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Hadassah On Call: New Frontiers in Medicine takes you behind the headlines with Hadassah Medical Organization doctors and specialists, patients and nurses. Listen and be amazed.

Hadassah On Call: New Frontiers in Medicine takes you behind the headlines with Hadassah Medical Organization doctors and specialists, patients and nurses. Listen and be amazed.
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Hadassah On Call: New Frontiers in Medicine takes you behind the headlines with Hadassah Medical Organization doctors and specialists, patients and nurses. Listen and be amazed.






Treating Heart Attacks in Record Time with the Most Advanced Technology

Did you know that when a heart attack occurs the most important thing to consider is time? Listen as Hadassah's Dr. Haim Danenberg describes the new Irma and Paul Milstein Heart Center at Hadassah Hospital Ein Kerem as the most advanced cardiac intensive care unit in Israel, perhaps even the world. He shares how Hadassah is revolutionizing the treatment of heart disorders and offers his best advice on prevention of heart disease.


What You May Not Know About Strokes and How They Can be Prevented

Stroke (also known as cerebrovascular disease) occurs when a blood vessel that carries oxygen and nutrients to the brain is either blocked by a clot or bursts. When that happens, part of the brain cannot get the blood and oxygen it needs, so it starts to die. Yet, few may realize that not only is time of the essence during a stroke, but as The American Stroke Association notes 80% of stroke cases are preventable. Getting medical care as quickly as possible can help prevent death or...


Make No Bones About It: Hadassah Osteoporosis Specialist Reveals Advancements

Celebrating his 40th year working at Hadassah Medical Organization, renowned expert Prof. A. Joseph Foldes discusses Osteoporosis and its causes. He provides vital information on the risk factors that could lead to damaging bone fractures and talks with our host about everything from available treatment options, conditions that may lead to the disease and other surprising diseases that may be linked to Osteoporosis.


World AIDS Day 2018: Hadassah Doctor Searches for a Cure

This year marks the 30th Anniversary of World AIDS Day, which originated at the 1988 World Summit of Ministers of Health on Programmes for AIDS Prevention. Globally there are 36.7 million people living with HIV Worldwide. One of this year's themes is to Know Your Status, and it challenges us to work together to accelerate progress toward ending HIV as a public health threat around the world. Dr. Hila Elinav discusses her work with HIV infected mothers, the current state of HIV and AIDS...


After Pittsburgh, Hadassah Expert Offers Coping Strategies for Children

What do you tell children in the aftermath of terrifying violence like we Americans just witnessed in the Squirrel Hill synagogue in Pittsburgh? What red flags must we be alert to in our children? How do we fortify ourselves so we can guide our children toward a return to normal life? World-renowned psychiatrist, Prof. Esti Galili-Weisstub of the Hadassah Medical Organization in Jerusalem, has traveled to countless cities--from Berlin to Kiev to Las Vegas--to share her expertise in...


Celiac Disease Awareness

Worldwide, the pooled global prevalence of Celiac Disease is reported to be about 1.4% of the population, with many of those cases going undiagnosed. Left untreated, Celiac Disease can lead to long-term health complications including early onset osteoporosis, miscarriage and iron deficiency anemia. While a 100% gluten-free diet is the only existing treatment for celiac disease today, our guest on this episode, Prof. Michael Wilschanski, MD explains why many may not realize that....


Protecting Hospitals and Patients from Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria

In recent decades, we have been facing an alarming increase in infections by bacteria resistant to all existing antibiotics. Antibiotic resistance is a growing problem, both in the United States and around the world. In this fascinating segment, Professor Alon Moses, discusses this increase in resistant bactreria, the best ways to prevent the spread of hospital infections, and his new ground breaking bacteriophages therapy. This therapy uses a type of virus that efficiently and accurately...


Sexual Abuse and the Bat Ami Center

Hadassah Medical Organization’s Bat Ami Center for Victims of Sexual Abuse was established in 2009. Open 24 hours a day the center consists of a team of physicians, nurses, social workers, and lawyers who have been carefully trained to deal with the trauma of abuse in both adults and children. Before the Center was established in 2009, victims had to go to the general emergency room, where they were often forced to wait much too long. The primary goal of the treatment at the Bat Ami Center...


100 Years in Sight, The Hadassah Medical Organization; A Century and Beyond of Eye Care Innovation

Hadassah Medical Organization actually began with eye care. When Henrietta Szold and her mother Sophie visited pre-State Israel all the way back in 1909, they were horrified to see children with flies in their eyes. Their mothers didn't even bother to brush them away because they would just come back. Two public health nurses were dispatched in 1913 as Hadassah's first project: to cure trachoma. Although that dreaded disease is endemic in many countries in the world, you won't see it in...


