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The Happy Homebirth podcast is your source for positive natural childbirth stories, and your community of support, education and encouragement in all things homebirth and motherhood.

The Happy Homebirth podcast is your source for positive natural childbirth stories, and your community of support, education and encouragement in all things homebirth and motherhood.


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The Happy Homebirth podcast is your source for positive natural childbirth stories, and your community of support, education and encouragement in all things homebirth and motherhood.






Ep 196: If You’ve Read Ina May’s Guide...

Is the goal of your Homebirth to have pretty images, or is it to seize the experience of motherhood and revel in all of its glory? Depending on your goal, you’ll want to consider how you prepare. If you merely want to “get through labor”, then a course focused on coping techniques may be just fine… But if you’re looking to enjoy the full blueberry pie, not just the outer edge of the crust… If you’re looking to experience childbirth as the honorable, noble right of passage that it was always...

Ep 195: Preparing for Birth Holistically with Tanya Grazione

When you experience a truly empowered birthing experience, certainly it affects your motherhood journey. But what else can it potentially impact? And this week we're speaking to Tanya Grazione, a mama whose birth experience propelled her into a totally new career and desire to serve other women. Tanya is a homebirth mama, doula and childbirth educator, and she has so much wonderful insight to share with us today. She help first-time homebirth mothers achieve the empowering birthing...


Ep 194: Husbands! 5 Things to Watch Out For with Childbirth Education

Question for you, dads: If you knew you were preparing for something intense and life-changing… let’s say battle… how would you want to prepare? Would you prefer to read a book or two and hope for the best? Would you want to watch a general self-study course and try to implement on your own? Or would you prefer 1:1 preparation with a skilled instructor who has actually experienced what you’re preparing for? Wouldn’t you want to have access to other peers who were preparing for the same event...


Ep 193: Preparing for Birth When Plans Change Last Minute

When you work yourself up to have a homebirth, and then those plans change last minute, what do you do? This week, we're speaking with Therese Dansby. Therese Dansby is a wife, nurse, lactation consultant, and homeschooling mom of 3. She recently moved from a big city to a small town in Nebraska where she is thrilled to have found herself amongst plenty of homesteading, home schooling, home birthing friends. Motherhood has been nothing like she expected, but as she rises to the challenge,...


Ep 192: Pelvic Floor Problems? Here’s how to “Tighten Your Tinkler”

What do we need to know about supporting and healing the pelvic floor? Is it super complex? This week, we're speaking with Christina, one of the creators and trainers of Tighten Your Tinkler. Christina and her business partner Jen are a physical therapist and exercise physiologist duo who are dedicated to helping mothers heal their pelvic floors in a way that keeps physiology in mind. Christina and Jen are guest experts inside of the Homebirth Collective, and I am thrilled to be able to...


Ep 191: From Elective Cesarean to Homebirth Mama: Jorda’s Big Shift

When you choose an elective cesarean for your first birth, you're about as far from the homebirth experience as you can get-- there's no way you'd ever consider a homebirth later on, right? This week, we're speaking to Jordan Adams- a student and stay at home mother of 3. She lives in the metro Detroit area with her husband, three children- Emerson, Lennon & Auburn as well as two dogs, so it's never boring. Jordan's home birth was my first VBAC and she's been birth obsessed ever since!...

Ep 190: Birthing Instincts with Dr. Stu

What do Obstetricians have to say about homebirth? Well, the one we're speaking to today certainly has some opinions that may surprise you in the best way. This week, we're speaking with the incredible Dr. Stu Fischbein, a homebirth-attending Obstetrician, founder of Reteach Breech, and one of the two lovely co-hosts from the ever-inspiring podcast Birthing Instincts. In this conversational episode, Dr. Stu, as usual, holds nothing back and shares his opinions regarding the current state of...


Ep 189: Birth lessons of an RN turned Homebirther

Raise your hand if your doula became a doula at 17 years old before having her own children and before coming an RN? No, just Ellie? And this week we're speaking to Ellie Mickle, birth doula turned RN turned homebirth mama. We'll be sharing her 3 beautiful stories, and I'm really putting an emphasis on 'beautiful.' This is a great pep talk episode and reminder that birth can go SO beautifully, and it does so often! Episode Roundup Resources: FREE Homebirth Essentials Guide Happy Homebirth...

Ep 188: Healing the Nervous System for Birth & Motherhood with Theresa Piela

This conversation is not directly homebirth, or even totally birth related, but this information is so applicable to every single one of us, whether we're struggling with chronic illness or not. There is so much we call pull from this discussion with Theresa and apply to our pregnancy, birth and motherhood. This week we're going to be speaking to Theresa Piela who is as a guest expert and leading an in-depth tapping session for our students inside Happy Homebirth Collective. Theresa, is such...

Ep 187: Jocelin’s Road to Homebirth

How can we teach our body that it can trust us and rest, when we have previously had a difficult time allowing it to rest? This week we're going to be speaking to Jocelin North. Jocelin is a mother who has been through quite a bit of difficulty through her pregnancy and birth experiences. And I do want to share this up front because Jocelin does a really beautiful job of really sharing the details of her experience and I want you to keep that in mind. If you feel that you are at a place in...


