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Gut Matters with Dr. Karen Wolfe- Podcast #21

#21 Gut Matters: 4 Ways to Optimize Your Digestion to Boost Your 'Second Brain' and Improve Your Mood Interview with Dr. Karen Wolfe Join Rosie and her guest, Dr. Karen Wolfe as they discuss why and how having a healthy gut is among the most important keys toward a vibrant body. Why is the gut important? What is Functional Medicine? What is the link between our mood and our gut? How can you improve digestion? Gut health is a focus for all of us who love our bodies and want our bodies to...


Releasing Trapped Emotions with Dr. Michelle Peticolas – Podcast #20

#20 Releasing Trapped Emotions Interview with Dr. Michelle Peticolas Join Rosie and her guest, Dr. Michelle Peticolas as they discuss resolving emotional trauma that is stored in our bodies. How do emotions get trapped in our bodies? How does this impact our physiology and health? And, most importantly, what can we do to heal? Dr. Michelle is an inner-game expert with a specialty in trapped emotions. By understanding where our trapped emotions come from and how they influence our behavior...


Starting a Plant Based Diet with Dr Debra – Podcast #19

#19 Starting a Plant Based Diet Interview with Dr. Debra Shapiro Join Rosie Bank and her guest, Dr. Debra Shapiro as they discuss how to live longer, what to eat to prevent chronic disease, and even how to use whole plants in your diet to treat and even reverse chronic disease. They even discuss the controversies that are alive and well in the nutrition arena, even among experts. Dr. Debra has some fascinating remarks on the obstacles you may encounter as you eliminate junk, processed...


Marriage of Love and Health – Podcast #18

#18 Marriage of Love and Health Interview with Kimi Avary Continuing with the love/health/romance/vitality theme, please join Kimi Avary and me as we discuss how taking care of yourself positively impacts your love relationship. Learn from Relationship Navigation Specialist, Kimi Avary ( as she shares relevant and powerful distinctions to keep you love and health alive. (See below for Kimi’s credentials.) Here is what you will discover in this episode of...


The We in Wellness – Podcast #17

Podcast Episode #17 The "We" in Wellness - Interview with Dr. Gary Salyer What do health and love have to do with each other? What is the “We in Wellness?” Learn from Love Expert, Dr. Gary Salyer ( as he shares enlightening information about how to nurture a loving relationship. (See below for Dr. Gary’s credentials.) Here is what you will discover in this episode of Health Matters Podcast: How taking care of you provides nourishment for your love relationship. What is...


Eat Your Veggies – Podcast #16

Episode 16 Show Notes - Eat Your Veggies Have you heard the term plant based diet? It is among the most popular themes currently running in the nutrition/wellness/weight management/disease prevention arena. Surely you hear experts recommending that you eat your veggies. Some trends come and go. There is something about the emphasis on eating fruits and veggies plus nuts and seeds to enhance your health that has lasting, timeless relevance. This is not a fad. In this episode, I will walk...


Why Stretching Matters Part Two – Podcast #15

Yoga stretching is like the fountain of youth. Consider doing yoga stretching for a wide variety of improvements in how you feel in your body every day. Think of the difference it would make in your life to feel more comfortable, more relaxed, more alive. Yoga stretching can help you achieve all of these and more. May I assume that you followed my suggestion and have listened to Part One of this two-part podcast? Episode 14 comes before 15. You will invariably get more value if you listen...


Why Stretching Matters Part One – Podcast #14

Yoga Stretching to do at home for optimal health and well-being. Do you resonate with the idea of becoming looser, more balanced, more comfortable, and stronger in your body? If so, follow along with me in 'Why Stretching Matters Part One' in this Health Matters Podcast, and then, afterward, in 'Why Stretching Matters Part Two'. And most importantly, TAKE ACTION! Here are the topics I broached on Health Matters Podcast Episode 14: The joys of stretching. What can happen for you when you...


Leave a Legacy of Health – Podcast #13

This conversation has no end. Why? Because there is no arrival point when it comes to taking care of your body and making your health a priority. I suppose at the end of our lives, we can consider this chapter closed. But every day leading up to that, we can always do things to help us keep our bodies, our energy levels, our ability to stay well top of mind. In this episode, I will engage with you something I call Leaving a Legacy of Health. This is about looking forward. The choices you...


Are You Addicted to Stress – Podcast 12

On this podcast: Learn how to recognize the signs of excess stress and what to do about it. Stress can be “good” and stress can be “bad” ... How can you tell the difference? How can you use stress as it is meant to help us function? And when do you have to jump off that stress train to become a calmer, healthier, happier version of you? Here are the topics I broached on Health Matters Podcast Episode 12: What happens to our health when we overdo stress? What health conditions are so-called...


