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If cellular changes are found soon enough 90% of chronic illness is preventable. Proven strategies include advanced biomarker testing, evidence-based diet and supplements, intelligent self-care and the right healthcare providers, when needed. Dr. Charles Bens and Prof. Aubrey Mast help guide progressive individuals and organizations alone this health improvement journey on their weekly podcast Healing Trends with Doctor Bens.


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If cellular changes are found soon enough 90% of chronic illness is preventable. Proven strategies include advanced biomarker testing, evidence-based diet and supplements, intelligent self-care and the right healthcare providers, when needed. Dr. Charles Bens and Prof. Aubrey Mast help guide progressive individuals and organizations alone this health improvement journey on their weekly podcast Healing Trends with Doctor Bens.




Cancer Accelerators: Some New Perspectives

Today, more young people are being diagnosed with cancer than ever before. There has been a 30% increase in youth cancer diagnoses over the past 50 years. Humans are exposed to more toxins today than ever before, including prescription medications and processed foods which contribute to the overall toxic load. However, we discuss some of the larger cancer accelerators on today's episode. One of the largest cancer accelerators might surprise you, it is a device that you are most likely using...


How Healthy is Your Liver?

On today's episode, we discuss fatty liver disease. Did you know one in four Americans suffer from fatty liver disease? The liver is the only organ that can regenerate itself however, because the liver is so resilient, it can be diseased up to 70% before the current medical tests are able to determine that there is an issue. Fatty liver disease can be very dangerous as it can lead to internal scarring and, ultimately, liver failure. There are many preventable measures you can take to...


Improving Your Vision Is Possible

In today’s episode, we discuss the many vision problems we encounter as we age. However, do we need to just accept that our vision will deteriorate as we get older? Getting prescription eyewear is so commonplace that no one even thinks about the nutritional deficiencies involved. Today, we tackle this question and talk through some natural ways that one can help to protect and improve their vision. Specific foods such as carrots, kale, nuts, & seeds can help to provide your body with the...


Is Alcohol Really A Health Drink?

Is there any amount of alcohol that is considered safe? On today’s episode we will tackle this big question as well as hear Dr. Bens own personal health story and experience, and how changing his diet (and alcohol consumption) allowed him to treat his health condition naturally with zero medication. We review a handful of studies that show how excessive alcohol intake is linked to digestive system issues, along with negative impacts on the body’s key organs. Alcohol consumption has been...


Monkeypox: Here We Go Again

On today’s episode, we discuss the Monkeypox outbreak and the data on the effectiveness (or lack thereof) of the newly developed vaccine. There have been no randomized trials or long- term studies conducted for the Monkeypox vaccine. Just how safe and effective is this vaccine? There are still a lot of unknowns on how to prevent and treat this virus. However, we do know that Monkeypox is in the same family of Smallpox. Today we talk about some alternative more natural treatments you can...


Exploring the Full Potential of Cardio Miracle

On today’s episode, we continue our conversation with the Cardio Miracle team and dive deeper into the value of nitric oxide for our cells. We explore the specific ingredients in the NO formula and why they are seeing such amazing results. We review the Frontiers Institute article on Cardio Miracle and discuss how this supplement plays a big role in both the prevention and regression of heart disease, as well as other benefits. John Hewlett recalls back in 2007 when he first became...


A New Solution for Cardiovascular Disease: Part 1

On today’s episode, we talk with John Hewlett (founder of Cardio Miracle) and Stanford Graham, CEO of the company producing the supplement, Cardio Miracle. John Hewlett shares his own story and the heart issues he experienced 17 years ago along with the complications he faced from the surgery he had, and how that ultimately led him to begin looking into different, more effective, and less invasive cardiovascular surgery alternatives. During today’s interview, you will learn why you and your...


Preventing COVID Naturally with Hydrogen Peroxide

Natural science has proven what the FDA, the CDC, and every other national media expert have failed to understand is that COVID-19 has always been totally preventable. In an article published recently, a hospital in Ghana reported that all patients (4,000) and staff (89) avoided being infected with COVID-19 by using hydrogen peroxide up the nose and some down the throat every day. The treatment involved a 0.5% hydrogen peroxide nasal cavity rinse and a 1.0% hydrogen peroxide mouthwash that...


Is A Colonoscopy Worth The Risk?

When it comes to colonoscopies, does the benefit outweigh the risk? We review the statistics on this matter and question whether a colonoscopy is worth the risk of perforation, taking the gut out of balance, or bacterial infection. Beyond these inherent risks, a colonoscopy is not a foolproof test. In fact, 17% of cancers are missed with a colonoscopy. Are there other tests that can be used as a substitute for a colonoscopy that is less invasive and more effective? Prevention is key, today...


