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Ketogenic Diet, Keto Diet - Do Keto Diets Really Work? Would Keto Work For You? Overview Of The Keto Diet Plan From 10+ Years Experience + To Check Your Pee Or To Not Check Your Pee?

Does the keto diet really work like everyone says? Do you have to check your pee in order to be successful on keto? What foods are "safe" on the ketogenic diet? What are the best keto diet foods? These question answered and many more from someone with 10+ years experience on various versions of the moderate to low carb keto diet. In depth show notes, safe foods, and more on the keto diet available at - search "Keto diet."


Reincarnation Of Pets, Is it Impossible or Possible? Past Life Regression, My Personal Alleged Reincarnation Stories Of My Wonderful Two Dogs. + How To Find Out If Your Pet May Indeed Be Reincarnated.

In this new HHL segment titled conversations of the open mind, we discuss reincarnation, the reincarnation of pets, and how to find out if your pet may possibly be reincarnated. Matt speaks in regards to past life regression and also tells his personal alleged reincarnation story involving his two wonderful dogs. Matt also briefly discusses the truth about pet cancer documentary, episode you will want to listen to! Full written story also on the blog at


Trump Jr Harassment Accusation? Should Guys Still Always Pay Even With The Women's Rights Movement? How Does Jesus Feel About Her Porno & Her Rachet BAE? + Michelle Obama's Arms & Is Oprah Crazy? Shafonda Loranda Jones Tells All, Uncensored! : X

ShaFona LoRanda Jones "Child!" is our guest on today's episode as she discusses everything from President Donald Trump, Trump Jr, Hiliary Clinton, Her Savior Jesus Christ, Her sexual orientation and the porno she did while on drugs. She goes onto discuss her recent break up with Javier, fuckboys, and whether she contracted a MAJOR STD! She goes into her very personal binge eating problem, sings church songs, and discusses her experience with TMZ. This is a hilarious skit comedy episode and...


What Broke My heart In New Orleans? How To Cure Anxiety (My Simple Method). The Palm Reading "Palmistry" Phone App That Blew Me Away! Healthiest Alcohol. How to tell if a psychic is real + Shofanda Preview (Comedy Jokes)

Matt explains what broke his heart in New Orleans. He discusses "the bubble" we often live in and how we often forget about those less fortunate than us. He discusses how to cure anxiety (A method that has worked for him for years.) He also discussed his anxiety relapse in New Orleans and how he fixed it after getting home. The show begins and ends with a preview of next week's hilarious comedy guest, Shofanda Jones as she discusses hilarious topics including what she would do if Trump...


Erotic Superstar Jaxton Wheeler With Sully Savage Interview With Matt Michael - Very Personal Stories On Steroids, Erectile Dysfunction, Relationships in the Porn Industry And Much More In This Unique Interview. + The Giney Song Parody.This Ones Not For E

Erotic Superstar Jaxton Wheeler With Sully Savage discuss a variety of topics with Matt Michael Including Jaxton and Matt's previous steroid use as well as an exclusive look inside the relationship of Jaxton Wheeler and Sully Savage. Is there jealousy between them or is it all good? We also discuss Jaxton's childhood and upbringing, Matt's personal steroid story when striving to get into pro wrestling, roid rage, what it takes to make it in erotic porn, Jaxton's first porn experience, as...


Sleeping Tips To Fall Asleep Fast & Deep + Is ceramic cookware safe? Healthiest Cookware + Jack And Rose Over-worrying on the Titanic & My Dog Tries For Home Plate On The First Date

In this episode of the short simple health themed Health Humor Life podcast, Matt discusses two easy sleeping tips to help you fall asleep fast, deep, and long. He discusses sleep music that's easier then a sleep cycle app and even helps relieve stress. He discusses magnesium as a natural insomnia treatment for greatly improved sleep and anxiety. Matt also discusses Jack & Rose's sleepless nights on the titanic due to over-worrying and stress + how his dog skipped all three bases and went...


