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The healthy ambition podcast is hosted by health coach Scott Laidler. In each episode, I interview a high performing individual about their journey to success, daily rituals and performance hacks.

The healthy ambition podcast is hosted by health coach Scott Laidler. In each episode, I interview a high performing individual about their journey to success, daily rituals and performance hacks.
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The healthy ambition podcast is hosted by health coach Scott Laidler. In each episode, I interview a high performing individual about their journey to success, daily rituals and performance hacks.






Ep13. Battling Anxiety, Owning Your Sexuality & Monetising Creativity With World Renowned Hair Stylist Neil Moodie

Hey guys, on this show I am joined by world-renowned hairstylist Neil Moodie. Neil has worked with many of Hollywood's leading ladies and the most famous models and brands in the world. We discuss Neil's long battle with anxiety and how establishing congruence in ones personality helps to manage it, we also explore triggers and origins of anxiety and how they can be linked to sexuality, parental issues and unexplored inner work. We also speak about how, as a creative, you can follow your...


Ep12. The Challenge of Entrepreneurship After Winning "The Apprentice", Being In Business Lord Sugar + How Confidence Gets Results With Dr. Leah Totton

On this episode of the show, I'm joined by Dr Leah Tott0n, who famously won the 2013 season of BBC's "The Apprentice". We discuss Leah's life as both a Doctor and an Entrepreneur, the challenges she's experienced since the show, having launched her own clinic, what it's like to be in business with Lord Sugar, Leah's mission for improving the quality of cosmetic treatments in the UK and how feeling like you look good helps you act in winning ways. It's a great conversation, I was struck by...


Business Talk #1. Tax Planning With The Tax Guys Founder Jonathan Amponsah (Bonus Ep)

This is the first of my new business talk series, where Tax expert Jonathan Amponsah tells us all about how to efficiently plan our tax as a self-employed person or small business owner, we dive into all the legal opportunities you have available to you with some amazing government schemes you may not be aware of, this is potentially a game changer, there is so much info in this episode you may want to run it back a couple of time. If this episode isn't relevant to you, skip this one I'll...


Ep10. Losing Sight Of Shore, How Laura Penhaul & Her Team Rowed Across The Pacific Ocean Setting Two World Records + Challenging Your Comfort Zone

On this episode I'm joined by elite physiotherapist and world record breaking adventurer Laura Penhaul. Laura and her team broke three world records in 2015 when they rowed almost 9000 miles to cross the Pacific Ocean. This is a fascinating conversation in which Laura and I unpack the mindset it takes to take on such a mammoth challenge and how it's changed Laura's life. We also talk about how we all leave so much on the table and why we should all be challenging our comfort zones.


Ep9. Preparation As The Key To Success + Balancing A Sporting Career & Becoming A Doctor With International Rugby Ace Jamie Roberts

In this episode, Professional Rugby player Jamie Roberts and I discuss the performance mindset of a professional athlete and how the key to getting the best performance out of any endeavour is to know you are prepared. Jamie also describes how he maintained a professional rugby career whilst studying to become a medical doctor. This is a fascinating conversation that delves into the mindset, regimes and psychological techniques of an athlete at the top of his field.


Ep8. Causes & Treatment of Depression + Integrative Medicine Solutions With Consultant Psychiatrist Dr Leigh Neal

In this episode Consultant Psychiatrist, Dr Leigh Neal and I discuss the origins and treatment of depression, ranging from chemical imbalances, trauma and the level of fulfilment we experience in our lives. We also dive into how Dr Neal has adopted a nutritional approach to treating some of his own chronic health ailments.


Ep.7 - Performance Mindset & The Mental Health Effects Of Severe Concussion With Olympian, Rowan Cheshire

In this episode, Olympic freestyle skier shares her story of recovery from a serious concussion, which brought about not just physical damage but a series of mental health challenges. We also discuss Rowan's training regime and how she gets her mind right for competition, and how you can prime your mind to get out of your own way.


How To Beat Addiction With The Power Of Your Mind With Chris Hill

In this episode Author and Motivational speaker, Chris Hill shares his story about 20 years of drug addiction, struggle and tragedy and how he has overcome his own struggles and that of countless others by reframing his mind. His insights are valuable not just for those affected by drug abuse but for getting maximum efficiency from your mind and battling any kind of addictive or compulsive behaviour.


How Former Elite Athlete & Entrepreneur Charlotte Roach Recovered From A Near Fatal Cycling Accident To Cycle From Beijing To London For Charity

In this Inspiration conversation with Charlotte Roach (Founder of Rabble Games), Charlotte shares her story of training as an elite triathlete and getting de-railed from making the London 2012 squad by a life-threatening road accident. Charlotte provides insight into how her mindset and strength of will allowed her not just to recover, but also to compete again and go on to cycle 10,000 miles from Beijing To London for charity. We also delve into Charlotte former training routines as an...


How Founder Of We Buy Cars Today Thomas Deldago Built a Multi-Million Pound Business Car By Car

In this episode, I'm joined by young entrepreneur Thomas Delgado. Thomas shares with me his entrepreneurial story and how he's built a multi-million pon business selling second-hand cars. Thomas delves into his daily routines, personal development influences and book recommendations. Thomas also shares the extent to which he's used mastermind groups to help fast-track his development as an entrepreneur.


Get Your Body Out Of Pain With HollyWood Personal Trainer David Higgins

In this episode I'm joined by Celebrity personal training David Higgins, David is an excellent trainer and we've worked on various Hollywood Productions together, David Shares not only his journey to success in the fitness industry but also his easy to apply tips that will help you get your body out of pain and restore full mobility.


Living Outside Your Comfort Zone & Balancing Career & Family Life With Olympic Skier & TV Broadcaster Chemmy Alcott

During this episode I'm joined by Britain's greatest ever female Skier Chemmy Alcott, we discuss Chemmy's career and origin in sport and really dive down into her training and psychology throughout her career, Chemmy shares how finally allowing herself to give her performances all she had was the key breakthrough moment in her career. We also discuss family life and how Chemmy balances being a wife, mother, broadcaster and business owner.


How To Achieve The Impossible With Professor Greg Whyte OBE

Professor Greg Whyte is responsible for orchestrating amazing psychical challenges with various celebrities to raise over £40million for Sports Relief. Greg is responsible for Eddie Izzard's 43 marathons in 51 days and David Walliams' swim across the English channel. Greg is also a former Olympian in his own right. In this episode, we discuss how to achieve the impossible, live outside of your comfort zone and what how to frame your psychology to overcome challenges.


Introducing the healthy ambition podcast

Hello guys! Welcome to my new podcast. In this short introduction, I outline what to expect from the show, what it's all going to be about and a few of the guests I have lined up for you! Stay tuned for episode one with Professor Greg Whyte OBE where we discuss achieving the impossible.