Ep 186: Recognizing Birth Trauma with Christie Sheffer, CPM

What is birth trauma, and how can we move through it? This week we're speaking to Christie Sheffer, a Certified Professional midwife who also created the Perinatal Trauma Center. Today we are going to be discussing birth trauma, what it is, how it oftentimes presents, and how it impacts us and our loved ones. Christy has recorded this interview, and she also recorded a follow up discussion for the Home birth collective. So she's one of our guest experts inside of the Home birth Collective,...


Ep 185: The 3 Pillars of Motherhood with Jessica Lorion

How can we set ourselves up for an empowered motherhood experience? Are there any specific values or ideals that we can practice and exercise in order to ready ourselves for the great task that motherhood is? This week we're speaking with Jessica Lorion. As an auto-immune disease fighter, Jessica's motherhood journey is postponed. While she navigates her health journey, she has decided to learn all about motherhood before she becomes one. As a Mama in Training herself, she decided to take...


Ep 184: Kati’s Homebirth Hesitancy Turns to Confident Success

How do you go through with a home birth when you start your pregnancy terrified of home birth? This week we're speaking to Kati Gannom, a mama who agreed to a home birth during her second pregnancy, even though she really wasn't sold on it in the beginning. Episode Roundup: Resources: Happy Homebirth Collective FREE Homebirth Essentials Guide


Ep 183: Here’s How We Swap Anxiousness for Peace About Our Homebirth in 12 Short Weeks

Childbirth education isn’t enough. How many homebirth mothers do you know who “did everything right” and yet still felt unfulfilled after their birth? Listen, when we don’t treat birth as sacred and prepare for it as such, how can we expect to feel like it was scared afterwards? In order to reap, we must first sow. Let’s sow the seeds of preparation with intentionality. Let’s prepare our hearts and our feminine intuition and wisdom before jumping straight into “how to cope with labor” Join...


Ep 182: 4 Warning Signs to Re-Prioritize HB Prep

4 Warning Signs that You Need to Re-Prioritize Your Homebirth Preparation So you want an empowered Homebirth. Are you preparing in a way that will provide you with empowerment? 1️⃣ If you think you’re going to just go with the flow ➡️ ✨reprioritize✨ 2️⃣ If you think that relaxation techniques alone give you empowerment ➡️ ✨reprioritize✨ 3️⃣ If you think that hiring a midwife guarantees success ➡️ ✨reprioritize ✨ 4️⃣ If you’re not preparing for this with the same dedication that you did when...


Ep 181: Remove Anxiety From Your Homebirth Preparation

Here’s a belief shift for you: Knowledge about birth is key and knowledge is enough ➡️Wisdom should be our emphasis. Takeaways from today’s chat: ✨We’ve been taught that the way to prepare is to acquire information (from social media, the stories of others, birth classes) BUT this isn’t reducing anxiety because none of that is directly applied to YOU. We need to to focus on your own internal wisdom and self knowledge before adding “science”. ✨If you want to feel peace, but you’re stressing...


Ep 180: Increase Attachment With Baby Prenatally

You don’t have to wait until your baby is in your arms physically to begin attaching and bonding. In fact... how much closer can you get than being inside of someone?! Let’s emulate that close physical proximity with mental and emotional proximity, too! This weekend we’re running a challenge! #chorionicconnection We’re going to set aside a little bit of time each day for the next 3 days to intentionally connect with our babies. Day 1: spend time thinking about what it will be like to work...


Ep 179: The 3 Reasons You’re Not Feeling Confident About Homebirth

The 3 Reasons You’re Not Feeling Confident About Homebirth 1. You’re feeling isolated and misunderstood by your closest family and friends who consider what you’re doing to be dangerous 2. You’re looking in the traditionally right place for connection (family & friends), but unfortunately that’s not currently the place where you’ll find what you’re seeking 3. You’ve got to somewhat disengage or remove your energy from these toxic situations and reengage in a community where you will be...


Ep 178: Here’s the Unexpected Secret for How to Have a Peaceful, Empowering Birth Experience

You’ve been sold the idea that if you know the states of labor and the hormonal interplay and if you practice your relaxation techniques that you’ll be all set for an empowering birth experience. BUT... We need more than science; we need wisdom. We need more than head knowledge; we need heart knowledge. We need the right container so that we can appropriately integrate our experience. We need: ✔️ COMMUNITY ✔️ CEREMONY ✔️ CONNECTION Listen in to hear how we’re cultivating this inside of The...


Ep 177: The Intimacy of Homebirth: Using Birth to Strengthen Connection

Birth serves a purpose, yes, but can it be more than just bring a baby from within to the outside? Could it actually be... intimate? This week we're speaking with Annalee Ford who is a a civil engineer/makeup artist in Denver, CO who, as she says, spends way too much time on Tiktok. Annalee and her husband actually work together (on the engineering side, not makeup!) and have been together for 10 blissful years. Together they have two beautiful daughters (Elliott and Collins), three crazy...