Is a New Liver Possible?

The headline of a recent article read “We get a new liver every three years”. My immediate reaction was isn’t that great, I would love to have a new liver every three years. Then I paused and reflected on that thought; how can that be possible with so many people getting liver cancer? I know the liver is the only organ that can replace a part of itself if it is damaged or even cut off. And, I know that almost all cells have a cell replacement program built into our cellular repair process....


Natural Medicine Works Better

Today's episode is a great follow-up to last week's, where we talked about how "death by modern medicine" is something of which we should all be more aware. In the last year of our show, Dr. Bens has spent almost 80 episodes talking about the benefits of natural and holistic healthcare. It's something he is very passionate about! In this conversation, Dr. Bens and John Barson, Total Health Magazine researcher and editor, discuss pharmaceutical pollution in our environment, DNA damage,...


Practicing the Wrong Medicine

Dr. Bens was working with a patient this past week who had arrhythmia, caused by the COVID-19 virus and then allegedly exacerbated by the COVID-19 vaccination. Her doctor put her on an arrhythmia medication—which she was on for two or three days. Unfortunately, it not only didn't help, it produced undesirable side effects. So, she said: "That's not working for me!" They put her on a second medication, and that one only lasted two or three hours before she confirmed it was not working...


The Role of Nutrition in Mass Shootings

The media and "conventional" medical professionals can sometimes get the idea right, but not the follow-through. That's the concept behind this episode on psychiatric medicine, talk therapy, and mass shootings. One theory behind the recent rise in mass shootings is depression medications like Prozac—but you will never see that in the popular media. Today we dive into why talk therapy is bad, the problem with Ritalin, school lunch programs, and how better nutrition in our schools would...


The Role of Muscles in Our Health

We don't think about muscles a whole lot. The heart is the most important, but people don't think about the heart as an actual muscle! Today's focus is on the role of muscles in our overall health. Most muscular challenges are caused by fungi, parasites, and other viruses that act as the triggers of these diseases. It turns out there are hundreds of them. This presents a challenging situation for doctors as well. There are too many factors to measure, and they may not get to the root of...


Managing Seizures and Other Brain Challenges Naturally

Here on Healing Trends with Dr. Bens, we are all about being advocates for your own health. Talk to your doctors, do your own research, and take responsibility for your care! Today we are talking about taking control of your brain health. Dr. Bens has seen more brain issues in recent years due to long COVID, but he had protocols designed around optimal brain health even before the pandemic. This episode focuses on vitamins, supplements, and other actions YOU can take on your own to keep...


The Surprising Benefits of Enzymes

Gut problems are so common these days, with people complaining of gluten intolerance, lactose intolerance, bloating, cramping, and more. With the way we are eating, our body is trying to digest chemicals and sugars—and it is not getting what it needs. But, enzymes are a simple fix! Enzymes do a lot for our bodies and guts, including breaking down nutrients and delivering those nutrients to cells. Today Dr. Bens and John discuss how to get those enzymes, the best supplements, autism, and...


Regeneration for Damaged or Aging Cells

Cells are the building blocks of all living organs. Our cells take nutrients from the food we eat, and those nutrients are converted to a form of energy that performs specialized functions. Those specialized functions need specialized material to work with. You can't build a house without a hammer, nails, and some plywood. We have to start thinking about our bodies in this way. These actions aren't visible to the human eye, but they are crucial for rejuvenating the human body and brain. If...


Climate Change Will Impact Your Future Health

Climate change has significant impacts on health. A recent headline that got Dr. Bens' attention really drives this point home: "This is Why We Will Be More Sick in the Future." As the planet warms up and shifts occur, we will have to start becoming more aware of our personal environment. We always talk about taking control of your health, but people truly have to start thinking about the environment and its impact on physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Rising temperatures,...


Strategies for Better Sleep

Sleep disruptions are very common, unless you find yourself in a serene setting—like John Barson, who lives in rural Vancouver by a river. The rest of us in urban society would benefit from some tips and tricks to get the best, natural sleep of your life. Think of your sleep as a pit stop for a race car. It's all hands on deck! Mechanics rush out and immediately take action to get the car back in tip-top shape. That's what's happening to your body when you sleep well. Some simple things...


Questions to Ask Your Doctor

There are so many different types of doctors out there. Before you chose your current provider, did you do any research or look into all the types of practitioners available? Patients are not challenging their practitioners enough. We believe there are a number of questions you should ask in advance of deciding on a practitioner, instead of just relying on referrals or online ratings. Today we're talking about the topics you should ask your doctor or specialist before entrusting your...