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A Holistic Approach to Health Rooted in the Gut Microbiome: 62

Dr. Laura Brown is a naturopathic doctor who uses a holistic medicine approach. She has a variety of skills but pays special attention to the inner workings of the gut microbiome, one of the most important parts of our bodies. This discussion was interesting because Dr. Brown talks about the connection between mind, body and spirit and how all of these work together for a person to be healthy and whole. When a part of the body is out of order or functioning incorrectly, it can throw off...


Health, Fertility, and Managing Menopause Symptoms: 63

Dr. Alyssa Dweck is an OBGYN with a special interest in female menopausal and sexual health. She has co-authored several books and been on two morning shows. Dr. Dweck also regularly contributes to several magazines and professional publications. Today's discussion walks through age-related fertility and female health issues. Understanding that fertility takes time is important. Dr. Dweck recommends figuring it out by your early thirties and creating a plan with your gynecologist. She also...


Using Neuro Tools to Create Better Habits: 61

Deb Erickson is a master neuro trainer, the founder of the ICAN Institute and the creator of the ICAN Neuro System application. She has devoted years of her life to the retraining of the brain and has researched numerous neurological methods. Today’s episode involves a discussion of Deb’s foundational years that led her to found the ICAN Institute and the neuro training tools in use today. We also cover how neurological devices can affect weight gain and loss and how to do so in a healthy...


New Year, New You? How to Successfully Implement Your Resolutions

This episode is the follow-up to my first New Year's goals podcast episode earlier in December. After learning how to space out your goals and tackle them one at a time, I've got another method to tackle your goals in the new year. Today we discuss what I call "The Five C's." These are consistency, commitment, choose, community, and connect. My bonus "C" is clarity. All of these are keys to create habit change through mindset and daily choices. Everyone needs these things in order to be...


Using Nutrition for Overall Health: 59

Dr. Paul Goodman is an experienced clinician, surgeon and teacher who studies how food can be used to treat various conditions and diseases. He focuses on whole-body health and using food as medicine. His background in ophthalmology is what led to nutritional research and its benefits when it comes to treating eye conditions. He currently works as the Chief Medical Officer at Fresh and Lean. Today's discussion explores eye health as well as overall health. Proper nutrition is easily...


Healthy Lifestyle Workbook for 2023, Thoughts on Preparing for New Year's Goals: 58

When it comes to New Year's goals, people can easily get discouraged. Everyone starts out with the best intentions and new goals. However, many quickly lose steam and may ditch New Year's resolutions altogether. In most cases, this is because people are overly aggressive with their goals. In this video, I explain the purpose of my digital ultimate wellness and happiness workbook and how it can contribute to your success in creating new habits. Trying to achieve smaller goals over a long...


Managing Diabetes with a Plant-Based Diet: 57

Lynne Bowman is a 76 year old grandmother now living her healthiest life. She’s managing diabetes with a mostly plant-based diet and healthy habits like consistent movement. She emphasizes the phrase “real food” throughout our discussion because that’s what she believes is the healthiest diet, and on that point, we totally agree! As you all know, I emphasize the importance of eating the proper amount of protein for optimal health. While not impossible, it is very difficult to get enough...


New Ways To Think About Cancer Treatment, A Holistic Approach: 56

Dr. Nathan Goodyear works at Brio Medical and has made it his goal to treat cancer using a holistic approach involving many alternative therapies. His position as medical director allows him the freedom to explore a wellness lifestyle for his patients through a solution-based, integrative approach based in science. Today's discussion hits close to home, as cancer is something quite prevalent in my family history. Hearing about Dr. Goodyear's patients and success with holistic medicine is...


Evidence-Based Recommendations To Optimize Nutrition And Workouts: 55

Alan Aragon is a nutrition researcher with 30 years worth of experience in the field. He relies on evidence-based information to publish a monthly research review as well as articles for magazines and scientific journals. He helps recreational and professional athletes with performance and nutrition. Today’s discussion focuses on his recent paper about age-related anabolic resistance and how much protein we should consume daily. Spoiler alert, the current RDA guidelines are inadequate for...


Finding Fertility When Nothing is Working Through a Holistic Approach: 54

Dr. Fiona Tassoni resides in Australia and practices traditional Chinese medicine as well as acupuncture. She planned on an entirely different career but began studying acupuncture and Chinese medicine after experiencing healing from it herself. We discuss the benefits of holistic medicine and healing methods, as well as an in-depth conversation on fertility. Dr. Tassoni has a particular focus on the importance of harmony in a relationship when trying to conceive. She also offers several...


