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In the final episode of our 3-part series, Healthe Clinic behavioral therapists, Jesse and Laura, discuss “acceptance.” When we accept something, we acknowledge the reality of what is actually happening, versus what we wish were happening. Tune in to learn more about what acceptance really means and in what ways the term can be easily misconstrued. Laura and Jesse will walk through ways to integrate acceptance into your day-to-day life and the emotions that go along with it. If you haven’t...



“I’m sorry if I…” “I’m sorry, but…” Do these phrases sound familiar? Are your apologies incomplete or insincere? Apologies can often be difficult to do, but it’s important to remember that apologizing is a process – it takes courage and vulnerability. In episode 2 of our 3-part series, Healthe Clinic behavioral therapists, Jesse and Laura, share tips, tools and ideas on ways to apologize and approach the relationships in your life. They’ll discuss types of apologies, 5 basic components of a...



In continuing to explore themes within two of our previous podcasts, “New Year, New You” and “Vulnerability in Relationships,” Healthe Clinic behavioral therapists, Jesse and Laura, begin a new 3-part series to discuss different elements of forgiveness, apologies and acceptance. In part one, Laura and Jesse, speak to the topic of forgiveness and what that means to you in your relationships. The pair will walk through three myths and four truths about forgiveness, as well as the emotional and...


Your Body Is Your Responsibility

Tune in as Cerner athletic trainers, Rebekah Grube and David Albers, discuss how you can more effectively manage your own health care and fitness journey. It might seem harsh, but you are not entitled to a pain-free life. Your body is your responsibility and you’re the one who has to be compliant with the recommendations you’ve been provided. Listen in as Rebekah and David dive into how to become your own advocate, ask the right questions and vet out which recommendations are worth listening...


Lifestyle Ergonomics

We often hear the term “ergonomics” and generally assume it’s regarding how we have our chair and monitor setup at our desk. However, ergonomics encompasses all aspects of our lives and the little things we do each and every day. How we do these things can positively or negatively impact our musculoskeletal health. Join us as Healthe Clinic Chiropractors, Dr. Tony Evans and Dr. Curt Krause, discuss the “do’s and don’ts” of lifestyle ergonomics and small changes you can make in your everyday...


Chiropractic Care Overview

Have you ever wondered what Chiropractic care is all about, or what Doctors of Chiropractic do and treat? In this podcast, Healthe Clinic Chiropractors, Dr. Tony Evans and Dr. Curt Krause, will explore common questions surrounding chiropractic care and its impact on our musculoskeletal and overall health.


Injury Care

If you’re someone who seems to be injury prone or find yourself unable to get past a certain point in the rehabilitative process, then this podcast is for you! In this episode, we explain how the load-bearing capacity of your tissues are what either helps mitigate injury or makes you more susceptible to injury. Sound complicated? It’s really very simple and understanding the concept can lay the groundwork for how you can approach not only rehabilitating injuries but strengthening all the...


Joint Health

Listen in as Cerner Certified Athletic Trainers, Rebekah Grube and David Albers III, talk about why you should be spending more time focusing on your joint health. They’ll dive into the anatomy and physiology of joints, their connective tissue and the neurological pathways that explain why you should prioritize joints over muscles. Put your thinking caps on! They dive deeper into this topic than previous podcast episodes but stick with it and you’re sure to come away knowledge and tools for...


Fitness vs Health Goals

If you’ve ever wondered if your fitness efforts are doing more harm than good, this is a podcast episode you'll want to check out! While being active is absolutely part of the equation for better health and wellness, it is possible to succumb to society pressures and go to the extreme. Listen in as Cerner’s ATC’s discuss three areas of health that could be affected when you don’t carry out your fitness goals in a smart and balanced way.


Vulnerability In Relationships

“What do you want, and what are you waiting for?” Jesse and Laura, behavioral therapists in the Healthe Clinic, unpack this question in Healthe at Cerner’s latest podcast episode, “Vulnerability in Relationships.” It’s scary to take risks and fear can drive us away from being vulnerable with others. But although scary, being emotionally vulnerability with others can deepen bonds in relationships and allow for us experience some of the most enriching moments in our lives. Listen in as Jesse...


