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#24 Mic the Vegan amplifies the science and data and health facts, intellectualism, sexiness, health and videos

The conversation meanders through a thick undergrowth of jokes, terror, data, sexiness, activism, pollution, denial, health, laughter, horror, theory, stuff, media production, optimism, how we each went vegan, and back again. Mike’s website: micthevegan.com AWESOME CONVO! We cover everything from sexiness, to debates and friction and arguments within the vegan community, to red beards. Topics we discuss in the show: Bees, bacteria, and bivalves Obscure fringe topics Vegan...


#23 Taylor Patterson - High Fitness, Deep Philosophy, High Values, Low Body Fat, Community, Health, Behavior Change

Episode 23! How to get healthy for good with Taylor Patterson, a Vancouver, BC personal trainer and coach. A philosophical dude, vegan, early riser (and early sleeper) on behavior change and eating a vegan diet. Check him out on Instagram (abs, muscles, veggies and other food…) @powerplantbody Taylor’s website: Power Plant Body TOPICS COVERED IN THIS EPISODE: Philosophy The importance of community Male binge eating, and stopping How to stay away from the fridge when working from...


#22 Cheese Please with Dan's Plant Powered - Dan LiBoissonnault on making plant based raw cheese, developing your pallet, building the business organically, and getting healthy

Dan LiBoissonnault of Dan’s Plant Powered talks about making macadamia and cashew cheeses, vegan pesto with vegan Parmesan called Fauxmesan and the journey he has been on. Dan developed his palate drinking and selling wine. Before he went vegan he was dropping $100 a week on non-vegan cheeses. Dan went vegan, started doing yoga, sold his liquor store and started making vegan cheese. Loved it, and decided to start a business selling his cheeses. He makes a rich, a savory, a spicy, a smokey,...


Episode 21 - The Vegan Zombie Movie is Back! (To NOT Eat Your Brains) The First Ever Traditional Narrative Fiction Feature Film is Fundraising and Running from Horror

Chris on becoming a vegan hollywood star and helping animals along the way, co-directing, co-starring (with his dog), and zombie make up fun.... Behind the scenes of his feature length zombie VEGAN movie, Zombie make up and zombie antics in downtown LA...We get a live script reading of an opening scene in the film Chris's dog Indie will star in the movie as a character called Indie... Chris explains how the return on investment in this movie, if the movie really makes it, will be going in...


#20 Sadrah Schadel - NO EVIL FOODS - Plant meats with humble and punk roots

EPISODE 20! Heck yeah! We've come so far! And so has Sadrah Schadel, Founder and Co-owner of No Evil Foods. This is a fast-growing company that makes delicious plant meats. Yum! In 4 years, Sadrah and her partner Mike went from a local farmer's market to "insanity" (her word) growing and expanding the company, and distributing innovative, flavorful vegan meats, .....and spreading the No Evil message. In this episode you will hear how a punk rock approach to good business thrives!!


#19 John Joseph Punk Vegan Spirituality Ironman Triathlete Lead Singer of the Cromags

Episode 19!!! Punk Philosophy with John Joseph McGowan, triathlete, punk rock singer, from the gritty streets of the Lower East Side in the 70's and 80's. John Joseph is an OG vegan. He's also an OG punk rocker. He was living in the streets of NYC's Lower East Side when he was 14 years old. He's almost been killed more than once. He's deeply spiritual and philosophical. He's a 10 time Iron Man Triathlete (he's training for his 11th). He's still singing with the Cro-Mags and was preparing...


#18 Fat Gay Vegan Sean O'Callaghan - Behind the scenes of his life and work

Episode 18 Gentle People!! Inside the life and work of the Fat Gay Vegan Sean O'Callaghan! Check out his website Follow on Instagram Show Notes: Topics: = How he follows zero people on instagram but has over 80 thousand followers and growing by over a hundred per day. = How many hours a day he spends on his vegan career and on social media = What makes beer vegan or not vegan??? = His vegan markets, yum! = Mexico City! OMG. So good. And how fast it has grown and is growing. For...


#17 Glenn Livingston PhD - Clinical Psychologist - Former Big Food Consultant, on the Brain, Bingeing, Overeating, and How to Stop Permanently

Clinical Psychologist Glenn Livingston says most people overeat sometimes. Some people binge. And he tells us how to stop bingeing and overeating. Glenn used to consult for the food industry (including animal products). He became vegan for health reasons, and then progressively found out about the ethical issues. He is now a health and an ethical vegan. We talk:


#16 Chris Cooney the Vegan Zombie reveals his past dreams of becoming an FBI agent, filmaking and vegan media, working for himself, making his own t shirts and developing a social media following

In this episode, Chris Cooney, the Vegan Zombie reveals all. How he went from aspiring FBI agent to YouTuber. Along the way he made a trailer for a zombie movie in which the zombie infection/contagion is spread by eating animal products, so vegans don't become zombies! That was 8 years ago, and he hasn't filmed the movie yet, but he still plans to make it! He now makes videos on how to cook vegan, how to shop vegan (and save money), and other vegan educational stuff, mostly on his Youtube...