Enjoy The Holidays Without Gaining Weight And Adding Extra Stress: 53

Today's episode covers ideas for making it through the holidays without gaining weight. I'm passionate about living a keto lifestyle, but that doesn't mean sacrificing holiday cheer! I offer several useful tips for those that want to maintain routine and health while attending various holiday gatherings throughout the months of November and December. One of the best ways to keep from binge eating at holiday parties is to eat a filling protein snack a few hours beforehand. This could be a few...


Using Ketamine to Treat Mental Health Conditions

Matt Zemon has a master's degree in neuroscience and psychology. He has dedicated his life to introducing and explaining the benefits of psychedelics like ketamine to treat mental health conditions. Today's discussion, although centered around psychedelics, also covers the positives and negatives regarding antidepressants and several real life examples. De-stigmatizing the mental health conversation is a battle that takes time and energy. Matt's goal is to show the benefits of legal...


Easy Tools to Retrain Your Brain for Better Habits and Healing

Dr. Eugene Choi is a certified transformational mindset coach, with a background in clinical pharmacy and business. His goal is to delve deep into the emotional and mental health of individuals and uncover the reasons behind their constant state of stress. Today’s discussion centers around the body’s executive and survival instincts and fight, flight, or freeze responses. This can mean a person is living within one of those responses and is no longer thinking rationally. Choosing to undergo...


Life-Changing Results for Greg's Severe Health Issues with Hydrogen

Greg "The Hydrogen Man" used to suffer from various chronic pains and injuries, and finally found relief in molecular hydrogen. He invested in various tools to learn about this healing method, and eventually began running his own tests to see what molecular hydrogen could affect or change about the human body. Now, he’s a hydrogen therapy evangelist, promoting the safe and educated use of molecular hydrogen to those with chronic pain, autoimmune diseases, and other illnesses. Today’s topic...


Combining Nutrition and Movement to Get the Best Results

Bronson Dant has been a coach and trainer for over ten years. His goal is to improve people's lives through the use of keto nutrition in conjunction with fitness training and consistent movement. He started his CrossFit gym in 2014. Topics for this week's episode include developing a keto lifestyle, the benefits of strength training, alternatives to going to the gym and how to combine ketogenic nutrition and movement to achieve optimal results. We also discuss how Coach Bronson uses keto...


Small Adjustments You Can Make for a Huge Impact on Chronic Pain

Rick Olderman is a physical therapist, pilates instructor, author, speaker, and more. He has spent the last 20 years studying the effects of chronic pain and injuries and experimenting with various methods to fully resolve them. Despite the lack of understanding around chronic pain, Rick has pushed through to learn more every day. Today’s episode includes discussion surrounding the causes and effects of chronic pain and injuries, the effects of physical therapy and the small adjustments...


Simplifying a Healthier Life While Respecting Time Honored Traditions

Stephanie Leaf is a gardening, food preservation, and scratch cooking expert. Her goal is to help modern mothers be more confident and self-reliant, while improving their ability to provide for their families. Maintaining traditions and healthy life choices are a balancing act with which we could all use some help! Today's episode consists of tips on starting a garden, maintaining a stock of preserved foods using both a garden harvest and buying in bulk. Stephanie also has a podcast called...


Tips for Staying on Track While Traveling Under Stress

Today I’m sharing about the recent twists and turns in my life. As we continue on the road with the Vagabond Tour, I discuss some of my tips for staying on track with diet and exercise while traveling and experiencing some stress. We put our Cincinnati house on the market a few months ago, and it sold within a few days. Right now we’re renting a Montana fishing cabin waiting for the market to chill before we go purchase again. In other news, the Heal Nourish Grow website has just been...


Nano Technology Improves Mitochondrial Function and Protects Against Oxidative Stress

In this week’s episode, Chris Burres shares his knowledge and experience with health related technology and how he got into the supplement business. He was a scientist in manufacturing, selling “the most beautiful molecule” along with his business partner. This molecule has the ability to trap other elements and deliver them wherever necessary. Over time, Burres researched various properties of this molecule including its oxidation level, power levels, and atomic properties. He had learned...


Gastroenterologist Turned Health Coach with a Holistic Approach to Wellness

Dr. Leybelis Padilla is a practicing gastroenterologist and health coach. She’s always been passionate about health and wellness and now combines her medical training and focus on gut health to help others. Topics for this week's episode included going gluten free, colon cleanses, the importance of getting a colonoscopy and why the age to have your first colonoscopy (45) has changed. She also believes in the importance of a healthy mindset, the mind body connection and how yoga and...