Maintaining Fitness through Injury

If you think that injury means you have to stop working out altogether, listen up! In this podcast, Cerner athletic trainers, Rebekah Grube and David Albers, discuss how you can maintain activity by incorporating some simple adjustments to your exercise and training programs. They’ll reveal some of the red flags to look for and then, unpack movement modifications that will still help you work towards your goals while accomplishing them in smarter and healthier ways.


MSK Overview

Tune in as Cerner program manager, Kyle Miles, and Cerner athletic trainer, Rebekah Grube, talk about how Cerner Motion Health came to be. They’ll provide an overview of the programs and services available to Cerner associates and their families. You'll learn how to engage with the available resources as well as ways to educate yourself on topics related to musculoskeletal health. If you sustain an injury or have questions on how to best address your mobility, this podcast will provide all...


New Year New You

It’s a new year and, for many, we’ve set resolutions, goals and intentions to, hopefully, improve our lives. Whether it’s eating better, fitting in more exercise, finding ways to give back to your community or tidying up that messy garage, a brand new year provides us with the opportunity to make a change. In this episode, Healthe Clinic Behavioral Therapists, Laura Tuohy and Jesse Sieve, dialogue around different ways to approach the new year and the questions you’ll want to ask yourself to...



Self-care looks different for everyone and is something that can constantly change and evolve over time. In this episode, Healthe Clinic Behavioral Therapists, Laura Tuohy and Jesse Sieve, will speak about self-care, why it’s important, and provide tips for you to walk away with a framework for incorporating a self-care practice into your own life.


Work-Life Integration

Work-life integration is a concept that allows each of us to lead robust multi-dimensional lives that align with our own goals and values. We move away from the notion that life has two competing elements (balance) and open up to a life with many facets that lead to a gratifying and fulfilling existence (integration). In this episode, you’ll learn more about the concepts of effective work-life integration and tips for identifying your multi-dimensional life to continue on your mental...


Preventing Holiday Burnout

With the holidays approaching, a variety of emotions can be triggered within each of us. For many, the holidays are not always so merry and bright. Does it bring on more stress or feelings of loss or loneliness? Do you feel obligated to RSVP ‘yes’ to all those parties? Does this time of year drive you to let go of your own self-care? Tune in as Healthe Clinic Behavioral Therapists, Laura Tuohy and Jesse Sieve, address holiday burnout, the signs and symptoms you may experience, and provide...


Healthy Movement

Tune in as Cerner Certified Athletic Trainers, Rebekah Grube and David Albers, deliver their thoughts around healthy movement and provide you a glimpse into their own personal strategies for achieving and maintaining healthy movement. They’ll discuss some of the misconceptions around training, talk about how improving self-awareness of your body can help your performance and unpack strategies for creating a healthier balance within your fitness programming. Listen in…this is a good one!


Feeding Your Family

Are you a parent or guardian of an infant, toddler or school-aged child? Are you breastfeeding or planning to breastfeed? Do you struggle with getting your child to eat nutritious food that he or she needs for growth and development? If so, Healthe at Cerner's latest podcast is for you. In the “Feeding Your Family” podcast, Erin and Kodi, both moms and professionals in the Healthe Clinic, speak to their experience in nutrition for their children, being an advocate for your child and remind...



With fall sports in full swing, tune in as Cerner Certified Athletic Trainers, Rebekah and David, discuss the puzzling world of concussions. They will unpack the signs and symptoms to look for, what you should do as a parent if your child sustains a concussion and provide insight into the return-to-play protocols approved by the NCAA. You’ll hear about the non-physical accommodations you should consider and the dangers of one too many concussions. If you’ve always wondered whether or not an...


Top 7 Musculoskeletal Observations

Rebekah and David, Healthe Fitness Center Certified Athletic Trainers, pull from their years of experience evaluating patient’s injuries and observations from time spent in the gym to bring you their Top 7 reasons for why people get injured, why your doctor isn’t your best musculoskeletal resource and why you should implement a smarter approach to your training. Learn more about how to move well, reduce pain, mitigate injury and other aspects of health, wellness and fitness to live the...