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A Look at Developments in Psycho-Gastroenterology

The field of psychology and how it relates to gastroenterology is rapidly expanding and today we are going to talk all about it...or more specifically, psycho-gastroenterology. To explain the intricacies of this unique field, we’ve got Dr. Shayna Coburn from our Celiac Disease Program at Children’s National in the studio. Dr. Coburn runs the psychological services for our Program which includes offering consultations and empirically-supported interventions to help families navigate the...


Teen Talk with Chloe

One of the most difficult times to be diagnosed with celiac disease is during your teen years. We see patients at Children's National on a regular basis in the clinic struggling with the challenges of being a teenager and dealing with the gluten-free diet at the same time. To help our teens feel more connected and supported, we have our awesome teen mentor Chloe in the studio with us. One of Chloe's summer projects was working on a guide for teens and she's here to talk all about it!


Hot Topics at Digestive Disease Week - Episode 2

There were hundreds of presentations at Digestive Disease Week and Vanessa and Sandy were there for many of them. They've pulled together some of their favorites and in this episode are talking about a lively debate between Dr. Edwin Liu from Colorado Children's Hopital and Dr. Benjamin Lebwohl from Columbia University's Celiac Disease Center about the pros and cons of mass screening for celiac disease. Additionally they dive into a study looking at the economic impact of celiac disease in...


Live from Digestive Disease Week - Celiac Patients Deserve a Medication

Vanessa and Sandy are live at Digestive Disease Week meeting with doctors, researchers and patient advocacy groups about the latest and greatest developments about celiac disease and related autoimmune conditions. In this Live from Digestive Disease Week episode they sit down with Dr. Jocelyn SIlvester from Boston Children's Hospital to discuss a quote from Dr. Peter Green, "Patients with celiac disease deserve a medication." Tune in to see what they have to say about this bold statement and...


Variance in Reasons for Adhering to a Gluten-Free Diet at School

Today’s podcast hits on an important topic that comes up regularly in the media. We hear lots of news reports about people going on a gluten-free diet when they don’t need to be medically. We most often think about this as happening in adults, but a study led by a team of researchers at the Mayo Clinic now reports this is happening amongst school age children as well. To share more with our listeners about this controversial topic, I have Dr. Imad Absah in the studio with me. Dr. Absah is a...


Benefits and Barriers of Using a Gluten Sensing Device

We're certain that many of our listeners have heard the debates about the merits and downfalls of having a gluten sensing device, like Nima. Do they actually provide peace of mind or make users even more anxious? And, do they really work? We're here today to discuss the results of a recent study that measures exactly that. To share more with our listeners about this controversial topic, I have Dr. Randi Wolf in the studio with me. Dr. Wolf is a faculty member and researcher at Teachers...


Schools and Gluten-Free Food - Navigating the System

This week's podcast is about an issue we see frequently in the Celiac Clinic at Children's National. Getting access to safe gluten-free food in schools. For the last 10 years, our Celiac Program has worked with patients and families to set up accommodations in schools and there is a huge range in the availability and accommodations offered in the school districts local to us here in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia, but also around the country. Listen in as Vanessa and Joyana discuss...


Cruising the Gluten-Free Seas

Today’s podcast is an exciting one. We've talked about gluten-free traveling before and the risks associated with it. But today we're going to discuss an almost entirely carefree travel opportunity. Can you even imagine boarding a cruise ship where you know they are stocked up with gluten-free options? To share more with our listeners about this amazing opportunity, we have Maureen Basye in the studio. Maureen is a celiac travel specialist and the founder of the inaugural gluten-free cruise...


The Link Between the Microbiome, the Gut and the Brain

Today’s podcast is going to shed light on the concept of the microbiome and its possible link to the brain and disorders like dementia and Parkinson's. For years we've heard that our diets could possibly be linked to different diseases...but connections between our guts and our brains? How can that be? To help our listeners better understand what the microbiome really is and these possible connections to brain disorders, we have Dr. Aline Charabaty in the studio. Dr. Charabaty is the...


New Test to Diagnose Celiac Disease with No Gluten Challenge

Today’s podcast is about advances in new ways to diagnose celiac disease. One thing we struggle a lot with is making sure that people are getting a proper celiac disease diagnosis before starting a gluten-free diet. Often times patients will go on a gluten-free diet to try it out to see if symptoms improve…they all of a sudden feel great so go to the doctor to get tested, only to learn that they can’t actually get tested for celiac unless they are eating gluten…..But a new test is hoping to...


