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The Dieting Struggle is Real!

In This Episode: The struggle is real! John’s going through seasonal funk.He did get the Blue Blocker glasses, so we’ll see how that’s helping his sleep.John’s thinking of trying out a new sleep pattern.Emily finds a good way to stay productive: track your day on social media!Instagram profiles: the beautiful storefront; Instagram Stories: the backroom.Take the small wins! Especially when you compare new habits to old ones.Sorry, Pasta, ya basic!John’s also sick of his usual go-to food.A...


Habit Changing and Happy Lamps

In This Episode: John’s had some trouble sleeping.Whoops! John’s power went out mid-recording! Don’t worry, we picked right back up.Why blue blocking glasses are the best!Hey! We had Thanksgiving last week, and it’s almost as if we are starting to get this whole “diet” thing!Emily LOVES her morning pages!John’s looking to change some of his habits.John might be doing morning recordings!John fills his Amazon cart with blue blocking glasses, a Happy lamp, and a salt lamp!Awesome job in the...


Diets & Thanksgiving

In This Episode: It’s Thanksgiving while we record, so we’re setting up our plans for the day!We didn’t really have an agenda for the day, so we end up on many tangents.Is a hot dog a sandwich?John did well getting ahead of his cooking!Thank goodness the Jell-O mold craze finally went away.Some trivia talk about cranberries.Also Samoa-lookalike cookies from Aldi are pretty incredible!Lisa joins us from I Shake My Head with Lisa and Sam!We talk a bit about CBD.We talk about winter vs. summer...


Dieting Gone Amok! Amok! Amok!

In This Episode: Sorry for the missed episode last week! (Emily’s fault - she forgot she was traveling!)When we take a week off, we have a problem reining it back in!Emily’s Mom-Immune-System finally got hit with a bad, bad cold!This is John’s least favorite time of the year - he’s in hibernation mode and dealing with Seasonal Affective DisorderIt’s hard to go back to Intermittent Fasting when we “break” our window or trying to take medicine.We have TWO weeks’ worth of #WinningWednesday...


Countdown to the Holiday Eating Season and Foods That Are Just "Fine"

In This Episode: Our Halloween post-mortem discussion starts the show to see how we did with probably the biggest candy holiday.What’s your “fun” candy?The inner struggle that comes when candy is around.Some foods is just “fine,” meaning we could take or leave them, but not worth breaking our diets for.John talks about how he was able to make it through Halloween without going for the candy!John has some non-scale victories!Emily has started doing Morning Pages in the morning. Have you...


What's Your Weight-Loss Defining Moment? We Want to Know when You Decided to Lose the Weight For Good

In This Episode: You never know what you’ll catch if you watch our live show!Shark Week: Just give us carbs, cheese, chocolate, and call us pretty!John’s friends passing has lit a fire under John.John decides to break up with his relationship with fast food.Blowing off the dust on the Instant Pot!What are your habitual triggers for overeating?Emily’s Shark Week results in fighting with herself.Emily and her family are finally sick of fast food and are trying a meal-delivery service.Does...


Is There a Finite Amount of Willpower?

In This Episode: Sorry we couldn’t go live this week!John successfully diets while on vacation! Plus, he tried poutine and ketchup potato chips.We get into tangents about Northeast-style vs. Chicago-style pizza, plus the new bagel emoji!Emily deals with stress over her book release and we talk about how stress affects weight-loss.Do you believe that willpower is finite? We talk about some studies that have since been debunked, but the belief that willpower is finite has caused people to...


A Week of Anxiety and Overwhelm and How It Affected Our Weight Loss

In This Episode: We are both having a major case of OVERWHELM. John’s anxious about his road trip to Toronto. Emily’s anxious about her book.Ugh! Halloween candy season!Our Dietbet is over, and we did not get our money back.A wedding threw Emily’s window wide open.John celebrated his birthday over the weekend.Getting back on the wagon is so difficult.We get a little musical!It’s a busy season for both of us, and that adds to our anxiety.Emily celebrates wearing a smaller size dress!Lots of...


Do Cold Showers Help You Lose Weight?

In This Episode: John tries a cold shower, then finds out the benefits (including supposed weight-loss).Did you know we have Brown Fat and White Fat?Would You Rather: Take a cold shower every day for a month OR work out and get hot and sweaty for a month.Emily got Social Media Fatigue and wanted to eat all her feelings, but was good and kept playing Pokemon.One of our group members, Brendan, has a new blog!Winning Wednesday celebrations!Emily discovered the joys of Wawa!The stages of pant...


Obesity Perceptions and Stigma

In This Episode: We have 80 members in our Facebook group!John makes an appearance on the Weight Loss Surgery Podcast.Hope everyone in our DietBet enjoys our $70, LOL!We talk about the article from Huffington Post talking about all things obesity and how it’s dealt with.We all need support, which is why we started this podcast.Emily gets back into Pokemon Go! (If anyone wants to be her friend, her trainer code is: 6172 1085 1954)John’s gotten into weight training. We’re both finally adding...


Is the Whoosh Effect Real? | Grumpy Podcasters, Muscle vs. Fat, Sleep Deprivation

In This Episode: We’re a little grumpy this week. John gets to see a whole new side of Emily as her cohost now.This week’s Johnspiration: If you’re just starting out, don’t compare yourself to someone who has already succeeded. Celebrate the small wins and know that you’re learning. #DietWheelieIt’s the week where Emily finds love in carbs and cheese.Muscle weight vs. Fat weightDo you do HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) with IF and KetoJohn gets some new vocabularyCongratulations to...