#15 Remy Park aka Veggiekins - Social media career explosion, recipes and vegan life, yoga, mental health, wise words, healing from anorexia, OCD, insights on life!

Remy Park dove in full time to a career on Instagram and Youtube that has now taken her to modeling and advertising. She advocates for plant based cooking and eating, vegan living, compassion, yoga, mental health, healing, and honesty.


14 - Vegan Bros - True life story of growing up in a fringe extremist community and getting out and going vegan

Episode 14 is Hot!! How the Vegan Bros Got Out of a Fringe Extremist Group. True Story. The Vegan Bros, actual brothers, and roommates, and business partners, basically escaped from a quasi-cult and went vegan and started a business. These guys are very bro-y but also sweetheart dudes, ambitious, and fun to talk to. Their stories are compelling. Now they have a book out.


#13 April Lang - Psychology and Veganism - Animal Bereavement, Activism and Maintaining Joy - Different Approaches to Vegan Conversations

In this episode: why are some people capable of becoming undercover investigators, why do some people go vegan for emotional reasons and then go unvegan, should humans own pets, is it valid to mourn a non-human animal the same way you mourn a human, and how to dance and smile and feel joy in the midst of the nightmare reality around us


#12 Doc G of NYC Hip Hop is Green, Making Health Gangsta

Episode 12!!! Fantastic convo with Doc G of NYC Hip Hop is Green. Back in the Day, Doc was signed to Columbia Records by the same person who signed Nas (one of the all time best-selling rappers). Now, Doc G is deep into living and promoting a revolutionary and evolutionary lifestyle including healthy eating of a plant based diet. Doc is very active in NYC as the leader of the NYC chapter of Hip Hop is Green. Quote from Doc: HipHop is the Heartbeat of the young. Youth culture is global...


#11 Michaela Grob of Riverdel Cheese - 100% vegan grocer, cheese & sandwich shop

OMG. More vegan cheese please. She opened her store a little more than 2 years ago and is still going strong! The business is evolving and changing in some unexpected ways. She's got the best vegan cheese selection this side of anywhere. :) If you want to open a vegan business, this is the podcast episode to listen to!!! Michaela went from selling an online reservation service to hotels, to opening a 100% vegan grocery store, cheese shop, and mini sandwich factory. Her store has the most...


Episode 10!!! Happy Healthy Sexy Strong Vegan Podcast

Topics covered: happiness, healthiness, sexiness, strength, and veganism. Also covered: Vegans Helping Vegans!!! My partners are your partners And other good stuff!!


#9 Victoria Moran - Epic Vegan Insights by an Original Vegan, Writer, Creator of a Vegan Documentary, Discussing Eating Disorders, Vegan Degrees of Separation from Moby

Victoria Moran douses us with insights on veganism, psychology, and working to change the world. She's an author, a documentary film producer, a speaker, a podcaster, a cook, and more! She gives us a brief history or veganism in the last 30+ years, and great insights on eating disorders, as well as educational tidbits on all things vegan.


#8 Jill Carnegie Doesn't Stop - Veganism and the City, Horses, Chickens, Organizing, Entrepreneurship, Sleeping 4 Hours a Night, VoNY, Numu, and More!

Jill Carnegie, grand grand grand niece of Andrew Carnegie, came to NYC at 18 years old. Without a college education, she became a linchpin in the vegan and animal rights communities in NYC as an activist, organizer, and entrepreneur.


#7 Laura J Kline - 18 Hour Runs, Team USA Duathlons and Ultra Marathons, Furiosa, Tank Girl, Rosie the Riveter, Power and Freedom, and Plant Based Athletes

Laura J Kline has been vegan 12 years and has represented Team USA at World Championships 5 times. She didn't become an athlete until after she graduated college! Some highlights from her career are: 2012 Short Course Duathlon World Champion 2014 Duathlon National Champion Duathlon World Champion Gold Medalist in 2015 and 2010 2nd Female 2016 50k Road National Championship 3rd Female 2015 & 2016 50 Mile National Championship 2017 2nd Female at the Ultra Race of Champions 100k 2017...


#6 Michael Harren is NOT a Celebrity - Michael "The Slammer" Harren is an Artist Activist Runner Musician and Vegan Joker

In this episode, we talk about how to approach strangers wearing fur, and how NOT to approach strangers wearing fur. We talk about vegan heroes, rude piano teachers, happiness, vegan celebrities, cowboy cookies, new catchphrase “Michael who?”, and just in general what is the life of a vegan artist and activist in NYC. We talk about nicknames and being a city-wide, if not country-wide, vegan celebrity. Michael "The Slammer" Harren is an Artist Activist Runner Musician and Vegan Joker


#5 Ruby Roth - Artist Activist Vegan Children's Book Author - The Origin Story

Shazaaaaam!! Ruby Roth, well-known vegan children’s book author, delves deep into other areas of her life. Topics include Oprah, fear, Instagram, NPR, and writing. Our conversation begins with Tank Girl, a punk rock, kickass water activist. We touch on Ruby’s contentious live TV appearances and how she prepares for them. We discuss her vegan children’s book and why she wrote them. We meander through much other meaningful landscape in her life and career, and come upon her powerful origin...