Ask the Gluten-Free Experts

Today's podcast is dedicated to our wonderful patients and families at Children's National. A few months ago, we did a Hot Topics podcast answering some of the most common questions we hear in the Clinic. That podcast was so well-received, we wanted to follow up with another one. So, we asked you all to email us your questions and you definitely did! Here are all of the answers! Thank you to the Walter and Jean Boek Global Autoimmune Institute for their ongoing support to make this podcast...


Genetics and Disease Development

Today’s podcast is about a topic that that is very important in the lives of people with celiac….genetics. Close to 40 percent of the population in America carries these genes, but only 3 percent of them go on to develop celiac...why would they do so? And, we have lots of families who regularly ask us if they carry the gene if they should just go gluten-free to prevent getting celiac disease. Is this right? To help our listeners better understand celiac genetic testing, I have Dr. Benny...


Globally Gluten-Free! G-Free Dining Destinations Around the World

Traveling is such an incredible part of life. There are so many sights around the world and thankfully, there are also lots of places with amazing gluten-free options. To discuss some of the best (and worst) destinations, we've got the Gluten-Free Globetrotter Erin Smith! She's an avid travler and has lots of wisdom to pass along! Thank you to the Walter and Jean Boek Global Autoimmune Institute for their ongoing support to make this podcast possible.


Budget Bytes! Tips for Saving Money with a Gluten-Free Diet

With $6.00 loaves of bread and pasta that's double the price as it's gluten-containing counterparts, sticking to a gluten-free diet can become quite an expensive task. To help our listeners keep some extra change in their pockets, we've got Beth Moncel of Budget Bytes in the studio today to discuss lots of money saving tips for gluten-free consumers. Thank you to the Walter and Jean Boek Global Autoimmune Institute for their ongoing support to make this podcast possible.


Gluten-Free Meal Delivery Services Part II

Today’s podcast is all about meal delivery services. For those of you who have been listening since the beginning of our Podcast, you may remember the one last spring where we talked about Hello Fresh, Blue Apron and Terras Kitchen. We received so many great comments about that episode that we decided to do an update and include even more services that offer gluten-free meal delivery options including Plated and Sunbasket. We know how busy you all are and how helpful it can be to find some...


Gluten Contamination at School - Is It Possible

Can kids be exposed to gluten at school? During this week's podcast, Vanessa and Joyana discuss an exciting project that hopes to determine the potential levels of gluten exposure for kids with celiac disease in a school setting. Thank you to the Walter and Jean Boek Global Autoimmune Institute for their ongoing support to make this podcast possible.


Pregnancy Complications and Celiac Disease

Today’s podcast is about how celiac disease may affect pregnancy for women. Our guest is the Dr. Louise Grode from the Department of Medicine at Horsens Regional Hospital in Denmark who is the lead author on a new study published in the journal Human Reproduction. The study team looked at the chance and timing of pregnancy as well as potential complications including live and stillbirths, molar and ectopic pregnancies and miscarriages, and found an increased risk of stillbirths and...


Parenting a Child with Celiac Disease

Today’s podcast is all about parenting a child with celiac disease. We know this is a super important topic to many of our listeners - you're working everyday to help your kids understand the lifelong need for a gluten-free diet and how to navigate different social situations. Thankfully there are many parents who have gone through this already and two of them are joining us in the studio today to talk about their journey of raising kids with celiac disease. We have Katie Rothenberg who is...


Iron, Calcium, and Vitamin D - Naturally Boosting Nutrition in Your Diet!

Today’s podcast is all about natural ways to boost important nutrients in our diet, specifically iron, calcium, vitamin D and magnesium. This is especially important for patients with celiac disease who may be nutrient deficient. To help us dive into the topic, we have Dietitan Kathleen Walters in the studio to talk about these specific nutrients and foods that contain lots of them. Thank you to the Walter and Jean Boek Global Autoimmune Institute for their ongoing support to make this...


Teen Talk! Gluten-Free Advice for Teens from Teens!

Today’s podcast is very special! We are excited to welcome two of our teen mentors from the Celiac Program at Children’s National onto the show! Joining us in the studio are Dana Musser and Miranda Neusner. Both were diagnosed with celiac disease at a very young age and have expertly navigated their gluten-free diets through various stages of childhood. They are loaded with awesome tips for teens living a gluten-free lifestyle and we so thrilled that they are sharing their experiences about...