Hadassah: Nurses Specialized in Trauma, Compassion While Saving Lives

Nurses are some of society's most precious resources, and the nurses at Hadassah Medical Organization are dedicated to taking care of traumatic injuries with a compassion and caring that puts them at the forefront of advanced medicine. Julie Benbenishty, an Intensive Care Nurse at Hadassah who serves as the Trauma Nurse Coordinator at Hadassah Ein Kerem, is here to share her story about why she became a nurse, being a volunteer for Nurses of the Middle East, and why she has spent most of...


Backs to the Future: Hadassah Groundbreaking Robotic Surgery

In this inspiring interview, Josh Schroeder, MD, spine specialist and senior surgeon at Hadassah Medical Organization's orthopedic department, describes his two recent groundbreaking, surgical techniques: a two-robot reconstructive surgery and the world's first robot-aided repair of a severe spinal fracture. He also talks about his experience as a military doctor and volunteer work at a Ugandan refugee camp.


The Exciting Future of Stem Cells Part 2

In part two of this incredible episode, Prof. Benjamin Reubinoff, MD, Ph.D, world-renowned stem cell pioneer and director of the Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research Center at the Hadassah Medical Organization, joins the show to discuss his research and to share the exciting news, that treatments or cures for diseases like age-related macular degeneration, ALS, MS, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and diabetes could be a reality in the foreseeable future.


The Exciting Future of Stem Cells Part 1

Twenty years ago, when stem cell therapy was highly regulated in the United States (as late as 2006) and other countries, it was well underway in Hadassah Medical Organization’s labs. Stem cells have changed the medical equation. The exciting news is that treatments or cures for diseases like age-related macular degeneration, ALS, MS, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and diabetes, could be a reality in the foreseeable future. Prof. Benjamin Reubinoff, MD, Ph.D, world-renowned stem cell pioneer...


There is Help for Children with Chronic Disease

Advances in the field of medicine and technology have lead to an increase in the survival rate and life expectancy of children with chronic diseases and special needs. In this informative segment, we learn about the inspiring Pediatric Chronic Disease Center at Hadassah Medical Center from Dr. Eitan Kerem. He is the head of the Division of Pediatrics at the Hadassah Medical Center, founder of its Center for Children with Chronic Diseases, and the director of the center for cystic fibrosis...


Detective for the World’s Most Mysterious Diseases

A previously unrecognized genetic mutation causing a rare and devastating pediatric neurological disease – which has puzzled doctors around the world for years – was recently identified by Hadassah Medical Organization researchers in Israel. In this incredible segment, Professor Orly Elpeleg, discusses life as a gene detective and what it took to find this genetic mutation that was devastating families around the globe.


New Hope for Cystic Fibrosis Patients

Cystic fibrosis, a fatal genetic disease, causes a thick mucus buildup in the lungs and other organs that leads to breathing difficulty and increases susceptibility to life-threatening infections. More than 10 million Americans carry a faulty CF gene, many unknowingly. In this podcast, Dr. Eitan Kerem, Head of the Division of Pediatrics at the Hadassah Medical Organization, discusses important information for Jewish couples when they are considering genetic counseling before having...


Unlocking the Secrets of Alzheimer's Might Come Sooner Than You Think

Did you know with seriously high computer and math skills, medical insights and extreme motivation, experts are dedicating their talents to both understanding the mysteries of the human brain and at the same time solving some of the most crucial needs in clinical practice such as understanding Alzheimer's disease? Joining the show to speak about the exciting research into neuroimaging of the brain that can enable early detection of Alzheimer's disease to improve the prognosis for many...


The Heart of the Matter: The Real Facts on Women and Heart Disease

Cardiovascular disease is one of the leading causes of mortality among women. Despite the fact that for years, cardiovascular disease have been mainly associated with men; one in every two women will suffer from cardiovascular disease during her lifetime, and one in every three women will die from it. In recent years, there has been significant progress in the prevention and treatment of these diseases, but these achievements are still less compared to progress made among men. Listen to...


New Report on Declining Sperm Count Epidemic

In the first systematic review and meta-analysis of trends in sperm count, researchers from the Hebrew University-Hadassah Braun School of Public Health and Community Medicine and the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai report a significant decline in sperm concentration and total sperm count among men from Western countries. In this fascinating segment, Dr. Hagai Levine, MD, MPH, head of the Environmental Health Track at the Hadassah-Hebrew University Braun School of Public Health...


The Genetics of Breast Cancer: The Research Starts Here

Breast Cancer is the most common cancer and the second leading cause of cancer deaths among women in the United States. The prevalence of this disease, particularly among those of Ashkenazi descent, underscores the continuing importance of Hadassah Medical Organization's (HMO) breast cancer research. Here to speak with us today about the link between genetics and breast cancer is renown physician Dr. Tamar Peretz. She is one of the premier breast cancer doctors/researchers in Israel and...