Valentine's Day Special: How To Remove Emotional Blockage About Love, Matt's Worst Valentine's Day date Ever, An Emotional, Shocking Break Up story & The Positive Lessons Learned + Someone Did NOT Urinate in the Office (It's far worse!)

The former Health humor life name and comedian co-host Tyler P returns for this special valentine's day episode! During this episode we discuss how to remove the emotional blockage (or blocks) holding many of us back from experiencing true love. These emotional blockages could be from past relationship traumas, or even still within us from getting over a break up. Matt will also discuss a humorous story about his worst valentine's day date ever. (It includes fish, burger king, and a glass...


Binge Eating Disorder: How To Overcome Binge Eating, A Man Collapses At The Gym, Did Someone Urinate In My Office?

The podcast opens discussing the mystery of the office "Urinator" as my office smells like something died in it. Matt then discusses a man who collapsed at the gym and the powerful message it sent to him and his clients. Overcoming binge eating is the primary topic of today's podcast. Binge eating and binge eating disorder are unfortunately very common especially here in the united states. It is also known as compulsive eating disorder. Binge eating disorder treatment is indeed available...


How An 85 Year Old Chemist Cured His Cancer Three Times In His Life Without Chemotherapy. Special Interview Episode Part 2/2

Part 2/2 This amazing 85 year old chemist named Nick actually CURED himself of Cancer 3 Times in his life without Chemo! His story and insight is amazing and it's a must-hear interview. This guy is the sharpest 85 year old I've ever met in my life. He has several books on Amazon, he's a health coach, and he just moved across the country to live with a new girlfriend. Upon first hearing his story three years ago, I was truly amazed and it inspired me to further my own research into...


How An 85 Year Old Chemist Cured His Cancer Three Times In His Life Without Chemotherapy. Special Interview Episode Part 1/2

This amazing 85 year old chemist named Nick actually CURED himself of Cancer 3 Times in his life without Chemo! His story and insight is amazing and it's a must-hear interview. This guy is the sharpest 85 year old I've ever met in my life. He has several books on Amazon, he's a health coach, and he just moved across the country to live with a new girlfriend. Upon first hearing his story three years ago, I was truly amazed and it inspired me to further my own research into alternative...


This Was Hard To Post... My Very Personal Story Of Steroids, Depression, Anxiety, Ed (erectile dysfunction), My 50 lb Weight Gain And More. + A Comedy Song

In this special episode, I share with you my very personal story and struggle with ed (erectile dysfunction), my 50 lb weight gain, anxiety symptoms, depression symptoms, steroid use, and how I was able to overcome most of these naturally. I discuss briefly and will touch in more detail on later episodes: a natural remedy for anxiety, a natural remedy for depression, a natural remedy for ed, the method I found on how to lose weight quickly, and more. I share this story openly and honestly...


Eat Any Dessert You Want At Anytime Without Worry By Simply Substituting Sugar & Flour To Magically Transform Any Sweet Treat From Fat Gain City To Fat Burn Paradise. + A Rap Song

Burn TONS more fat by making these two simple substitutions when making desserts and any sweet treat. I literally made the best tasting peanut butter pie ever by using this strategy. (I tell you where to get the recipe in this episode.) This one technique can save you from a world of sugar addiction, binge eating, and weight gain and allow you to freely eat sweets daily and even for breakfast. (Yes they can be made that healthy) There are many sugar alternatives out there. Find out which...


How To Cure A Cold Fast, Cure A Virus Fast And Prevent Future Colds & Viruses: Natural Cold Remedies, Homeopathic remedies, and home remedies.

Learn to cure and prevent the common cold and other common viruses fast in this episode by using simple vitamins and nutrients in higher doses. This episode includes natural remedies for cold and viruses, homeopathic remedies for cold and viruses, and home remedies for cold and viruses. Matt dives into how shitake mushrooms he's feeling right now and how he's pushing through this podcast. Matt discusses methods including high dose vitamin c, chlorella ingestion, spurilina ingestion as well...


