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We GET to Diet and Exercise! | How Our Challenges Went, Taco Debac-o, Flipping Our Mindset

In This Episode: We have some of the best people in the world in our Facebook group!How Emily’s Rowing Machine Challenge is going.John’s love, Taco Bell, betrayed him and his stomach. Oh no!How John’s Walking Challenge is going.We both know from experience that it’s harder to get fit as you get older, so don’t put it off.Mindset Talk: Flip the Script! We GET to exercise, instead of we HAVE to exercise.We come up with John’s Band Name: Fat Bloated LiverEmily waited out a craving with...


Dieting on Vacation is Hard! | Podcast Movement Recap, Exercise Accountability, Getting More Mindfulness

In This Episode: Our Podcast Movement recap - all our anxiety was for nought! We had a blast!Our diets, though … we both fell off the wagon so hard!We both do intermittent fasting, where we eat within a certain window every day. Our windows were just open the whole time.The shame that comes after falling off the wagon.We pick our celebrity voices for the self-talk where we tempt ourselves to make bad decisions.We talk about how to change a habit. (Link to the infographic below)We decide...


All About Movement | Podcast Movement, Movement Instead of Exercise, Movement on the Scale

In This Episode: We’re both nervous aboutPodcast Movement!Emily has named her fat-shaming voice Regina George (from “Mean Girls”).If you haven’t yet, listen to Dave Jackson’s School of Podcasting episode about Overcoming Impostor Syndrome!“How bad could this be?” is a dangerous question for us.How much of this is a lifestyle change and how much of this is just a temporary diet?Question in the Facebook Group from Michele: Any recordings about exercise? How you fit it in, what you’ve tried,...


Weight Loss and Mental Health | Coping with Anxiety and ADHD, Intermittent Fasting and Hormones, Inner Fat Shaming Voice

In This Episode: John has Triskaidekaphobia (fear of the number 13) but this was a really great episode for us.We go into a bit about Emily’s cycle, which Intermittent Fasting does affect.John’s getting anxiety over a podcasting conference we’re going to (Podcast Movement). The anxiety affects cortisol, which affects weight loss.We get into a mental health discussion, not so much about weight-loss but about some of the underlying things we deal with that leads to weight.Hello, Freud! We...


Changing Our Weight-Loss Mindset | Falling Off the Wagon, Simple Keto Recipes, The Evil Scale

In This Episode: That number of the scale DOES NOT define you! (But it’s hard to remember.)John’s nightmare week and realizing his addiction.Should we name our addiction to food?We’re dorks. We compare dieting to podcasting. Again.Let’s try to change our mindset so that number on the scale doesn’t affect our whole week!Emily gets a lesson on keto—no dabbling!John’s life is not changed from discovering 5-Ingredient Keto Recipes!Please come to the Facebook group and see the live video of...


I-F It | Dieting One Day at a Time, Getting More Veggies, Having It All and Empowerment

In This Episode: Dealing with dieting one-day- and one-meal-at-a-time.Trying to drop the calories-in-calories-out mindset is hard!When you have to ditch the diet plan in the name of feeling better.We can’t say “Intermittent Fasting” — From now on, it’s just “IF”It’s very overwhelming thinking of dieting on a long-term basis.We’re trying so hard not to come on and just complain, we swear!This week’s John-spiration: It takes a village to diet.The #WinningWednesday posts were awesome in the...


The Hamburger Diet | Finding Motivation, Not Quitting, Shout-Out from Odd Dad Out

In This Episode: We’re loving going live in our Facebook group!Losing weight from the top and bottom first — boo.The Hamburger Diet — You heard it here first!John has an interesting Father’s Day and goes through Keto Flu again.Serving sizes are arbitrary to us!It’s super hard not to quit, but we’re going to keep going!Finding motivation (I feel like I type this every week, but we need it!)We got a wonderful shout-out from Adam from the Odd Dad Out podcast!If you’re listening to us, we...


Cookling and Cleaning | Shark Week: The Sequel, Dieting Affects Our Moods, Project vs. Maintaining Mindset (HTW009)

In This Episode: We recorded the episode live in the Facebook group, which was a lot of fun.Shark week returns!We’re at the F-it point of our diets and it’s affecting our moods.We should probably get more movement, but sometimes it’s tough with our ADHD to get us out of our Hyperfocus zone or schedule time for that.This week’s John-spiration: You can’t exercise out the fork.The dieting newness wore off. We’re out of the honeymoon phase of our diets.Emily is on a cleaning kick and relates...