Do You Have Food-Related FOMO? | Whooshie Pills and Veggie Pills, Why We Can't Say No to Appetizers, Double-Digit Weight Loss!

In This Episode: How our diets went while we were away.We talk about the pills we take daily, including vegetables in pill form.We’re doing DietBet and pledged $35 to lose 4% of our weight by October 9th. Will we make it? (And you could join us too and split the pot if you succeed!)Do you have Food-Related FOMO? Do you worry about missing out on the best Dorito, like Emily?Appetizers are our weakness! Don’t give us choices!We need to do some deep work to tackle Food FOMO.Do you eat before...


Eating Triggers and Shaming Celebrating Weight-Loss | Eating because of Stress, Being Happy to Lose Weight, Another Anti-Keto Article

**Join us on DietBet!: http://dbet.me/Psfpee** In This Episode: Stress and Weight Triggers!John lost a bet with I Shake My Head with Lisa and Sam and had to wear a Toronto Blue Jays hat and is now a Podcast Couple!Has anyone actually enjoyed Olive Garden lately?Week 20 — we would have quit by now, had it not been for this podcast and group. And it keeps us from going on the lose a bunch of weight-gain it back-cycle.John decides to move more.What do you think of this quote? “Let’s please...


Stress-Eating Triggers | The Importance of Self-Care, Bad Press for Keto and Intermittent Fasting, Mindset Shifts,

In This Episode: Stressful moments and how they affect us and our eating.How’s John going to do going off the diet for a few days?Now we’re seeing all the negative press on Keto and Intermittent Fasting, but we don’t believe the hype.John’s corporate voice comes out!Emily’s eating coach is on board with Intermittent Fasting! Yay!Our #WinningWednesday posts are so awesome!Self-care is so important!We are live in the Facebook group Thursdays at 11 a.m. EDTJoin our theHate to Weight Discussion...


Jessica Joins Us! | Carnivore Diet, Trigger Foods, Keto Flu + Shark Week = Womp, Womp!

In This Episode: John and Emily are quite the pair today! Shark Week (Emily’s hormonal time of the month) + Grizz (John’s hanger avatar/John’s Keto Flu) = Unhappy hosts!We talk about a new trendy diet, The Carnivore Diet. Oh boy! (We’re not trying it and no doctors have been consulted about it.)What would you eat on a deserted island?We talk a bit about our trigger foods -- the foods we can’t seem to stop eating.Emily’s Sprinkle DebacleCelebrating #WinningWednesday!If you’re in our Facebook...


Weight Loss is HARD! | We're Struggling, and Intermittent Fasting Affects Shark Week,

In This Episode: Emily’s Shark Week is late! Intermittent Fasting really screws up her schedule!John’s transitioning to a liquid diet and his knee is bothering him.We talk a bit about Gatorade/Powerade, and there’s a lot of salt in that!If you’re retaining water, you should be drinking more water (which is so weird!)The difference six years makes, when John started his first weight-loss podcast, and Emily was losing her first bout of baby weight.17 weeks in, we’re trying not to fall into...


We GET to Diet and Exercise! | How Our Challenges Went, Taco Debac-o, Flipping Our Mindset

In This Episode: We have some of the best people in the world in our Facebook group!How Emily’s Rowing Machine Challenge is going.John’s love, Taco Bell, betrayed him and his stomach. Oh no!How John’s Walking Challenge is going.We both know from experience that it’s harder to get fit as you get older, so don’t put it off.Mindset Talk: Flip the Script! We GET to exercise, instead of we HAVE to exercise.We come up with John’s Band Name: Fat Bloated LiverEmily waited out a craving with...


Dieting on Vacation is Hard! | Podcast Movement Recap, Exercise Accountability, Getting More Mindfulness

In This Episode: Our Podcast Movement recap - all our anxiety was for nought! We had a blast!Our diets, though … we both fell off the wagon so hard!We both do intermittent fasting, where we eat within a certain window every day. Our windows were just open the whole time.The shame that comes after falling off the wagon.We pick our celebrity voices for the self-talk where we tempt ourselves to make bad decisions.We talk about how to change a habit. (Link to the infographic below)We decide to...


All About Movement | Podcast Movement, Movement Instead of Exercise, Movement on the Scale

In This Episode: We’re both nervous aboutPodcast Movement!Emily has named her fat-shaming voice Regina George (from “Mean Girls”).If you haven’t yet, listen to Dave Jackson’s School of Podcasting episode about Overcoming Impostor Syndrome!“How bad could this be?” is a dangerous question for us.How much of this is a lifestyle change and how much of this is just a temporary diet?Question in the Facebook Group from Michele: Any recordings about exercise? How you fit it in, what you’ve tried,...


Weight Loss and Mental Health | Coping with Anxiety and ADHD, Intermittent Fasting and Hormones, Inner Fat Shaming Voice

In This Episode: John has Triskaidekaphobia (fear of the number 13) but this was a really great episode for us.We go into a bit about Emily’s cycle, which Intermittent Fasting does affect.John’s getting anxiety over a podcasting conference we’re going to (Podcast Movement). The anxiety affects cortisol, which affects weight loss.We get into a mental health discussion, not so much about weight-loss but about some of the underlying things we deal with that leads to weight.Hello, Freud! We...