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Speaking with leading thinkers, designers, researchers and business leaders in gamification & health

Speaking with leading thinkers, designers, researchers and business leaders in gamification & health


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Speaking with leading thinkers, designers, researchers and business leaders in gamification & health








Episode 12: Asst. Professor Agnessa Spanellis & Asst. Professor Paula Ramirez <> Gamification creating shared pandemic understanding and covid safe behaviours in indigenous communities

We’re joined by Agnessa and Paula to discuss the findings of their research publication on the role of gamification to develop shared understanding of the pandemic in indigenous communities in Colombia. Their pioneering research looks at analogue gamification solutions that are culturally adapted to win both peoples hearts and minds to share health education and create positive healthy behaviour change. This episode explores cross-cultural gamification, analogue and virtual gamification...


Episode 11: Lucia Pannese <> Creating a company that has been gamifying health for 15+ years

Roll on episode 11, joining us is Lucia Pannese to talk through her journey in creating and growing imaginary srl, one of the longest established and most respected European serious games companies. We explore the importance and approaches of co-design, mutual adaptation of games and creating games that resonate with users, so people can ‘win’ again. Lucia is CEO of imaginary, founding the company in 2004 following her degree in Applied Mathematics. Since then, she has put all her heart and...


Episode 10: Dr. Kerstin Oberprieler <> Gamifcation vs. Occupational health and wellbeing

We’ve made it to episode 10! And joining us is Dr. Kerstin Oberprieler to talk through the role of gamification in the workplace. How game mechanics can be used to increase engagement, collaboration and overall workplace health and wellbeing. Kerstin has a PhD in Gamification and globally recognised as one of the leading experts in gamification. Kerstin is founder and CEO at PentaQuest, building gamified solution that are intuitive, highly engaging effective and...


Episode 9: Prof. Oliver Korn – “Don’t whip me with your games” <> creating games that are more carrot than stick.

We’re joined by Prof. Oliver Korn to explore a smorgasbord of topics including health gamification research, designing games for deaf blind players (when traditional games are so heavily influences by sounds and vision), tactile games, creating repetitive rehab-exercises that are fun, animalistic avatar trainers and more. Oliver is a professor for Human Computer Interaction (HCI) at Offenburg University, Germany and director of the Affective & Cognitive Institute. He co-founded the software...


Episode 8: Paul Gosnell – FitLink App – One app to connect them all: gamified exercise teams

We’re joined by Paul, CEO of FitLink App. FitLink creates personal health goals and track them daily and rewards users for the motivation and power to lead a healthier life. In this episode we talk about ‘giving gamification a go’ and the entrepreneurial approach to including gamification features in activity apps. Paul has a decade and a half of experience in leadership and management around digital solutions and fitness. Paul is the Co-Founder of FitLink, with a mission to make the world...


Episode 7: Peter & Katju - Rehaboo – Augmented reality for older adult movement

We’re joined by Peter, CEO and Katju, COO at Rehaboo. Rehaboo specialises in gamified Physiotherapy where games are played in front of Rehaboo! Screens (or any camera) with a focus on making remote Physiotherapy fun, empowering and measurable, with over 10 million steps taken by Rehaboo players. We talk about Rehaboo’s journey from concept idea at a hackathon to their current roll out in public spaces and health clinics. Peter is a multi-entrepreneur with background includes business, tech...


Episode 6: Dr. Zac Fitz-Walter – Designing Games for Healthy Behaviours

In this episode we’re joined by Zac Fitz-Walter to talk about lean methodologies in game design, rapid feedback loops for behaviour modification and player motivations. Zac is speaker, trainer, and games master sought out for his expertise in gamification and motivation design. He earned one of the world’s first PhDs in gamification design, and has since lectured and developed curriculum on gamification for universities. He speaks and educates governments and companies around the world on...


Episode 5: Francisco - 'Teams Create Collective (and repetitive) Exercise'

We’re joined by Francisco Baptista, Founder & CEO of TeamSportz. In this episode we talk through creating games using computer-vision and video analysis and how working in virtual teams can create repetitive (and accountable) active behaviours. Francisco is a software engineer, avid sportsman and keen problem solver. TeamSportz is an AI sports platform to help players and coaches reach their full potential. Players use the mobile app to join the team, train, exercise using our proprietary...


Episode 4: Pieter & Raoul – Gambling for Better Health & Health Gamification Research

We’re joined by Pieter Van Gorp and Raoul Nuijten from Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands. In this episode we talk through financial incentives for physical activity, how gambling mechanics can create health behaviours for lower costs and some principles for researching health gamification interventions. Pieter is Assistant Professor at Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands with a research focus on digital health platforms. He also manages the health data...


Episode 3: Shivani Lamba – ‘Story First, Science Second’

We’re joined by Shivani, the Founder and CEO of Bright lobe, an organisation on a mission to promote health physical and psychological developmental outcomes in children, through games and toys. In this episode we talk about educational games for neuro development and cognitive testing, the importance of crafting entertaining experiences, speaking to human nature through integrate narratives and the ethics of addictive game mechanics. Shivani has a background in computer science,...


Episode 2: Victoria Ichizli-Bartels – Life Self-Gamification

In the second Health Points episode, we are joined by author and ‘life gamer', Victoria Ichizli-Bartels. Victoria is the author of 21 books, with ten of them focusing on turning life activities into games. In this episode, we explore turning everyday tasks into fun habits using underpinning game mechanics and highlighting the need for kind gamification principles. Bio: Victoria is an author of 21 books (and counting) and an instructor, coach, and consultant in the area of...


Episode 1: Adrian Hon - Zombies, Run!

In the first Health Points episode we are joined by the Founder and CEO of SixtoStart which delivers the award-winning story-based running app Zombies, Run! Adrian Hon talks about how creating a narrative is a powerful tool that can encourage more active behaviours and the role of gamification in creating healthy behaviours.