Working From the Inside Out – Podcast 11

Is there a train coming down the track? Is it the Health Train, and if so, are you on it? Is it the Disease Train, and if so, are you jumping out of the way to get on a different track? Here are the topics I broached on Health Matters Podcast Episode 11: Where do you start to “work from the inside?” What conditions respond to self-care versus medical care? How do you integrate getting professional help while maintaining personal power? What are good strategies to treat our bodies to get...


Calorie Counting vs Calorie Consciousness – Podcast 10

An Intuitive Approach To Eating For Health And Slenderness … Without Dieting. Do you find calorie counting an inconvenient distraction from enjoying your food? I do! On this podcast, I’ll guide you to simply have a better, more informed, less stressed-out relationship with food. How can you know which to pick… an egg-salad sandwich, or a peanut butter one? I’ll show you the difference. Learn what food makes you feel fabulous, and discover how to eat just enough of it to achieve optimal...


Personal Growth and Your Health – Podcast #9

Connect the dots. Making your health a priority supports your evolution in a variety of areas of your life. Focusing on your personal growth enables you to make necessary adjustments in your health. I came up with several areas where you can put your attention. In doing so, you can invite your body to meet higher standards by which you want to live your life and express yourself. Based on my experience, focusing on your health brings enormous value to you as a person. You express your...


Knock It Off – Podcast #8

I'm excited to talk with you about 'Following the Five Rules', as laid out in Mastering Leptin, by Byron Richards. This approach is systematic and will show you where you have room for improvement in your relationship with meals, quantity, frequency, and quality. The result may likely be a renewed and refreshed experience of weight loss, increased energy, and feeling more strategic in meal planning. I loved reading Mastering Leptin for the third time. I get more out of it every time I read...


Grazing vs Square Meals – Podcast #7

Feeling confident knowing when and how much to eat will make a big difference for you. It’s like having a road map, so you don’t get lost. I am very hopeful about this podcast episode for you. In the old days, I used to have no definition between my meals. It seemed like I started in the morning and used food throughout the day to distract myself, soothe over my emotions, and to give me energy because I was so depleted from eating so much junk food. That seems like another lifetime ago....


Getting Support – Podcast #6

Creating a community of like-minded health enthusiasts can do wonders for you on your journey. Don’t go at it alone! My sincere desire in creating this episode for you is to inspire you to have supportive buddies to go on this journey of enjoying massively improved health. Whether it is your family, your friends, your co-workers, a walking club you join, or a class that you take, it makes all the difference in the world when you are not alone. The other reason why it’s a big deal for you...


Give Peace a Chance – Podcast #5

Doing things that help you feel more peaceful also help you be healthier. Doing things to be healthier can also help you feel more peace. There is a lot of talk about overcoming stress. By focusing on allowing more peace and harmony in your life through deliberate practices, much of the stress disappears. Include regular practices that include physical relaxation, forgiveness, and giving thanks. Support the part of your immune system that helps you make better food choices by breathing and...


Doing Drugs in Public – Podcast #4

Today we are exploring a very legal drug that can have horrendous consequences to your body. Sugar. In this episode I’ll dig into how your food choices can impact your health positively … or negatively. Why you are starving even a couple of hours after you eat? Why is it so incredibly important to maintain steady levels of your blood glucose? Is it true what they say about having a healthy breakfast? Learn this and more on this podcast episode. Heat up your metabolism for energy and weight...


Everything Counts – Podcast #3

"Everything Counts" will be among your absolute best tools for maintaining your radiant good health. In this episode of Health Matters Podcast, as your Health Coach, I will help you make some significant discoveries about your daily habits. Learn why it does not serve you to discount the little things you do. Your energy and vitality are the result of small choices throughout your day. Baby steps plus consistency yield astonishing results. I will emphasize the role of discipline regarding...


Roadmap for Vibrant Health – Podcast #2

In my first episode, I talked about the gateway strategy for kick-starting your process to getting healthier – Loving Yourself First. In this episode, I will introduce you to a system for keeping yourself on the road for optimal, vibrant health. I call it the Roadmap for Vibrant Health. The components are easy to remember as N-E-S-S (borrowed from Dr. Brent Bauer of the Mayo Clinic Department of Integrative Medicine).The letters in N-E-S-S stand for Nutrition, Exercise, Stress, and...