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Kimberly Pulito is a High Performance Coach who helps people with ridiculous ambitious dreams & goals level up their habits to take them from dreamers to doers.

Kimberly Pulito is a High Performance Coach who helps people with ridiculous ambitious dreams & goals level up their habits to take them from dreamers to doers.
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Kimberly Pulito is a High Performance Coach who helps people with ridiculous ambitious dreams & goals level up their habits to take them from dreamers to doers.






Take Action Of Your Dreams

How many of you have a really long list of goals that maybe you set out to accomplish in 2018 that you did it? Maybe you're wanting to accomplish those things in 2019? Today we're going to talk about ‘fish or cut the bait.’ Do what you said you're going to do, or just take it off your list completely. 2019, I want that to be your year get those things done. So if you're list was like mine, it was overwhelming. There were a ton of things on my 2018 list that I wanted to get done. Then there...


Lead Your Own Life

You need to be blazing your own trails! You need to be a leader in your own life! It’s so easy to say that, “yeah, I'm blazing my trail. I am walking my own path!” but really zoom out and see. Are you really? My role-play coach said, “You know what, let's just zoom out and really look at your life. When in your life were you in the best shape?” It ended up being five years ago before I had kids. I was living alone and I was actually eating a vegan diet. I was cycling every single day. I had...


Part 4: Hone Your Business Habits

We only have seven more business habits to cover and some of these are really going to hit home for some of you, so let's jump in it to the first habit! 1 BEING GRATEFUL. Something I really want you guys to put into place is a way for you to document the things you’re grateful for every single day. 2 RESPECT OTHERS. Just be kind. Be considerate of the people around you. They even say, it takes more energy and more effort to be mean. 3 IMPROVE YOUR SKILLS. Learning does not have to stop after...


Part 3: Hone Your Business Habits

Welcome back to part three of business habits. I have seven more business habits to share with you to share with you to get your business back in line, in gear, and having you see success. POSITIVITY. It’s so important to focus on positivity, especially if you are a business owner. I encourage you to be persistent and be consistent. If you do those two things, eventually you will see success. 2. CONTRIBUTE YOUR TIME. Find a way to donate your time. Encourage your team & clients to come with...


Part 2: Hone Your Business Habits

Here are seven more business habits to implement in your life and for your business to see results fast. 1 80/20 RULE. 80% of the results comes from 20% of the work. Only two out of 10 tasks are going to be revenue-generating activities. Look at your tasks and hone in on those top 20%. Same thing goes when working with a team. Identify those 20% and pour into them. 2. TRACK, ANALYZE, & REDIRECT. Track what you’re doing, document what you did that day, what worked, what didn't. You can make...


Hone Your Business Habits

Our daily habits govern how we think, feel, act & they also have a major impact on our potential for success. 1 Waking up early. If you've never read the Miracle Morning, I highly suggest you do. If you're an entrepreneur, there is one specifically for entrepreneurs, & I highly suggest that one because it does have affirmations & testimonials from those who are entrepreneurs. 2 Power Hour. It's been said that mornings are the most powerful time & that is when we have the most clarity &...


Visualization Reverse Engineer Audio 10 - 29 - 19

A lot of us, whenever we're looking at our life, we see this glass ceiling. We can’t go above but we can see all this amazing stuff up there. What I want you to do is in 10 years from now, I want you to be walking on your glass ceiling. What would that mean for you, to walk on that glass ceiling? If you didn't use the last week’s free downloadable worksheet for you to write down every single thing that you saw, you can grab it here: https://www.kimberlypulito.com/p/visualization-worksheet....


Visualization Exercise: Future Self (with FREE worksheet)

I’m excited to walk you through a visualization exercise to help open up your mind to see your future self. Sabrina, one of my friends, walked me through this exercise a few months ago & I was really surprised at what I saw. It was completely different than what I anticipated my future self being like, so hopefully this exercise will shed some light on your future self as well. After you complete the exercise, I really want you to take some time & jot down everything that came to you. I made...