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The only podcast in the world for people with a curious mind and a desire to have a better healthcare system. We are looking for people who want to know why healthcare doesn’t work, how we got here or what we can do to fix it?

The only podcast in the world for people with a curious mind and a desire to have a better healthcare system. We are looking for people who want to know why healthcare doesn’t work, how we got here or what we can do to fix it?


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The only podcast in the world for people with a curious mind and a desire to have a better healthcare system. We are looking for people who want to know why healthcare doesn’t work, how we got here or what we can do to fix it?








S2E9 Healthcare is Hostile (part 2)

30% of Hospitals have violated the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act - EMTALA. 4,341 violations have occurred in 1,682 hospitals in the last 10-year period. What does this startling statistic mean to you and what should you do about it? This episode is focused on yet another reason why our healthcare system is such a hostile environment. See the video version:


S2E10 Medicare an Introduction

Do you know why Medicare came into being? Do you know that Medicare & Medicaid were extensions to the Social Security Act of 1935? Do you know that if you exceed your Medicare benefit payments in claims that the federal government can take your house and assets to recover the debt? We will cover these facts and more in this episode! Video Version:


S2E8 - Healthcare is Hostile

While roughly 10% of all professions report abusive behavior, the numbers for Healthcare are over 30%. Healthcare is a hostile environment in more ways than one. In this episode we discuss the many things that make healthcare a hostile environment. And, you thought sex, drugs and rock n roll was just for musicians! Find out more at


Episode 7 - Doctors: A Dangerous Healthcare Environment

Do you know that 50% of doctors initial diagnosis is wrong? How about the fact that only about 25% of their treatments have an underlying scientific based best practice? Would you be surprised to find out that the vast majority of medications can only be used by about 65% of the population, the rest of us can’t metabolize it? This episode speaks about why Doctor’s practice of medicine is very dangerous and for the most part why it’s not their fault. Full Video is available here:...


Episode 6 Audio Hospitals are Dangerous

One in four U.S. hospital patients suffer at least one healthcare related injury. In 1999, 44,000 - 98,000 patients died getting healthcare. By 2013, the number of deaths had risen to 251,000-400,000 patients died. Hospitals are one of the most dangerous places you can go. Getting Healthcare is more dangerous that being a commercial fisherman – the deadliest job on the planet. Why are hospitals so dangerous and what can we do to protect ourselves? We explore these topics and more in this...


Season 2 Episode 5 - Drug Prices are too high! But are they Really? (part 2)

In the last Episode we talked about why what we think about drug prices are often mythical. This episode focuses on Mandatory Government Drug Rebates that are the biggest cause of high drug prices. HHS Sec. Azar says he is targeting drug rebates to lower drug prices. Will it work? In Episode 4 we spoke about the myths surrounding high drug prices. Why what we think we know about high drug prices is wrong and explain the root of the problem – Rebates. In Episode...


Season 2 Episode 4 - Drug Prices are too high! But are they Really? (part 1)

With Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar’s recent announcement that HHS is targeting rebates as one of the reasons for America’s high drug prices, Secretary Azar is the first who has finally identified one of the critical problems in our drug pricing system and why U.S. drugs seem so much more expensive. Tom and Tim have been arguing this point for many years. Does the plan go far enough and identify the biggest offenders of the rebate scam? Tune in the next two episodes to find...


Episode 3 Season 2 - Hostile Predatory part 2

One of the reasons our healthcare quagmire is so dangerous is the hostile and predatory nature of competition within the industry. In this episode, Tim and Tom highlight the key issues. Links: Check out our YouTube Channel Stop by our website for more information and special promotions.


Episode 2 – Predatory and Hostile Healthcare Environment (Part 1)

The current debate about high drug prices and the focus on attacking rebates to Pharmacy Benefits Managers is the right discussion but the approach is wrong, weak and misleading. Its just expanding the current blame-game to divert the attention from the real problem. These, so called, high drug prices exist on paper solely due to the hostile and dangerous environment that exist in our American Healthcare Quagmire. We want to fix our healthcare system! Do you? It is up to us. We, the people...


Season2 Episode 1 - Season Intro & Recap

Welcome to Season 2 of Healthcare Reform 2.0. In this episode we recap the past few months and tell you what we will be discussing in this season. Check it out. Links: Check out our YouTube Channel Stop by our website for more information and special promotions.