Fitness Tracking Gadgets | Cheesecake Update, Getting More Movement, Facebook Group Wins (HTW008)

In This Episode: John gives us the cheesecake update and fuels the addiction.What happens when you have sugar after weeks of keto.We talk a bit about our supplements of choice.We talk about our wins and the wins of our friends in the Facebook group! Yay!Emily talks about her new activity tracker. (Update: Still works great! I’m loving it!)Check our new graphics on our website, HateToWeight.com!We talk about some goals, including for the podcast.The Weigh-In Results: Total loss of 4...


16 Weight-Loss Motivation Tips | The $70 Cheesecake, Diet Sabotage, New Weigh-In Intro!

In This Episode: We read through weight-loss motivation tips.Celebrate #WinningWednesday in our Facebook group with us!Stress = Goodbye diet!Emily’s reduces her eating window to four hours from eight.Diet soda spikes insulin! Even with the fake sugar.What’s with diet saboteurs? Can’t they let us diet in peace?This week’s John-spiration: “Every avalanche starts with a little piece of snow!”John orders a cheesecake … for $70!Is it better to give into cravings just to get it out of your...


Focusing on the Non-Scale Victories | Vacation Eating, Stigma of the Word "Obese," Fat-Loss Goals (HTW006)

In This Episode: Vacations and diets, and the scale disappointmentDiet judgment from othersThe scary “O”-word and the stigma attachedFocusing on non-scale victoriesFast food discussions in our Facebook groupDiner food is the best!Our goals - Emily’s wedding ring and John’s pantsEmily talks about a few of her low pointsThe fear of the plateauVictories for those in our Facebook groupThe Weigh-In Results: Total loss of 2 pounds!Join our theHate to Weight Discussion Group on Facebook Links...


Getting Personal | Weight-Loss Surgery, Weird Dieting Hacks, Trouble Finding Clothes (HTW005)

In This Episode: John’s rough week, but thank goodness for WawaLooking back on Shark WeekA sincere apology to PaulEmily goes geocaching for the first timeJohn avoids holiday temptationSugar in tomato sauce and Emily’s unintentional insult to her ex-husbandWe talk about our boundaries talking about weight-lossJohn’s personal weight-loss surgery storyHow bad the addiction to sugar really isDifferent surgery stories we’ve heardEmily’s Whitening Strips Hack to stop eatingTaco Shakes!...


Beware of Sharks | Favorite Weight-Loss Apps, Listener Feedback, Keto Recipes (HTW004)

In This Episode: Emily’s first episode with Shark WeekOur favorite Apps for weight-lossJohn’s looking for a way to track his carb intake earlierJohn’s Dude Cooking RecipesLove for the Instant PotHow us podcast editors get our cooking and laundry doneWe LOVE theHate to Weight Discussion Groupso much! You guys are the best!Feedback from listenersThe paper towel roll analogy for weight-lossDrinking cold water vs. warm waterAdding exercise to the mix (maybe)The Weigh-In Results!Join our...


The Magic Pill | Netflix Documentary, Emotional Eating, Finding Pork Rinds (HTW003)

Heads up - we had some recording problems and had to use a backup recording. (Goes to show that two podcast editors can still have their problems. Whoops!) In This Episode: John can’t find pork rindsEmily’s love of AldiThe Battle of Emotional EatingSO MUCH LOVE FOR THE FACEBOOK GROUP!Lisa’s great idea: sugar-free jello!Getting busy and missing our eating window. Oh no!The Magic Pill documentary about the Ketogenic dietBoth of our diets are working!Calories In/Calories Out vs. Ketogenic...


The Good, the Bad, and the Hangry | Keto Flu, Pork Rinds, and Catching an Avocado Unicorn (HTW002)

In This Episode: Facebook GroupThe Weigh-In Results! Links Mentioned: Jessica KupfermanJessica Slayer2 Keto Dudes PodcastLow Carb Crispy Fried Chicken Belly of the Beast Giant Burger videoI Shake My Head with Lisa and SamIf You had an Eating Disorder, Should You Do Keto & Intermittent Fasting? video Join Us On Our Journey: Join ourFacebook groupJoin us onTwitterVisit ourWebsiteEmail usCheck out John’s other podcast:Brand X PodcastThe Story Behind


Getting Started with Our Weight Loss (HTW001)

Welcome to Hate to Weight where two life-long dieters talk about their current struggles with weight-loss. Diets - we've tried them all. We are not doctors, we don't play them on TV or on this podcast. Join our journey because misery loves company. In This Episode: Brand X PodcastThe Story Behind Links Mentioned: Classy Little PodcastThe Military DietEat This, Not ThatTrim Healthy MamaNutrisystemWeight WatchersSouth Beach DietCabbage Soup DietKimkins DietLeanness Lifestyle 180The Whole...