likely as healthy individuals to develop cardiovascular disease. Another study published in the Journal of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition looked at adolescents and found that by age 17, the prevalence of risk factors for heart disease was higher in...


Are You Too Strict with Your Gluten-Free Diet?

We all know that the only treatment for celiac disease is a lifelong gluten-free diet and that cheating regularly can lead to long-term health complications like malnourishment and other autoimmune disorders. We hear our doctors telling us constantly that even a small amount of gluten can cause damage to the gut, but is it possible for our gluten-free diets to become overly strict and lead to being unhappy? Perhaps… According to a new study published in January, people with celiac disease...


College Dining the Gluten-Free Way

When Vanessa was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2004, going to college on a gluten-free diet was a difficult experience. She remembers the extremely limited options available at her university and how hard it was to find safe food. But, 14 years later, times have definitely changed and now colleges and universities are developing outstanding gluten-free programs to keep their students with celiac disease well fed and very culinarily happy! To talk about going to college on a gluten-free...


Do Vaccines Contain Gluten?

Do vaccines contain gluten? During today's podcast we're going to discuss whether or not vaccines are safe for people living with celiac disease. While the truth is that vaccines do not contain any form of gluten, it turns out that according to a new study, about one quarter of people with celiac disease and more than 40 percent of people with a gluten sensitivity do not believe that vaccines are safe for people on a gluten-free diet. And, a large percentage of these folks are forgoing...


Controversies in Celiac Disease

There is so much information floating around the world wide web about celiac disease and so much of it is conflicting. We're talking about things like “does my child need a biopsy if they have a positive blood test for celiac disease. It seems like such an invasive procedure that they don’t really need.” Or, “what does genetic testing actually mean?” And, should doctors across medical disciplines be routinely screening for celiac disease even if their patients don’t have obvious symptoms. To...


FDA Moves to Advance Labeling of Gluten in Medications

When you’re diagnosed with celiac disease, you typically think of gluten as being in food, but it’s important to remember that gluten can hide in other products like prescription drugs, over the counter medications and nutritional supplements. Until recently, few regulations were in place to help consumers with celiac disease identify gluten in their medicines. But new steps by the FDA may help make the process easier to determine the gluten-free status of a drug. To help us discuss this...


Research on Infants Aims to Identify Why We Get Celiac Disease

Why do some people develop celiac disease and others don't? We know there is a genetic component with the HLA genes and some environmental factors, but to date, researchers are still unclear why exactly the disease develops. To help dive into this topic, we have Dr. Maureen Leonard, the clinical director for the Center for Celiac Research and Treatment at Massachusetts General Hospital in the studio. Dr. Leonard is leading a team of researchers as they investigate how our genetics and...