Self esteem, Self Beliefs And My Boss Told Me I Was Fat: How To Develop Self Confidence And Self Belief In Yourself And Your Goals, Plus How Ladies Lose Weight While Eating Sweets Every Day!

Matt Michael discusses the end of health humor life and the beginning of the short simple health solutions podcast as he states the show will still focus on “info-tainment” and be entertaining as well as educating about health, weight loss, mind, spirit, and more. Today’s episode focuses on self esteem, self beliefs, self confidence, and how to build self esteem, how to build self confidence, and how to enhance self love, self image, and self worth. He discusses what it takes to love...


Diet Tips For Fast Weight Loss & Health Maintenance + A Hiatus & New Beginnings With New Age Holistic Health And The Short Simple Health Solutions Podcast

New Age Holistic Health - Short Simple Health Solutions Podcast On Today's episode of the health humor l.... Oh wait! We have a new name! Find out the details of the new brand change inside this episode. This new podcast is short and sweet as it will be in the future as well. It begins with a motivational quote as it will from here on out. (Because we all need daily and weekly motivation) Matt discusses Diet Tips For Fast Weight Loss as well as Health Maintenance in this episode. He will...


Soda Pop: Drink or Stop? High Fructose Corn Syrup & Aspartame: Safe Or Poisonous? + Getting Pounded!

Soda Pop has been a long time staple in American society. However, there is now an extravagant amount of controversial information known about sugar, high fructose corn syrup, aspartame, and many other ingredients in soda pop. Can you drink this American and Worldwide staple drink and still be healthy? Should Soda Pop continue to be a long time American past time? What are Matt and Tyler getting pounded with? Or Who are they pounding? Or Who is pounding who? The pair discuss high fructose...


Funny Pet Peeves, Why Matt's Crazy Ex Would've Never Moved in, Toilet humor, How To Lead By Example, Female Stalkers, And Ratchet Feet Hanging Out Of Car Windows

Tyler and Matt shoot the shit on this podcast about funny life occurrences and pet peeves. It is mentioned that they will be discussing soda and "how to prevent yourself from getting sick" next podcast. They Discuss Matt's current girlfriend who is doing a "trial move in week" to see how it goes living with these two gentlemen. Will there be any pet peeves occurring with this move in?? Tyler goes into his pet peeves and how he hates feet sticking out of car windows. Matt discusses some of...


Paranormal Activity pt 1: Clairvoyant Psychic Mediums, Intuition, Intuitive Abilities, Haunted Frat House Tales, And The Dell Customer Service Lady

Tyler and Matt begin the Health Humor Life paranormal activity series by discussing the events that lead from them growing up in a strict catholic religion to eventually opening their minds as they had many spiritual, paranormal, ghost, and psychic medium experiences. Matt states that it is perfectly ok if you do not believe in ghosts as you will still find these stories intriguing. Tyler opens up about beginning his journey as a Clairvoyant and how he first experienced being able to sense...


CrossFit Gyms And CrossFit Training Programs: Is This New CrossFit Community For You? Plus: Should A CrossFit Bro Date A CrossFit Chick?

Crossfit is a lifestyle in which you are prioritizing health and fitness goals. Founded by Greg Glassman over several decades, it is a unique fitness regimen. It is stated that he is the first person in history to define fitness in a meaningful and measurable way. He then created a program designed to improve fitness and health. Crossfit is varied functional movements performed at a high intensity. These functional movements reflect aspects of gymnastics, weight lifting, running rowing and...


What is anxiety? how to cure severe anxiety and symptoms of depression naturally. Symptoms of Magnesium deficiency, Benefits of a magnesium supplement

Anxiety and depression now plagues a large majority of America and other countries. However, it wasn't always like this! So what the hell happened?! On this edition of Health Humor Life, Matt goes into what causes anxiety, an anxiety attack (panic attack), OCD, major depressive disorder, and other illnesses. He discusses how to treat anxiety and actually cure severe anxiety and symptoms of anxiety naturally in most people. He describes the most important natural remedies for anxiety which...


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