Episode 4 Gag-orders make us gag - HB004

Gag Orders are tools the Healthcare industry uses to keep you in the dark about cheaper drug prices and options. We discuss how they work, and why they exist and why they need to be eliminated.


Price Transparency - Healthcare's Lack Thereof

HealthyBytes: Quick Points for Fast Learners. - We talk about today's problems with the lack of real price transparency in our healthcare system and how we can fix it! Links: Check out our YouTube Channel Stop by our website for more information and special promotions.


Episode 8 Serious as a Heart Attack HR-20-008

On June 27th Cohost Tom Loker had a nearly fatal heart attack. This show discusses the events leading up to the attack, the emergency response, diagnosis, treatment and Tom’s personal journey through the healthcare system. It illustrates the best and worst of our healthcare system. You do not want to miss this open and frank story.


Episode 7: Mammography, Ultrasound & Density HR-20-007

Mammograms are the gold standard for breast cancer detection and diagnosis yet they’re accuracy leaves a bit to be desired in normal breasted women. 40 percent of women have “Dense” breasts. Mammography effectiveness in dense-breasted women falls off sharply. Supplemental forms of detection like “Automated Whole Breast Ultrasound” significantly improve early detection. Yet for a variety of reasons, it is ignored or actively discouraged. We explain the problem and offer ways you can protect...


Episode 6: A New Approach HR-20-006

It's time to fix this healthcare quagmire. We have seen government’s idea, ObamaCare, and its not working. We have been told single payer or universal healthcare is a better way, but it's demonstrably and prove-ably not. While we are in almost violent disagreement on the solution, most of us don’t even understand the problems. This includes a lot of government, and people in the industry. Yet, there is a better idea. In this episode, we outline this improved approach and set the stage to...


Episode 5-Compliance Online Speech-Why the Government Cant Fix Healthcare HR-20-005

The healthcare diatribe has continued to get more vitriolic. Most just spout contrived talking points from either side driven into our heads for the past 9 years by a lazy media. Tom and Tim speak to the Annual ComplianceOnline Medical Device Summit & explain why THE GOVERNMENT CAN’T FIX OUR HEALTHCARE SYSTEM. The Government can’t fix our healthcare system. In fact, in this speech we provide evidence that the government has never been able to do anything other than increase costs. We not...


Episode 1.12 Where We Are Now

Medicare and Medicaid costs are still out of control, no cost containment efforts have had any effect, and yet, we continue to expand the failing system. The ACA is passed. Government duplicity is fully exposed, Significant portions of the new ACA, can’t be implemented, and those which are cost much more than anticipated. It's not just that we are extending coverage to those previously uncovered, a good idea with a bad implementation, we also continue to expand the scope of care beyond the...


Episode 1-11: Helplessly Hoping HR-20-1.11

1980-2010 saw a time when the government changed our national economic system and fundamentally crippled our healthcare system along the way, and, no one seems to know this. Find out why! Today we see the effects of runaway costs on our healthcare system. 1980-2010 was the time in America when systemic problems in our economy were coming home to roost. Our government came up with several fixes to try to avoid the pain of our past mistakes. Unfortunately, these economic changes included many...


Episode 1.10: 1970s – 1980 A system in Crisis HR-20-001.10

In the 1970s it became clear no matter how much we spent on healthcare it was never enough. Although Medicare was less than 5 years old, Congress was forced to hike Medicare Taxes 25% and still the optimistic estimates of the cost of the program were running out of control. More doctors and more lawyers entered the fray and expenses rose more. New procedures, new technologies and again costs rose still more. Lives got extended, diseases of the elderly became more prevalent, and prices rose...


Episode 3: Kaiser on Kaiser - HR2-0-003

Henry J. Kaiser did more for America than build WWII Liberty Ships. Find out about our Greatest Entrepreneur and his legacy of healthcare. Henry J. Kaiser is arguably America’s first and greatest entrepreneur. His accomplishments ranged from construction to healthcare, from steel and aluminum to aerospace and electronics, shipbuilding to sand and cement. He singularly changed the landscape of a large portion of America with the Hoover Dam, Grand Coulee and Bonneville Dam as well as roads in...